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Chapter 1: Afternoon Lemonade

“Hi, Heather. What’s up?” asked Lauren Graham, looking through the split-rail fence separating her back yard from her neighbor’s. On the other side, a teenage girl looked at her with a mixture of curiosity and nervousness, as if she couldn’t make up her mind about something. Lauren put down her weed clippers and stood up, running the back of a work-gloved hand across her forehead. It was a late Sunday afternoon in the early summer. “Whatcha’ doing?” asked Lauren.

Heather Mackenzie inched closer to her neighbor, as if she was still making up her mind. “Uh, it’s nothing,” she replied.

Lauren shrugged her shoulders. “Excited about your birthday? Oooh baby, sweet sixteen and never been kissed, huh?” she said archly, winking lewdly and arching her eyebrows. Lauren knew that Heather’s sixteenth birthday was the next weekend.

To her surprise, Heather’s mouth opened in shock and she blurted out, “How’d you know?”

Lauren looked across the fence in surprise. Thirty-two years old, Lauren Graham had known the teen since she had babysat for her ten years ago. Now the cycle had turned full circle; Heather now babysat for Lauren’s children. In many ways, Lauren was the older sister that Heather had never had, and Heather a younger sister for Lauren. “Know what? What’s up sweetie?”

“No, it’s not, well, I can’t…”, stammered out the red-faced teen.

“Come on,” cajoled her friend. “You can tell a Super Secret Buddy anything, remember.” She balled up her right fist and extended her pinky finger, curled into a hook, and stuck it over the fence.

Heather giggled and stepped closer. Lauren had declared that they were ‘Super Secret Buddies’ back when she had started babysitting the five-year-old Heather, to open the child up and earn her trust, and had even developed the ‘Super Secret Buddy Handshake’, as if it was a secret club. Heather extended her balled-up fist and extended pinky and gripped Lauren’s. Next the two women reached across the fence to gently pinch each other’s nose, and while vigorously shaking pinkies and pinching noses, gave each other a raspberry.

Laughing, the pair separated. “Now, what is going on?” repeated Lauren.

Heather looked around, then turned back and lowered her voice. There was nobody else anywhere near to overhear them, but she was practically whispering. “Well, my Dad says that when I’m sixteen I can start dating, you know, real dates, not just school dances with him driving us, and I don’t know about sex and stuff. Can you tell me?”

Lauren’s eyes opened wide at this. “Are you sure you don’t want to talk to your Mom about this, honey?” she asked.

Heather looked panic-stricken at this. “Jeez, no! I can’t ask her about this! You know Mom!”

Lauren nodded in sad agreement with her young friend. The Mackenzie parents were supremely dysfunctional; it was a miracle that Heather was anything at all resembling normal. When Lauren and her late husband had moved to the neighborhood, Jim and Norma Mackenzie had been a relatively normal couple, interested in their church and school and neighborhood. Over the last few years or so, however, Heather’s mother had become increasingly religious, to the point where it had become an obsession. Originally a devout Catholic, it had developed to the point where she spent vast hours working at the church, attending special masses, participating in every conceivable church-oriented protest and rally. Her car was festooned with religious bumper stickers, and religious paintings and artwork plastered the walls of the house.

Perhaps in response, Jim, certainly the most boring individual Lauren had ever met, except at parties where he became a very social drinker, had begun to withdraw from his family, drinking even more than normal, staying out late and avoiding home life to avoid his wife. As best as possible, he attempted to shield Heather from her mother’s excesses, despite his own. Norma Mackenzie was actively attempting to turn her daughter into a live-in nun, banning any kind of pretty clothing, makeup, or relationship with boys. It had taken a threat of divorce from her husband to force her to allow Heather to begin dating.

“Not getting any better?” asked Lauren sadly.

Heather leaned against the fence and shook her head in the negative. “I think he really means it this time. I just want to get out of school and go away somewhere and leave them both. I think he’ll divorce her the minute I move out, and she’ll never allow that, and I just don’t know what she’ll do then.” She shrugged in resignation.

“You know that you can always come over here and stay, no matter what. It’s part of the Super Secret Buddy code.” That got a laugh from the teen, and Lauren stepped back. “Come on over. Watch the kids a moment and I’ll go in and get some lemonade.”

Heather grinned and slipped between the rails of the fence. The girl walked over to the sandbox where the Graham children were playing, scratching the head of Goldie, the golden retriever tied up near them as she passed. Goldie jumped up and slobbered over the teen as Jimmy, seven, and Holly, six, looked up at her. “Hi guys,” she said cheerfully.

Holly jumped up and ran to her, to wrap her arms around the girl. Jimmy was somewhat more suspicious. “Is Mom going somewhere?” he asked. “Are you babysitting? I don’t need a babysitter.”

“I’m just visiting,” she answered, leaving the children to their games and side-stepping Goldie as she walked over to the enclosed veranda. Lauren had come out carrying a pitcher of lemonade and four plastic mugs.

“Hey guys, lemonade!” yelled Lauren, and the children came running.

Both children accepted their lemonade, though Jimmy eyed his suspiciously. “Are you going somewhere?” he asked.

“No.” Lauren kicked off her sneakers. “Why?”

“Just curious,” replied her son, eyeing the two women.

