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Rollie Lawson


The Family Vacation

“And just what the hell do you think you’re doing, Mister?” asked Ronnie Mercer, looking down at her husband Frank, sitting on the wicker couch on the enclosed rear porch. She had just brought him a cold beer and had been standing there looking out over the back lawn and down to the Chesapeake Bay. It was a Saturday afternoon, and they were expecting visitors.

Frank had been sipping his beer and contemplating the time available. Concluding that it was more than adequate, he had reached out and slid his free hand between her legs, curling around her thighs and gently stroking his fingers along them. Ronnie had been wearing a fairly typical Saturday afternoon outfit, a thigh-length halter-topped sundress and high-heeled sandals, classy enough for going out and comfortable enough for staying in. He moved his hand higher on her thigh, under the skirt. “I think you know exactly what I’m doing, lady, and I can’t quite recall when you’ve ever complained,” he said. He continued his upwards progress until he came into contact with her pantied crotch, which he cupped and began to massage. He could feel the moist heat emanating through the thin nylon and knew his actions were working.

Ronnie let a low moan escape from her lips as she shuddered from her husband’s touch. Looking down at him she could see the tent being formed in his khaki shorts. As Frank slid his thumb under an elastic leg band to begin directly caressing her clitoris, she gasped, “What about Sue and the twins? They’ll be here any minute!” She reached out to the railing to steady herself, instinctively spreading her legs wider.

“Bullshit. You told me they were touring the Naval Academy. The tour doesn’t start until ten or so and takes a couple of hours, and it’s a two-hour trip from Annapolis. We have a good two hours or so.” Frank reached between her legs and firmly pushed inside her panties, deftly slipping two fingers into her sopping pussy. “Now, any ideas on how we can kill some time?”

“Oh, God, you bastard!” she hissed, slipping her hands under her dress and pushing her panties down her thighs to the floor. Frank continued to maul her crotch as she bent over and unzipped his shorts. She should have known he was free balling; it was his standard mode of attire on weekends! His massive cock leapt upwards from its confinement, quivering with anticipation. “Didn’t you get enough last night and this morning?”

Frank had been in a particularly randy mood last night. He had taken her to dinner at a restaurant all the way over in Rehoboth Beach, but had laid out her clothing ahead of time. A sheer blouse, black leather miniskirt, crotchless panties, and black stiletto heels. Then, he had repeatedly used her for his pleasures whenever the opportunity and his cock arose. First, he had bent her over the back of the couch and grabbed a quickie before leaving, then had demanded a blowjob in the parking lot of the restaurant. In the bar, Ronnie had been forced to flash the other customers, and during dinner Frank had ordered her to undo a button on her blouse at every course. Another blowjob on the way home, and then Frank had ordered her to strip to bare skin and had pulled a vibrator out of the glove box for her to work herself over with in the car. At home, he hadn’t even let her dress to go in the house; Thank God it had been dark, and they lived outside of town! Once at home, he had satisfied his lusts anally, twice.

“No such thing as enough. Just a little sixty-nine to take the edge off, honey.” Frank stretched out on the couch and helped his wife into position.


Sue Mallory glanced briefly at the map as she pulled into the small town of St. Michaels. It had been several years since she had visited, and she had forgotten most of the various landmarks. In fact, they hadn’t been here since well before Harry had died. She pulled onto the small road to Tilghman Island and kept going.

The visit to the Naval Academy had been a bust. They had shown up early, only to be told the Academy grounds were closed for a security exercise, but that they would be able to tour tomorrow. That was no good; they would be on the Eastern Shore by then. Oh, they would be able to come back during the week, maybe even with Ronnie and Frank. Her sister and brother-in-law had invited them to stay for two weeks, so the time was available. Still, she had so much wanted to show Harry Junior and Taylor where their father had gone to school. He had been so proud of serving his country and had absolutely hated being forced out by his heart condition ten years ago. Two years ago, it had killed him. By then Harry had found a good job running a factory in Indianapolis, but it was simply too long a trip to do on anything but a special vacation. It had been a fourteen-hour trip to Baltimore, and another three hours today.

Sue had been surprised by how well Harry had left them. He had almost no pension or insurance from the Navy, and good though not spectacular benefits from his new job, but he had purchased a ton of cheap term life insurance. She had gone to work not so much from need as because it let her get out of the now empty house! The kids could get away at school; without a job, Sue didn’t have that excuse.

It had been a year, eleven months, and fourteen days since Harry’s heart attack, and his wife had missed him with all her soul for every second of them. She had cried herself into hysterical sleep on the anniversary of his death. Her second such anniversary would be coming up before they left, and she wondered if she would be able to handle it any better this year.

Harry had been the only man in her life. To his shocked delight, he had discovered that she was still a virgin when he first managed to coax her into his bed. That had been in Norfolk, when as a young ensign with a flashy car straight out of the Academy, he had met the young secretary at the Naval Yard. She had been saving herself for marriage, but Sue had never met anybody quite like the big and boisterous Harry Mallory, with the easy smile and the piercing sapphire eyes. He had literally swept the eighteen-year-old off her feet. Her virtue lasted until well into their second date.

Now, as she drove down the causeway to Tilghman Island, she realized that she missed more than her husband’s easy laugh and infectious grin. She missed quite a different portion of his anatomy, one that had brought her sixteen years of never-ending and constant joy, one that she had used and abused whenever her husband was at home from sea duty, and after his retirement had been her daily delight. Sue’s husband had been the proud possessor of a long and thick prick, and he had taken considerable pleasure in slipping it to her whenever he or she had taken a fancy to do so.

