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Chapter 1 - A Big Surprise

“Shit!” I exclaimed, settling back into the car seat.

“Double shit!” agreed Becky Reynolds, from the driver’s seat.

“I can’t believe Hailey got into it like that with her mother!” I replied.

Becky grumbled and put her car in gear, pulling out of the driveway. She had a Lexus of her father’s and the tires squealed as she pulled onto the road. Reynold’s Lexus-Lincoln provided everyone in her family a new car - she was so lucky! My father wouldn’t even buy me a used car! He says I have to wait for my high school graduation. It is so unfair!

Becky laughed. “Well, she did find us toking up in the family room and passing around a bottle of vodka.”

I laughed as well. It had been a fairly typical Friday night sleepover. It had been planned for a couple of weeks; we were going to spend the entire weekend goofing off. My parents had even planned one of their boring cocktail parties for while I was away. That was fine by me; they were just about the stuffiest people on the planet. I mean, I love my folks, but if they could be any more boring, their hearts would stop.

Who’d have thought that Hailey’s mom would barge in to find us passing that joint around? I mean, she’s so old, like in her forties, how would she know what pot smells like? And what’s the big deal with drinking? Like, most of us were already eighteen. So, what if the stupid law says you have to be 21? I mean, when she was a kid, you could drink at eighteen, right?

So, she made this big flaming scene and shut everything down and kicked us all out and threatened to call the cops and our parents and everybody. She is such a drama queen! Really, it’s not like she was going to call the cops on us, she’d have been arresting her own daughter! Becky and I grabbed our shit and headed out the door and ran down to her car.

We drove around town for a bit, but it was too late to really do anything. It was almost 10 and the malls were closed, and the movies were closing. We couldn’t go to her house since she has these really creepy little brothers who are always trying to spy on us. So, after lighting up a really large joint and passing it back and forth, she pulled up in front of my house and dropped me off. “Bye, Amber!” she yelled, and then roared off, laying down another patch of rubber.

“Shit!” I muttered to myself again.

I stood there at the end of my driveway and stared. Daddy’s a big real estate developer and we live in this pretty nice house in a nice development so it’s real safe and all, and there’s even this remote-control gate at the end of the driveway. Only now the gate was closed. I could see a shitload of cars in the driveway, some even parked on the front lawn, but there was no way I was going to climb over the fence. It’s brick and about six foot high. I’d probably get caught by the damn rent-a-cops and get dragged into my parents and have to answer all sorts of stupid questions. They’d probably even call Hailey’s and get into it with her mom!

Screw it! It’s not like I’ve never sneaked in and out before. I tossed my bags over my shoulder and headed down to the McNabb’s, next door. Once inside their gate, I turned back towards the fence between our homes and snuck along the fence into their back yard. In the back, I crept through their back gate and made my way over to our back gate and slipped inside. From here it would be a snap. Sneak past the pool house, make my way around the pool, and in through the back door into the kitchen and up the back stairs to my room. Once inside, I lock the door and put the headphones on and do another joint while puffing out the bedroom window. If Mom suspects anything, I can always just blame one of their guests!

I quietly closed the gate and zipped up my sweatshirt. I figured that if I stayed in the shadows, nobody would see me. I had on dark blue jeans and black Nikes and this dark gray sweatshirt I had ‘stolen’ from Bobby (I put it on after the last time we got it on! He didn’t complain.) My hair is blonde and long, so I had that tucked inside and the hood up. I started by sliding along the fence and shrubs between us and the McNabb’s and then squeezed between the fence and the pool house.

And stopped! Coming from the open side window were some loud moans, followed by a distinct, “Fuck me, baby!” I couldn’t help it; I had to see! Standing on my tiptoes, I slowly lifted my head and looked around the corner of the side window. Inside I could see my Dad’s partner, Roger Baker. He was completely naked, laying back on one of the changing benches. Equally naked, and riding his cock, straddling his waist and sitting upright, was a blonde woman with small and perky tits. I’d never met Roger’s wife, but I had seen a picture of her. She was a blonde, too, but with a lot bigger set of boobs and a wider butt.

“That’s it, baby!” commented Roger. “Make me cum!”

“It’s so big!” moaned the blonde, as she lifted up and hammered back down. Her fingers were working between them and Roger was reaching up to play with her nipples.

I whirled away from the window, hoping nobody had seen me. Jesus! Roger Baker was cheating on his wife here in our pool house! What the hell would happen if they got caught? All I wanted to do was get out of there that very instant. Trying to be as silent as possible, I stepped away from the pool house. I don’t think I even breathed until I was about ten feet away.

I felt a twig snap beneath my shoe and came to another dead stop, half concealed by this big ass chrysanthemum bush of my mother’s that sort of hides the pool filter and pump box. I looked out through the bush and got an even bigger shock. This wasn’t like any cocktail party I had ever seen!

At least half a dozen people were around the pool area, not including Roger and the woman he was screwing in the pool house. Most of them were naked or almost so. I stared as Mrs. McNabb walked by the pool - she was wearing a very short skirt and high-heeled sandals, and absolutely nothing else. She was totally topless! She was carrying a couple of glasses with drinks in them and she walked up to a small group of people at the end of the pool near the diving board. She was laughing and handed one of the drinks to another man, wearing a pair of swim trunks, who put an arm around her waist. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but when the group shifted around, I could see that the man was Daddy! Mrs. McNabb was openly fondling Daddy’s cock through the front of his swimsuit in front of the entire group.

Just then, I heard this splash and twisted my head. A woman had dived into the pool from the shallow end and swam down to the other group. She climbed out, totally naked, and walked over to the group with Daddy and Mrs. McNabb. It was Mom! She laughed with the others, taking Daddy’s drink and draining it before handing it back, then kissed both Daddy and Mrs. McNabb. Not just little kisses. Full blown tongue swapping kisses! Both of them, Mrs. McNabb, too! She and Mrs. McNabb even pinched each other’s tits before they split apart. Mom also grabbed Daddy’s cock before leaving. Then Mom walked towards the back door, grabbing a towel and drying herself off along the way, before going inside. I could hear the stereo from out here.

What the hell was going on? Was this some kind of orgy sort of thing? I couldn’t understand what was happening. I mean, my parents in an orgy? The only time they had ever had sex was nine months before I was born!

There was no way I was going in the back door. Plan B called for me to continue my sneak around to the side of the house and go in through the patio door into Daddy’s study on the side of the house. From there I could make a quick run down the hall and up the front stairs into my bedroom. Then I could lock the door and go to sleep, so that when I woke up this weird dream would be over.

I resumed my sneak, staying behind the shrubs near the fence, and this time managed to avoid stepping on any more sticks. Once alongside the house, I hopped into a dark spot and crept up to the patio door. I poked my head around and saw nobody was inside. Success! I slid the door open as quietly as I could and snuck inside, then shut it behind me. Closer and closer…

“Hi there! Who are you?”

It was a masculine voice that asked that, a very masculine voice, from behind me. I whirled around, the hood to my sweatshirt falling down and my hair coming loose, and I faced the speaker. Unfortunately, I didn’t know who it was. There were two men standing in the doorway of the study and coming inside, towards me, and all I could do was stare. They were totally naked and the most beautiful men I had ever seen. They were in their late twenties, tall, slim, muscular, washboard stomachs, perfectly tanned, all over - and I mean ALL over - even their cocks looked beautiful. They weren’t stiff and sticking out, but hung long and thick between their legs, partially enlarged and not looking like soggy and forgotten noodles. They looked so similar that they had to be related, probably brothers or cousins.

“Hello,” said the one on the right. “Just get here?” The voice was a bit higher pitched, so the guy who spoke first must have been the one on the left. They kept coming closer.

I was too shocked and surprised to say anything. Scared, too. And incredibly horny! The vodka earlier, and especially the pot, really had my juices flowing. Bobby and I usually lit up before screwing and it really got me horny, and I was kind of stoned by the time I snuck into the study, so I was horny then, too. But I was scared, also. I didn’t know what was about to happen…

The first speaker, the guy on the left, walked up to me and put his hands on either side of my face and lowered his lips to mine, to begin kissing me. All of a sudden I stopped worrying or caring. My pussy flooded with juice as my body went on overload. Before I even knew it, without ever stopping the kisses, he had one hand behind my back, holding me against him, while the other began working the zipper on my sweatshirt down. That wasn’t all! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the other guy come closer, but he knelt at my feet. Before I could say anything, he unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my panties down to my ankles. The next thing I knew, he was kissing me on my pussy!

Oh, my God, but it felt so good! I gasped and moaned so loud it must have gotten past the lips that were kissing mine. I must have flooded the guy’s mouth who was kneeling between my legs with pussy juice. I stopped caring about sneaking anywhere. I needed this so badly! Kneeling Guy managed to strip off my pants and panties completely, along with my sneakers and socks, and I spread my legs for him. He was licking and nibbling my clit and poking and spreading my pussy lips with his fingers. I was going crazy. Meanwhile, Kissing Guy had managed to remove my sweatshirt and had pulled my t-shirt and sports bra above my tits and was fondling them. I just stood there and moaned as I came, hard!

It was almost as if I was watching myself in a movie, I was so out of it. I just went along with whatever they wanted to do. The next thing I knew, we had backed up to Daddy’s leather couch and I was sitting on it, my legs spread wide, while Kneeling Guy kept licking my pussy. I noticed that by now they both had amazing looking erections, big and fat, and long - a lot longer than Bobby’s! Kneeling Guy straightened upright and laid his between my legs, and before I could say anything, he had stuffed his cockhead between my gaping pussylips and slid home, lifting my legs up and placing my feet on his shoulders. I moaned as it went in all the way. He was so much bigger than Bobby!