His mother laughed at him. “Goldie needs some exercise. Go take her for a walk.”

Holly looked up at this. “I’ll take her!”

“No, I’ll take her! You’re too little,” announced her slightly older brother.

“Am not! Mom!” protested Holly.

“Enough!” said Lauren, loudly, ending the debate. “You’ll both take her!” The children looked oddly at her, and Lauren said, “Both of you get a leash and hook it to her collar and take her around the block.” At this, the young pair drained their lemonades and scampered inside to find leashes. It took several minutes for them to hook up the dog, then the trio moved out, Goldie in the lead.

“Around the block is a half hour, but with Goldie, it’s probably twice that,” commented Heather.

“Dumbest dog alive,” agreed Lauren. She poured some more lemonade for herself, then said, “Now what is this about dating and sex?”

Heather looked embarrassed again. “Well, I mean, I’ve already been asked out, for Saturday, by Robby Jones, and I need to know about sex. I mean at the end of the date, when we have sex, I mean, what do I do?”

Lauren stared at her young friend, then said, “What? What do you mean, when you have sex at the end of the date?”

“Well, Sadie Cassel says that she always has sex at the end of her dates, and I know that guys expect it, that if they pay for a date, you have to pay them back, you know. So, what do I do?”

“Oh, Lord!” exclaimed Lauren. “Listen, Heather, if you want to have sex, fine, but it is not a requirement, okay? You don’t always have sex at the end of a date, and it doesn’t matter what boys want. It is up to you, not them.”

“Really?” asked the confused teen.

“Really!” replied Lauren emphatically. She reached out and took Heather’s hand. “Listen to me. Don’t ever do something you don’t want to do, ever! If you don’t want to have sex, then don’t. If someone says you have to, bullshit! It is your body.”

“Uh, okay,” replied Heather, “But what if the guy says you have to?”

“Bullshit! If a boy touches you and you don’t want him to, kick him in the balls! Run away and call your folks or the cops. Hell, call me and I’ll come and get you.”

Heather shrugged and agreed. “I don’t understand. If I have to have sex at the end of the date, why would I fight?”

“Oh, honey, that’s just it. You don’t have to have sex at the end of a date. Most of the time back when I was dating, the guy got nothing but a kiss,” said Lauren.

“Really? Sadie says she always lets her date fu…fu…have sex with her.”

“Fuck her? Is that the word you wanted to say?” Heather nodded, her face red. “You’re allowed to say it, Heather. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Two choices; Sadie is full of shit or Sadie is a slut. Pick one!”

It took a second for the teen to think over that idea, but then she asked, “What about if boys pay for a movie or something? Don’t you have to pay them back? Mom says all men only want one thing!”

Lauren grinned at this. “Well, actually, your mother is right! Men do only want one thing. That does not mean that they get it. Every guy would love for you to pay him back that way, that’s why they came up with the idea. Trust me, an awful lot of guys who have that idea go home at the end of a date with blue balls and jerk off!”

“Blue balls? What are those?” asked Heather.

“Hmmm….Just how much about sex do you know?” asked Lauren.

Heather shrugged. “Just what they taught in Health class. I mean, I know about the sperm and the egg and stuff, though they don’t really teach how they get together. And a friend of mine showed me a magazine of her brother’s, showing pictures of a guy putting his penis into a girl’s vagina. God, but that looked so gross! Why would anybody do that?”

Lauren laughed loudly at that. “Lots of reasons! One, that’s how you make babies!” Her voice lowered and she got a little misty. “For another reason, it is the best way for two people in love to show how much they love each other.” She thought back on her time with her husband, dead now for almost three years. “And lastly, because it is a lot of fun!”

“Really?” asked a curious Heather.

“Beats the hell out of whatever is in second place!” Hearing the clatter as Goldie and her owners came roaring around the corner into the yard, she stood and said, “Listen, stay for dinner. Watch the kids while I take a shower, then after I get them put to bed, we’ll talk some more. I think I know how I can teach you something.” She had a gleam in her eye as she said this.


Chapter 2: First Lessons

Lauren pulled off her t-shirt and tossed it into the open hamper, then undid the snap on her shorts and threw them in as well. Reaching into the shower, she twisted the valve to turn on the hot water, then stepped back. Facing the mirror, she reached behind her back and undid the heavy and utilitarian bra and peeled it off. Finally, she pulled off the plain and functional cotton panties and examined herself in the mirror.

She liked what she saw. She wasn’t a teen any longer, like her young friend, but she thought she had held up fairly well. She was five-foot-seven, an average height, she thought, and still fairly slim. She twisted around in the mirror and checked her butt. No sag or cottage cheese; a daily power walk instead of lunch handled that. She cupped her breasts and lifted them. Nicely hefty and no sag there either, she thought to herself smugly. She pulled the scrunchy from her long brown hair and stepped into the shower.

She supposed that what she was doing might be considered contributing to the delinquency of a minor, but rather doubted whether such a charge could stick, or even who might make it. Heather’s mother would most likely demand an exorcism be performed to rid her daughter of the demon of sexuality, and her father would simply roar at her mother and pour himself another drink. No, Heather needed a friend to tell her about the nuts and bolts, a real friend, not another clueless teen.