She almost laughed as she remembered the glee he had shown when returning from sea duty to find her hot and ready. His first trip was six months and had come just four months after their wedding, itself only six months after they had met. By the time he had shipped out, she was already pregnant and beginning to show. By the time he got back home, the twins had been born and she had gotten back into fighting trim. After kissing her and the twins, he had hustled them into her car and lifted her skirt, to see if she was in the same shape as when he had left, “fresh fucked!” She had laughed uproariously at this, then nervously smiled and looked out the windows of the car as he yanked her panties down and left them on the floor of the car. “Navy tradition, honey,” he had explained. “I can just about guarantee that the only woman on that dock wearing pants was somebody’s mother!” She had been so nervous at the welcome home party she had scheduled, what with running around without her underwear on, but that had passed as soon as Harry had gotten her alone in the bedroom and taken her from behind, fiercely and without foreplay. Regardless, she had orgasmed immediately, and ignored the thin stream of cum which had run down her thighs afterwards. She noted that most of her friends, officer’s wives from Harry’s destroyer, had the same distracted and dreamy look about them that she did.

After his next trip, he had told her about another Navy tradition, throwing quarters out on the lawn to keep the kids occupied when he got home, and how he would have to demonstrate when the kids got older. She sighed in lonely contentment as she tooled down the highway, Harry Junior in the passenger seat and Taylor in the back seat, surrounded by luggage and watching the scenery roll by.

Since that terrible day, Sue had worn her mourning almost as a badge of honor. When, after a suitable period, gentlemen had begun to ask the vivacious young woman out, she had turned them down flat, citing a variety of reasons, from children to job pressures, but the real reason was that she couldn’t conceive of ‘cheating’ on her dead husband. Her needs were martyred to his memory and the lonely nights were broken only by the fevered usage of the vibrator she had bought during that first deployment. Most of the men hadn’t wanted a real relationship anyway, not being at all interested in picking up a pair of teenagers and a ready-made family. They simply wanted to get into the pants of a well-stacked redhead with long legs.

Finally, she found the small mailbox marked ‘Mercer’ and pulled into the drive. The trio piled out and headed up the walkway, leaving their luggage in the cramped Taurus. Climbing the steps to the front porch, Sue rang the bell.

No response. She rang it again, twice, but nobody came to the door. Looking back at the driveway she saw her sister’s battered Nova and a new pickup that she figured must be Frank’s, so where were they? She began to knock on the door, first faintly but then with more effort. Finally, she turned to the kids. “Go around back. Maybe they’re down by the water. I’ll stay here in case they come to the front door.”

Harry Junior shrugged at his sister and they went down the steps while their mother continued knocking at the door. Sue watched them leave, marveling as she always did at the difference between them. She knew, as more than a few people didn’t, that fraternal twins, as they had to be, being brother and sister, did not have to look alike, but the difference was extreme. Harry Junior was almost the spitting image of his father, tall and muscular, a high school jock, blonde and blue-eyed and a real heart-stopper. His sister was equally blonde, but hazel-eyed, short and petite, smaller even than Sue herself, with the biggest damn set of tits Sue had ever seen on a teenager. Harry had joked about buying a shotgun for when she began dating. Their sixteenth birthday would be coming soon, and that day would be upon them very shortly. The pair turned the corner and she turned back to the door expectantly.

Despite their different appearances, both teens were affectionate with each other, having burned through the difficult years quickly. They both thanked God that they hadn’t been born identical twins. At least with the differences nobody had the urge to make them wear matching sailor suits! They slipped through the gate to the fenced in back yard and looked around. They had never been here before, and they saw a large yard with an in-ground pool, completely fenced in with a high fence. At the back of the yard another gate let through to a walkway down to a small pier on the Bay. A small powerboat was moored there, so nobody was out fishing, and nobody was in the yard either. They looked at each other silently, then heard a low moan coming from the porch on the back of the house. They walked over and peered in through the screens.

The sight astounded them. Uncle Frank was buck naked and lying flat on his back on the couch. Aunt Ronnie was wearing a very small dress, but the halter top had been untied and pushed to her waist, and the skirt was around her waist as well. She was straddling Uncle Frank, her naked cunt sitting on his face as her high heels flanked his ears, and was leaning forward, her mouth open and sucking on Uncle Frank’s massive cock! She was bobbing her face frantically as both her hands worked the thick cockshaft, and he was eagerly lapping and chewing on the pink gash quivering on his face. Both were moaning and groaning, and it was apparent that neither was paying the least attention to the prospect of somebody walking in on them.

Suddenly, Uncle Frank gave a loud groan and began to grunt, his hips bucking up at his wife’s eagerly grasping mouth. Harry Junior was astonished to see the results of what he understood to be a blowjob. Aunt Ronnie backed off until only Uncle Frank’s cockhead was still between her lips, then began to pump the shaft vigorously with both hands. Uncle Frank moaned at the treatment, and both teens could see his balls contracting as they spasmodically pumped a load of jism into his wife’s mouth. Taylor thought it must have been a pretty big load, because Aunt Ronnie couldn’t keep it all in and swallow it, since some leaked from her lips and down onto her hands and Uncle Frank’s cock.