Also bigger was Kissing Guy’s cock. After watching Kneeling Guy start fucking me, he knelt on the couch next to me, with his cock waving in my face. I couldn’t help myself. I opened my mouth and let Kissing Guy stick it in.

This was beyond anything I had ever done before! I mean, it wasn’t like I was a virgin. Bobby and I had screwed six times by then. Three times after dates, and the third time we had done it twice, to make a fourth. Those four times were in the back of his car out in the desert. The last two times had been last Saturday, down in the basement of his house. And I had sucked a cock six times, too. The first was with Bill Turner, right around Christmas time. He was the guy who I first let finger me and get inside my bra, and I sucked his cock, too, but he had a big mouth and started bragging, so I dumped him. Afterwards, Bobby asked me out. I knew that he had heard, but he wasn’t pushy or nothing. I didn’t give him a blowjob for almost three weeks! I did give him a couple of handjobs, but that’s really not the same, is it!

But wow, like here I was giving a guy a blowjob at an orgy while another guy fucked me! It was definitely mind-blowing. My pussy was going crazy, I was coming non-stop, Kneeling Guy was pounding his huge cock into me, and Kissing Guy was pumping into my mouth. They were keeping up a non-stop conversation as well, trying to see if they could cum at the same time, and they did! It was the first time I had ever really swallowed like that, and Kneeling Guy’s back arched as he thrust in and filled my pussy with a load of jism.

Then it was over. They pulled out and kissed me on the cheek, then wandered back out into the house. I stayed on the couch for a moment, legs splayed open and leaking cum onto Daddy’s leather couch, then the sound of voices shook me awake. Jumping up, I grabbed my clothing and ran out into the hallway and up the stairs, still as naked as the day I was born.

I stopped at my bedroom door, seeing a sign I had never placed there, “ABSOLUTELY NO ADMITTANCE” and twisted the knob but couldn’t get in. I was locked out of my own bedroom! I kept going down the hall, to the bathroom. Maybe I could clean up in there and get dressed again and sneak out. It was just too strange!

No such luck. I set my clothing on the top of the hamper and sat down on the toilet to pee and think for a bit, but about a minute or two later the door opened up and a woman came in. She was about forty but looked really very pretty. She was wearing a very small tube dress and was barefoot. She was blonde, rather busty, had wide hips, nice legs, and seemed in pretty good shape. It was then that I realized she was Roger Baker’s wife, the wife of my father’s partner. We had never met before, but I had been to Daddy’s office and seen a picture of her on Mr. Baker’s desk. She waited for me to stand up from the toilet and flush, and then sat down in my place.

“Hi, honey, I’m Amanda. What’s your name?” she asked.

I stared blankly at her for a second. Names? What should I do? She looked at me curiously, and I blurted out, “Amber.”

“Hi, Amber. First time at one of these parties?” I must have nodded in agreement, since she smiled back. “I guess they can be a little overwhelming, sometimes.” She reached out and took my hand and pulled me forward, so that I was standing in front of her, with her still seated on the toilet. Before I knew what was happening, she had leaned forward and begun licking my just fucked pussy! “Somebody’s been having fun!” she said with a laugh. She licked me a few more times, then sat back. She wiped and flushed and stood up, pulling the tube dress back down over her ass. It was very short, just barely covering her ass, and her tits were almost popping out of the top.

If I had been thinking straight maybe I would have run out, but the moment slipped away. Amanda took my hand again and led me out of the bathroom. She first glanced into my parent’s bedroom, but a couple of people were screwing on the bed in there, so she led me back down the hall to the spare bedroom. Actually, we have two spare bedrooms, but one of them is Mom’s sewing and project room. The ‘spare bedroom’ is actually set up as a bedroom for friends or guests and is across the hall from mine. She led me inside and sat down on the bed, pulling me down beside her.

First Amanda kissed me gently on the lips, which was very nice, and turned me on a lot! I would never have thought that a woman would turn me on, but just from what I had seen so far tonight, there was an awful lot of girl-girl stuff going on. Amanda’s kiss was gentler than either Bobby’s or Kissing Guy’s, and I liked it. “Why don’t you just relax,” she cooed to me, and pushed me down flat on the bed. Next, she pushed her tube top down so that her tits popped out - really nice, big and not saggy - and then pulled her dress up to her waist. Amanda hadn’t been wearing panties and now I could see she shaved her pussy clean. I kept a small Vee neatly trimmed, but she didn’t even have a fuzz strip. Neither did Amanda have any bikini lines from tanning.

“I like the taste of cum and pussy,” she said with a grin, staring down at where Kneeling Guy’s cum was still on my pussylips. She stretched out on the bed in the opposite direction, so that her feet were up by my head, then put her face between my legs. Oh, my God but did that feel good! She licked pussy even better than Kneeling Guy did! She took me through a quick orgasm. Then pulled back and looked at me from between us. “Forgetting something?” She lifted a knee and moved her own pussy closer to my face.

Oh shit! I had never even thought about something like this. Only queers and dykes eat each other. But it would be so rude, and it felt so good when Amanda started licking my clit again, I just naturally lay my head down and found my lips close to her pussy. Before I knew what I was up to, I had extended my tongue and found myself licking her.

She was right, cum and pussy tasted very good. It was obvious that she had already taken a couple of loads of cum in her pussy before this, and I really tried to clean her up. I must have been successful, because in only a couple of minutes she was almost shrieking as she came. We went at it for several minutes more, then she twisted around. Another couple, a man and a woman in their thirties, had come in and wanted to join us. I didn’t say anything. Amanda twisted around so that she was kneeling on the floor, her face still in my pussy, and the guy moved up behind her and stuck his cock in her from behind. He wasn’t real long, but he looked awfully thick. The woman, a very slim, almost skinny redhead, crawled up onto the bed and straddled my face, then ordered me to eat her. I couldn’t protest, since she immediately lowered her pussy onto me.

After that, it just seemed like an endless stream of people wandering into the spare bedroom, sometimes singly, sometimes in pairs or groups, all wanting to have sex with me. The word had gone out that somebody new was at the party, and I was the center of attention. After I licked out the skinny redhead, I found myself in a sixty-nine with a nice-looking guy with an average cock, and before that was even done, another fellow started fucking me from behind. The first guy came in my mouth, and a pair of women had me lick them out. It seemed to almost blur together after a bit and I lost track. I definitely lost track of how many times I came!

Then I heard a pair of voices that scared the living hell out of me! Mom and Daddy came in. I glimpsed them out of the corner of my eye, but they didn’t recognize me. I was kneeling on the bed, being screwed doggy-style while sucking the cock of a guy half laying on the bed in front of me. My hair was up and all over, obscuring my face. Both my parents were naked and holding hands. I surreptitiously eyed them. Mom and I are built fairly similarly, medium height, like 5’6” tall, with 36D tits. We could wear each other’s clothes if we wanted to. She looked in very good shape for a woman who was almost forty years old. Daddy also seemed in good shape, without a pot belly, even if he wasn’t the Greek God type like the first two guys who screwed me that evening. He had the start of an impressive stiffy, and Mom reached down and began to stroke him so he could fuck me.

Oh shit! My Daddy wanted to fuck me! Before I could even think of protesting, the guy behind me came, filling me with a heavy load of jism and pulled out, and Mom pushed Daddy into place. Daddy’s cock slipped into my well fucked pussy easily, but then he pulled out. “Oh man, I think I want something a little different,” he said, and I felt his hand wipe some cum and pussy juice up. I had no idea what he was talking about, but the next thing I knew, his strong hands were on my ass, spreading my buttcheeks, and he said, “Put it in her,” to my mother! Mom guided Daddy’s cock into my asshole, and he slipped all the way in.

Okay, it hurt some, but I was so surprised I could hardly move. I did let out one scream, but nobody heard me since the guy I was sucking off chose that moment to cum! He held my face in place as he unloaded into my mouth. The next thing I knew, he had pulled out from in front of me and a bald pussy, coated with cum, was in front of me. “Come on sweetie, do me!” asked Mom. She still had no idea who she and Daddy were fucking! I lifted my eyes up to see she was laying back, her eyes glazed over, and I put my face into her pussy. She also shaved her pussy totally bare, and like Amanda, had gotten a couple of loads into her.

Daddy meanwhile was plowing away with his cock up my ass. Once I was over my initial shock, I realized it really felt great! I was humping back at him with all I was worth. Daddy had a big cock, and this was maybe my best fuck of the night. He was slamming it up my ass and telling Mom how good it was and how tight my ass was and how he was going to cum so hard!

Finally, it happened. He almost roared as he slammed into me, yanking back on my hips to bury himself in my butt, and it completely drove me over the edge. My back arched and I pulled upright, gasping as I came so big! Mom looked at me, a tremendously happy smile on her face, a smile that instantly turned to horror as she realized they were fucking their daughter. “Amber!” she gasped.

Daddy stared over my shoulder at her, coming to a complete stop, even as cum still pulsed out of his cock into my rear, and for the first time saw my face. “Jesus Christ!” He pulled out and I sagged back on the bed, twisting around and leaning against the headboard. “Amber?”

“Hi, Daddy. Hi, Mom.” What the hell else could I say?

“What?...How?...” They both tried to stammer out their questions. Somehow, we were the only ones in the room, though we still had some people out in the hallway and the house. Somehow, I got the impression the party was starting to wind down but wasn’t over yet.

Daddy was the first to move. He jumped up off the bed and closed the bedroom door, so it was just the three of us. “Amber, what are you doing here?”

“Hailey’s party got cancelled,” I answered. They both looked at me dumbfounded, so I continued, “Hailey and her mother got into a big fight and her mother sent us all home. Becky gave me a ride home.”