As Lauren soaped up her body, she briefly debated relaxing and letting her fingers slip between her legs. The talk with Heather had turned her on to a certain extent, and a small orgasm would go nicely with the relaxation the hot water was providing. Then she heard the thunder of children rumble down the hallway, and with a mild sense of frustration, turned off the water. She stepped from the shower and dried off quickly, then slipped into her bedroom. She dressed much as she had earlier, in plain and workmanlike underwear, a t-shirt and shorts. She saved the fancy stuff for her boyfriend.

Opening the door to her bedroom, she corralled her son who was chasing his sister, and led him to the kitchen. Heather had hamburgers frying on the stove and plates with buns ready for them. Because of the children she and Heather couldn’t continue their earlier conversation, but Lauren told her friend obliquely that both of the kids would be zonked out after dinner, and they could talk after being put to bed.

She hadn’t been subtle enough, for Jimmy protested that he wasn’t tired, and Holly agreed. The twosome decided to start a contest to see which could stay up longer. Lauren ignored them and sent them off to their rooms to change into their pajamas. Only Holly returned. Investigating, Heather came back with an amused look on her face and the announcement that Jimmy was sound asleep. Holly hugged her mother and Heather good night, then slipped off to bed herself.

It was Lauren who checked on the pair next, and when she came back downstairs, she was carrying something in a small box. “Come on, let’s go downstairs,” she said to Heather, and the teen followed her down to the finished basement.

“What’s up?” asked Heather, as Lauren turned on the television. Lauren simply opened the box and pulled out a video tape. Sliding the tape out of its box and into the VCR, she handed the cassette’s box to Heather. On the cover was a half-naked blonde with giant tits, the title ‘Good Girls Do - Everything!’, and a promise of action like nothing seen before.

Heather’s jaw dropped as she stared at the tape box. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “Is this a…a…a dirty movie?”

“Yep!” said Lauren. “Grade A, USDA Prime porn. Come on, sit down. You wanted to learn about sex, so learn.” The teen stared at the screen as the credits, such as they were, began rolling, and Lauren had to turn the volume down so that the simulated moaning wouldn’t wake the children up. “Listen, this stuff actually isn’t all that real, but it is sex and it’ll give you an idea of what sort of things are involved.”

“You own a dirty movie?” asked Heather incredulously.

Lauren shrugged and smiled. “Gary bought a few, years ago. Every once in a while we’d watch one in the bedroom and fool around. I keep them hidden in the closet.”

Heather’s eyes were glued to the screen. In the opening scene, the well-stacked blonde on the cover of the videotape, dressed in a practically non-existent miniskirt, blouse, and stiletto heels got out of a car with her boyfriend and went into his house. Once there, they sat down on the couch, and after about ten seconds of foreplay, began undressing each other. Heather gasped, her jawing dropping open as she watched the actor pawing at the blonde’s tits and the blonde started stroking his cock. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed.

Lauren watched her young friend and grinned. She knew that she herself could be considered pretty, perhaps very pretty, but Heather was in an entirely different category. The teen was drop-dead gorgeous and was only becoming more beautiful as she grew up. She had lost most of her baby fat, but still had a voluptuous figure that most women would kill for. She didn’t possess the slim form of Lauren, but though shorter, had larger and fuller breasts and wider hips and a round and jaunty butt. Her waist was slim enough, and some would think that she had a figure that would go to fat as she aged. Lauren thought otherwise, since Heather’s mother had a similar form and maintained it easily. The major difference between mother and daughter was from the neck up. Norma looked shrewish, with a pinched face and expression, icy blue eyes, and she wore her mousy brown hair done up in a bun. Heather’s brown was practically radiant and flowed in thick waves to the middle of her back, framing a round face, and her blue eyes twinkled.

Within moments, the blonde on the screen had twisted around on the couch and lowered her head into her partner’s lap, Heather let out a loud, “Gross!” as the blonde began giving the actor head.

“Now that is called a blowjob,” interjected Lauren. “Guys love getting their cock sucked. Learn to do that well and you can get them to do anything you want.”

Heather stared at her tutor in horror. “You’re kidding me, right?”

Lauren shook her head. “Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. It’s actually a lot of fun.”

The scene on the screen had now shifted to the actor giving the blonde head. “Now there’s the payoff. Getting your clit licked properly is one of heaven’s sheer pleasures, and all you have to do is tell your boyfriend that if he wants to get his cock sucked, he has to go downtown himself.”

Heather looked at Lauren curiously. “Really? It seems sort of dirty.”

Lauren smiled and asked, “Is yours dirty?” Heather gave a shocked look, and Lauren continued, “Well mine isn’t dirty either. Guys like to keep themselves clean, too. I mean they don’t call them the ‘family jewels’ and not keep them polished.”

Heather grinned and turned back to the screen in time to watch the guy stuff his oversized cock into the blonde’s pussy. Over the next several minutes the actors fucked in several different positions, and Lauren gave comments on them. “Standard missionary, pleasant…reverse missionary, or girl-on-top, lots of control with that one…God only knows, but impossible…doggy-style, very enjoyable, my personal favorite…”

“Why is it called that?” asked Heather curiously.

“Because that’s how most animals, including dogs, do it.” On the screen the actor pulled out and jerked off onto the blonde’s ass. “Now that is bullshit. That’s called a pop shot or a money shot. Nobody actually does that. Don’t ask why they do that in these things.”