After the older couple had satisfied themselves that as much cum had been retrieved as possible, and Ronnie had licked her husband’s crotch clean, both sat upright, coming face to face with the open-mouthed pair of teens on the other side of the screen. “Oh shit!” they both exclaimed. Ronnie stood and ran inside, almost falling as her dress fell around her legs. Frank simply stood and turned his back to them, pulling his pants and sports shirt on.

Dressed, he turned around and came through the screen door. “Well, that must have been quite the shock. We weren’t expecting you for a few more hours.”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so,” was all that Harry Junior could think to say. His sister stared mutely at her uncle.

Frank grinned at her and snapped his fingers under her nose. “Hello, anybody home? Earth to Taylor! Earth to Taylor!” Taylor started and jumped back a foot, then grinned and stepped forward again. “Listen, you two, what say we don’t tell your mother everything about how you found us, okay?”

“Sure thing, Uncle Frank,” said a grinning Taylor.

“Yeah, okay by me. At least we waited, right?” joked Harry Junior.

“Yeah, at least you waited.” Frank reached out and rapped Harry Junior lightly on the head, then rubbed his hair. He wrapped an arm around his niece’s shoulders and led her back through the gate to the car in the driveway, with his nephew in tow.

As they got to the front lawn, the front door opened and Ronnie burst out, to wrap her arms around her sister and embrace. “Sorry, Sis, Frank and I were down by the water! The kids got us. You’re here early!” The other three caught on to the cover story in case it was needed.

Everybody helped unload the sedan and take suitcases and clothing inside. Frank unceremoniously dumped it all in the middle of the living room and the others did likewise. Finally, when the car was empty and the living room was full, Ronnie directed them further. The kids would take their cousin’s old rooms; they had been gone for years, although they might stop by next weekend. Francine was working at an ad agency in New York, and Jimmy was a welder in Baltimore. Sue would sleep in the den, which Frank had converted to a home office, but it still had a convertible couch in it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in moving people into bedrooms and catching up on family since they had last talked. Frank showed the Mallory clan the grounds, promising Harry Junior and Taylor to take them out on the boat the next day. He ran an insurance agency in St. Michaels and was going to take some time off over the next few weeks. At dinnertime, he ordered everybody to clean up and get dressed casually since they were going to a crab house in St. Michaels for dinner. This fascinated the teens, since they had never eaten crabs before, and Frank and Ronnie had a blast teaching the ‘rookies’ how to demolish the tasty crustaceans.

It was late by the time they got back, and everybody felt like going to bed. Frank stripped down to his boxers and crawled between the sheets, reading Newsweek. Several minutes later Ronnie came out of the bathroom, dressed in a sheer pink baby-doll top, tied together at the neckline and open down the front, and missing the matching panties. He tossed aside the magazine as she slid under the covers and snuggled up against her husband. Throwing a leg over Frank’s, Ronnie reached under the sheet and slid her fingers through the gap in his boxers. A stiff prick was waiting inside. In response, her husband tucked one arm behind his head while the other wrapped around her shoulders, his hand reaching down to idly massage her asscheeks and the crack separating them.

“I told you we shouldn’t have started fooling around this afternoon,” Ronnie quietly chided him, lightly fondling his dick.

“Eh, so what,” whispered back her husband. “You enjoyed it, didn’t you, and don’t bullshit me either. Besides, it’s not like you’ve never been fucked without being seen, eh?”

Ronnie giggled and admitted the truth of both statements. “Still, it’s not quite the way I envisioned greeting my sister’s kids on their first visit.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you were planning on greeting them with cookies and milk. Ronnie, they’re not kids anymore. They’re what, fifteen, sixteen? What makes you think that either one of them hasn’t seen or done something like that? Were you a virgin at that age?” He smiled, knowing the answer. They had been childhood sweethearts, and he had popped her cherry, with her enthusiastic cooperation, the summer after they turned fourteen.

Ronnie was smiling as she said, “You son of a bitch! Maybe I ought to find out just how innocent Harry Junior is, see if he’s got the same kind of equipment Sue used to brag about his father having.” She gave a hard tug to the erection filling her hand. “I always wanted to know if Sue was full of shit about that.”

“Ummmm, only if I get to do the same to Taylor and her mom.”

“You’ve always had the hots for my sister.”

“Yeah, well I can’t wait to see Taylor in a swimsuit. That kid has got the biggest rack I have ever seen! Bet she’s tighter than hell, too. Sue, too, probably, if she hasn’t gotten any since Harry popped off,” commented Frank.

“You horny pig!” She moved away in protest, but Frank tightened his arm around her and kept her in position.

“What are you complaining about? Share and share alike, isn’t that what we agreed? You know, I think those kids were really getting off on watching us screw around earlier. They didn’t stop us, did they? Besides, they’re on your side of the family. No blood ties to me, it wouldn’t be incest at all, would it?” He brought his free hand down and began to tweak her nipples. “Well, not really, anyway.”

Ronnie gasped at the sudden attention her tits were getting. Pushing the covers down, she squirmed atop her husband and spread her legs. Frank pushed her hips lower and Ronnie felt his cock glide smoothly into her hot and juicy twat. As she began to buck against him, she commented, “You enjoyed it this afternoon, too.” He gave her a curious look. “I could tell. You always enjoy it when you cum in my mouth!” She sank down against him and began writhing her way to multiple orgasms.