“And…”, said Mom, urging me to keep going.

“And I came in through the back gate. I mean, I tried to get upstairs, but well…” Suddenly I felt very tired, and the room seemed to spin a bit.

“Amber, are you all right?” asked Mom.

“Just tired…” I fell asleep.


Chapter 2 - A Family Discussion

I woke the next morning, late. I was actually rather disoriented when I woke. I was naked (and I always sleep in cotton pjs) with a comforter over me, and not in my own bed either. I shook some cobwebs out of my head as I sat upright and was sorry I did so; I had a headache that went all over. I looked around and realized I was on the bed in the spare bedroom, and then remembered the night before. Somebody, probably one of my parents, had covered me with the comforter and left me to sleep.

I climbed off the bed, feeling a little unsteady, and went down to my room. Sometime since the party ended my door was unlocked. I reached into my closet and grabbed my bathrobe, then stumbled down the hall to the bathroom. I ached all over and felt…crusty!

I think I soaked under the hot water for hours, but it was just after eleven when I climbed from the shower. I scrubbed my teeth (twice!) then went back to my room. I dressed and wandered down to the kitchen. I needed coffee!

I wasn’t quite ready to meet my parents sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee. I really didn’t want to meet them right now. Still they surprised me by not saying anything other than “Good morning.” They were both looking at me quite calmly.

“Good morning.”

“Hungry?” asked Mom.

“Uh, not really.”

“Not even for Belgian waffles?” she asked brightly.

Suddenly I felt my stomach growl silently and my mouth started to water. My Mom makes just the BEST Belgian waffles, light and fluffy and about an inch or two thick. “Well, okay, maybe one.” I sank onto a kitchen chair.

My father was silent as he first poured me a large glass of orange juice, which I drained in seconds, then a cup of coffee, which went down almost as fast. He almost looked like he was smirking at me, but when I looked at him, all I got was this annoying innocent smile.

Still, by the time I was done with the coffee, I felt human enough to look around and pay attention to things. The kitchen looked clean and orderly, like normal. Mom was getting everything set up to make waffles, so I stood up. The least I could do was help set the table.

It was Daddy who broke the ice. “Honey, your Mom and I want to talk to you about last night.”

“Yes?” I answered. It was a neutral response, the best I could think of. I had a bunch of questions, too!

“Well,” he continued, “we need to ask you if you are using birth control and what type.” He looked a bit embarrassed but asked anyway.

Whatever I was expecting, it sure wasn’t this! “Daddy? That’s a little personal, isn’t it?”

Mom snorted a laugh out. Daddy just smiled. “After last night, honey, I think we can ask a few personal questions, hmmm?”

It was my turn to laugh and snort, and I suppose that really broke the ice. Mom spoke up next from over at the counter. “Amber, now you know we’re into swinging. Well, a big part of that is trust. Trust and honesty and openness. We should talk about things.”

My father nodded in agreement. “Your mother and I have no secrets from each other. We tell each other everything, what we do, what we’ve done, what we’re planning. Total honesty.”

“Jesus!” I exclaimed, and then looked guiltily at my mother. You don’t swear in our house!

Surprisingly, for once, my Mom didn’t yell. She simply said, “Please don’t use gutter language, Amber.”


“Answer your father, please.”

I looked at my father and took a deep breath. “I’m on the Pill, Daddy.”

“For how long?”

We were really going to get into it. “Since late last fall, right after Thanksgiving, I guess.”

“Is that when you became…sexually active?” asked Mom.

“Uh, sort of.”

“Sort of? Was that with that Bill fellow?” asked Daddy.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Honey, we really don’t want to drag this out a sentence at a time. Maybe you could tell us just what you have been doing, and then after brunch we can answer your questions,” said Mom.

I nodded and collected my thoughts. “Okay. Last fall, when I was dating Billy, it seemed like we were getting closer to, well, being intimate.” My parents simply nodded in understanding. “So, I went to Doctor Mark and asked him for a prescription, and not to tell you. I was over seventeen and he had to keep it secret. Anyway, we didn’t, get intimate, I mean, but we got close.”

“Why? What happened?” asked Daddy. He had his head cocked to one side, looking curious.

“Well, like I said, we got close. I mean we did some petting, real heavy petting. Real heavy! And I ended up…” I looked over at my mother. “Mom, if I say what happened, is that going to be gutter language?”

She stared at me for a second, then broke down in laughter. “Now that’s funny! Rules are off until later!”

“Okay. So, we got as far as fingerfucking and handjobs, and I gave Billy a blowjob right before we broke up.”

Neither one of them blinked at my language. Daddy simply nodded. “So, why’d you break up?”

“Because the next day I heard around school that he was bragging about getting a hummer from me.”

He winced visibly at this, and Mom simply shook her head in disgust. “That was last fall. What about over the winter and this spring?” She poured some batter into the waffle maker.

I shrugged. “Well, I was so pissed off at men in general, I didn’t date anybody until this spring. I’ve been dating Bobby Smith since the end of March. We started having sex a few weeks later. I mean we started out sort of slow, but we’ve gone all the way since then.”

Daddy nodded in understanding. “Would you say you were relatively inexperienced or more experienced?” he asked lamely.

It was my turn to laugh. “Daddy, I think I had more sex last night than I’ve had in my entire life up to that point.”

“I’m not quite sure how to take that, for good or for bad,” Mom said humorously as she served me the first waffle. After that we stopped talking for a bit. I loaded my waffle with butter and maple syrup, like Mom does, but Daddy uses dark corn syrup for some strange reason. I was starving and ate two, which I never do. Mom simply made a second to split with Daddy and didn’t say a word.

I put my plate in the sink and turned to face them. “So, is it my turn now? Can I ask some questions?” Daddy just grinned at me as Mom took a last bite and washed it down with juice. She made a ‘come along’ motion with her hand. “Well…what was that last night? How long…what…how…when…?” I was stammering as I tried to frame my questions.

Daddy chuckled as I tried to express myself. “Sit down, honey, before you hurt yourself.” He poured me some more coffee. “Last night was a swing party. I think you got the general gist of it, hmm? Well, we’ve been swingers or swappers since when you were a little girl.” I stared at him as if he had grown a second head. “I’m actually kind of amazed that you’ve never noticed anything.”

I shook my head. “I had no fucking idea!” I glanced at Mom as much from my language as from disbelief. Since when I was a little kid? “How…”

Mom didn’t blink. She just smiled at both me and Daddy.

Daddy answered with a grin. “Well, actually it was your mother who got us started, so to speak.”

Mom snorted at this and laughed, and I simply stared at her. “Well, sort of, I suppose.” She turned to face me. “It was shortly after we moved here. You must have been about seven or so, I guess. Anyway, we were having a sort of welcome party, a cocktail party, and Jeff and Christy McNabb were here. They had just bought their house a month before us, I suppose. Well, anyway, I had a drink or two too many, and Jeff made a pass at me.”

“Here? In the house?” I asked incredulously.

“Here, in the house. In the den, actually. I was fairly lit up, and I let things go a bit too far. Nothing happened, really, but he kissed me, and I kissed him back and we sort of groped one another before I realized what was happening and put a stop to things.”

I thought about that for a moment. The McNabbs live next door (I came through their back yard last night) and are about five years younger than my parents. That would put them in their mid-thirties, I guess. I’m eighteen and born right after my folks graduated college and married, so they’re around forty or so. I’d never really thought about him. He’s a nerdy kind of guy, skinny and already starting to go bald. She’s sort of cute, though, small and slim, and firm and perky tits from what I saw of them last night.

Mom continued, “Well, that night, after the party, your father was just an animal!” I yanked my head over to stare at him; he grinned back. “We made love over and over! Sometime during the night, I quizzed him about what had gotten him so turned on and he admitted that he had seen Jeff and I kissing in the study.” Shit - that was the same place I first got it on last night! “It really got him going! All it took him to be ready and come after me for the next week or so was for me to mention that night and what had happened.”

“Well, a few weeks later we were at a party over at the McNabbs. They had invited us even before our party, so we couldn’t turn them down. I decided, without telling your father, to tease both your daddy and Mister McNabb. I wore this nice linen shirtdress and not a lot else. A thong, some stockings and heels, nothing else. I flaunted it with the pair of them all night - and got royally plastered to boot!” Daddy chuckled at this and Mom smiled. “So, it went sort of like the first time. I flirted, he made a pass at me, I responded like before. This time however, after he started touching me, he undid some of the buttons on my dress.”

“In the middle of the party?” This was unbelievable!

“Well, no. We were actually in their family room downstairs. I went along with this, enjoying it actually, but when he started touching me, I went crazy. I lost any sense of stopping. Moments later, before I knew it, he had unzipped his pants and pushed my thong to the side, and he was fucking me against the wall. I saw your father watching me from the doorway and he smiled and suddenly I just didn’t care. I closed my eyes and came, a big one. Later that night, when we got home, your father simply pushed me back against the wall of the living room and fucked me in the same way. He was insatiable that night.” She gave him a shy and sweet smile at this and reached out to gently touch his hand. I felt like throwing up, it was so sweet.

“He saw and didn’t say anything?” I stared at Daddy. “You watched Mom fuck another man?”

“Honey, I realized that it didn’t matter. I loved your mother very deeply. What happened between her and other men didn’t change that. Knowing she was having that much fun was fun itself!”

“Baby, it turned me on knowing your father was watching and it turned him on watching somebody else with me. There is sex for love and sex for fun, and this was just incredible fun!”

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed. “So, what happened next?”

“That’s your Daddy’s story,” she replied with a laugh.