Heather didn’t comment as the scene changed to the blonde leaving, getting in a car, and going home. At her apartment was a different boyfriend, and she immediately got undressed and proceeded to have sex with him, as well. Again, Lauren described the action to her fascinated young friend, finishing with, “Now that’s called a facial, or a pearl necklace. Again, not too realistic. I much prefer to swallow.”

In the next scene, supposedly at a health spa the next day, the blonde and another girl, a very buxom brunette, seemed to be talking about their boyfriends. This was obviously just a means to get the pair into the locker room, where they both got undressed and began doing each other. Heather’s jaw dropped again. “Oh my God, that’s sick! They’re, they’re lesbians!”

“Well, technically, this would make the blonde bisexual,” interjected Lauren, explaining. “Most of these movies have at least one girl-girl scene in them. Again, don’t ask me why; I have no idea.”

“That’s sick! People don’t really do that, do they?” asked Heather, as the blonde and brunette began doing a spirited sixty-nine. Lauren simply returned a wicked grin, and Heather blushed and turned back to the screen.

The next scene involved the blonde visiting the brunette’s home and joining the brunette in a three-way with the brunette’s boyfriend. Heather stared in fascination at the different combinations displayed. The scene finished with a facial on both the women.

The final scene showed both the blonde’s boyfriends showing up at her apartment at the same time. Rather than become jealous, both decided to do her, and this threesome showed several different double penetrations, or DPs as Lauren explained. The final involved the blonde riding one of the guys, with his cock up her cunt, and the other guy kneeling behind to fuck her in the ass. Heather almost gagged at the thought.

At the end of the film, Lauren hit the rewind button and turned to Heather. “I’ll bet that was a bit more explanatory than Health class,” she said.

“Jesus Christ!” swore her mild-mannered friend.

“Just remember,”, commented Lauren, “that a lot of that stuff is only done for the film. It really isn’t like that. I simply wanted you to see some of the mechanics involved, you know, what goes where, and how.”

“Have you actually done all that stuff?” asked an incredulous Heather.

It was Lauren’s turn to look shocked. “Good Lord, no!” Then she grinned. “I’ve done a fair bit of it, though. I mean, I’ve never had a threesome, or done two guys the same night, but the rest, sure.”

“Like the blowjobs and getting your pussy licked?” asked the teen.

“All the time! That sort of stuff is very common and very enjoyable. The technical terms are fellatio and cunnilingus. When you do them at the same time, it’s called a sixty-nine.” At Heather’s curious look, she grabbed a pencil and drew out the sixty-nine in the appropriate manner.

“What about the butt stuff?” asked Heather.

“Sometimes,” admitted Lauren. “It can hurt a bit at first, so I have to be really turned on to let the guy do it, but again, it is not too terribly uncommon, and can be a lot of fun.”

“And the stuff with girls?” asked a wide-eyed Heather.

Lauren gave her young friend a wicked grin. “Not lately, but I have. Back when I was your age, one of my friends and I were goofing off, sunbathing one afternoon. Later, we went up to her room to change, and we started horsing around. Well, we ended up on her bed, and her head was down by my pussy, and she sort of kissed me, and I liked it. We kept fooling around and got each other off. We kept it up for a few months, then I met this guy and she met a guy, and we sort of concentrated our attentions elsewhere.”

“How old were you when you, well…”

“Popped my cherry?” teased Lauren. Heather blushed and nodded. Lauren thought back a second or two. “I was your age, sixteen. I was a junior in high school, and we had been going steady most of the year. It was the middle of the spring semester and we did it in his car out by the lake. It wasn’t all that great, but boy, did it get better!”

“You must have had lots of guys!” said Heather.

Lauren shrugged. “Why, just because I’m so much older than you?” She shook her head and held up her right hand, all five fingers extended. “That’s how many. That first guy my junior year, another fellow when I was a senior. Uh, a brief fling with a guy as a freshman in college, then I met Gary later that year, and we stayed true to each other right up until he died. That was almost ten years, from college to the accident. After he died, I stayed alone until I met Peter, and that was only six months ago. So, you see, I don’t think I’ve had all that many lovers.”

Lauren popped the tape from the VCR and put it back in the box. “Listen, you have to be getting home. I have to go to work in the morning, and you have to watch the monsters in the afternoon. We’ll talk some more tomorrow.”


Chapter 3: Peter

“Enhanced Systems, Lauren Graham speaking, how may I help you?” said Lauren as she picked up the telephone on her desk. She glanced at her desk clock and picked up a pen.

“I’ll just bet you could enhance my system,” replied the caller, a lewd tone to his voice.

“Like you wouldn’t believe!” answered a laughing Lauren. “You nut, do you need someone or are you just calling to sexually harass me?”

Peter Tallman’s grin could practically be heard through the phone line. “Just checking, are you still coming over after work? I was figuring dinner or something.”

“Yes. I’ll call you if there’s a problem, but figure around six or so,” she answered. Glancing around the small office, she saw a customer coming through the door. “Gotta go. Love ya’.”

Lauren thought about the phone call after routing the customer off to the sales offices. Did she love Peter Tallman? She certainly lusted for him, but love? She had been in love for ten years, with her late husband, Gary, and her feelings for her new lover were somewhat different.