Down the second story hall, Harry Junior closed the bathroom door and went back to his borrowed bedroom. He could see the light still on under his aunt’s and uncle’s bedroom door and wondered whether they were reading or talking or, uh, whatever. He got pretty excited by the idea of whatever, and when he got back to his room, he quickly searched out one of his socks from earlier. Pushing his briefs down, he wrapped the sock like an oversized condom around his erection and began to jerk off, all the while dreaming that it was he that his aunt had been working over that afternoon. In her room across the hall, Taylor had already fallen asleep. She had also gotten herself off, but it was to visions of sucking off Uncle Frank, and even for a brief, dark moment, her own brother.

Downstairs, Sue dressed for bed in one of the oversized flannel shirts she had taken to wearing since Harry had died. Prior to that, he had preferred for her to wear as little as possible to bed, explaining it was so he could fuck her anytime he felt like it. Since she wanted him to fuck her as often as possible, most nights, even if she wore a nightie to turn him on, once they had fucked, she would strip it off and sleep naked, curled up and wrapped around his equally nude form. Nowadays she wore flannel and panties.

Sue wasn’t tired, despite the lateness of the hour, and decided to watch the late news on the television in the den. When she turned it on she got nothing but a blue screen, until she found the remotes and figured out that she had to turn on the VCR for the circuit to be complete. The late news out of Baltimore was just ending, and Sue noticed several unmarked videotapes sitting on a bookshelf above the television. Curious, she pulled one out and slid it into the machine.

The screen jerked as static appeared, then settled down after a few seconds more. Sue discovered it was a home movie. Her sister was walking through the living room, but Sue couldn’t understand what was happening. For one thing, she had never seen Ronnie dress that way; her sister was wearing a sheer blouse and no bra, so her big tits were clearly visible, a very short skirt, nylons, and high heels, a real pair of stilts! She stopped in front of the mirror over the buffet and brushed her short blonde hair, then stepped back, reached up and jiggled her tits at the mirror and popped all the buttons loose on the blouse! Next, she walked over to the front door and opened it, letting Frank come in. He was dressed like some sort of workman, in a pair of overalls and a tool belt.

What was going on? If Frank and Ronnie were both in the picture, who was running the camera? The shots were moving so it couldn’t have been on a tripod, even if they had rigged one to follow them around. Were her sister and her brother-in-law making blue movies? The quality seemed too poor for that, the camerawork seemed kind of jerky and the sound was really bad.

She watched Ronnie direct Frank to begin working on an electrical outlet, and the camera focused on Ronnie as she sat down behind him on a couch. Leaning back, she spread her legs wide and pulled her skirt up, showing that her nylons were actually thigh-high stockings. She wore no panties and her pussy was shaved bare. Ronnie pulled her tits out, too, then masturbated for the camera. Finally, when Frank was finished, he stood and turned around. Seeing the ‘lady of the house’ playing with herself, he took off his tool belt and unzipped his overalls, thrusting his erect cock at her face. Sue couldn’t believe the size of Frank’s cock; it really was as big as Ronnie had said! After a quick blowjob that ended in Ronnie jerking Frank off all over her tits, Frank had gotten down on his knees and licked out Ronnie. The camera followed the entire way, zooming in for a close-up suitable for medical school. Afterwards, Frank had stripped Ronnie of her blouse and skirt, leaving her in stockings and heels, and had her kneel on the floor, whereupon he had fucked her doggy style before pulling out and assfucking her. The movie ended with a close-up of Frank pulling his limp cock out of Ronnie’s asshole, his cum dribbling down her inner thighs.

Sue couldn’t believe it! Worse, was the fact that she was more stimulated than she had been in years. Harry had often rented dirty movies to watch with his horny wife, often getting Sue to perform in tandem with the actresses on the screen. Nothing had prepared her for seeing a home video of her sister and her sister’s husband getting it on like that, making their own little movie. Who could have made it? She could never imagine having done such a thing with Harry! As her mind whirled, she hit the EJECT button and hid the tape where she had found it, then went to bed and masturbated to sleep.


The next morning broke sunny and hot. There was a definite hint of sexual electricity in the air, although the only overt sexual encounter occurred when Frank stepped out of the shower and asked Ronnie for a quick hummer. She had promptly drained his nuts, then showered herself.

The tone of the day was set by host and hostess, who showed up for breakfast in swimsuits and beach cover-ups. Ronnie had worn the most conservative bikini she owned, which wasn’t all that conservative she reflected, considering her husband’s tastes. Right after the bacon and eggs had been consumed and the plates had been cleaned up, the other three switched to their own swimsuits. Unsurprisingly, Sue wore a very modest one-piece, a ‘sensible’ suit she had purchased after Harry had died, a suit meant to be worn by cloistered nuns, and completely unlike the strings and thongs her husband had been in favor of. On the other hand, her daughter, Taylor, had no compunctions against wearing a sexy bikini, and she showed more skin than either of the older women.

Frank loaded everybody on the boat, along with a pair of skis and life vests, and pulled out into the channel. At first, they went up the sound towards the causeway and back, as Frank and Ronnie gave a running description of the Bay and surrounding islands and peninsulas. Then they motored out to deeper water and stopped. Happily learning that their guests already knew how to water-ski, Harry Junior and Taylor were quickly decked out in life vests and dumped overboard with skis and tow ropes. The family spent the rest of the morning roaring around the eastern Bay, with Sue, Taylor, Ronnie, and Harry Junior switching off on the water-skis. Frank demurred, saying he could never get the hang of it, and drove the entire time.