I looked at him. He stuck his tongue out at Mom but smiled and turned to me. With a shrug, he admitted, “She’s right. After that it’s my turn. The next day, the McNabb’s invited themselves over to our swimming pool for the afternoon. You must have been at a friend’s or something, since you weren’t around, or nothing would have happened. Well, it felt kind of weird swimming with them in the pool knowing that Jeff had screwed your mother the night before, and Christy didn’t know it and Jeff didn’t know I knew. Then Christy swam over to where I was sitting on the edge of the pool and announced, she had seen me watching Jeff and your mother the previous evening, and didn’t I think what was sauce for the goose was sauce for the gander?”


“She meant, that what was good for the girl was good for the guy. Basically, she told us that she wanted to do your dad,” explained Mom.

“What’d you say?” I asked, gaping.

“Well, what do you think? Your father agreed, and she pulled down his swim trunks and gave him a blowjob on the spot. After that, it just got a little crazy. We switched off and swapped partners the rest of the afternoon out in the backyard!”

“This is just too fucking unreal!” I commented.

“Afterwards, the McNabbs explained to us that they were swingers, that they liked to swap partners and go to swing parties and such. It really got your mom and me turned on, and they invited us to a party with them. We’ve been hooked ever since.”


We talked some more about ‘the lifestyle’ as they called it, until Mom said, “This house isn’t going to clean itself!” She split us up and made us start cleaning up from last night’s party. Even though the kitchen was neat, the rest was a disaster! There were glasses and paper plates and napkins and stuff everywhere. Dad was assigned the entire outdoors, while Mom and I worked inside. I had been expecting to find some trash, but what do you do when you find a thong? I gave it to Mom for washing and returning, if we could ever find the owner.

We had the downstairs pretty well finished (two loads of dirty dishes, with a third organized and presoaked) and went upstairs to do the bedrooms and baths. The bathrooms went fairly quickly, and Mom and Daddy had straightened up their room before going to bed last night. That left the spare bedroom where I had been gangbanged and assfucked by Daddy while licking Mom’s cunt. It was déjà vu all over again when I went inside.

“So, how are you feeling today?” asked Mom.

I shrugged a bit. “Okay. Tired but not sleepy, just tired.” I lowered my voice some. “A little sore, you know.”

“Yes, but it’s a good sore. You’ll feel better by tomorrow. Here, we need to make the bed.”

We had already stripped off the bedclothes and Mom had pulled out another set of sheets. After handing one end to me, we tried to open them out, but managed to get them twisted.

“Shit!!” I said.

For the first time, Mom chided me on my language. “There’s no reason to talk like that, dear.”

“Sorry. I’m just trying to figure that out, you know.”

She nodded her head in sympathy. “I know, it’s a lot to absorb in a day. There’s a simple rule to remember. A good woman is one who acts like a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom. Just remember that and behave accordingly.”

“A lady in the living room?”

“And a whore in the bedroom,” she repeated.

“And in the spare bedroom, too.”

Mom laughed loudly at that. “And sometimes in the living room, as well! Still, you get the idea. If it’s a ‘living room’ situation, act like a lady. Ladies don’t need to swear. If it’s a ‘bedroom’ situation, anything goes, and I do mean anything. The only rule is nothing that will hurt somebody.”

Dad wandered through about then and announced that the outside was clean. Everything had been cleaned out of the pool, the pool house, off the lawn, and anywhere else he could find. A bikini was on the dryer and he didn’t recognize it as either of ours. Then he said, “I think I need a nap,” and headed to his and Mom’s room.

Mom looked over at me and grinned. “That’s your father’s not so subtle shorthand for ‘I’m feeling horny.’ He wants me to take a nap with him.”

“Really?” I had never noticed! Then again, I didn’t think they even had sex until last night proved otherwise.

“Well, we usually take a quickie nap together afternoons if we’re both home.” She must have seen the look on my face, and commented, “Baby, there is nothing you’ve ever thought of or done, and I mean nothing, that we haven’t done. I know you kids think anybody over the age of twenty-one is an old fart, but your father and I have a very happy and physical love life. I enjoy making love with him and make sure that he enjoys it with me.”

“So now…”

“Well, to be honest, last night was pretty wild. I’m a little sore, too.” We both snickered at this.

“And what about Daddy?”

“Well…” She looked at me curiously for a few seconds, then said, “Would you like to join me? We can give your father a little relaxation and catch a few winks ourselves.”

“You mean, the three of us?” I mean, last night was an accident, but this would be intentional.

“Why not? I think we’ve already crossed that line, right?”

“Uh, okay,” I agreed. I followed Mom down the hall into the bedroom.

When I had dressed this morning, I had pulled on a sports bra and panties, a t-shirt, and gym shorts. Mom looked as if she had dressed similarly. She was wearing a tank top with a small bra underneath, and I could see bikini panty lines under her running shorts. We were both barefoot. Daddy had been wearing some ratty old khakis and a totally worn out flannel shirt. Now, as I followed my mother into their bedroom, I noticed he had gotten ready for Mom to join him in his ‘nap.’ His shirt was unbuttoned, and his pants were unzipped, though still on. He already had a large bulge in his pants.

His eyes widened as he saw me follow Mom into the bedroom, but he didn’t say anything. Mom crawled onto the bed and nestled up next to him; I came around the other side and lay down. He lifted his arms to allow us to snuggle up to him. I watched as Mom moved an arm down to his pants. She pulled the unzipped portion apart, exposing his stiff cock and I could see that Daddy had spent the day ‘commando’ style. She reached inside to touch him, and he gave a very contented sigh.

I decided to join in. I reached down and pushed Daddy’s pants down his hips far enough that his cock was completely exposed to view. Now, in the light of day, with a clear head, and no distractions, I was able to closely examine him naked for the first time. I realized that he was actually a pretty nice-looking guy. I mean, I always loved my Daddy and he’s just a total teddy bear, but now that I was looking at him as a male and not just as my father, I realized, he was pretty nice looking. He wasn’t god-like like the two guys who got me in the study last night, but definitely fuckable. He didn’t have a six-pack stomach, but he didn’t have love handles either, his chest was hairy enough to be manly without being a rug, and his cock was thick and long. Staring at it as Mom stroked his shaft, I couldn’t believe he had stuck it up my ass last night. No wonder I was sore back there!

I glanced over at Mom, who smiled back at me. I reached down to touch him, and she wrapped my hand around his cockhead, eliciting another happy sigh from Daddy. Mom started to stroke his cockshaft again while I concentrated on fondling his cockhead. Daddy began rubbing my back and Mom’s with his hands, and a few minutes later his hips started lifting off the bed. He began fucking his hips upwards. It wasn’t much longer until he groaned, and I felt something sticky and warm filling my hand and coating my fingers - his cum!

Daddy sagged back into the bed and stared through glazed eyes as my mother took my hand and began licking his jism off my fingers. Cleaned up, we snuggled against him, and I could feel his breathing become even and slow as he nodded off for a real nap. I joined him, too.


Chapter 3 - Dinner At The Country Club

I woke up about an hour later, and as I shifted to get up, Mom’s eyes came open as well. She moved her hand from where it was caressing Daddy’s limp prick, then climbed off the bed. Daddy didn’t move at all; if anything, he seemed to be sleeping sounder than ever and started snoring. We stood up, leaving him in the center of the bed, and Mom motioned me to follow her out of the room.

Out in the hallway, Mom closed the bedroom door so we wouldn’t wake Daddy. “I think tonight we should have your father take us out to dinner,” she said with a smile.

“Really?” I asked, smiling back.

She nodded. “Besides, I definitely don’t feel like cooking. Do you?”

I laughed. “No!”

“So, we’ll go over to the club. Listen, are you still feeling sore?” I told her I had a twinge of soreness down below (and behind me, though I didn’t tell her that!) She simply nodded in understanding. “It will pass. What I do is take a bunch of Advil and take a long, hot bath.”

“With bubbles and all?”

“Absolutely!” She pointed me down the hall towards my bedroom and the hall bath. “I’m going to take one. They are very relaxing.”

This sounded simply wonderful, so I went to my bedroom and took her advice. I stripped off my clothes and wrapped a bathrobe around myself, then headed to the bath. On the way, I found Mom coming up the stairs, carrying an opened bottle of wine and a wine glass. “Mom, what do we wear tonight?”

She looked at me curiously for a second. “Oh, I don’t know. It’s not too fancy. I mean, it’s just the country club for dinner, not a party. I was thinking of some nice tight slacks and a sexy top. Come and see me when you’re out of the tub.” She passed me and headed into her own bath, so I went into the hall bath for my own.

I pretty much did as Mom had suggested. I took a half dozen Advils and a long hot bath, with a whole mess of bath salts and bubble bath soap. I stayed in until I was limp and pruny, then climbed out and had another bunch of Advils. I was definitely feeling human by the time I pulled my robe on again.

I wandered into my parent’s room through the open door and went on into the master bath. I found Mom neck deep in their Roman tub, the jets swirling the suds around her. She was sipping from her wineglass; the empty wine bottle was on the floor. “You’re still goofing off in the tub?” I chided her laughingly.

Mom grinned. “When your father woke up and found me in here, he needed a blowjob to calm down.”

“Way to go, Mom!”

Mom smirked. “Figured out what you’re wearing?” she asked.

“Uh, maybe my black low-riders and a tube top?”

She nodded. “Wear a little blouse over the top, nothing major. You can leave it open and look classy and sexy at the same time.”

