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The War of the Crystals

Rollie Lawson


The War of the Crystals


Chapter 1 - Discovery

It was Jack Winfield’s first night at the cabin, Vince’s cabin. He was tired after driving all day, north into the mountains from LA, but he was getting what he wanted, for a few days at least - isolation, and a chance to get the divorce out of his system. It was his first vacation since the divorce, and he needed time alone.

Jack was sleeping when it happened but woke when he felt it, the movement of the solid ground beneath. It went on for several seconds, seeming to take longer than it really did, while he clung to the bed.

After the shaking stopped, Jack waited, with that sense of disorientation he always felt after a quake. He had thought they were far enough away from any fault lines up in the mountains that they didn’t need to worry about quakes, but a quake was possible anywhere in California, anywhere in the world he guessed. When the tremors stopped, he looked around the room, and seeing no problems, went back to sleep - it didn’t seem like there was anything else he could do.

It was glorious. He was dreaming, and he knew he was dreaming, but the dream, the vision, was so glorious he didn’t want to wake.

Jack was on a circular platform, he couldn’t tell exactly what was supporting him, but it was what was above him that filled him with wonder. It was the universe, and he knew it was real, not an illusion, not the lights of a planetarium, but the real universe, the galaxies, the stars spangling the dark void of space, with nothing - no glass, no plastic - between him and that glorious sight. He felt he could reach out his hand and grab a star, embrace a galaxy.

Then everything was spinning, the stars leaving fiery trails as he sped through space. The object he was on was turning, and slowly the Earth, blue and green, high wispy clouds obscuring the surface from time to time, came into view. However, it was a different Earth. On this Earth, as it turned beneath him Jack saw the Black Sea was a huge lake cut off from the Mediterranean, Sicily was part of southern Italy, Cuba was connected to Florida. He knew what he was seeing was the Earth of the unimaginably distant past, the past when humans first moved out of Africa to conquer the world.

When Jack woke up, it was late morning, bright light streaming through the window. He glanced outside but seeing no obvious effects from the earthquake, lit the stove and got coffee started. Jack turned on the portable radio, and after a little searching found some news of the quake. They reported a quake in the Tahoe area, with no reported damage. He threw on some clothes and went outside.

He checked the exterior of the cabin and didn’t find any effects from the earthquake. He walked out of the little clearing to the rough dirt road and looked around. It took Jack a while to spot the fallen trees on the ridge off to the west. It was something he would have to check later.

Jack went inside, fixed toast and eggs and bacon on the little camp stove and had an enjoyable breakfast. He thought about bathing, but even though it was summer, the mountain air was still too cold and the water in the tank seemed even colder. He decided to wait until the air, at least, was a little warmer. The rest of the morning was spent organizing his things in the little one-room cabin. When he had arrived the previous day, Jack was too worn out from the long drive to get his things unpacked and put away.

After lunch, he filled a couple of buckets with the still-chilly water from the tank and took a quick sponge bath. Now wearing clean clothes and sturdy shoes, he was ready to make his way to that ridge and see what damage the earthquake had done.

It took more than an hour for Jack to make his way through the thick forest to the base of the ridge. Looking up, he could see where several pines had fallen from the quake, and looking closer, high up he could see a rift, a crevice where the earth had split open.

Looking up at that crevice slashing diagonally across the ridge, surrounded by fallen trees, Jack knew he had to climb up there, knew there was something there he needed to find. He started climbing, but it was rough going because of the incline and the boulders, trees, and brush that had rolled down from the quake.

Once he reached the crevice, there wasn’t much to see - just a jagged hole in the ground running diagonally up the side of the ridge. He followed it up, walking along the edge, noting how it seemed to get deeper as he climbed higher. Then, nearly at the top of the ridge, it ended in a wider, and much deeper hole.

Carefully, he approached the edge. Staring into the depths, he thought he saw something. Yes, there it was, something shining, some sort of light, bright green, and seeming to get brighter as he stared at it. Jack couldn’t understand what it could be. For a second, he wondered if it could be sunlight reflecting off something down there. Then he realized that was impossible, the sun was on the other side of the ridge.

Jack knew he had to get down there, into that crevice and find out what was making that light. Holding onto a long root projecting from the side of the crevice, he slowly lowered himself into that chasm. He went down as far as he could on the root, then looked for more hand and footholds, but there was no way he could get down that way. Looking down again, he could spot that green glow, seeming even brighter now, and he realized how much farther he had to go. He would need to go back and get a rope.

Then, for a second, he feared he wouldn’t be able to climb out. With a lot of effort, he climbed up the root, thanking whatever power was in charge it didn’t break, then managed to scramble out of the crevice, skinning his elbows and chest. He looked around and realized it was getting late and that it would make more sense to try the descent again before noon, when the morning sun would provide more light on this side of the ridge.

He washed up, had dinner, read and listened to the radio for a while. Shortly after sunset, Jack went to bed, tired and with aching muscles. Lying there, in the dark, he wondered about this compulsion he had to discover the source of that strange light. That kind of behavior wasn’t characteristic of him. Here he was, thirty-nine years old, trying to climb down a hole in the ground like a crazy teen-ager. At least it kept him from thinking about the divorce. That was all he had thought of lately. He’d always known Sharley was out of his league, but that didn’t make the divorce any less painful. Anything that took his mind off her was good.

That night he had another strange dream. He was standing in a great room in a luxurious palace with richly covered furnishings, the walls covered in intricate tapestries. He could see through the open windows a city of white buildings spread out below the hill where the palace was located. The city was on the shore of a sea, or a great lake, with white-sailed boats and multi-oared galleys moving across the surface.

Kneeling before him, as he stood in that palatial room, were many beautiful young women, of all types, most with their breasts bared, looking up expectantly at him, some with begging eyes, some with lust in their eyes, some smiling, some looking down shyly as he glanced their way.

His gaze focused on a beautiful young girl with long, wavy hair and big, brown eyes. He understood she was new to his harem, a virgin. He gestured, and she crawled to him, he gestured again, and she stood, letting her skirt fall, baring her pubis. He reached out to caress, squeeze her firm young breasts, then to finger her vagina, already moist with arousal. She moaned, cried as he caressed her, but there was no sound - this was a silent dream.

He opened the kilt-like garment he was wearing around his waist, and the beautiful young girl fell to her knees before him, taking his larger than normal cock into her soft hands, her head moving down so she could lick, suck. His hands were on her head, touching her hair, pulling her head down, forcing more of himself into her...

And then he was awake with a hard-on and wondering where that strange dream had come from. He knew he was horny, but that dream - an ancient palace, a harem - that was totally outside the realm of his experience.

Before the divorce he and Sharley had a great sex life together, maybe that was all they had, maybe that was why she left. He knew sex was a big part of the reason, she said she wanted to be with her lover and that she would be happier with someone else. Since she left there had been no one for him, so thinking and dreaming about sex wasn’t unusual. He considered masturbating but was just too tired, so he turned onto his side and went back to sleep.

In the morning, he fixed coffee, had a light breakfast, and then prepared for his ‘adventure.’ Searching through Vince’s shed, he found some rope and a flashlight. The batteries were dead, but it was sitting next to an unopened package of batteries. He also filled the gas tank of Vince’s ATV. No use spending the entire day just hiking back up the mountain. He tossed the rope and flashlight into the ATV and drove out. Fifteen minutes later he had covered what had seemed like miles the first day.

At the top, where the crevice was deepest, he tied the rope to a sturdy tree and then began climbing down into the crevice. The green light was still there, he could see it as he peered down into the depths. It seemed to grow brighter when he focused on it, like it was trying to draw his attention. It was hard to judge how deep down the light might be, or how big the object making it might be. It could be close and small, or it might be a large object at a greater depth.

At first, as he began his descent, the going wasn’t too difficult, there were enough rough areas in the crevice walls that he could get a purchase with his feet to help climb down. About half-way down the rope, the sides became much smoother, and he discovered the walls were surfaced in solid rock rather than dirt and stones. It was hard going, and after a while he wondered how he was going to make it up.

Pausing, bracing himself against the wall with his feet, he looked down, seeing the light even brighter than it had been before, and he could see that the crevice was narrowing into a “V” shape, with the light source - whatever it was - located at the point of that “V”, presumably at the bottom of the crevice.

Still using his feet to brace himself against the wall, he descended as far into the crevice as he could, until it was too narrow to go any deeper. Now the light was surrounding him, and so bright it was interfering with his vision, but strangely, he sensed no heat coming from it, whatever the source was.

With his back braced against one wall of the crevice, and his feet against the other, holding the rope in his left hand, he twisted around, reaching with his right hand into the deepest, narrowest part of the crevice, feeling for whatever it was that was creating the light. He was barely able to touch it with his fingertips, gauging its size, then he had it. As soon as his fingers closed around the object, he heard in his mind, “John Winfield, you are judged worthy.” And the light was gone so quickly he almost dropped the thing.

The object was about the size of his closed fist, maybe a little smaller. Its surface was smooth, like glass, with some sharp edges. He didn’t understand anything about what was going on with this thing, but he didn’t have time to worry about that. In the almost complete darkness, he had been plunged into, he managed to slip the object into his pocket.

Now with one hand free, he was able to grab his flashlight. He switched it on, pointed it up, stared at his surroundings for a few seconds planning his climb, then switched it off so both his hands were free.