After lunch, Frank had to make a few phone calls, and Sue and Taylor decided to take naps, so Ronnie asked Harry Junior if he still wanted to ski some more. He grinned and nodded, ‘Yes’, so they grabbed a pair of skis and headed back down to the ski-boat. Ronnie showed him how to handle the boat as they pulled away from the dock and out into the Bay, then switched positions with him to allow the teenaged boy to ski first. After about twenty minutes he dumped, so she throttled back and picked him up, then let him drive while she skied.

Everything was going fine for a bit, until they hit the wake of a freighter heading out to sea. The chop was sufficient to make Ronnie signal for Harry Junior to slow down, but the inexperienced youth misunderstood and goosed the throttle higher. Moments later, Ronnie went flying. Harry Junior slammed back on the throttle and turned back, to find Ronnie swimming around and gathering up her skies. Stopping alongside her, he leaned over the side of the boat to help her in, but she turned away from him.

“Get me a towel!” she demanded.

“Huh?” he asked.

“Get me a towel, or a shirt, or something. I lost my suit!”

Harry Junior could only stare. She was right, except for the life ring wrapped around her waist, she was both topless and bottomless. Another demand for clothing woke him and he scurried around the boat looking for something for his aunt to wear, but the search was fruitless. There were no towels on board, and neither skier had worn a beach cover-up or shirt. He turned back with an embarrassed shrug.

“Oh, hell, here take these,” Ronnie said, handing up the skis. Harry Junior stashed them and pulled in the tow rope. He was face to face with his naked aunt as she clambered up over the stern rail and slid down into the cockpit of the small power boat. “Shit!” she exclaimed as she removed the life vest and tossed it aside. “It’s not like you didn’t see everything yesterday, is it?” she laughed. She lounged back against the gunwale of the boat and smiled at him.

The teen was stunned and stared frankly at his aunt. She was the same height as his mother, but her hair was a very light platinum blonde, cut short. Her skin was tanned a dark and golden brown, with no tan lines of any sort, and he knew she could only get that way by regularly sunbathing in the nude. Even her pussy was tanned, and Harry Junior was fascinated by her complete and utter lack of cunt hair. Best of all, his aunt’s tits were nice and firm, of a nice size, probably a C cup if he had to guess, considering the sizes of the tits he had seen in Playboy and a few other skin magazines.

“Pretty good for an old broad, huh?” she asked, grinning. She could see the effect she was having on the boy by the tent which had formed in his baggy swimsuit.

Embarrassed, he turned away, his face reddening. “You’re not old! You’re beautiful!” he exclaimed.

“Don’t be silly. You can look. Jesus, after yesterday, this is old news! But thanks, I do try to stay in shape, simply to keep Frank interested, if nothing else,” said Ronnie.

“Huh?” he blurted out, turning back although he tried to keep his eyes focused elsewhere. It was a losing battle, as they kept coming back to rest on her tits and bare pussy.

“Well, your Uncle Frank is a damn horny bastard, and I like to make sure that I’m the one he’s fucking. Get my drift?”

Harry Junior gulped and stammered out his understanding. He was rooted in position, standing above her.

“Now, if I’m going to sit here naked, I don’t think it’s very fair that you’re still dressed.” Ronnie scooted over to her stunned nephew and grabbed his trunks by the waistband. She yanked them to his knees before he could protest. “There, now we’re both dressed the same.” She tugged his trunks down to his ankles and stared at the massive erection pointing at her face. “Wow, Harry! That’s one hell of a cock! I think you’re even bigger than your uncle! You’re sure as hell thicker!” She reached up and grabbed his cock with her right hand, as her left reached between his legs to fondle his pendulous balls.

The sudden touch by the naked women was too much for the teen. Groaning loudly, he came massively, spurting his jism onto his aunt’s tits and face, as his knees trembled. Ronnie pumped and fondled until he was finished.

Harry Junior collapsed to his knees in the back of the boat, tears welling up in his eyes. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he whined.

Ronnie laughed and wrapped her arms around the boy. “Jesus, Harry, don’t sweat it. It’s not like you’re the first guy to ever cum on my tits. Now come on, get down here and eat me.”

Confused, he looked at her as she wiped a dollop of cum off her left breast and licked it from her fingers. “What?”

Ronnie propped herself against the side of the boat and licked up another glob of jism. She spread her legs wide and Harry Junior stared between them at her moist and puffy cunt. “I said, I wanted you to lick my pussy. Now come on, lay down on the deck and put my muffin where your mouth is. We’re going to have a lot of fun!”

She positioned the dazed lad between her legs and, guiding him by the ears, gently pulled his face to her crotch. His curiosity got the better of him as her natural perfume overwhelmed his senses. With half a mind, he listened as she described the basics of the female anatomy and how he should concentrate on the little knob at the top of the wet slit, her clitoris. The other half couldn’t decide whether the salty-sweet flavor was her own or a residual effect of swimming in the saltwater. Either way, he sure liked the taste, and it wasn’t anything like a dead fish, unlike what his buddies back home said!

Once her nephew had found his target, Ronnie laid back and allowed the pleasure to wash over her. She finished cleaning up his cum just as he began to suck her clit between his lips. She shrieked as she came in a crashing wave. Harry Junior looked up in concern. “God, that was good! Now lay down and I’ll give you some of what Frank got yesterday.” She positioned him on his side, facing her, then lay down the other way and threw a thigh over his head. Harry Junior leaned back in and began to eat his aunt out again, while Ronnie moved forward and took his renewed erection into her mouth.