I nodded in thanks and went off to my room. I was dressed in fifteen minutes, with a sheer white blouse unbuttoned over my skimpy little black tube top and a black thong under my low-riders (and I pulled the sides up so you could see it under the blouse!) I went downstairs to find Daddy smiling to himself. I knew why but kept Mom’s comment to myself. He smiled at me and gave me a wolf whistle, which he repeated when Mom came in. She was wearing a pair of very low cut and skin-tight pants in a very stretchy blue fabric; they didn’t have a zipper down the front but a pair of zippers, one at each hip. She was also wearing a sheer white blouse and sheer white camisole; both were transparent but together they hid enough to be street-legal - it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. We were both wearing some serious heels.

Daddy pulled on his sport coat and led the way out to the car. Daddy’s ride was a Benz and Mom drove a Beemer - I walked! It was so unfair!

When we got to the club we parked in our spot and were seated immediately. We didn’t have reservations, but it really helps when your father is on the board for the country club! Like I said, he’s a real estate developer and Oak Ridge Creek is their biggest and nicest project. Mom says it’s three lies for the price of one - there’s no oaks, no ridge, and no creek! Anyway, Daddy and Mister Baker built the development and the country club and the golf course, and have permanent memberships, parking near the front door, and never wait for a table.

It was an interesting meal. When the waiter asked us if we were having a drink, Mom ordered a strawberry daiquiri for herself and one for me to boot. I guess my parents figured if I was adult enough for a gangbang, I was adult enough for a drink. The nice thing about Daddy being a big shot at the country club was that the waiter didn’t even blink when ordered to bring a teenager a drink. We continued our conversation from the day, though with lowered voices, and I ended up telling my parents how I had tried to sneak in and wound up joining in.

About midway through dinner I noticed my mother smiling at somebody behind me and wave at them. Daddy glanced and nodded, so I turned around and looked, then whipped my head back. I couldn’t believe it! It was Kissing Guy and Kneeling Guy, the two men who I had fucked and sucked in Daddy’s study the night before. They were just leaving with a tall and pretty blonde. She was wearing what looked like a silk chemise and high heels, and not much else. They waved at Mom and Daddy, then left. I tried to stop blushing and stared at my plate.

“What’s with you?” asked Mom.

“Uhhh…” I glanced at the entrance to club and turned my head back before they could see me.

Mom caught my look. “Did you meet the Reynolds boys last night?” I blushed furiously and she laughed. “You did, didn’t you?”

I nodded. “Uh, they were the first two guys, I mean when I came in through the patio door to the study, they saw me and we…”

“Really! Lucky you! Those two are simply scrumptious!” I blushed again and she laughed again. “Seriously, Amber, they are just beautiful, and you know it!”

“Have you ever…”

Mom simply smiled. Daddy asked, “Who’s the girl? Was she at the party last night?”

“Not that I recall. I think she’s the new girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend? Singular?” I asked.

“They like to share,” commented Daddy dryly.

“They have a tag-team approach to things,” agreed Mom.

“And she…?”

“Amber, after last night, I don’t think you can be very critical, hmmm?” commented my father.

“I guess not,” I agreed. Still, it’s unusual!

Mom got pretty wasted that night. I liked the daiquiri, but I was a bit queasy still, so when Mom ordered a second round, I let her drink mine. That gave her three of them, and they were pretty large. Mom tried a sword fight with the folded-up umbrellas in the drinks. Dad laughed and had several vodka Collins. He was still a bit straight when we left, but Mom was definitely blitzed. She was laughing and holding onto Daddy’s arm for support, and when we got out to the car, she told Daddy to give me the keys, so she could neck with him in the back seat. I couldn’t believe my ears! And then it got weirder - Daddy simply laughed and reached in his pocket and tossed me the keys!

I love driving the Benz, even if it is only once in a blue moon, and I tried to ignore the giggling coming out of the back seat. I glanced in the rear-view mirror and found they were necking in the back seat like…me and Bobby out on a date! They had started before we even left the parking lot!

When I pulled into the driveway, they didn’t stop. I hit the button on the ceiling of the car to open the gate and closed it behind me and pulled up to the front door. I got out and opened the rear door, shining light on my parents. “Okay, you two lovebirds, we’re home!” Wow! They had been really going at it! Mom had Daddy’s pants unzipped and his cock was waving in the air, and Daddy had worked Mom’s top loose so that her tits were out, and her pants were unzipped. They giggled and crawled out of the car, not really bothering to cover up too much. Daddy tucked himself in, but Mom let everything out to show. They had both gone to dinner commando-style.

Mom was wobbling a bit so Daddy stayed on one side of her and I stayed on the other as we went inside. She announced, “I’m horny and need some cock!” so Daddy kept her pointed in the direction of the stairs and we helped her to the bedroom. I decided to stick around and watch, since nobody told me I couldn’t, and besides, watching these two had made me some kind of horny, too!

We sat her down on the bed, between us, and Daddy started to take her blouse and top off. This didn’t happen all that fast, since she immediately turned to me and started French kissing me and tonguing me. Daddy actually ended up stripping naked first, then undressing both Mom and me. It was so cool to be laying back on the bed, Mom in my arms and kissing me, as Daddy pulled my pants down. He licked my pussy right through the thong before pulling that off too.

I think the overall plan for the evening was simply to make Mom cum as often as possible. I ended up concentrating on her tits while Daddy ate her pussy. Mind you, I was feeling pretty good, too. Mom was playing with my tits and kissing me and even if Daddy was eating her, he was fingerfucking me like all get out! I was cumming as often as she was!

Finally, Mom started screaming that she needed “a cock up my cunt” and Daddy climbed onto the bed behind her and slipped it in from the back. Mom was just moaning and groaning! Daddy twisted her around so that he was laying on his back and Mom was laying on him, also on her back, sort of an upside-down doggy-style fuck. I decided to get down between their legs and suck her clitty while she was getting dicked by Daddy and she just went nuts! She was screaming and moaning and shivering and spasming as she fucked down onto him. I glanced up once and could see Daddy had his arms around her and was pinching and pulling on her nipples.

I couldn’t tell how many times she came, but I could definitely tell when Daddy did; his cock swelled up a bit and I could see it pulsing and jerking. I kept licking and a few seconds later I could taste his cum starting to mix with Mom’s juice. It was really awesome to see at such a close range.

Mom collapsed backwards and Daddy twisted her back around, so she was lying on the bed before pulling out. I had to move, so I decided it was time for some fun, too. I shifted around so that we were in a sixty-nine position and crawled over. I cleaned up Mom’s pussy and she began to lick mine. What surprised me next was when I felt another pair of lips back there. Daddy started to kiss and lick me from behind, so that he was licking around my ass and down to where Mom was kissing me.

I was really getting into it when Daddy stopped. I was a little disappointed, but I felt him moving around behind me and then he was nuzzling up against my butt and I felt his cock pushing against my pussy. Mom helped him get it in, pulling my pussylips apart and guiding him in, then she went back to sucking my clitty. Daddy began giving me long and hard strokes, really pounding my pussy. Jesus but he felt huge! I barely remembered to keep working on Mom. When he came, it felt like he was going to spray out my nose!

The three of us collapsed naked onto the bedclothes and fell asleep without even pulling the covers up.


Chapter 4 - Back To Normal

Things quieted down the next day. I woke up with Daddy behind me, his hard-on nestled against my butt, so I rolled over to look at him and he smiled at me. I rolled on top of him (I had never done it this way before!) and climbed on top. It felt great and different, but doggy is even deeper, and I think it’s my favorite. I rode him like a pony - we giggled when I told him that - until we both came.

Things went downhill a bit then. Mom stirred awake and looked at us blearily, then lurched out of bed and ran to the bathroom. She began worshiping the porcelain god, blowing chunks. Daddy simply shook his head and headed in after her, and I left for my bedroom and a bath of my own. Later that morning I asked Daddy what was wrong, and he told me that Mom was ‘pukin’ dog sick’ with a hangover. Mom wasn’t as generous, and simply asked that we shoot her and put her out of her misery.

There wasn’t any more fun and games, which was good since I needed some rest and a chance to do homework. Daddy was funny when he mentioned that evening that I should be discrete about the weekend. I just looked at him and said, “Gee, and I was going to tell Bobby that Friday night I joined in a gangbang, and then did a threesome with my parents the rest of the weekend.” Daddy looked startled at the idea and agreed that I probably was going to keep my mouth shut.

Mom was a real drama queen the rest of that Sunday, but she was human again by Tuesday. I wasn’t asked to join in any more fun and games, though I didn’t say anything. Instead I watched them, probably for the first time every really seeing them as people and not as parents. I mean, the way they held hands when going out - as a kid I thought it was kind of gross for a bunch of old people, but now I realized that they loved each other and held hands just like Bobby and I did. They also weren’t that old; at least a few of the people I saw at their party were even older!

They loosened up some around me as well, dressing a bit differently. Well, not Daddy, but Mom began dressing a lot more casually. She often went braless now, and it wasn’t uncommon for her to wear a short skirt around the house. The first time I saw her like that, I gaped. She simply told me to shut my mouth and stop drawing flies, and that she always dressed like this when I wasn’t around, for Daddy. Well excuse me for not noticing!

I also started noticing they screwed like bunnies. I had never noticed before how Mom would go upstairs when Daddy got home to ‘talk’ to him. I listened at the door one day and heard her moaning faintly. I also began noticing how she would change into her nightgown and robe in the evening, then come downstairs. She would watch a little television with us, then head up to bed; Daddy would watch closely and almost always follow her upstairs.

On a positive note, we dropped the pretense of sunning ourselves in our swimsuits. Mom and I began sunning ourselves naked. We lost any trace of tan lines. Daddy didn’t seem to mind the view.