That was how he did it, using the flashlight to plan his next few moves, turning it off while he climbed, then repeating the process. Toward the bottom of the crevice, where the “V” was at its narrowest, he could move up the smooth walls by bracing his back against one wall, then kind of walking up the other wall a foot or so, before sliding his back up.

When the crevice got too wide, he shimmied up the rope while walking up the smooth stone wall. When he got about half-way up, where the wall surface was rougher, there was enough light coming down from the opening on top that he didn’t need to use the flashlight. It was faster going, but he still needed to stop from time to time to rest his arms and catch his breath. Finally, after wondering sometimes if he would ever make it back to the surface, he was able to crawl out of the hole onto solid ground. He was puffing like a steam engine, his arms and legs trembling from the strain, his back aching.

Jack rested for several minutes, lying on the ground next to the crevice, breathing hard. He was thirsty and realized he should have brought some water. After he caught his breath, he stood and pulled the object out of his pocket. It was a broken piece of green crystal, about the size of his fist. Clearly, someone had worked it, because two of the sides were polished smooth, while the remainder showed jagged edges where it had broken off from a larger piece.

Holding the crystal in his hand, he peered into one of the polished sides. He thought, perhaps, he could detect a trace of the light that had been emanating from it so strongly before but wasn’t sure if it was real or he was imagining it. The questions he had about the crystal - how it had come to be buried in that ridge, why he was compelled to find it, and whether he really heard in his mind those words about being judged worthy - would have to wait until he could get more information.

He untied and coiled his rope, then climbed back onto the ATV and headed back to the cabin. The first thing he did was drink several cups of cold water, after which he washed the dirt from the crevice off. Realizing how late it was, he fixed dinner. While he ate, he stared at the crystal on the table in front of him, but all that staring couldn’t tell him any more about it. He decided that when he got back to LA, he’d ask a geologist at the university to examine it. Tired after so much exercise, his muscles aching, he laid down on the little bed and fell asleep. And then he had another of those strange dreams.

He was flying on that platform again, but now he was closer to the earth. Below, he could see a peninsula jutting out into a small sea. At the end, it widened into a large promontory, capped with a low mountain. The city he had seen before was spread out at the base of the mountain, overlooked by that palace he dreamed of last night, bright sunlight reflecting off gilded domes.

His flying platform moved higher and turned, allowing him to see the great wave rolling across the sea, throwing the white boats about like wood chips. Then, the wave was overwhelming the city, drowning his palace, covering the mountain with dark, roiling water. Crying out in silence, he turned around looking for someone, for something, to halt the disaster. But no one was there, he was alone on the platform, flying over a drowning city, his city, he knew that, and it was his people who were dying.

As he turned, he saw fixed in the center of the platform the crystal, whole now and much larger. It was glowing, pulsing with that green light, apparently powering the flying platform. Suddenly, the platform lurched and spun around, making it almost impossible to keep his footing.

The platform tipped from one side to the other, all he could do was stagger across the surface, trying to keep from being hurled to the floor. Then he cried out as the crystal exploded in a burst of electric light, sharp-edged fragments flying in all directions. The platform pitched again, even more steeply, righted itself, then kept going, tipping more and more, and he was falling, falling, and then all was black. He woke up screaming.

He sat up on the bed, looking at the crystal in the middle of the table, sunlight from the window shining through it. As he stared at the crystal, he heard again that voice in his head. “John Winfield, you are judged worthy.”

“Who, what are you?” he asked out loud.

Lord, I am your companion,” he heard in his head. “I am a construct, an intelligent, artificial being, and I am the source of many of your powers. But at present my essence is fragmented, it is hard to communicate with you. Lord, I beg you to accept the changes that are happening to you, so you will become what you must be. Soon, you will need...

So, it was true, those dreams, the city, the palace, he thought as the voice, the mental voice, faded away. But what did it - the companion, or whatever it was - mean when it spoke of the changes that were happening to him? And what did it think he needed?

All at once, he felt the muscle aches he had been experiencing from the unaccustomed exercise increasing geometrically. “Oh!” he moaned as the pain shot like a knife through him. He grabbed a couple of ibuprofens from the bottle in his pack and went back to sleep.

When he woke up again, it was late, the sun was setting. He had slept most of the afternoon, but he still felt tired and his muscles still ached, more than before the conversation with the crystal. Wondering if it might be from those changes the construct said would be happening to him, he touched his chest and arms, surprised to feel how hard his muscles were, like iron. He had been in pretty good shape for a man his age, but never like this.

He fixed a light meal, then, after taking some more ibuprofen, he went back to bed, hoping he would be rested enough for the drive back to LA tomorrow. As he was falling asleep, “Lord, you will be well tomorrow. Your transformation will be complete,” the voice said in his head.

“What? Okay, just so these aches go away,” he responded, then drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 2 - Changes

Jack woke up later than he wanted, at almost eight, but all his aches and pains were gone. He felt like he was back to normal; no, better than that. He lit the stove and put coffee on, then went to the out-house to take care of business.

That’s when he noticed his cock had changed. When he pulled his shorts down, he discovered that his penis, which had been circumcised when he was an infant, was now whole, and it seemed longer and fatter too. Examining his new foreskin, as he touched himself and started getting hard, he found his dick seemed to be at least fifty percent longer than before and it looked like it was twice as thick. Where before he had been a bit under six inches long, he was now almost half again larger, with a matching increase in thickness. Moving his hand to touch his balls, they seemed larger, too.

Remembering that dream of the girl sucking his cock, he masturbated, enjoying the sensation as he slid his foreskin back and forth over his cockhead. Soon he was coming, shooting huge quantities of thick semen. The pleasure was intense, much greater than he had ever experienced, even with Sharley. ‘Guess I can get used to having a big dick’, he thought to himself.

Yes Lord, and your ladies will enjoy it also,” the companion said.

That startled Jack. He had thought he had been dreaming about the voice in his head. It seemed as if he was mistaken about that. “My ladies?”

“Yes Lord, soon you will be finding ladies to join your household, your harem. As your powers grow, you will find many women who wish to give you their love and devotion. You will find you possess the desire and ability to enjoy all they offer. That will be an inevitable consequence of your transformation as you assume your rightful position in this world.”

“Yes, with this equipment, I could use a harem,” he said, but there was no answer. He had lost touch with the crystal again, though this was the longest conversation they had so far. Jack guessed the changes that had happened to him were probably helping him communicate with the crystal, perhaps making him a better receiver.

As he sipped at his first cup of coffee, he thought about what had been happening recently. Jack now realized that all the strange events of the last few days - the dreams, the crystal, the companion, and the changes he was undergoing - all came from the crystal and what happened in that ancient city thousands of years ago. Why, though? While the crystal seemed friendly, was it really? He would have to wait to learn.

Jack felt so good he was able to stroll across the meadow and bathe in the little pond there. He jumped in, crying in shock as he felt himself the cold water covering him, but it felt good after he was done. He wrapped the towel around his waist, enjoying the warm sunlight on his bare back as he walked back across the meadow.

In the cabin, while the coffee was warming, he looked in the little mirror nailed to the wall, thinking about shaving the three days’ growth of whiskers he had raised, but decided not to bother. Examining his face in the mirror, he noticed how much brighter his brown eyes looked, and they seemed to show a hint of gold as he glanced at his reflection. His hair had changed too, it was more of a dark gold shade now instead of the dishwater blond it was before. His face was still recognizable as him, as Jack Winfield, but with more chiseled and handsome features. And now his chest, his shoulders, his arms were harder and more muscular.

“What is happening to me?”

You are transforming into one of the Lords of Light,” was the response.

Jack stared at himself in the mirror. “I liked myself the way I was!”

You are a Lord of Light!”

“I am John Winfield!”

Yes, Lord.”

Whatever the crystal was, it went quiet, but Jack didn’t think the discussion was over.

He had a light breakfast, packed up his things and tossed them in the truck, then with the crystal in the pocket of his jeans, took off for LA. His boss had given him off until Tuesday and it was only Sunday, but he no longer needed to stay away. He wanted to be back in civilization.

It took about an hour to drive down the unpaved road before he reached the highway. At the intersection there was a 7-11 with a pickup parked in front. “Pull in here,” the companion said.

“We don’t need to stop. I’ll get gas closer to Sacramento, where it’ll be cheaper,” Jack said, wondering how the companion knew about the store.

I see what you see. Stop there and I will begin to instruct you in the use of your powers.” Jack did as the companion said, parking in the shade.

The two men from the pickup were leaving as he went in. Jack looked at the clerk, a Mexican American girl, he guessed about twenty years old, with a pretty face but a little overweight. Her name was Lucia according to her name tag. “You must touch her, skin to skin, to control her,” the companion said. He got coffee, then as he handed the girl his money, touching her skin, “Order her to obey you,” the companion said.

His fingers touching hers, “Obey me,” Jack ordered.

“Yes Lord,” she answered, looking up at his face, then casting her eyes down.

You can order her to do anything, believe anything, feel anything, and it will happen,” the companion said. “And what you command will persist. Tell her to love you and she will until she dies or until you command her otherwise. Now test your power, order her to do something.”

“Uhh, refuse my money. I’m a good customer, you’ll give me the coffee for free.”

“That’s okay,” the girl said handing the money back. “Today, your coffee’s on the store.”