As she sucked his cock and pumped his shaft, she was astonished by how large a cock the teen had. It looked to be all of nine inches long, and two wide, a full inch longer than Frank’s! Opening her mouth fully she inhaled as much as possible and began to deep throat the boy. Groaning, he rewarded her efforts. She could feel him tense up as his dick swelled between her lips, then without warning he began to blast his cum into the back of her mouth. Ronnie was hard pressed to keep up with the flow.

Harry Junior pulled away and collapsed into the decking as his aunt sucked the cum from his pulsing dick, completely forgetting the thighs which had trapped him before. He looked up at her in wonder as she sat upright, licking her lips clean, and smiled. “Wow! That was great!” he exclaimed.

“You liked that, huh?” she asked. He could only grin and nod. “Great! Just give a girl a little warning, next time, okay?”

“Gee, I’m sorry, Aunt Ronnie,” said the abashed boy.

Ronnie stretched out next to him and placed a hand on his shriveled dick. “It’s all right, Harry, it wasn’t a complaint.” She explained, “Just let the girl know when you’re about to cum. Some women don’t like the taste of cum, it’ll give them a chance to pull back. Others, a lot of others, like me, love to have a guy cum in their mouths, so let us know so we can get ready to swallow. And then, sometimes, we might want you to stop, so we can cool things down a bit before continuing. Don’t worry so much. You did great, and you tasted delicious. I can’t wait for you to get hard again, so we can fuck.” She began stroking his flaccid cock and it rapidly lengthened and filled her hand. “Yeah, that’s it.” Ronnie stretched out on her back and spread her legs, drawing her knees up. Her cunt gaped open at her nephew.

Harry Junior scrambled to his knees and crawled between her legs. He moved to a point where his dangling gland was aimed at its target but stopped. He may have been strong on the theory, but he was a complete innocent as to the practice. Ronnie solved the problem by reaching between them and firmly stuffing the bulbous purple cockhead into her cunt. Harry Junior sank into the heavenly tunnel with a moan of pleasure.

His aunt moaned in delight and wrapped her legs around his waist as he began to slowly pump back and forth. “Ohhh, that’s it, ohhh, that’s so gooood!” she whimpered. Harry Junior’s two previous orgasms had drained him of any urgency, and he began to thrust with long and steady strokes.

“Uh, am I doing it right, Aunt Ronnie?” he asked.

“Not if you have to ask, Harry,” she quipped. He stopped and looked down at her in horror. Grabbing him by the ass, she started him up again. “Christ, Harry, that was a joke! You really have to lighten up, you know!” As he settled back into the rhythm, she said, “Don’t worry, Harry, you’re doing just fine… Ooooohhhhh, God, don’t ever stop…Oh, honey, you are a great fuck…You just need to practice…Frank was just like this when we started, only I didn’t know enough to be able to teach him…Harder, harder…I promise I’ll teach you whenever we can…oh, I love to fuck…fuck me, fuck me…” Ronnie continued to instruct her nephew as she gasped in orgasm after orgasm.

Finally, the pressure in his balls became overwhelming and Harry Junior exploded into the tight and greasy gash of his aunt. They both fell apart, sweat dripping under the hot sun, and lazed in each other’s arms. Ronnie glanced at her watch and swore. “Oh, shit, we have got to get going!” she said and dove overboard. Harry Junior stared in disbelief as she gave herself a quick saltwater bath, then clambered back aboard. “Come on, you’ve got to wash the cum off.” She pushed him over the side, and he cleaned up. Coming back aboard, she handed him his trunks and he put them on. “You drive!” she ordered.

When they pulled back to the dock, Harry Junior spotted his uncle’s tee-shirt from earlier laying on the dock and passed it to her. Frank was sufficiently larger than his wife that her lack of a swimsuit wasn’t apparent. They walked back towards the house to find the other three sitting around the pool. Frank was still in his swimsuit and tee-shirt, reading the Sun while drinking a beer. Sue was lounging on a recliner reading a romance novel. Taylor had switched bikinis to one she felt was more conducive to getting a good tan. Her uncle was in awe. It was more extreme than any his wife owned and that was saying a lot. This one basically consisted of sequined dental floss. She was lying face down on a blanket, catching rays with her eyes shut, her back glistening with suntan oil and her bikini top untied and stretched out beneath her.

Frank stood as his wife approached. “Have fun?” he asked.

“We had a ball!” she replied, winking so that only her husband could see. “I need a shower.”

Startled, Frank followed her inside. He pulled the hem of her shirt up once they got inside, to find her naked beneath it, and caressed her plaint ass with the palm of his hand. “Does this mean what I think it means?” he asked.

She turned and kissed him quickly. “Yep, share and share alike, that’s my motto. It was great, Frank, really great!” Entering the master bath, she pulled her husband after her and reached into his trunks. He was rigid to her touch. “I could still do with some more, though.” She stripped off her shirt and pulled her husband after her into the shower.

Down at the pool, Harry Junior told his mother a rather tall tale about how they had switched off on the skies all afternoon. Then, seeing his defenseless sister laying there, he held a finger to his lips and silenced his mother. Running, he made a leap into the pool and came down in a perfect cannonball, drenching his sister with the splash.

Taylor awoke in a fury, sitting up a screaming at her brother, completely forgetting her half-naked state. “You bastard! You little prick!”