I slipped back into my normal routine Monday morning when I got to school. Bobby met me at my locker and immediately pushed me up against the locker and started making out with me. I could feel his hardon through his pants and I started thinking about when I was going to see him next. My parents wouldn’t allow me to date on a school night, so the next night I could get away and see Bobby was Friday. I rubbed back against him, incredibly horny, and we kept making out until the homeroom bell rang.

That was just about all the sex I got for the rest of the week. I played with my pussy every night until I came, but I didn’t join in with Mom and Dad. They didn’t invite me, and I didn’t ask. I began to realize that whatever fun they had with other people; they compartmentalized their lives so that that kind of fun was separate from what they had together. I also felt fairly certain I would be asked to join in again, but not right away.

Friday seemed to take forever to arrive. The past weekend had simply whetted my appetite for more. Bobby came over and picked me up before dinner and we went over to the mall. We had some pizza and went to the movies, then we got into his Buick (it is so unfair I don’t have a car!) and Bobby drove us out into the country. We pulled off onto a deserted road, and a couple of miles later, he pulled off into a deserted path and doused the lights. “Let’s get in back!” he suggested.

Bobby was about as subtle as a rock. We got out and climbed into the back seat and he made a big production of straightening his stiff dick in his pants, like that was going to turn me on. Well, okay, maybe it did, but like I said, he wasn’t very subtle. As soon as I snuggled up to him and began kissing him, he reached up and began fondling my tits. I was wearing a tank top with a bra underneath. Mom had actually suggested that I skip the bra; now my parents knew I was screwing Bobby and she figured it would be sexier. I tried it, though, and I didn’t like the way my nipples pushed out against the tank top. It was too slutty for the mall. I have really big nipples.

I liked what he was doing to me and responded by unzipping his pants and fishing his cock out. He pushed my top and bra up and began sucking my tits, hard, and unzipped my jeans. No matter how hurried he was, it felt good, and I stroked him off in return. About two minutes later, he said, “Oh, baby, suck my cock!” Subtle! I was feeling very good from his fingers, so I shifted around and put my head in his lap. I got it almost entirely in my mouth, and he began moaning. A few minutes later he erupted without any warning.

I had been having fun and by now wanted some action myself. I pushed my jeans down off my lap, kicking off my shoes in the process, and stripped my bra off from under the top. I leaned back against the car door and spread my legs, showing my pussy and asked, “What about me, Bobby?” I ran a finger over my pussy lips as an enticement.

He stared at me for a second. “Huh?”

“Come on baby, lick me, please?”

He looked at me like I had two heads. His hand reached out and he began fingerfucking me again, hard and fast, and shook his head. “Sorry, Amber, but only two things smell like a dead fish, and one of them is a dead fish!” This really pissed me off, but I was cumming at the time, so I didn’t care. I don’t smell like a dead fish!

After a few minutes more, Bobby’s cock was stiff again, so he moved closer to me. “Come on, baby, wouldn’t you like a nice big dick, instead?” I didn’t tell him I had already had some ‘nice, big dicks’, most of which were quite a bit nicer and bigger than his. Bobby was a little on the small side, though I never complained when it was in me. I lay down as best I could on the back seat, my shoulder and head scrunched against the car door, and he climbed between my legs and stuck his dick into me. It felt okay, but he came real fast, long before I had a chance to.

Bobby crawled off me and sagged back into the seat and grinned at me. “Wasn’t that better, honey?”

What could I say? ‘Well, actually, no! I didn’t cum!’ That would be so mean, and Bobby was sort of inexperienced. I knew right then that all the other men, the older men, were much better lovers than Bobby. They were a whole lot nicer about it and I always came during that party and later with Daddy.

“Yeah, Bobby,” I agreed. He grinned and we disentangled ourselves and got dressed again. I tucked my bra into my purse, and we got back in the front seat, then Bobby drove me home.

I didn’t expect Mom to be up when I got home, but she was puttering around in the kitchen when I came in. She glanced at me and noticed my nipples through the tank top and smiled. “Have fun?”

She was wearing a long and slinky satin robe, nylons, and black stiletto heels. “I could ask the same of you, couldn’t I?” I replied.

She laughed at this and poured two cups of coffee, then sat at the kitchen table. I sat across from her. “How was your date?” she asked.

“Oh, you know, we went over to the mall and had some pizza and went to a movie.”

“What’d you see?”

I told her about the movie, which she hadn’t seen, and described it a bit, then she said, “And?”

“And what?”

“And don’t be coy with me. What about after the movie? That must have gotten out a while ago.”

“Mother!” I blushed but Mom just gazed at me serenely and curiously. “Well, if you must know, we drove around for a bit.”

“Go parking?” She had the most infuriating smile as she asked. She knew perfectly well we had gone parking!

“Yes!” I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Have fun?”

“Uhhh…” I thought about that a second.

Mom picked up on my hesitation. “Or not? Tell me…” She made a come-along motion with her fingers.

“Well, I guess so. I mean, Bobby had fun, but I never really…” I petered off at this, blushing.

Mom sipped some coffee and nodded. “Care for a little information? I think you just discovered the difference between boys and men. Boys have a lot of fun. Men make sure you have a lot of fun.”

“Yeah!” I agreed. “That’s it! Like, he just assumed I was getting off and I really wasn’t, and when I asked him to do something he ignored me.”

“Such as?”

“Well, after I gave him a blow job, I asked him to lick me and he refused. We fucked, instead.” As soon as I said it, I looked embarrassed at my language, but Mom ignored me. I guess this was ‘bedroom’ talk and not ‘living room’ talk.

“Back in a moment,” she replied.

About a minute later she came back into the kitchen carrying a white plastic rod and placed it on the kitchen table between us. I stared at it and realized it was a dildo! “That’s for you,” she said.

I just stared at it, then gingerly reached out to touch it. Mom snorted and said, “Well, go on, it’s not going to bite you!” I picked it up and felt it. It was smooth, about six inches long and an inch wide, shaped like a missile, with a screw-on base. I twisted the base while looking at it and it came alive! Spooked, I dropped it onto the table, where the vibrations sound incredibly loud.

“Good Lord!” Mom picked up the vibrator and turned it off, then held it out in front of her. “This is the On-Off switch, as well as the speed control. Here, hold the end.” I grasped the smooth end and she twisted the base, running it up the speed scale and back down to off. I took it from her and tried it as well. “It’s yours,” she told me. “It’s not as nice as the original thing, but it lasts longer than you can, and it never pisses you off.”

I took it from her and played with it a bit more, then helped Mom clean up. “So, did you have fun tonight, too?”

Mom gave me a big grin. “Oh yeah! After you left, I took a quick shower and washed up, then put my stockings and heels on, along with this robe. That’s how I was dressed when your father came home, and we had a very nice and intimate dinner.”

“How intimate?”

“I was dessert,” she replied with a laugh. I shivered thinking of it. “Later on, we went into the living room and watched a little television together and made love there on the couch, then went upstairs and made love again just before you came in. I was simply down here cleaning up from dinner.”

“I’m guessing you didn’t have any problems like I did.”

“Not hardly. You father is a very good lover. He always makes me cum!”

“And now?”

“And now, you are going to bed to try out your new friend,” I blushed. “…and I am going to bed to see if your Daddy can come back to life. If not, I’ll get some in the morning.” She kissed my cheek and turned out the lights and we went upstairs.


Chapter 5 - Training

I spent the rest of the weekend talking to Mom about Bobby specifically and boys in general. I cancelled my date with him that Saturday night (I told him I had a bug of some kind.) and I came to realize I would have to start training Bobby properly.

My campaign started Monday morning at school. As always, Bobby met me at my locker and immediately tried to start making out with me. Let me tell you, he was really surprised with how I reacted! I pushed him away and he tried to push back in, and I pushed back again. “What?”

“Bobby, if I ever hear you say what you said about dead fish again you will never get any more ‘dead fish’ from a girl at this school again! I will tell every one of them about what you said and what you think. Do you understand me?”

“Huh?” He stared at me like I was from Mars!

“You heard me! What you said was rude and mean and nasty and it hurt!” I pushed him away and went into homeroom.

It must have worked, because at lunch time he was much more…reasonable. He tried to laugh it off by saying he was just joking, but I shut him down immediately. “It’s not funny. It’s mean.” He caved! He started apologizing and promising to never say it again and really trying to suck up and kiss my ass. I was really tempted to let him off the hook, but I remembered Mom’s words - ‘Men are dogs. They need to be hit with a rolled-up newspaper on occasion.’

I didn’t let up until after school, when I relented enough to let him hold my hand. I had several more days to bring this ‘dog’ to heel, since we weren’t going to go out again until Friday night. My parents wouldn’t let me go out on a school night. By Friday he was behaving nicely and apologizing for his behavior. Mom had assured me he would, since ‘us girls have something men will do anything for!’

I changed our date as well. The original plan had been much as before, hang out at the mall with some friends and then go parking and fuck. Now, it was pizza at my house. I insisted that my folks wanted to meet him. He was kind of nervous but agreed and came over after school. Daddy brought a couple of pizzas and some wings home. After dinner was going to be different, too. Rather than go out, we were going to stay in. When I described how uncomfortable it was in the back seat of the car, Mom had laughed. “What, you think it was better in my day? It’s always uncomfortable screwing in the back seat of a car! Why do you think they invented beds?”

“Mom…you!...in a car!”

She laughed some more. “Of course, silly, when I was even younger that you.” I shook my head in disbelief. “Listen,” she said. “Why don’t you take Bobby downstairs to the family room.” Our basement is finished off, with a wet bar and game system on the TV and a VCR and DVD player and all.