You need a more difficult test,” the companion said. “Order her to do something she would never do otherwise.”

“Open your blouse, show me your tits.”

“Yes, Lord,” she said, smiling as she unbuttoned then pulled open her blouse, displaying a frayed white bra. As she started to reach behind to open her bra, he told her to stop. She had a disappointed expression on her face when she looked up.

“Please, Lord, take me!” she begged.

Lord, she is not worthy of you,” said the crystal. “She has almost none of the ancient blood.”

Jack ignored the artificial intelligence. Curious about what he could do with his new power, he ordered, “Tell me about your lover.” He could not see a wedding ring, but he could sense she was a very sexual woman.

“Marco, he is not masterful like you, Lord. I can tell you would be a great lover, much better than Marco, Lord. Please, Lord, let me satisfy you!”


Before Jack could finish his thought, Lucia reached behind her back and unbuckled her bra. She peeled the old bra off and lifted her breasts up for Jack’s inspection. “Please, Lord, use me!”

You can control her emotions, what she feels. Tell her to orgasm.”

Jack ignored the voice. “Tell me more about Marco.”

Lucia told Jack much more about herself and Marco than he had expected, and his new powers picked up many subtleties he would have missed before. Marco was a typical young man, more interested in getting his rocks off than in a relationship. He refused to lick her pussy, skimped on the foreplay, and was pressuring her to have a baby and to have anal sex, mostly so he could brag to his friends about what she did for him. As Lucia talked, she continued to offer herself to Jack, even going so far as to unzip her jeans, and push them and her plain white panties down her thighs. Jack smiled at that. She might not have any of the ancient blood, but aside from about ten extra pounds, she was very attractive.

After a few minutes listening to the girl, Jack stopped her. “Lucia, Marco is nothing but a stupid pig, un puerco estupido! He does not deserve you. You should stop seeing him. You should go back to school, and get your GED, and then go to college for a degree. You will lose ten pounds and begin eating better. You deserve a man who will give you pleasure, who touches and licks you and sucks you, who takes hours to please you, a man who loves you and doesn’t just use you. Then and only then should you give him your last cherry, and you will enjoy it as much as anything else you do with him. That is the man you should have children with, a man who loves you.”

“Lord, please, take me!” One hand was toying with her nipples, and the other was between her legs, rubbing her clit furiously. The smell of her need was strong.

Smiling at the girl and enjoying his new power, “Think of me, and orgasm, the greatest, most powerful orgasm you have ever experienced.”

“Yes, Lord,” she replied, staring at his face. Then her eyes closed as she gasped, squeezing her tits and rubbing her sex, moaning, “Uggh...uggh...yes...Yes...OH...OHH.” Then she was gasping, crying through what was clearly a very intense orgasm.

When it was over, she moved her hands to the counter, steadying herself. “Thank you, Lord,” she said, smiling, breathing hard.

“What do I do now?” Jack asked.

“Lord?” asked the girl.

Do not verbalize to me. Simply think. Do you want her?”


Tell her to forget this incident.”

He took her hand. “You will forget everything that happened since I first touched you. Here is what happened. When I came in, you found yourself more attracted to me than any man you have ever seen, and because of that, you gave me the coffee without charge. When I left, you went in the back and masturbated, quickly bringing yourself to the most intense orgasm of your life. In the future, when you are with your lover and you are having sex, and if you are having difficulty reaching orgasm, you will think of me and you will be able to have as intense an orgasm as you have just experienced. Do you understand?”

“Yes Lord, thank you,” she said, smiling as he released her hand.

“And Lucia, remember what I told you. You need a man who deserves you, who will give you what you need and deserve, and not simply take what he wants. When you meet that man, you will no longer need to remember my face when you have sex, because he will be all you need to have a great orgasm.”

“Thank you, Lord.”

Jack walked out the door, thanking her for the coffee, seeing her getting dressed again through the window. On the road again, “It works on men, too?”

Yes,” the companion answered. “But it has to be skin to skin contact. That is the extent of your power at present. As you develop, your powers will become stronger, though still very limited because of my fragmented condition.”

Jack thought about Sharley. He could have her back now, not as his wife, but as a member of his harem, as a concubine. All he had to do was touch her, and others too.

I need to have a name for you. What is your name?”

Lord, you may call me any name you wish.”

What are you exactly?”

There was seemingly an endless delay to that question, but the crystal entity replied, “I am an artificial intelligence construct with a degree of self-awareness. Beyond that I cannot explain myself.”

Then, until you give me something better, I shall call you Construct.”

Construct would be appropriate.”

On the drive back, he tested his power a couple more times when it seemed safe, at a restaurant and at a gas station. When he got close to LA, he pulled over and called Sharley on his cell. He got their machine. “You’ve reached the home of Sharley and Dakota,” they said together. “We can’t get to the phone now, but you know what to do. You do know what to do, don’t you?” And then laughter.

“It’s Jack,” he said. “I’m just getting back from the mountains. I was hoping to stop by to talk to Sharley about something. It won’t take long. My cell number is...”

Dakota interrupted. “Hi Jack, I’ll get Sharley and see if she wants to see you.”

Sharley got on the phone. Jack told her he wanted to find out if some of his things were still at the house. Her agreement wasn’t unexpected as the divorce was relatively amicable. Jack knew he should never have expected he could keep someone like her, at least before he found the crystal, or the crystal found him; he wasn’t sure yet which it was.

About an hour later, Jack pulled into the driveway of the home Sharley and he had purchased together less than three years ago, shortly after they got married.

Dakota came to the door. “Hi Jack, you’re looking good.”

He had to admit that if you were turned on by sexy women, like Jack was, and like Sharley, it would be hard to find a girl that was more of a turn-on than Dakota Long. Like Sharley, she was a model, but a little younger, in her mid-twenties. She was about five-two, with a lush figure, long, golden blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes. From what she was wearing, a blue tee-shirt and bikini bottoms, he guessed they had been at the pool that afternoon, though the sun was setting now.

“I’ll tell Sharley you’re here. She’s in the kitchen, cleaning up from dinner.”

“Dakota,” he said, extending his hand. “I just want to thank you for helping Sharley through all this.”

“You know I love her, that’s why...”

Her hand touched his. “Obey me,” he commanded.

“Yes Lord,” she answered, looking down, then looking up expectantly.

“Tell Sharley I’m here, then go into the living room and sit quietly.” She turned, and left, he heard her talking to Sharley, then saw her leave the kitchen and go into the living room, taking a seat on the sofa.

When Sharley came into the entryway, she was wearing a green bikini with a long, multicolored cloth wrapped around her waist. She was beautiful, perhaps not as sexy as Dakota, but more beautiful to Jack. Sharley McIntyre had dark copper hair and green eyes. She was taller than Dakota, and slimmer, with a fabulous figure, if not quite as voluptuous as her lover’s. She was twenty-nine, ten years younger than Jack.

I see Sharley has some of the ancient blood,” Construct said. “That explains your mutual attraction.”

After Jack and Sharley first met and got together - they had sex on their first date - he learned Sharley was bisexual. Jack said he could accept her bisexuality, she told him she loved him, and they got married after knowing each other only a few weeks. At first, everything was great, they were in love, the sex was great, and he knew she wasn’t seeing anyone else. Then, after almost three years, Dakota turned up. Sharley and Dakota had been involved before Dakota went to the East Coast, before Sharley met Jack. When Dakota returned to LA their relationship heated up again, really heated up, so much that Sharley said she wanted to end the marriage and be with Dakota.

“Hi Jack,” she said.

Jack reached out and touched her, saying, “Obey me.”

Soon, both women were sitting on the sofa while he stood before them, holding one of their hands in each of his. Mentally, he said to Construct, “I want to make them my concubines, members of my harem.”

“Then do so.”

Jack looked at the two women. “You will obey me. I am your Lord, your master. You are my concubines. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Lord,” they answered in unison.

“You are my concubines, members of my harem. Your duty and pleasure is to obey me, and to serve and please me. You love me, respect me, and desire me above all others. You are not jealous and do not object to me having sex with either of you or anyone else.”

“Yes, Lord,” they both agreed.

Still holding their hands, he said, “Sharley, tell me the truth. How do you feel about this?”

Looking up at Jack, smiling, her green eyes glowing, she said, “Lord, I feel so happy you want me back. I’ll do my best to serve and please you any way I can.”

“Do you still desire Dakota?”

“Yes, Lord, but not nearly as much as I desire you. I can hardly wait to have sex with you again.”

“And you, Dakota, how do you feel?”

The lovely young blonde smiled up at Jack. “I am happy you have chosen me. I still desire Sharley, but I desire you more, more than anyone.” A mischievous look appearing in her bright blue eyes, she continued, “Lord, you might enjoy watching Sharley and me making love, and then joining us.”

Jack laughed as he dropped their hands, confident now that his commands had taken hold. “Later. Let’s have dinner first.”

“Yes, Lord,” Sharley responded. “We have a couple of slices of pizza left, and salad. The pizza’s vegetarian, is that alright?”

He told them that would be fine. While they were in the kitchen preparing dinner, Jack called Vince, asking if it would be okay if he dropped off the keys to his cabin the next day. Vince said that was fine with him, he wouldn’t need them for weeks. Jack went out to the truck and brought his things in, putting them in the master bedroom, the bedroom Sharley and he had shared for almost three years. Then he went downstairs to the kitchen.