As Sue laughed, Harry Junior surfaced to his sister’s indignation and swam to the side, staring as she yelled at him topless. He had never seen her tits nude before, and they were simply awesome. Once he had searched through her drawers and read the tag on one; it had said ’36 D’. He hadn’t really believed it until now. As she ran out of steam, he lit another fire. “Nice tits, Taylor!” He barely had time to duck before an empty Coke bottle came flying at his head, then the girl dived for the blanket and covered up again. Sue laughed until the tears were rolling down her cheeks.


“You sure you want to do this, honey?” Frank asked his wife as they got ready for bed. He had pulled back the covers and was laying on the sheet, an erection trying to peek from his boxers. Ronnie was brushing her hair in the bathroom. She had on a short silk robe. “You think this is the way?”

Ronnie came back in and sat next to her husband on the bed. “Nervous, Frank? You?” She tugged his boxers down and lovingly fondled his manhood. “You’ve seen it yourself. She’s so wrapped up in her dead husband she can’t see the world around her. God, Sue’s only thirty-five! That’s way too early to shrivel up and die. We’ve got to do something to break her out of this rut she’s in. You should start on her tomorrow, charm her and sweet talk her. It may be tough, but I’ll prep her as best I can, then you fuck the living shit out of her and prove there’s still a world out there! Why do you think I left those videos of ours down there, instead of right here, where we watch them?”

“And tonight?” he asked with a grin.

“Jealous?” Ronnie began to jack her husband’s shaft.

“Envious. Come on, do me fast, first.”

Grinning, Ronnie pulled the sheet below her husband’s waist and firmly gripped his erection. She began to fist his shaft, preparing to bend over and swallow his cock, but as she saw the bead of precum form, she got a different idea. She started telling Frank about how she had jerked off Harry Junior, how he had licked her clit and they had sixty-nined, how she had spread her legs and let him fuck to his heart’s content. With each incident revealed, Frank became more excited, until, hips churning, he shot a massive load into the air and down onto his chest. Ronnie leaned down and licked the cum up, then she pulled the sheet back into place and stood. Going to the bathroom, she touched up her hair and adjusted her robe. With a wave, she slid out the bedroom door and down the hall.

Stopping at the opposing doors near the landing, Ronnie held her head to the door Taylor was behind but heard nothing but her niece’s gentle snores. Satisfied, she slipped to the other door and opened it, sliding through and shutting it silently behind her. She immediately moved to the side of the bed. Harry Junior stared at her, wide-eyed and wide-mouthed. This was like a dream come true. He had been laying naked on top of the covers, his fist was still on the cock he had been jacking off, thinking about this very thing!

Ronnie doffed her robe and climbed onto the bed beside him. “You haven’t cum yet, have you?” she asked in a low voice.

“Uh, uh, no,” he said with embarrassment.

“Good, that leaves more for me. Remember, we have to keep the noise down.”

“Are you nuts, Aunt Ronnie? What about Uncle Frank?” he whispered.

She waved a hand in dismissal. “Forget Frank. I jerked him off and he fell asleep afterwards, happy as a clam. Want a blowjob?”


Down in the den, Sue settled into a padded armchair and turned on the TV and VCR. She selected a different tape this night and slipped it into the slot. Moments later she found herself watching another home production by her sister and brother-in-law. Reaching under her flannel shirt, she pulled her panties off and tossed them aside.

It took her a few seconds to realize that this tape was different. It wasn’t simply Ronnie and Frank screwing, there was another couple in the living room with them. At first, she only saw a strange man, naked and sitting on the couch, with a naked brunette kneeling at his feet and sucking his cock, then Ronnie joined them, equally naked and knelt down next to the other couple and began licking the strange man’s balls. The other couple were roughly her relative’s ages. The fellow had a bit of a pot belly and was bald, but the woman was a real knockout, with hooters bigger than Ronnie’s. Ronnie turned and said something to the camera, but the sound was turned so low that Sue couldn’t make it out. The camera stabilized in a fixed position, obviously on a tripod mount, then Frank stepped out from behind and sat down on the couch next to the other guy. Frank was also nude, and his massive dick pointed at the ceiling. The women switched positions, and the brunette began to blow Frank while Ronnie began to suck the other guy.

Good God! Her sister and her husband were swingers, wife swappers, who knew what else! Sue stared in rapt fascination, her hands slowly undoing the buttons on the flannel shirt, as she watched the two women bring their partners to release.

The video stopped briefly, then restarted, this time being held by hand. Frank must have been the one filming, because both women were screwing the bald guy. He was laying on his back on the floor while Ronnie straddled his hips and rode his cock. The brunette was facing Ronnie and sitting on the man’s face. Both women were kissing and fondling each other’s tits. Frank brought the camera in close. There was a shot of the bald man’s cock pistoning up into Ronnie from beneath, several shots of the women sucking the other’s tits while waving at the camera, and a long shot of the man eating the brunette. He pulled back and spread the women’s pussy lips wide, showing a lot of pink and talking to the camera, then leaned back in and began to savage her clit.

The next scene must have been taken by the other man. Frank was kneeling down behind the brunette fucking her doggy style while she had her head buried in Ronnie’s cunt. A close-up of Ronnie showed the man’s cum running out of her pussy and down to her ass, another detailed Frank pulling his cock out of the brunette’s pussy and stuffing it up her ass. He pumped for a while longer, then pulled out and crawled up to the other two, now kneeling and facing him, then jerked off onto their tits.