Lauren Boscow had met Gary Graham at Union Valley Community College, at the start of the Spring semester their freshman year, when the two had been paired as lab partners in Geology 101, ‘Rocks for Jocks.’ Both needed a single lab science class to graduate, and by mid-semester had begun sleeping with each other. They had fallen in love along the way and kept up the relationship through the following year and beyond. Lauren had taken her two-year degree and gotten a job as a secretary; Gary had transferred into a four-year program in criminal science. Weekends he would stay in her apartment and screw her silly. After Gary graduated and took a job as a sheriff’s deputy, they were married.

For the next eight years things were blissfully happy for the young couple. They started a family, bought a house, and even got a dopey dog. Then it all came to an end on a stormy night when an out-of-control car slammed into the side of Gary’s patrol car. He lingered long enough for Lauren to be rushed to the hospital to be with him, though he died without regaining consciousness.

Lauren believed her life came to an end that day, though she was mistaken. There had been enough insurance and benefits for the house to be paid for. She had to keep working to pay for everything else, but that was no different than before the accident. Her mother and Gary’s took care of the children; with Heather grown up there were three babysitters. Lauren was amazed at how well the fourteen-year-old had handled the children afterwards; it was obvious the girl did not need a babysitter anymore but could be one.

With Jimmy and Holly both now in school, childcare pressures eased. During the school year, Heather could sit for them after school. During summer recess, Lauren kept them in a morning program at the school. Afternoons, the two grandmothers and Heather kept a schedule they sorted out among themselves. The two older women had taken Heather to heart, treating her as another granddaughter.

Lauren had met Peter only six months ago, during the winter, and her life had been uprooted ever since. Quite simply, he was the sexiest man she had ever met, and when she was with him nothing else mattered. She wasn’t sure if it was love or simply lust, but she wanted it to continue.

Like many relationships, this one had started at work. Enhanced Systems developed computer systems and networks, and Lauren worked as a secretary there. They had first met when she had been reassigned to the receptionist job after working in sales. Hearing the front door open, she had looked up to see the most perfectly possible physical specimen of a man coming closer. Peter Tallman was actually only a few inches taller than her own five-seven, but he had a presence that let him fill a room. He was blonde, with thick hair that was more wavy than curly, a dark tan, blue eyes, and perfect gleaming white teeth. He was wearing a short-sleeved knit sports shirt with a company logo on it, and thick golden curls covered his forearms and showed at the open neck of the shirt. He was powerfully built, like a weightlifter, with a broad chest and wide shoulders, and his muscles rippled easily as he approached her. If human male pheromones were possible, Peter Tallman exuded them by the quart! He oozed sexuality.

It had been just over two years since Lauren had buried her husband, and never in that time had she been even tempted by another man. A number had tried to date her, some after a discrete interval and others almost immediately, but she had never once been interested. When Peter left after his meeting, he stopped by Lauren’s desk and managed to get not only her phone number but a date for the following Saturday night.

That first date had been nothing more than dinner and a few drinks, and Lauren had been as nervous as Heather was now. She had worn tight slacks and a turtleneck sweater, terrified of the impression she was making. Too conservative? Too tight? Did it make her look fat? Too busty? Too tall? Midway through dinner, Peter had reached across the table and taken her hand. “Lauren, you are as jittery as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Have I done something wrong?”

Lauren had looked horrified. “Oh my God, no!” she blurted out. At his curious but insistent gaze, she said, “I’m just, well, this is so new to me. This is the first time I’ve been out, well, with a man since my husband died. The last time I dated I was in college!”

Peter’s eyes widened at this. He hadn’t suspected Lauren was a widow, since she no longer wore her wedding band. He drew her out about her marriage and family, curious and finding himself in uncharted territory also. Peter Tallman knew he was a good-looking guy with a way with women, but his personal preference was for short and slim blondes, young ones, college age. Lauren was anything but that. She was actually over two years older than he was, a buxom brunette, and in heels could look him in the eye. Despite this, he had wanted her since the first time he saw her at the receptionist desk.

After a while, Lauren had looked across the table in horror. “Oh, God, I must be babbling!” she had said.

Peter laughed and clasped her hand tightly. “Will you calm down! I’ll let you know when you start babbling. Are you enjoying dinner?” he asked. Lauren nodded mutely, and he continued. “Then don’t be nervous. You knew what to do then, and if you would relax a little, you’d know what to do now. Just go with the flow.”

Lauren’s shoulders had slumped in relief at his words, and she clenched his hand tightly before concentrating on her meal. After dinner they had slipped into the lounge of the restaurant for a couple of drinks before Peter took her home.

Any nervousness Lauren felt vanished as Peter kissed her good night at her front door. The young widow practically melted in his arms, and the kiss became considerably more extended than planned. Within moments, Peter had her backed up against the door frame, his hands roaming across her body as he ground his pelvis against hers. When Lauren came up for air, her face was flushed and her eyes were glazed with desire, and she had to wrench herself away. “I can’t…the kids…Heather…”, came out in a rush, and she pulled the screen door open and stepped inside. Turning back, she asked, “Call me? Please?”

Peter grinned and leaned in, for a much quicker kiss. “I’ll call,” he promised.