The girls were standing by the table waiting for him. There were two large slices of vegetarian pizza on his plate, and next to it a large bowl of salad. “Would you like a beer, Lord?” Sharley asked. He told her he would, and she got a beer from the refrigerator, pouring it into a tall glass.

Jack enjoyed the meal with the two beautiful girls standing beside the table anxious to cater to his every desire. He finished the first beer, had another, and when he was done with his dinner, went out front still with half of his second beer while they cleaned up in the kitchen. “Will it work?” he asked Construct.

Yes, you did well with the commands to make them members of your harem. They will give you their unqualified love and devotion. Later, as your powers grow, it will become much easier.”


Chapter 3 - Sharley and Dakota

Sharley and Dakota came out of the kitchen and knelt before Jack. As he glanced down, they looked up, both smiling and with a look of desire in their eyes. “I think three of us can fit in that big bed,” he said.

“Oh yes, Lord,” Sharley said as she and Dakota stood.

In the very large master bedroom, Jack stood in front of the loveseat. “Come here,” he ordered. Sharley and Dakota moved to stand before him, looking into his face, waiting.

He turned to Sharley, taking her into his arms. She turned her head up, her lips parting, her eyes closing as he bent to kiss her. Her lips opened under his, welcoming his tongue. As their tongues touched, then moved together, she made soft murmuring sounds in the back of her throat.

They parted from the kiss, both breathing hard. Her head on his chest, she turned her face up. “Jack, Lord, I love you so much and…and I loved you before, even when Dakota came back. It’s just...”

“I know, it’s better this way,” he said.

He released Sharley, pulling Dakota into his arms, hugging her lush body, enjoying the feel of her soft breasts against his chest. She looked up, they kissed, her insistent tongue finding its way between his lips. Jack could hear her breathing deeply through her nose as their lips and tongues worked together. When he pulled away to catch his breath, Dakota raising up on her toes, her hand on his neck, pulled him to her again with a breathy “More...”

They kissed again, deeply. As they parted for the second time, he moved his hands to her breasts, squeezing the full flesh, feeling her nipples growing hard through the fabric of her shirt and bikini.

Jack sat on the loveseat, looking at both beautiful young women, his now to do with as he pleased. They were both staring at him, waiting for a sign, their bosoms rising and falling with their breathing. He thought he could detect the scent of female arousal, and then looking more closely he saw what seemed to be a shadow at the crotch of Dakota’s bikini.

“Dakota, are you wet?” he asked, staring at the dark spot.

She cast her eyes down for a second before boldly staring back at him. “Yes, Lord, I’m very wet. I…I want you to take me.”

“I’m wet too,” Sharley said, looking imploringly at Jack.

“Take off the shirt,” Jack ordered Dakota. Quickly, she pulled the garment off, over her head and tossed it to the floor. She was standing very straight, her back arched, thrusting out her bikini-covered breasts, the erect nipples tenting out the thin fabric, the large, dark pink areolas clearly visible through the white fabric.

At a gesture from Jack, Dakota reached behind to untie her bikini and slip it off, dropping it to the floor with her shirt. Her nipples seemed to grow even more erect when exposed to the air-conditioned atmosphere. With a soft sigh, Dakota cupped her heavy breasts in her hands for a second, her fingertips trailing over the hard nipples before letting her hands fell to her sides.

“Now the panties,” he commanded, watching as she slid her bikini bottoms down her long legs. She had a small tuft of dark gold hair above her bare pubis. At Jack’s gesture, she moved closer. He reached out, touching her labia, slick with her arousal. While Dakota sighed under his caresses, Jack remembered the girl in his dream, that other harem girl.

He looked at her for a second, then ordered her to turn so he could examine her high, round butt. With his hands, he spread her cheeks, looking at her tiny, dimpled anus. Touching it with his fingertip, “Have you ever been fucked here?” he asked.

“No, never,” she answered, gasping as he slid his finger into her asshole.

Forcing his finger deeper, “You will, because I’m going to do it,” wiggling his finger inside her. “And you’re going to love it.”

“Yes, oh yes, Lord,” she sighed.

Carefully withdrawing his finger, Jack turned Dakota, so she was facing him again. He stared into her face. “When was the last time you had sex with a man?”

“Not for years.”

“And when was the last time you had sex?”

“Sunday, yesterday morning, with Sharley,” turning her head to look at her lover.

“Have you been with anyone else?”

Looking again at Sharley before turning back to Jack. “No, not since, since you left, and I moved in here.” Her blue eyes opening wide, her hands reaching out to him, “Lord, please take me now. I’ll, I’ll do anything for you, anything to please you.”

“I’ll take you, don’t worry about that, but in my own time,” he laughed then ordered Dakota to move to the side while Sharley disrobed. It didn’t take long, and soon he was looking at that beautiful body he loved so much. Jack let his eyes wander over his ex-wife’s nakedness, the full, firm breasts capped with tiny pink nipples, engorged now with desire, the long legs, the slim waist, the soft swell of her belly, her pussy, shaved smooth as she had kept it as long as he had known her.

Jack paused for a moment admiring the two naked women before him. They were models, but not thin-bodied fashion models. Sharley and Dakota were lingerie and bikini models, with full breasts, slim waists, womanly hips. They did a little acting too. That was how he met Sharley, when she was hired for a Lexus commercial for the southern California market. She had just the high-class, sexy good looks they needed.

“Kneel here, both of you,” he ordered, pointing. “Take off my shoes and socks, then you can undress me.”

“Oh yes, Lord,” Sharley said, kneeling in front of him, Dakota kneeling with her. One to each shoe, they struggled with the thick laces, then slid his shoes and socks off.

Jack stood and began unbuttoning his shirt. “Let us do that, Lord,” Sharley said. Soon they were sliding his shirt down his arms. Then they lifted the bottom of his undershirt, helping him pull it over his head.

“Oh,” Dakota exclaimed as he discarded the undershirt.

Sharley, touched his bare chest, tracing the hard muscles, her fingertip in the wiry gold hair. “Jack, how did this happen? You were never like this.”

Pressing her fingers to his chest, taking hold of Dakota’s hand, “I’ve been working out.”

“You look amazing!” Sharley replied.

Jack opened his belt buckle and started unbuttoning his jeans. But as his fingers moved to the zipper, “Let us, Lord,” Sharley said softly, kneeling. Within seconds, they had the zipper open and were pulling the jeans and shorts together down his legs.

“Oh, Lord,” Dakota cried as Jack’s erection popped out.

“Oh, Jack,” Sharley whispered, her fingers running over his cock. “You’re changed here too.”

“No, I haven’t. You must misremember things,” he told her.

Sharley struggled with her memories, but Jack’s insistence overruled them. She decided she must have been mistaken, that Jack had been uncircumcised all along. She and Dakota began rubbing his cock.

“You love it, don’t you?” he said, his voice low as she slid his foreskin back, exposing the purple glans. “Both of you love my cock, and sucking my cock, and swallowing my cum,” he continued, his hands in Dakota’s hair, pressing her face to his lower shaft as Sharley stroked him.

“Umm,” Sharley moaned, her mouth opening wide, then even wider so she could encircle his broad cockhead with her lips.

“I love your cock,” Dakota whispered, her head bent low, so she could lick his balls and the base of his shaft.

Jack shuffled out of the jeans and shorts and sat on the loveseat, naked, watching, enjoying his ex-wife and her lover sucking him. Sharley was really into it, sliding her lips up and down, her tongue swirling, caressing, her hands stroking the shaft made slick from combined spittle and precum. Dakota was doing his balls, licking, sucking, and caressing with her fingertips the sensitive area between his scrotum and anus.

He grabbed Dakota’s head, pulling her up so she and Sharley could take turns sucking. Dakota wasn’t as accomplished a fellatrix as Sharley, not surprising as she had been involved exclusively with females for years, and sucking Jack’s cock was something Sharley had done a lot, and with enjoyment.

Jack was very aroused, and it didn’t take long before he was ready to cum. Sharley was sucking him, only able to get about half of his now much larger cock into her mouth. Dakota was rubbing his balls and perineum, licking his lower shaft.

Grabbing Sharley’s head, “I’m cumming,” Jack cried, pulling Sharley down, forcing his cockhead against the back of her throat.

Then he felt it, the increased pleasure of orgasming with his enhanced dick. The sensation as the thick semen poured out of him, into Sharley’s mouth and down her throat, was incredibly pleasurable. And the volume seemed much more than before as he ejaculated again and again until Sharley couldn’t swallow quickly enough and the thick cum dribbled down her chin.

“Oh, so much,” Dakota said as Sharley moved to the side, allowing Dakota to take her place. She positioned herself between Jack’s legs, opening her mouth wide just as he spurted, shooting a wad of thick cum onto her cheek. Fastening her soft lips on him, her tongue swirling, she moaned softly as he continued ejaculating into her soft, sucking mouth.

As the flow lessened, with a quiet sigh, Dakota raised her head, smiling at him, her tongue licking at his cockhead, tasting the semen still slowly dribbling out. “That was good,” she said, using a fingertip to wipe the cum from her cheek, then sucking it off.

“You like sucking my cock?” he asked, smiling at Dakota.