Frank watched his sister-in-law through the half-open door to the den. He hadn’t really been sleepy and had pulled on a bathrobe and had wandered downstairs for a snack. Seeing the flicker of a television coming from the den he stole over and glanced in. Ronnie had been right! Sue had found the tapes and was watching one of their favorites, a swap party with a couple from Salisbury. Frank watched in delight as Sue opened her shirt and began to pinch her nipples one-handed. Her other hand was buried between her legs, and he could hear wet and sloppy sounds from her cunt. Reaching down, he loosened his bathrobe and reached into his boxers. Pulling his cock out, he began to stroke his hard-on. Once Ronnie got through with Harry Junior, Frank was going to fuck her so hard she wouldn’t be able to walk for a week!

Sue sensed another presence in the room, and slowly turned her head. Her fingers kept working between her legs as she stared, glassy eyed with orgasm, at her brother-in-law, half inside the doorway and stroking a cock as large as Harry’s had been. She ignored the scene on the screen, Ronnie getting double fucked in the pussy and ass, and stared vacantly at Frank’s cock.

‘No time like the present’, thought Frank. Two steps forward and his erection was in Sue’s face. She closed her eyes and moaned, opening her mouth, and Frank slipped his cockhead between her ovalled lips.

An overwhelming sensation of lust took control of Sue, and she grabbed Frank’s cock and stuffed it into her mouth hungrily. Her cheeks puffed with suction as her tongue swirled around the meaty intruder, her hands furiously pumped his thick shaft. She began bobbing her face back and forth, demanding the sweet and salty fluid she had been craving for almost two years. The video ended, to be replaced by silent static, and she continued her attack. Finally, Frank took her head in his hands, and, hips twitching, exploded onto her tonsils, spewing like he hadn’t spewed in years, into the lust crazed woman’s mouth.

Sue stopped sucking and leaned away from him, turned her head and started to cry. Frank gently lifted her and carried her to the bed, stripping her shirt from her, then lay down next to her. He allowed her to cry into his gray-haired chest until she collapsed in exhaustion, all the while stroking her sides and breasts. Then, sensing the time was right, he moved Sue onto her back and moved a hand between her legs. Leaning down, he began to lick and suck her nipples while sliding first one, then a second, and finally a third finger into her drenched cunt. Sue began to shake with pleasure, loudly demanding to be fucked, but Frank kept up the assault until she had cum twice more. Sue was drenched in sweat by the time Frank moved between her legs and buried himself inside her. Despite his intense desire and stimulation, he held off as long as possible before flooding her cunt with his load.

Sue collapsed into exhausted sleep. Frank covered her with the sheets, then slipped out, closing the door behind him.


Ronnie stuck her head into the den early in the morning. “Hey, sleepyhead, you awake yet! Come on, get up! Let’s go jogging!”

Sue woke bleary-eyed and stared at her sister. “What?”

“Come on. Let’s go jogging. You said you wanted to run this morning. Let’s go!” she ordered.

Sue saw that Ronnie was already dressed for the part, in a sports bra, jogging shorts, socks, and sneakers. Forgetting briefly that she had just fucked her sister’s husband in the sofa-bed, she grumbled, “Okay, okay, give me a moment.” Ronnie left and Sue crawled out of the bed. She closed it up and pulled out her own running clothes. By the time she had dressed, her sister had returned with a large glass of OJ, which Sue downed greedily. She stood and the pair headed out the door. They began an easy lope down the road, south into the bright morning sun.

“I see you found our tapes,” commented Ronnie.

“Huh?” said Sue, a guilty look on her face. Did Ronnie know she had fucked Frank last night?

“The tapes, I saw one of our tapes in the VCR in the den. I guess that’s a surprise, huh?”

“Jesus, Ronnie, what is with you two? What are you, secret swingers or something? How long have you been doing this? How come you never told me?” asked Sue.

“Shit, it must be twenty years now. You were still back in high school, I guess…”


Frank’s biweekly poker game was just starting when the pagers went off.

Every other week Frank and four of his buddies would get together for a nickel-ante poker game at somebody’s home. Their wives and girlfriends usually came along for a hen party of their own. The requirements were simple enough, provide a keg and snacks. The party would rotate among the group of twenty-somethings, and tonight the poker party was at Frank’s and Ronnie’s apartment in Salisbury.

Two of the guys were volunteer firemen, and for once they were neither too drunk nor too far away to respond. Tossing their cards down in disgust, they stood and made their apologies. A wife and a live-in girlfriend grabbed jackets and followed the men down to their cars, and suddenly the group was down to six. Surprisingly, the three remaining guys were fairly sober, while the two wives and one fiancée left had been heavily into the wine coolers in the kitchen. Laughing, they plopped down in vacant chairs and wanted to know why the game was over.

“’Cause three handed poker sucks,” explained Tom.

His fiancée laughed and picked up the cards in front of her. “Are kings and queens any good?” asked Tammy. The guys looked at the cards she held up in disgusted relief. Barry had tossed down a full house to go fight a fire.

“Yeah, they’re all right,” said Rick.

“Great! We can play them,” announced his wife, Tricia, downing her cooler. Ronnie cracked another open and handed it to her.

“This ain’t a team sport, honey,” her husband commented.

“Shit, how hard can it be if you three clowns can play?” laughed Ronnie.

“That sounds like a challenge, lady. Bring any money?” asked Tom.

All three women broke into laughter. Tricia and Ronnie made a big show of looking for their wallets in the back pockets of their jeans. The three remaining guys gave each other a speculative look.

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