A few days later, Peter called, and Lauren invited him to dinner. He found this an intriguing invitation and showed up at her door at six the following Friday night. A rich smell pervaded the foyer as he stepped inside and leaned forward to kiss her. “I thought we were going out,” he commented as he saw the dining room table set for two.

“No, I said I was inviting you to dinner. Here. Come on in.”

“It smells delicious!”

“Thank you. Come and see.” Taking Peter’s hand, she led him into the kitchen. “I just put the beef bourguignon in the oven; that has to bake for another hour-and-a-half. We’ve also got a nice loaf of French bread and some fresh asparagus,” she said proudly. Lauren considered herself a pretty good cook and had taken the afternoon off to get everything ready.

First, her mother had come over and taken the children with her for the weekend. This was the first time Lauren had asked for some time alone with a man since the funeral, and even if her mother was a little nervous, she was silently ecstatic that her daughter was coming out of her shell. Next, Lauren had given the house a severe going over with Heather, cleaning and dusting hurriedly. Then, while Heather had started preparing the dinner, Lauren had rushed to her bedroom for a quick shower, running back downstairs in her robe to finish dinner. She had just managed to get dressed and rush Heather out the back when the doorbell rang.

“Exactly what is beef borg…whatever?” Peter asked.

“Basically, it’s nothing more than beef tips in a burgundy stew of sorts.” She handed him a bottle of burgundy. “Here. Open this. We can have some wine while we wait for the beef to cook.” She grabbed a pair of wine glasses and a corkscrew and led him back to the living room.

Peter opened the wine and poured a pair of glasses, then let Lauren take him on a tour of the downstairs. The house was small but meticulously cared for, and he could tell that his hostess had considerable pride in her home. It was also a home where children were present, even if not underfoot at that very moment, and he was somewhat confused by this. Never before had he dated a woman with children, and he had no idea what the protocol was with children.

Peter led Lauren by the hand back into the living room. He refilled their glasses, then sat down in a large armchair. Reaching out, he pulled her towards him, down onto his lap, and Lauren gave him a tentative and nervous smile as she settled into place. “I don’t think I’ve mentioned how lovely you look,” he said.

“Thank you,” she said, a shiver running through her as his free hand ran up her back. She had worn a long black and pink halter-topped dress, and the feel of his fingers on the back was electric. She moved closer and found his lips reaching out to hers.

They kissed briefly, then Peter pulled back, a ghostly smile on his face. Lauren was confused, wanting to keep going, and she eyed him as he dipped an index finger into his wine glass. Removing it, he ran the wet finger across her cheek, then leaned back in to lick and kiss the wet trail. Lauren gasped at the touch of his lips to her skin, her back arching, thrusting her breasts forward. Peter repeated the maneuver, trailing the wine down to her throat, and he licked and nibbled his way to the soft skin there.

Peter stopped and pulled back. Lauren was practically panting with her desire and waited silently as he took her glass and set it aside. With his fingers, he then trailed the wine down her throat to a spot just above and between her breasts, and when he moved back in she thought she had died and gone to heaven!

Peter disdained using any more wine on the pliant and needy woman. Even as he licked and kissed the skin of her neck, he blindly set his wineglass aside. Then, as one hand began to cup and knead her breasts through her dress, the hand behind her slipped up and undid the catch holding the halter-top together. As this came down, he pulled it away, then lowered his lips. He lifted one of the bountiful tits and began to suck and chew on the engorged nipple, wondering what he had ever thought bad about large tits. These were simply delicious.

Lauren gasped and pulled him against her, wrapping her arms around him, crying out as she orgasmed. This was so good, so much better than after their first date, when she had spent half the night with her vibrator. She had known that she was going to sleep with Peter that night, she had wanted to so badly, but she didn’t realize that it would be so soon!

Peter smiled to himself as he pulled the dress from Lauren’s heaving body. Even though he was still sucking her tits, his fingers had delved between her legs, and he was very pleasantly surprised by what he found. Actually, it was what he failed to find that pleased him, for Lauren wasn’t wearing any panties. The hose she had been wearing were actually thigh-top stockings, and his fingers probed her dripping cunt, finding her throbbing clit and pushing her into another orgasm. Peter fingerfucked her to a third cum, then stood, lifting her to her feet.

Lauren looked at him expectantly, her dress falling to the carpet around her feet, and she knew she would do anything he wanted that night. Surprisingly, Peter did not lead her upstairs to her bed, but twisted around and set her back into the chair. Kneeling, he lifted her legs, pulling her dress off completely, then set them widespread on the arms of the chair. He grinned, then said, “I sure hope you like to have your pussy licked, ‘cause I think that is the best appetizer possible!” He lowered his face to her heated crotch, and Lauren cried out loudly as he began to lick and suck at her pussy lips.

Lauren and Gary had enjoyed a spirited sexual relationship, both before and after their marriage, and she was quite used to both giving and receiving oral pleasure, but this was at an entirely different level. Peter Tallman was making love to her pussy with his lips. Lauren was practically screaming with the enjoyment as he tormented her cunt. He would lick and nibble on her clit, slip his tongue inside, trace her labia with the tip of his tongue, and more, all the while spreading her pussy lips with his fingers.