“Yes, Lord, I love it,” the beautiful blonde said, opening her lips wide, kissing deeply the broad cockhead, her tongue-tip pressing into his urethra, her fingers caressing the half-hard shaft. As Dakota continued, Sharley moved close to him, her arms around his neck, her green eyes staring into Jack’s, she pressed her lips to his, the taste of his semen on her. They kissed deeply, their tongues melding.

“I want to fuck you now,” he said.

“Yes, that’s what I want,” Sharley whispered, staring into his eyes.

Jack looked down at Dakota, caressing his once again hard cock with her fingertips, her tongue lapping at the precum bubbling out of his urethra. “Both of you.”

“I, I want it, but you’re so big,” Dakota said, moving her head away a little, first looking up at his face, then down at his huge cock.

Laughing, touching her cheek, “Don’t worry, you can take it,” he said. “Now, show me how you two do it, have sex together.”

Sharley moved closer to him, pressing her breasts against his shoulder, her mouth close to his ear. “We’ll do it if you want, Jack,” she whispered. “But it’s you I...we…want, and, and I’m a little embarrassed to have you see me do that with Dakota.”

“I don’t mind, if you want to watch us,” Dakota said, moving to the bed. “Come on Sharley, we can start and then Jack can join us, it’ll be fun.”

Gently pushing Sharley toward the bed, “Go ahead,” Jack said. “It’ll be fun for all of us, and when I’m ready, I’ll join in and give you some of this,” holding his erect cock in his hand.

Dakota was on the bed, lying on her back, one leg, the nearest, raised. As Jack moved his eyes over her naked body, she writhed on the bed. Her blue eyes clouded with lust, she stared back at him, and then at Sharley as his beautiful ex-wife lay beside her.

Sharley gently touched her lover, caressing her arm, her soft shoulder. Then she began kissing Dakota’s neck as she fondled a full breast. Dakota gasped as Sharley moved over her, embracing her. Then the two were kissing deeply while Sharley caressed, squeezed her partner’s breasts and Dakota slid a hand between Sharley’s soft thighs.

They were both gasping, moaning together now, their bodies tight, Sharley’s leg pressing against Dakota’s swollen labia, while Dakota’s raised leg was rubbing Sharley’s pussy. They were moving together, writhing together, the movements of the two lovely women an imitation of the age-old mating dance of man and woman.

Jack came closer, seeing Dakota on the bottom, her eyes closed, breathing deeply through her nose, apparently close to orgasm. And Sharley, her arms tight around her lover, her right breast pressing on Dakota’s left, as she caressed with her right thigh Dakota’s pussy. They were moving faster now, approaching orgasm. When he climbed onto the foot of the bed, Sharley turned, her eyes staring blankly for a moment as if she had forgotten Jack was there. At his gesture, she moved a little away from Dakota, allowing him to slide between the beautiful blonde’s shapely legs.

Dakota opened her eyes staring as Jack positioned himself above her, opening her legs even wider staring at his huge organ approaching her dripping pussy. “Jack, Lord, are you going to take me now?” she asked staring into his face, as he supported himself over her.

“Yes, and you’re going to love it,” he said, at the same time lowering himself, thrusting his cock toward her. She spread her legs more, then as she sighed softly, he felt his cockhead sliding between her well-lubricated lower lips.

“Ohh, Jack,” Dakota gasped, at the same time shifting her bottom, easing his entry into her tight vagina. He pulled back, then thrust in even deeper, forcing more gasps from her. Jack kept this rhythm for a few more strokes, in, then out, then even deeper into her tight vagina, Dakota gasping and moaning all the while.

Dakota’s fingers were grasping his shoulders, her eyes staring into his face as slowly, millimeter by millimeter he forced himself into her. “Oh, Jack, Lord, you’re so...so...big!” she gasped as she felt herself penetrated by his huge phallus.

Soon, Jack knew he couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted in Dakota’s beautiful body, all the way in. Reaching around her, grabbing her buttocks, he pulled back, then thrust in hard, deep, penetrating her fully, Dakota crying out in surprise. Jack lowered his head, pressing his lips to Dakota’s. Moaning, her hands on his head holding him close, she kissed him deeply, her tongue writhing against his. As they broke from the kiss, “Alright, now I’m going to fuck you,” Jack said, his voice hoarse.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me hard,” Dakota moaned.

He pulled back, then holding tight to her butt, rammed into Dakota’s pussy. “Ohh, ohh!” she cried in mixed pain and pleasure as Jack’s cockhead hit places he had never enjoyed before.

But he wasn’t going to let her cries stop him. He drew his long cock back before again thrusting into her, Dakota crying out again. Four more times he rammed his hard cock into her spasming vagina - in...out...in...out...in...out...in, and now she was moving into orgasm, thrusting her hips up, her legs wrapping around his waist, her fingers tight on his shoulders

Dakota looked up into his face, her blue eyes wide as she cried out “Oh...God...Oh Jack...It...your cock...It’s so big...so good...inside me.” Gasping even louder, quicker, “Uggh...oh...oh...ohh...I’m cumming...ohh...Jack...I’m cumming...coming so hard...oh...ohh...ohh!” Then he could feel the strong muscular contractions of her deep orgasm, her vaginal muscles convulsing over him as she orgasmed again and again, whimpering, shuddering in ecstasy.

Feeling her vagina contracting, pulsing over his cock, his hands still tight on Dakota’s butt, he pulled back, his cock almost exiting her slick pussy, and then he was thrusting in again, over and over. “I’m going to cum, cum inside you,” he panted.

Dakota gave a long moaning groan, her vaginal contractions coming faster, stronger. “Ohh, yes, cum, cum in me, fill me with your cum,” she gasped. And then she gasped even louder, as his cock pulsed, jetting his thick semen into her, filling her pussy, coating her insides. She was sobbing, her head twisting on the pillow as he pulled back, then rammed into her again, spewing more of his viscous cum into her spasming vagina. Then again and again, until with a cry he forced as much of his cock into her as he could, and with his hands squeezing her butt pulling her tight to his groin, he ejaculated the last of his semen into her. Gasping, he collapsed on Dakota’s sweat-covered body.

They were both breathing hard, their faces next to each other. Jack lifted himself a little, looking down into Dakota’s face, seeing her eyes closed, a small smile on her face. Then her arms tightened around him, and they kissed, slow at first, then more deeply, their tongues and lips moving together.

“That was fantastic, lovely,” she said softly. “I never thought it could be like this with a man, but with you Jack, it was more, more than it ever was before. It was wonderful.” She kissed him again, at the same time squeezing his cock still inside her. Then smiling, with a soft cry, she said, “Oh, I’m going to be sore inside for a while, you’re so big, and you...we did it so hard.”

Jack chuckled a little at that, kissing Dakota lightly on the lips before carefully sliding his half-hard dick from her pussy and moving to lie beside her. Sharley, on Dakota’s other side, flashed her green eyes at him, bent to kiss Dakota’s lips, then reached to him over Dakota, kissing him deeply, her tongue entering his mouth, retreating as he speared his tongue between her lips.

“You had a good time, but what about me? You got me so hot,” she said, her fingers running down his chest, touching his cockhead, slimy with Dakota’s and his combined juices.

Jack laughed. “Suck this,” gesturing to his cock. “And I’ll help you out.”

“Gladly, Jack, Lord, darling,” she said moving her body over Dakota, sliding back his foreskin, bending her head to suck, lick his broad cockhead. Lifting her head, “Umm, good, I can taste both of you,” Sharley said, her tongue lapping at the juices covering his cock.

Lying half on his side next to Dakota, his ex-wife sucking him hard again, Jack reached for Dakota’s large breasts, squeezing, pulling, pinching the nipples. “Yes, squeeze my titties, I like that,” Dakota gasped. She reached out to Sharley’s butt, closer to her than to him, to slide her fingers between her cheeks, caressing Sharley’s labia from behind. “Good, that feels so good,” Dakota gasped as Jack pulled and pinched her fat nipples.

He was aware of Sharley’s reaction to Dakota’s caresses - she was breathing loudly through her nose, the movements of her fingers and mouth on his now-erect cock becoming stronger. Jack let go of Dakota’s tits, leaned back and gently moved Sharley’s mouth from him. “You two do sixty-nine, don’t you?”

“Sometimes, but that’s more intense, and besides, Jack, it’s you I want,” Sharley answered.

“Do you want to watch us? That’d be fun,” Dakota said.

“Yes, do it now...uh sixty-nine, and I’ll join in after a while.”

Jack moved to the side as they positioned themselves, Sharley on top. He was beginning to get the idea she was the dominant one in their relationship. Within seconds they were going at it, gasping and moaning as each girl licked and sucked and fingered the others pussy.

It was getting to him, even though he had just cum twice. The sounds, the scent, the sight of these two beautiful young women was getting to him. He moved behind Sharley, kneeling over Dakota’s face. Holding his dick in his hand, amazed again at how long and thick it was, he slid it between Sharley’s thighs, pressing his cock up against her labia, rubbing, feeling Dakota’s lips fastening on him, sucking, her tongue licking.

“Umm,” Sharley said, lifting her face from Dakota’s pussy, bearing down on his shaft as he slid over her swollen labia, the head popping in and out of Dakota’s lips. “Ohh, Jack, fuck me now, please.”

Watching her puckered anus flexing as she moved up and down over his shaft, Jack pressed his finger to her tight anus. His voice hoarse, he said, “Yes, I’ll fuck you, I’ll fuck you here, in your ass.”