I thought about it a bit. It would certainly be a whole lot more comfortable than cramped up in Bobby’s car. Still it was just so weird talking to my mother and getting permission to fuck my boyfriend in the basement! “Uh, what about Daddy?” What if he caught on and walked in on us?

Mom smiled. “Just latch the door. I’ll keep your father distracted.” She licked her lips lewdly and winked at me.

“Does this mean I can bring Bobby over other times, too?”

She shrugged in agreement. “Maybe. It is a bit strange I suppose. Hang a towel over the doorknob if you two are down there.”

“What about my room?”

“That would be pushing your luck.”

So, after dinner, we excused ourselves and I told my parents we were going to go downstairs and watch a movie on the DVD. Bobby sort of looked at me strangely at this, since I hadn’t said anything to him about it, but he didn’t argue with me. I think he had started understanding about the ‘rolled up newspaper.’ I let him go down the stairs first, winking at Mom as I surreptitiously draped a towel over the doorknob, then silently latched the door shut.

Bobby was standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking at me curiously, when I came down. “We’re not going out?”

“Let me show you around.” I took his hand and led him around the basement. It’s much nicer than it sounds - basement - it may have started as a basement but it’s much nicer. The laundry and junk stuff like Daddy’s tools are in the utility room off the kitchen. The basement is paneled and carpeted, with a drop ceiling, nice furniture and a great home theater system, and a wet bar and a bathroom. It still has access to the garage. I pulled him over to the couch and sat down. When he sat down next to me, I snuggled up against him. “Isn’t this nicer than some back road?”

Bobby’s eyes snapped open as he understood. Glancing around, he said, “Are you crazy? Your old man is right upstairs!”

I ran a finger along his throat. “Don’t worry about my parents. They go to bed early.” Very early, I hoped. Mom had promised she was going to wear Daddy out in case he got curious. “Bobby, I get a terrible crick in my neck in the back of your car!” I teased him. I stretched out on the couch and laid my head in his lap. “You don’t really want to go out, do you?” I gave him a very shy smile.

Bobby finally caught on and grinned at me. “Are you serious?” he asked with a laugh. He finally reached out and laid his hand on my chest. It felt very nice, his fingers so close to my breasts, and I sighed happily. Bobby began to unbutton my blouse with both hands, feverishly.

I placed one hand on one of his and pulled his fingers to my lips. “We don’t have to rush,” I said. Bobby blinked, not really understanding. “We have plenty of time.” I took one of his fingers and began sucking on it.

Bobby slowed down some, though I could tell that this was completely against the instincts his Y chromosome had taught him. In retrospect, I have to say, I understood the problem. Just how many teenagers can take their time when it comes to sex?

He slowed enough that he only used one hand to undo the buttons on my blouse. I was wearing a nice fitted white blouse and blue jeans, with a black satin bra and panty set underneath. Once he saw my black bra, I could see him starting to breathe faster, and as soon as my blouse was undone, he shifted the hand I had been kissing to my tits and used the other to keep unzip my jeans.

At that point I lost control myself. I needed it just as bad as he did. I stopped him and crawled off the couch and stood. He stared at me, but I peeled off my blouse. “Get undressed!” I ordered. I stripped off my bra and skinned off my jeans and panties in one quick move. Bobby goggled at me for a second, then his hands were a blur as he took off his shirt and pulled his pants and shorts down. His cock stuck straight out as he sat there with his pants around his knees. “All the way!” He reached down and yanked his pants off, pulling them right down over his Nikes, at which point I started laughing. Bobby grinned sheepishly as he slowed down enough to get his clothes and shoes off, finally peeling his socks off.

“Now, isn’t that better?” I stood naked in front of him and smiled.

Bobby blushed and nodded. Glancing at the stairwell, he said, “If anybody comes down those stairs, we are dead!”

“Will you stop worrying! Now, move over.” I waved my fingers at him to move him over on the couch. I lay down on the couch next to him and he promptly positioned himself over me, kneeling between my spread legs. About two seconds later he was inside me. It felt very nice, but it was over within another couple of minutes. I kept him in position by wrapping my arms around Bobby’s neck and lacing my legs around his. This wasn’t something we could do in his back seat! I began whispering in his ear how I wanted more, that I needed more of what he had just done for me, that I needed another hard cum. Not that I had actually cum, but I wasn’t going to tell him that! Our second screw lasted a fair bit longer, and this time it was much better. I came, hard, just as he filled me with a second load of jism.

Afterwards, Bobby rolled over onto the side, tucked next to me and held me in his arms. We talked quietly, and I wouldn’t let him get up and leave. I wanted more! I fondled his sticky and limp cock, which really surprised him, and he played with my tits until he was stiff enough again for another go. I would have loved a good, hard doggy-style fuck; it seems deeper that way, and Bobby is a little…little. He simply rolled back on top of me. Still, I had another big one. I guess after two fucks, Bobby needed a little longer before coming again.

We kissed and necked afterwards, but it was pretty obvious that he was done for the night. Bobby got dressed and went out through the garage. I cleaned up in the bathroom and dressed and went upstairs. It was almost eleven, and I found my parents puttering around in the kitchen. Daddy pointedly took the towel off the basement door and began drying dishes. “Movie over?” he asked. He gave me an exasperated smile.

“Yeah, it was great!” I said, giving him my sunniest smile.

Daddy just snorted and rolled his eyes, then tossed me the towel and left the kitchen. Mom laughed as I looked after him. “He knows?” I asked.

She laughed some more. “He knows. I had to tell him.’

“Mom!” I protested.

She laughed some more and waved off my protests. “I tried, honey, I really did!” I looked at her, daring her to explain. “Well, the first time he wanted to go downstairs to check on you, I had to come on to him and give him a blowjob.”


“Well, that only settled him down for a bit. About an hour ago he decided to look in on you…” That would have been in the middle of that first really big orgasm! Terrible! “…and it took some sixty-nine to calm him down.”

“Wow!” I was impressed!

“That was when he caught on and started asking me. I had to tell him.”

“And he didn’t freak out?” I asked.

Mom smiled. “No, he didn’t freak out. Have fun?” I grinned and nodded, then described my evening. “Three times, huh? It looks like your father owes me one. Maybe I should go upstairs and see if I can collect!” Mom tossed me the dishcloth and headed out of the kitchen.


Chapter 6 - Going To A Party

Things got back to normal with Bobby after that. We dated on weekends, and we usually spent one night ‘watching television’ in the basement, and the other out, when we’d usually go parking. I didn’t want to really control him, just have some fun. We were already planning on going to the prom together.

A few weeks after that first evening in the basement, Mom asked me after dinner if I wanted to attend a cocktail party with them. I looked at her curiously for a second, and she said, “You know, like the last one.”

My jaw must have hit the floor! I stared at her for a second, and asked, “You mean, another orgy?”

“Well, we don’t actually call them orgies,” she replied, then shrugged her shoulders. “Though I suppose they really are. Anyway, we have invitations to a party this weekend and your father and I thought you might like to come. I mean, you seemed to enjoy the last one, and maybe you’d like to come to another one through the front door, sort of.”

Actually, it did sound like fun. I had definitely enjoyed myself that night, even if I hadn’t understood it, and it might even be better if I went in the front door. I’d probably be able to control things a little bit more. “Uh, could I?”

“I don’t see why not. I’ll mention it to a few friends, but you’ve already been to a party, so it’s not like you wouldn’t know what to expect.”

“What did Daddy think?”

“He’s the one who asked me if you might want to come with us.”

I nodded thoughtfully to that, and said I’d like to. Over the next few days, it was all I could do not to think about it, and I broke my date with Bobby for the weekend with an excuse about having to do stuff with my parents. That Friday afternoon, I hurried home after school to find my mother waiting for me. “So?” I asked.

“So?” she responded in kind, laughing.

“So, what do we do tonight?”

She laughed again. “Will you calm down? It’s just like any other night you go out. You take a shower and clean up and get dressed and go out.” She led me upstairs to my bedroom and sat down with me on the bed. “Things really do start out like a normal party, okay? It just gets a little more intense after a while. Now, before you go, you should take the time and get really, really clean.” I looked at her in confusion. “You should shave your legs and under your arms, and trim up your bikini line…” I blushed at this. “…and douche and give yourself an enema.”

I was nodding in agreement right up until the last, at which point I stared at her. “Gross!”

Mom shrugged. “Hey, you liked getting buttfucked last time. If somebody is playing around up there, it should be clean!”

Well, put that way, it did make sense, though it was still gross. “I’ve never…”

“I know. I’ll help you. Get undressed and go to the bathroom. Take your robe. I’ll meet you and help.” She stood and went down the hall to hers and Daddy’s bedroom.

The next hour was very instructional. Mom brought in not just a home enema kit, but a douche kit as well. By the time we were done, I was squeaky clean, inside and out, front and back, shaved all over, and freshly showered. I had even trimmed my pussy hair completely off, so I was as bald as Mom was. When I commented to her that Bobby would notice, she simply told me to tell him it was for bikini season. “What do we wear?” I asked.

“Not much,” she replied. “Seriously, what you will wear will usually end up coming off, anyway, so I wouldn’t think you would want to wear much. I normally wear a dress and some heels.”

“That’s it?”

She shrugged pleasantly. “Usually. Sometimes I might wear some stockings, but mostly not. Listen, when you do get undressed, remember where you put your clothes! You’ll have to come home at some point.” My eyes widened at the thought of losing my clothes and trying to get home again.

The weather was warm, so Daddy wore khakis and a tennis sweater and loafers without socks. I couldn’t tell if he was wearing underpants, but I know there was nothing under the sweater. Mom had on a long halter topped sundress and high heeled sandals; from the line of the dress across her butt, I don’t think she had on any panties. I wore a short sundress, with tiny straps that tied at the shoulders, and high heeled sandals of my own, but I was a chicken - I wore a small white thong underneath.