Finally, Peter straightened up, grinning madly at his partner. Lauren stared at his face, practically dripping with her pussy juice, then her eyes were drawn to his cock. Even as he had been eating her, Peter had managed to undo his pants and push them and his boxers down, and now he knelt between her wide-spread legs, with his cock throbbing and aimed directly at her pussy. It was a nicely proportioned organ, somewhat larger than average, but not uncomfortably so, and as she watched, he reached into his pants and found a condom.

He was still fumbling it open, when Lauren said, “No, just fuck me. I’m on the pill.”

His eyes lit up. “You sure?”

“Oh, God, just fuck me!” she demanded.

“My pleasure!” he answered. Moving closer, he took his erection and aimed it at the pink folds before him. He slammed in, bottoming out immediately, and Lauren orgasmed instantly. She was practically vibrating as he began hammering into her pussy, moaning and twitching incoherently as she thrust back at him. Peter couldn’t remember a tighter pussy, and he only lasted a few minutes before he slammed in and spewed into her.

“Sweet Jesus!” he exclaimed quietly.

Lauren’s eyes focused on his face, and she smiled. She lowered her legs to a more comfortable position and leaned forward. She took his face in her hands and kissed him thoroughly and slowly, then pulled back. “Thank you!” she whispered.

“No, thank you!” Peter answered.

He stood to pull his clothing back together but was stopped by Lauren. She had a wicked look to her eyes as she pushed him into the chair. “Now I need the appetizer.” She crawled between his outstretched legs and took his limp and soggy manhood into her mouth. The mix of cum and pussy juice was intoxicating, and she sucked and jacked his shaft until he stiffened again, to feed her a second load of cum. She licked her lips and stood up. “Very tasty!” she exclaimed.

It was then that a loud beeping started up in the kitchen. Startled, Lauren stood up and grabbed at her clothing, scampering into the kitchen. Peter pulled his pants up and tucked himself in hurriedly and wandered into the kitchen after her. “Oh, shit!” muttered Lauren.

“Something burned?” he asked.

“No, I just need to start cooking again.” She began to dress and noticed her lover’s eyes watching her avidly. Blushing fiercely, she turned away.

“Don’t get fussy on my account. You look gorgeous just the way you are,” he exclaimed. Surprisingly, rather than endear himself with the compliment, Lauren burst into tears, and Peter came up behind her to wrap his arms around her. “What’s wrong?” he asked quietly. “What did I do?”

“Shit…it’s not you, I mean…I’m not really a slut like this, okay! Jesus but what you must think of me…”

Peter suppressed a laugh and leaned in to nuzzle the back of her neck. “I don’t think you’re a slut, but I do think you are beautiful. If you want to get dressed, fine, but I could look at you like this for days. You are hot!” He hugged her against him.

The timer started beeping again, and Lauren pushed him away to try and do too many things at once. Peter stopped her. “Here, tell me what you want me to do, then go to the bathroom and freshen up. I’ll be fine.” Lauren gave some quick instructions and ran off.

First, Peter washed his face and hands at the sink, drying them on a dish towel. Next, he tucked his clothes in and grabbed the oven mitts. He pulled the casserole dish out of the oven and set it aside, then put the asparagus to cooking. While that warmed up, he sliced up the French bread into thick slices and started taking food out to the table. Surveying the situation, he noted that Lauren had set the table so that their settings were at opposite ends of the table; he moved his to her side. By the time the asparagus was done, and everything was on the table, Lauren had returned.

Peter smiled at the sight. She had obviously taken at least a quick sink bath, if not a shower, and changed into a different dress. This one was a very short sundress, with spaghetti straps and cut very low in the front and the back, and very short, and she had skipped out on any stockings. She wore some high-heeled sandals that strapped around her ankles. Peter gave a wolf whistle, which pleased her immensely, then pulled her chair out to seat her.

Sitting down next to her, he took her hand and lifted it to her lips. “To an excellent dinner, and an excellent dessert afterwards.” Lauren blushed furiously but nodded in agreement.

As dinner progressed, Lauren loosened up again, overcoming her post-coital shyness. “I guess I seemed kind of silly back then, but it’s just been so long, since, well…”

Peter nodded. “Your husband was a very lucky fellow. I think we could have gotten along nicely. We have the same excellent taste in women.”

Lauren blushed and smiled. “Thank you. I just don’t want you to think I’m some kind of sex maniac or something. It’s just…well, you turned me on so much I just had to…” She blushed again and turned her face to her dinner.

Peter laughed, and took her hand, drawing her attention back to him. “Listen, that’s okay. I know you’re a normal lady. Everybody has moments like that. Think back to when you were married; didn’t you sometimes feel like that with Gary. You know, when you’d walk right up to him, grab him by the johnson and tell him to use it or lose it? I know you did!” Lauren grinned and nodded, and he continued. “And I’ll just bet that on more than one occasion he walked up behind you, lifted your skirt, and bent you forward and had his way with you, right? And you didn’t mind, did you?”

“No, I didn’t,” she confessed.

“That doesn’t make you bad, just normal and horny. After dinner, if you get that feeling, I want you to know that I will be happy to help you out. I promise not to complain, and to try to cure you of the curse of horniness.” He held up his hand as if he was taking an oath.