Sharley turned her head. “No Jack, Lord, please, you’re too big.”

“We did it before and you liked it.”

“But you’re so big. You seem even bigger than before! Please, Lord, please, Jack, please don’t, oh...mmm.”

By now he had pulled his cock back, so the head was no longer between Dakota’s lips. Sharley’s exclamation of pleasure came as a result of her lover again licking, sucking her swollen pussy. Jack wriggled his fingertip inside Sharley’s ass, then quickly pulled it out, Sharley inhaling sharply at the shock.

He reached over to the bedside table and slid open the drawer. There it was, just as when he left. It was the tube of K-Y, and it looked like it was more squeezed out now than before. Resuming his position behind Sharley, he could hear her breathing quickening as Dakota continued licking her pussy. He paused for a moment, admiring his ex-wife’s beautiful, heart-shaped ass. Trailing his fingers over the smooth skin, squeezing the taut flesh, he caressed Sharley’s firm, full buttocks, muscular and soft at the same time.

Squeezing her cheeks, spreading her open, he looked at her dimpled anus. When they were together, Sharley enjoyed anal sex. Often, they did it at her request, especially when she was having her period.

Jack touched her there, hearing her sigh as he again pressed his middle finger into her. Pulling his finger out, more gently this time, he squeezed on some of the K-Y, then reinserted it into Sharley’s tight anus, rubbing, spreading the lubricant inside her. She lifted her head from Dakota’s pussy, “Ahh, good,” she sighed as he continued stroking his finger inside her.

Gently removing his finger, squeezing on more lubricant, now he inserted two fingers inside, hearing Sharley’s sighs coming more quickly as she bore down on Dakota’s face. Stroking the fingers of one hand inside Sharley’s asshole, he had to hold her butt with his other hand as raising her head she cried out, “Ahh, ohh, Jack, I’m, I’m cumming,” bucking, moaning, and gasping through a series of intense orgasms. Then he felt through his fingers in her ass the strong vaginal contractions moving through her as Sharley cried out her ecstasy.

After she grew calmer, still breathing deeply, Sharley turned her head. “That was good, Jack, Lord. I haven’t cum like that in a long time.”

“You need a man,” he replied while he lubricated his dick with the K-Y. Lining himself up behind her, one hand on her butt, the other on his shaft. “And now you’re going to get this up your ass.”

“Lord, you’re so, so big, please take it slow,” she said, turning to stare at him, her green eyes begging.

Looking at his swollen cockhead tight against Sharley’s tiny anal opening, he wondered if it would be possible. As he started to push in, he heard Dakota whisper, “Sharley, suck my clit, I need to cum, please.” Jack saw Sharley lower her head, then heard the erotic sounds of Sharley lips and tongue on Dakota’s clitoris.

Holding his cock close to the head, he slowly pushed into Sharley’s tight anus. At first, she resisted, but relented when he told her, “Relax your asshole, Sharley. That’ll make it easier and better for you.”

Raising her head from Dakota’s pussy, “Ahh, alright, but please, go slow,” she gasped.

Then she gasped even more as his cockhead popped through her tight anal ring. Slowly, Jack pushed into her, waiting for her to give a signal she wanted him to stop, but there was no signal. Instead, she raised her head to gasp, “Ohh, ahh...good...more...give me more Lord.”

As he pulled back, relishing the constriction of Sharley’s extremely tight anal hole, he realized it felt so much tighter now because his cock was a lot thicker. It was so tight, the pleasure he was receiving from her anus so great, that he found it difficult to restrain himself.

Still in control, he began pushing into Sharley again, slowly, not wishing to hurt too much the woman he was still a little in love with. When suddenly she pumped back, forcing his full length into her tight asshole. Raising her head, she gave a loud cry, moaning, “More, Jack, fuck it more,” before Dakota grabbed her head, pulling Sharley’s face back to her cunt as Sharley lowered her dripping pussy to her lover’s face.

Jack’s hands grasping Sharley’s firm buttocks, drawing back, he said, “Yes, I’ll fuck you, I’ll fuck your ass hard, and you’re going to love it.” Then he rammed his cock deep into her tight anus, his thighs banging against her, his heavy balls bouncing off her swollen labia.

Releasing the control he had been exercising over himself, Jack began fucking hard into Sharley’s tight anal passage, pummeling her asshole with his enormous cock. Never before had he felt so powerful, his cock so strong, as he pounded Sharley’s beautiful ass, his thighs slapping her buttocks as he drove into her. And she was loving it, whimpering, moaning her pleasure, crying out, “Yes...God...Lord...yes, fuck it...fuck me...fuck my ass!” as she pumped back in sync with the pistoning of his huge cock deep inside her rectum.

It seemed like they were fucking for hours, but he knew it couldn’t have been that long. Despite the air-conditioning, sweat was dripping off him onto Sharley’s beautiful ass. And he knew she was feeling it too, her back and thighs covered with a sheen of sweat. Several times during the deep ass-reaming he was giving her, Sharley had arched her back, her muscles stiffening, crying as her vagina contracted in orgasm, contractions that he could feel through his cock lodged deep inside her anus.

Now he was sensing it, the familiar feeling of his balls moving up, the semen gathering at the base of his cock, ready to shoot into Sharley’s tight asshole. “I’m, I’m going to cum, cum in your ass!” he cried.

“Uggh, yes, come on, give it to me,” Sharley gasped.

“Give it to her, Lord,” Dakota echoed from between Sharley’s thighs. “Fill her ass with your cum!”

He rammed his cock as deep into Sharley’s ass as he could, his voice hoarse as he cried, “I’m cumming, cumming in your ass. And you’re going to cum for me, you’re going to cum big for me, you’re going to have your biggest orgasm ever.” And then feeling his cock spasming, the thick semen jetting out of him, “Now...Now...NOW!”

And then they were all cumming together, Dakota crying out as Sharley bit her clit. Sharley moaning, “Yes...Yes...YES!” through a deep anal orgasm as her rectum spasmed over his rigid organ deep inside her, the strong muscular contractions rolling over his cock, as again and again his semen erupted out of him filling her convulsing asshole.

Panting, moaning Sharley collapsed beneath him as he fell on her back, his cock inside her still spasming anus. Hearing muffled sounds from Dakota, buried under them both, Jack laughed and moved aside, then helped Sharley move herself off Dakota. Then all three moved to lie together on the bed.

“God, Jack, you really gave it to me,” Sharley said, her voice a whisper. “I can hardly move, and I don’t know how many orgasms I had.”

Touching her cheek, “But you loved it, didn’t you?”

“I loved it,” she answered, kissing his hand, closing her eyes.

“It was great,” Dakota said, cuddling against his other side. “The best ever with a man, the best sex I ever had.” Suddenly raising up, staring into his eyes, “I’m yours now, Jack, Lord. I belong to you and anything you want, anything you want me to do...”

“I know,” he laughed pulling her to him, lightly kissing her lips. “You belong to me now.”

“Me too, I’m yours too, Lord,” Sharley said, her eyes still closed.

Jack kissed Sharley’s lips, then lay back, closing his eyes as Dakota switched off the lights. Soon his two girls, his concubines now, were asleep, breathing softly. “You did well,” Construct said. “As you use your power, it will help you become more powerful, just as exercise helps your muscles grow more powerful.”

Maybe, but now I’ve got to rest,” and Construct was gone. As Jack was starting to drift off, he thought, I should have asked what Construct meant about Sharley having “ancient blood,” but then sleep washed over him and the thought was gone.


Chapter 4 - Shards

It was another of those silent dreams. Jack knew it was a dream, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Sure, the dreams were related somehow to the crystal, he called out in his mind while he slept, “Construct, what’s going on with these dreams?” But there was no answer. I’ll have to ask him when I wake up, he told himself.

He was in that room in that ancient palace again, his palace. His women were there, in the background, kneeling, quiet. There were other men there too, six of them, tall, handsome, and something beyond that. Each of the men had an aura, a golden halo surrounding his body. Each also was wearing a gold chain around his neck, and each chain had a large colored stone at the end. Each stone was a color of the spectrum - red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, and violet - and he wore the green stone.

Jack was seated on a large, straight-back chair carved out of a huge white stone, his throne. The men were talking, arguing, some so vigorously that Jack needed to raise his hand to quiet them. He stood and glancing down, saw his body surrounded by that same golden aura he had seen in the men.

As he addressed them, his aura suddenly flaring when he spoke, they grew calmer, listening to his words. More discussion followed, again very animated. Finally, he spoke again, giving his command, the men listening respectfully, the women in back staring at his face.

After he rendered his decision, some of the men, clearly not happy, objected in what he guessed were loud voices, gesturing broadly. Still, when he again raised his hand, they grew quieter. Soon, one by one, the men came to embrace him, take his hand, kiss his cheek or his hand. And then they were gone.

Jack stood by the window, watching the six platforms flying above the white city, then over the sea until they disappeared in the distance. Slowly, he returned to the white throne, taking his seat. In a moment, a lovely young girl was kneeling before him, offering him a gold cup. Quickly, he quaffed down the cool wine, then closed his eyes.

Immediately, his dream changed. It was night now, but light from the stars and moon was shining through the wide windows, filling the room with a soft glow. He was on his bed, really several thick carpets and soft pillows arranged in a pile on the floor. With him - under him - was the young girl who had served him the wine. She was writhing beneath him, her arms around his neck, gasping, whimpering as he thrust into her virginal pussy.