Daddy drove us to the party, and I discovered it was at his partner’s house. The Bakers were hosting the party! He held my hand as we walked up the driveway. We weren’t the first ones there, and we weren’t the last either. Another car pulled in behind ours, a 500 SL, silvery and very cute. Inside, Mister Baker, Roger, greeted us at the door. He shook Daddy’s hand and gave Mom a kiss on the cheek, then smiled at me. “I was surprised when your father mentioned he’d be bringing you. I hadn’t known you had joined our group.”

“Uh, it sort of surprised me, too,” I answered, at which Daddy snorted and Mom giggled.

Roger simply raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Well, go on in and join the party.” He clapped Daddy on the shoulder and turned to greet the couple coming in behind us.

Mom led the way down the hallway into the living room, with me behind and Daddy in the rear. I hadn’t known what to expect, but it looked just like Mom had said, a typical cocktail party. There were a bunch of people standing around with drinks, and just like every other party in the world, the men were in one group and the women were in another. Daddy went over to a bar set up over at the side and poured Mom a glass of white wine, then after eyeing me speculatively, poured one for me. He made himself a drink and wandered off, after kissing both of us on the cheek. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” he said with a smile.

“I haven’t found anything you wouldn’t do,” commented Mom as she waved him off. I giggled at this, then walked off with Mom. She looked at me and the glass of wine I was holding. “Listen, seriously, if you are going to drink, remember, nobody likes a sloppy drunk. If you get loaded and end up puking in the bushes and passed out on the floor, you’ll never be invited back. It’s not one of your high school drinking contests.”

“Mother!” I protested.

“I’m serious.”

I shrugged acceptance. I decided to stick with the white wine. I don’t really like the taste of wine, so I wouldn’t be drinking it fast.

We were heading down the hallway towards the family room when we were greeted by a woman coming the other way. It took me a second to recognize her - it was Amanda Baker, Roger’s wife, the woman I had run across in the bathroom during the party at my parent’s and who had taken me into the spare bedroom and gotten into it with me. Then she had been wearing a too small strapless tube dress. Tonight, she was wearing the jacket from a fitted suit and high heels - and nothing else! Her jacket was very short, barely covering her ass, and cut very low between her tits. The vents in the side of the jacket showed she wasn’t wearing anything under the jacket. She greeted Mom effusively and looked at me. “Amber, you came! I didn’t know you knew Clarice!”

Mom (Clarice!) laughed loudly and took Amanda by the arm, moving us out of the hallway and into the family room. “Know me? Amber’s our daughter!”

“Oh, my God! You’re kidding me!”

“It’s true,” I agreed.

“And you’re part of the lifestyle?” she asked.

“I guess. I never knew about it until that night. I was just trying to sneak in and go up to my room, and things got…out of control.”

Amanda laughed at this. She took a healthy sip from Mom’s wine glass. “I had been going out to the bar, but that will do. I just have to show you my latest jewelry!”

I was curious about that. Amanda hadn’t worn any jewelry that night at our house, but tonight she was loaded with it. She had several gold and diamond bracelets on her wrists, about a half dozen gold necklaces and chains around her neck and down into her cleavage, even a couple of ankle bracelets. She popped open the button holding the jacket together and pulled it open. I noticed several things in passing, one being that she was clean shaven like Mom (and now me!) and that she had a very dark all-over tan. She had a real set of knockers, too, at least as large as Mom’s and mine, though I could see the subtle scarring that showed they were store-bought and not home-grown.

Mom gasped and pointed. “Oh, my God! When?..”

Amanda had added a few new items. A large gold and diamond pendant dangled from her belly button; another smaller pair hung from her pierced nipples. Neither had been present when she and I had enjoyed ourselves at my folks’ party.

Amanda proudly shook her tits at us, causing the dangles to swing. “Actually, it was just a couple of days after the party at your place. I did it that Monday.” Mom gaped at this. “I had been thinking about it for a while, and finally got up the nerve.”

Mom said, “I could never…”

I said, “Cool! Where’d you go? I’ve been thinking about getting my belly button pierced.”

“Amber!” Mom shrieked.

Amanda and I laughed at this. “I’m eighteen, Mom. I can even get a tattoo!” Like I would ever do such an idiotic thing! Mom shuddered at the idea.

“They do that, too,” said Amanda. Mom and I looked at her, Mom in apprehension and me in curiosity. “I went down to this place called BodyWorks. It’s near the mall over the other side of town, the one near Commercial Square.”

“Sure, I’ve heard of it. It’s supposed to be good.”

Mom looked at me. “Who are you and what have you done with my daughter,” she commented.

“That would be the daughter you take to wild sex parties, right?” I replied, to which Mom stuck her tongue out at me. I turned back to Amanda. “So, what was it like?”

“Didn’t it hurt?” asked Mom.

“No. It kind of stung at first, sort of like getting your ears pierced. It was over before I knew what had happened.” She lowered her voice. “I closed my eyes.”

“I could never do that,” replied Mom.

“So, how do they feel now?” I asked.

Amanda jiggled her tits at us and laughed again. “God, they feel so good! All Roger has to do is touch them and I cum!” I grinned and reached out, gently touching the swaying dangles. Amanda gasped and a flush passed over her tits. She moaned and pressed her boobs into my hands. “See, I told you!”

Mom was pretty impressed by that, though I had heard the same thing from a friend at school who had her nipples pierced. Amanda buttoned her jacket up again and led us back to the bar for another round. Along the way, she and Mom introduced me to several other people, though neither one mentioned I was Mom’s daughter. That would have taken just too long to explain. I was just somebody who was new to the ‘lifestyle.’ We mingled.

Things started getting really interesting about a half hour later. By then there were about thirty or so people present, about an even mix of men and women, and if anybody was going to be there, they were there by then. I was in the living room and this man was sitting in an armchair with a woman sitting sideways on his lap. She was part of the couple that had driven in behind us, and her date was standing in the crowd, watching. It was then I realized who she was, at least; she was Marina Ramos, the Hispanic correspondent from one of the local TV stations. She seemed very smart and pretty on the television set, and when I mentioned that to Daddy once, he simply commented that she was the perfect Hispanic reporter, female, pretty, Spanish name, and not a trace of an accent. Until that night, however, I hadn’t realized just how pretty she was. She was rather short and wore four-inch heels to compensate, and had a pair of huge tits, like 44 Double-Ds, and long and dark brown hair she wore in a ponytail down the middle of her back. Now she was wearing only a little silk chemise, and was lying in this man’s lap, her legs across the arm of the chair. Her ankles were crossed, and the chemise had slipped down (up?) her thighs so that everybody could see the dark hair of the landing strip on her pussy. One of the straps had slipped down off her shoulder and almost totally exposed one huge boob. Her friend tugged it lower, exposing it completely, and she shrugged off the other strap.

I glanced over at her date. He had an arm around a slim blonde and was sporting a real stiffy as he watched. Then I felt somebody come up between me and Mom, and a hand went around my waist. I looked up to find Mister Baker had slipped in between us. He was watching, too, and had an arm around Mom as well. Next, he moved his hand lower and caressed my ass. I was getting really turned on, both by his hand and by what I was watching.

I saw that the guy on the chair, with Miss Ramos on his lap, had a hand between her legs. She was shuddering and had her top down around her waist. Her tits looked huge! She was cupping them and lifting them to her lips so she could suck on her own nipples. I glanced over at her date. He was at least ten years older than she was, with salt and pepper hair, and now the girl he was with had unzipped his pants. She had his cock out and was stroking him off while they both watched Miss Ramos getting into it and playing with herself. I didn’t quite recognize what she was doing at first, and then I didn’t quite understand what I was seeing. Not that I didn’t know she was jacking him off, but I had never seen an uncircumcised cock before! It took me a second to recognize it, then I looked back at the couple on the chair. She was moaning and he was thrusting his fingers fiercely between her legs; she was now lifting her tits up for him to lick on as well.

I stopped paying a lot of attention at about that time. Roger had turned sideways to me, so that he was facing me and had both hands on me. The hand that was behind me, running over my butt, had pulled my hem up and his hand was now on my bare ass. Around front, his other hand had also slipped under my skirt and I was being fondled, front and back. His fingers were slipping under my thong and rubbing my clitty and the crack of my ass, and I was just going wild!

I stood there, half sagging against him, as we watched the rest of the room start fucking. It really wasn’t fucking, I guess - the couple on the chair were just touching, as was everybody else watching. Then the reporter’s date whispered in the blonde’s ear. She knelt down on the floor and opened her mouth. He thrust forward and began fucking her face. She was moaning loudly around the cock in her mouth and about two minutes later, he groaned and pushed in hard, holding her in place with his hands in her hair.

“Let’s go,” whispered Roger. He let my skirt slip back into place and took me by the hand. We went down the hallway and down a half flight of steps to what looked like a library. “I am really glad you joined us tonight,” he said. He kissed me softly, then turned me halfway around. His fingers moved to unzip my dress.


“Uh, huh. I don’t want you to take this wrong, I mean, I would never have done anything, but ever since I’ve known you, I have always thought you were just the prettiest girl I have ever known, a real heartbreaker. Since you got to be a teenager, you have driven me nuts, you are so gorgeous!”

I giggled at this and stepped away from him, allowing my dress to fall down to the floor. I kicked it into the corner (and now I knew where I could find it!) and spun around in front of him, now just in my thong and heels. “So, what did you have in mind? Should I think of you as a dirty old man, thinking nasty thoughts about innocent little girls?” I teased.

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