There was another change of scene. Now it was day. The girl was there, in the great room of his palace, but now obviously pregnant. And the other women of his harem were there too, many of them also pregnant. They came to him, kneeling before him, kissing his hands. Soon he was alone, looking out the window at the ships sailing out of the harbor, across the sea, carrying his women away, to safety.

Without warning, he was on that flying platform again, seeing his city, his palace, once more drowning under the great wave. The platform lurched, as it did in that earlier dream. Again, he cried out as the crystal exploded, and he was falling...then he was awake.

He must have shifted on the bed, or made a sound, because with a sigh Sharley moved closer, pressing her soft belly against his erection. Half asleep, with a sigh, she kissed his chest, rubbing herself against him. Though he had become aroused dreaming about that girl, most of the arousal had passed upon experiencing his death for the second time - at least in a dream. He stroked Sharley’s shoulder, kissed the top of her head, then closed his eyes and slept once more.

Jack awoke to the sound of a radio. He pressed his head into the pillow, then was disturbed again by an alarm clock going off. Dakota reached up, turning off the alarm and radio. “I set them yesterday,” she said as he raised his head. “I’ve got a shoot today, but I can call and tell them I’m sick, it’ll be alright. Then I can spend the day with you Lord.”

He looked at the clock, seeing it was a little past six-thirty. “No, you go do your shoot. I’ve got to go to work today. I’ll see you later tonight.” He laid his head back, admiring Dakota’s naked body as she crawled out of bed, heading for the master bath. As he moved to the edge of the bed, Sharley turned toward him. “Mmmph,” she said, her eyes half open.

“Are you working today?” he asked, touching her cheek.

She answered with another “Mmmph,” which he took to mean ‘No.’

He got his shorts from the floor. Downstairs in the kitchen, he got coffee started, and used the downstairs bathroom. Within a few minutes the coffee was done. Sitting at the table, sipping the hot, black coffee, Jack was feeling pretty good. He felt like he had more energy now, maybe that was another result of his transformation. The three of them didn’t go to bed too late last night, even if they did play for a while.

With some time to himself now, Jack was ready to find answers to some of the questions that had been nagging at him. “Construct, tell me about the dreams. Why are you giving me those strange dreams? And what do they mean?”

Lord? Dreams? I know nothing of your dreams.”

That surprised him. Could he be misleading me? Jack described the strange dreams, the city, the palace, the women, and his death falling from that flying platform. Construct said, “This is more than expected, that your genetic memory would be so explicit, that you could recall incidents that happened millennia ago, that is truly remarkable.”

Jack was about to ask about that genetic memory, and about the ancient blood Construct had mentioned Sharley possessed, when Dakota came in. She was wearing jeans and a white tee-shirt, carrying a bag and a denim jacket. Her face was bright, scrubbed clean, free of make-up, her hair shining, and she was smiling a big, happy smile.

Grabbing some coffee, “So, Lord, will you be here when I get back?” she asked, staring at him with those big blue eyes.

“I’ll be here. I don’t know what time you’re getting home, but I’ll be here tonight.”

“Good, you know I belong to you now?”

“Yes, I know. Hope you don’t mind.”

Her arms around his neck, kissing his lips, “Don’t you know I couldn’t mind, not after last night.”

He kissed her again, quickly. “You’re mine now, a concubine in my harem. You don’t mind sharing me do you.”

“No, I don’t mind sharing, as long as once in a while we can do something as good as last night.”

She pulled away from him, lowered herself, performing a kind of curtsey. Taking his hand, kissing it, “I’m your concubine, to serve you and give you pleasure any time, any way you want.” And with that, rising, giving him an enigmatic smile and a wave, she was gone.

Jack had another cup of coffee and showered. He got out his shaving stuff, but when he saw his face in the mirror, covered with a fine, gold-blond beard, he remembered those men in his dream, all with light brown or blond beards. He considered skipping shaving for a while. Or did the crystal want him to stop shaving? He didn’t like that thought. He grabbed the can of shaving cream and squirted some on his fingers, and a sense of dread came over him. As he worked his fingers into his whiskers, a headache began. “Construct, what is happening?”

I don’t understand, Lord.”

Why don’t you want me to shave?”

Lord, I don’t understand.”

Jack picked up his razor and the headache worsened. “Construct, stop it! I am Jack Winfield, not a Lord of Light. I will not become a Lord of Light!”

I do not understand, Lord.”

Listen, ever since I decided to shave, I have had a headache, and it is getting worse. Stop it!”

Jack received the same “I do not understand” response, but the headache lessened slightly. Deciding to compromise, he shaved the sides of his cheeks and under his chin, leaving him with a mustache and goatee. He also noticed that the grey hairs he had started to show were gone. He wasn’t sure whether he believed Construct, though; who else could have caused the headache, or stopped it?

He went upstairs and got his clothes, kissing Sharley goodbye on the cheek, his reward another “Mmmph,” and with the crystal in his pocket, left for the office.

Once he was on the road, he asked Construct about the ancient blood he referred to. “Lord, you have in you the blood of the ancient lords, quite a lot. The Lords of Light they were called by the people they came to rule. It’s in your genes, inherited from your ancestors. Some others also have it, as does Sharley, but not as much as you. It is the ancient blood that has made you worthy to possess the crystal and me, and the power I can bestow.

As I said, in my opinion, it is your genetic memory, perhaps activated by the crystal, that is causing you to dream of that ancient city and the disaster that overtook it. And when you have the other fragments of the crystal, I believe that not only will you possess the full power of the crystal, but also what happened in those ancient times. And then, who and what you are will become clear to you.”

So, we need to find the rest of the fragments. Do you know where they are?” asked Jack

I sense there is a large fragment about four hundred of your miles east of here. But you’re not yet ready to try to obtain it. The fragments confer power on those who hold them. And such a large fragment, approximately as large as the one in your pocket, will confer great power on anyone who has it, power that can be dangerous. You must develop the powers that are available through the fragment you possess before attempting to wrest more fragments from others.”

Jack pulled off the freeway and stopped at a traffic light. “And I do that by getting more concubines?”

You develop your powers by exercising them. Gathering women for your harem is one way. Any time, any way you use your powers will help you become stronger. You might have a higher motivation if you use your powers for your sexual pleasure. You seem to have a strong drive in that direction. Of course, if you want to use your power on men or boys...

No, that’s not something I’m interested in,” Jack said as they started to move again. “So, I need more practice and more women...how many?”

I estimate a minimum of about four women to start, more later, and now if you want, and about two weeks to develop your powers before you’ll be ready to try to capture a fragment that large.”

Jack liked sex as much as the next guy, maybe more than the next guy, and the idea of having four or more playthings sounded like fun, but he wasn’t sure he could keep up with that many women, and that’s what he told Construct.

Don’t worry, your powers and your sexual potency will develop to meet your needs. Commanding and controlling the women of your harem is one of the most effective ways to develop your powers.”

Jack was going to ask another question when suddenly Construct said, “There’s a fragment over there, to the right, a small one, about three miles in that direction.”

They had to go around the block to turn where Construct wanted because they were already past the intersection. After driving about three miles, Jack pulled up in front of the office of State Senator Diego Solana. “It’s in there, I’m sure,” Construct said. “Lord, you must go in and find the fragment.”

All the parking spaces around the office were full, so he found a spot up the road, then switched on his cell phone. Jack saw he had a message, which he ignored, and was about to call the office to tell them he would be late, when the phone rang.

It was Tina Randall, his boss’s secretary. “Jack, Don wants you here right away. He’s meeting with Mr. Cortez at ten and he wants you at the meeting.”

“Tina, I’m still on vacation. I’ll be coming in tomorrow.”

When she said, “Don wants you here now. No excuses,” he surprised himself by abruptly switching off the phone without another word. He thought for a moment about what he just did. Normally, he wouldn’t have acted that way, especially with Don’s secretary, that could be dangerous. Could my personality be changing along with the physical changes? he wondered.

He walked to the State Senator’s office, noticing again how crowded the parking area was. As he entered, he was greeted by a girl who looked like a college student. “Are you here for the news conference? It’s almost over.”

“No, I’m here to talk to Senator Solana about a business matter.”

“Well, like I said the news conference is almost over,” she repeated, smiling, looking at him with two very big, very dark eyes. “It’s to announce he’s running for re-election to the senate, the state senate. Maybe the Senator will have a few minutes for you after that.”

Glancing around, Jack walked toward the back, where the news conference was taking place. “Lord, look at the picture,” Construct said, directing his attention toward a large painting of a handsome, older, Hispanic man. He looked to be in his late sixties when the painting was made, but still quite robust. What drew Construct’s interest was the ring the man in the painting was wearing - a heavy, gold ring, set with a fragment of green crystal.

“Is that the Senator?” he asked the girl who was shadowing him, maybe to make sure he didn’t steal any campaign secrets.

“That’s Senator Diego Solana, Senior, he passed away several years ago. It’s his son, Diego Solana, Junior, who’s the Senator now.”

And I’ll bet he’s got that ring,” Jack said to Construct. “Could he be dangerous, with a fragment that small?”

You should be able to control him. Once you see the ring, I’ll have a better idea of the danger.”

Jack got close enough to the Senator’s office to be able to see what was happening through the open door. Diego Solana was leaning against the edge of a desk. He was in his shirtsleeves, looking very relaxed as he talked, bantering with the reporters surrounding him. He gestured, raising his hand, and Jack saw on the ring finger of his right hand the Senator’s father’s ring, set with the crystal shard.

“Now you know I’m not going to be able to give you an answer to that question,” Solana said with a folksy chuckle. “Right now, I’m concentrating on just getting elected to the Senate again, so I can serve the good people of Los Angeles. A Congressional race is in the future, the far future.”

While Jack waited, observing Diego Solana verbally sparring with the reporters, Construct said, “He has some of the ancient blood, but not as much as you, not even as much as Sharley. The powers you have from your ancestors and the crystal in your pocket will allow you to overcome him. Then, you can get the ring.”

It was a while before all the reporters cleared out. While he was standing outside his door, Jack saw Senator Solana’s eyes on him for a second as he got a cup of coffee and took his seat behind the desk. The girl entered the office saying, “Senator, this gentleman wanted to talk to you about a business matter.”

The Senator stood as Jack walked in, giving him an opportunity to look him over. Diego Solana was tall, about as tall as Jack, good looking, with a commanding presence, an ‘alpha male’, bigger and heavier than Jack. He guessed Solana was in his late forties or early fifties, with a lot of long, salt-and-pepper hair brushed back from his broad forehead. It occurred to Jack that a handsome and charismatic man with the powers of the crystal could go very far in politics. His eyes were on Jack, sharp, appraising as Jack looked at him.

“Senator Solana,” he said offering his hand. “I’m Jack Winfield. I’m an advertising and public relations professional, and I’d like to offer my services to your campaign.”

The Senator looked into his eyes. “I don’t know you, Mr. Winfield. Where do you work?”

“Booker & Blakely, I’m the senior account exec there. We’re a small firm but moving up.”

“Yes, I’ve heard of Booker & Blakely,” he said, extending his hand. As their hands touched, Jack glanced back checking the girl was gone. Grasping the Senator’s hand, the one with the ring, “Obey me,” he said softly. The Senator stared at him with a surprised look in his eyes. Again, Jack repeated, “Obey me,” willing him to submit.

Solana answered, “Yes Lord,” after a second, standing behind his desk and awaiting Jack’s command.

Jack ordered him to close the door and take his seat, and then to give him the ring. He struggled to get it off his finger before handing it to Jack. Holding it in his palm, Jack examined the heavy gold ring. It was old, but not ancient, maybe a hundred years old. The gold was heavy, thick, with no real distinctive design, but it was the green crystal shard, about as big as a dime, that was important. “Put it on,” Construct said. “You can wear it.” Slipping the ring on his finger, he immediately felt a kind of electric current flowing through him.

What’s going on?” he asked Construct.

It’s from the shard in the ring. What you feel is the effect of the crystal in your pocket merging its power with the fragment in the ring. With the ring in your possession, you will find your ability to influence others will be much stronger.

The crystal, the whole crystal, is formed like the human brain. Different sectors of the crystal have different functions, but all pieces give you some level of control over others.

What about you?”

I am in the fragment in your pocket and am the main processor for the entire crystal. That is why we can communicate. The others who possess fragments of the crystal do not have that ability. Because my function was to control the other sectors, my powers over humans and the world are limited, but when the other fragments are joined to me, my power will be greatly increased.”

Now wearing the ring, Jack looked at the Diego Solana. “Where did you get it, the ring?”

“From my father, Lord.”

That wasn’t much help. “Tell me everything you know about where the ring came from.”

“Lord, I’ll tell you what my father and grandfather told me. My great-grandfather was a servant to a very rich and powerful man. That was during the nineteen-twenties and thirties here, in Los Angeles. He, the man, had a lot of lovers - women - and a lot of children, but he didn’t marry any of the women or live with any of them permanently, I guess he liked variety.”

“One day, the man was killed in an automobile accident. When he was buried, they left the ring on him. It looked like it would be impossible to get it off his finger because he was so overweight, and his finger was so fat. They didn’t want to cut off his finger to get the ring when there were so many other valuables in his estate, and they didn’t know about the power of the ring, so they buried him wearing it, but even though my great-grandfather was not well educated, he knew the man’s power came from the ring. He waited over a month, then one night he went to the vault where the body was, opened the casket and took the ring. By then, the body had dried some and he could slip the ring off. Since then, it’s been in my family, handed down from father to son.”

Jack looked at him. “How does it work?”

“I don’t know. I guess it’s magic. That’s what my great-grandfather believed about the power in the ring, that it was magic. He wasn’t educated, but he understood about those kinds of things.”

Jack told him to explain how he used it. “Lord, if I want to influence someone, when I’m with them I think about, concentrate on what I want, and after a while, they do it. Sometimes I might have to think about it several times. It usually works best if I’m alone with the person. That’s how the others do it, too.”

Jack could almost sense Construct start with surprise. “The others, who are the others?”

“There are four others, we call ourselves the Order of the Crystal. There’s Stephen Lansing, he’s in Florida; Vijavat Rattanakosin in Thailand; Henry Voertrer in South Africa; and Rene Gauguin in France, he’s our leader, his crystal is larger, about twice as big as the one in my ring.”

“How did you find out about the others?”

“I don’t know, from my father, and I guess they found out from their fathers. When my father died, they contacted me and welcomed me into the Order.”

Construct said, “Lord, the crystal fragments have a natural affinity for each other. That’s how I became aware of this one and can sense the larger fragment that is east of here.”

Jack asked Solana if he knew about any other crystal fragments in Arizona or Nevada, which is where he estimated the fragment Construct referred to must be located. But he only knew about those the members of the Order had.

Finally, ready to leave, Jack slipped the ring off his finger, putting it in his pocket with the larger fragment. He told him to say he was having a loose stone reset in the ring if anyone asked about it and stood up to leave.

Lord, ask him about his family,” Construct said as the photos on top of a bookcase caught Jack’s eye.

When Jack asked, Solana said, “That’s my wife, Maria. Next to her is my eldest son, he’s named Diego, too, he’s in law school at USC. My other son, Julio, a senior at USC, he’s pre-law. And my daughter, my darling Valentina. She’ll be starting at USC in the fall.”

You should take the daughter, Lord,” Construct said. “She will have some of the ancient blood.”

Jack looked more closely at the photo of the attractive young Latina, slim, athletic looking, obviously the pampered pet of a wealthy family. “Three good-looking and accomplished children,” he said. “You must be proud.”

“Lord, in fact I have fourteen children, three with my wife and eleven with other women.” He promptly rattled off the names of his mistresses. Jack smiled a little at that.

Lord, you must go to the Senator’s home and take his wife!”

Excuse me?” asked Jack, incredulously.

You must take his wife! You must take his concubines and make them yours! You must breed them and make them yours!” repeated Construct.

I don’t need to take his wife, and I sure don’t need to do any breeding,” replied Jack, laughing to himself.

Lord, I have never been more serious. This is critical! You must do this, or your control over him will begin to fail!”

Not sure what the problem was, Jack decided to go along with Construct, and ordered Solana to leave the office and drive to his home. Jack would follow.


Chapter 5 - The Solana Family

In Jack’s pickup, as they followed Solana to his home, Construct said, “Lord, it is important that you breed with females who possess the ancient blood, such as Senator Solana’s daughter, Valentina, and his other daughters. That way the rule of the Lords of Light can be re-established. I didn’t mention it last night, Lord, but it would have been better if you had impregnated Sharley, who has the ancient blood, rather than your concubine Dakota.”

What’re you talking about? I didn’t impregnate anyone. My understanding is that it takes an average of three or four months to get a woman pregnant, and that’s if she isn’t using birth control,” said Jack.

"Lord, whenever you ejaculate your semen into a female's vagina, she will become pregnant. That's why it would have been preferable if you had used Sharley’s vagina instead of her mouth and anus. But I am sure, Lord, you will have the opportunity to produce many more children with the ancient blood."

“I’m sure Dakota is on the pill; I know most models are, to keep their periods regular.”

Lord, will you please tell me what this ‘birth control’ is you refer to.”

Jack explained to Construct about different birth control methods - the pill, implants and similar hormone-based methods, condoms and diaphragms and sponges, spermicides, IUDs, and anything else he could think of. He got the idea Construct didn’t approve, though he agreed that probably even Jack’s super-sperm would be ineffective against most modern methods.

Lord, surely some of the children you have already fathered may possess some of the ancient blood, even if their mothers did not.”

Construct was shocked when Jack told him that as far as he knew he didn’t have any children - none from his mercifully short first marriage, none that he knew of from any of a variety of girls and women he had been with, and of course, none with Sharley. The idea that a man could have lived thirty-nine years without having fathered any children surprised Construct. “Surely, Lord, you will be having many children in the future, and especially when all the fragments of the crystal are reunited, and you take your rightful place in this world.”

Jack stopped conversing with Construct for the rest of the trip, thinking about what he had learned, about what Construct called the Lords of Light, and the dream he had last night. Who were those men? Could they have been his sons?

Explain to me why I need to take Solana’ wife and concubines. I thought I was supposed to build up a harem of my own.”

It is not a matter of adding to your harem. It is a matter of control. When a Lord passes, his crystal goes to another. In many cases, that person is his heir and successor, but sometimes the Lord is not as strong as another, and the transfer is not…planned.”

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