Lauren laughed. “You’re so helpful.”

“I’m a helpful kind of guy,” he insisted. “In fact, I want you to be assured that I will do whatever I can to help you with this problem. I’ll work on it all night long if necessary, because unless this is nipped in the bud, you’ll never be happy. If you are in an orgasm deficiency, I want you to know that Peter Tallman will do whatever it takes to provide one, no matter what!”

Lauren laughed loudly at this assurance. Finishing her supper, she stood and began taking the plates out to the kitchen. Peter stood and helped, then he opened a second bottle of wine and led her into the living room. After pouring their wine, Peter surprised Lauren by setting the two glasses down. He wrapped his arms around her to kiss her, and then when he pulled back, he reached down and lifted the hem of her dress. Within moments a surprised Lauren found him pulling the dress up and over her head, leaving her standing before him in nothing more than her sandals. Then he sat down in the armchair and pulled her onto his lap, so that she was seated sideways, and handed her a wineglass.

“I need to survey the situation, so I can plan how to maximize your orgasms. I know I’m going to be having some really great sex, but I need to make sure you do, too.”

“You jerk!” she said with a smile. “You just wanted to see me naked again! Besides, what do you mean you know you’re going to have great sex and I might not?”

“Well, it’s a guy thing,” he explained, as he began to fondle her boobs. “See, guys, we either have good sex, or we have great sex. Now you ladies, you have more choices. You sometimes have bad sex, terrible sex, awful sex. Not guys. The worst sex we’ve ever had is pretty darn good. From there it only gets better.”

“You are so full of shit!” she exclaimed with a laugh. She twisted slightly to allow his fingers to probe her pussy.

“No, I’m not. Didn’t you ever have nights where you told Gary, ‘Not tonight, honey, I’ve got a headache.’? Trust me, Gary never told you that HE had a headache, did he?”

“No, he never did,” she agreed. Lauren’s pussy was on overload, as Peter fingerfucked her. “Oh, God, honey, but I think we need to have dessert right now, and if you don’t mind, I want my dessert at the same time as you eat yours!” She lifted up and dragged him down to the carpet. He lay back and smiled as she straddled his face, and he lifted his hips to allow her to loosen his pants and pull them down. Sixty-nine seemed like an excellent dessert.


Chapter 4: Pizza and Plans

Lauren grinned to herself as she remembered that first weekend. She had been so nervous with Peter, and after they had sixty-nined and then made love on the carpet in front of the fireplace, she had nervously asked him if he would stay the night. Peter had taken her into his arms and held her tightly, whispering that he would stay as long as she wanted. They had spent the night on the floor there, with throw pillows and a comforter, and neither got very much sleep. Saturday, Peter had taken Lauren back to his apartment, and immediately stripped her naked, not letting her dress until Sunday morning, when he had returned her to her home.

The most memorable event in some ways, actually occurred the next day, Monday morning. It was just after ten when an FTD deliveryman showed up at the front door of Enhanced Systems with a monstrously large package. “You must be Lauren Graham?” he had asked the flabbergasted receptionist.

The lobby had filled rapidly at the deliveryman’s entrance. “How did you know?” asked an astonished Lauren.

The man grinned. “Hey, the guy who sent these said the receptionist was a knockout, and worth every petal!”

Lauren blushed fiercely as the deliveryman opened the wrapper and exposed three dozen long-stemmed red roses. It actually took a few minutes for Lauren and another couple of secretaries to find a large enough vase to hold the magnificent flowers. By now practically the entire office was watching, and curious as well. Lauren read the card and turned the same color as the roses, but another secretary managed to grab the card and read it. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed before Lauren had a chance to stop her. “It says, ‘Next time, warn me. I’ll take some vitamins and we can go for four dozen!’ Oh my God, I’m jealous!”

“I think I’m being sexually harassed!” joked one of the salesmen.

Lauren stuck her tongue out at the others and proudly displayed her flowers the rest of the week. She did warn Peter never to send them again, an order to which he readily agreed and frequently ignored.

Now, six months later, Lauren’s romance seemed to be as steamy as ever. At five she shut down her computer and kicked off the sensible shoes with one-inch heels. She tossed them in the bottom drawer of her desk and grabbed the small bag to the side and pulled out a much sleeker pair with three-inch heels. She slipped them on, then looked around the empty lobby guiltily. Grabbing the bag, she rolled it up and took it and her long raincoat from the closet and snuck into the bathroom.

Slipping inside, Lauren practically ran into a stall and locked herself in. Whenever she planned on seeing Peter, she would almost always wear either a dress or a skirt and blouse. She also would wear her prettiest lingerie, not the industrial strength garb she wore around home. Today she had worn sheer thigh-top stockings, a black thong, and a lacy little black bra with cups that folded in for a half-cup look. Quickly stripping off the dress, she hurriedly stuffed it into the bag her shoes had been in, folded in her bra cups, and then put on the raincoat and buttoned it from neck to hem.

It took twenty minutes to drive to her lover’s apartment, and Lauren was terrified the entire way. She hadn’t behaved like this since her honeymoon, when Gary had ordered her to strip naked one night while they drove from Montreal to Quebec. They hadn’t been caught then, and she managed to make it to Peter’s without incident as well. She left the bag with her dress in her car and hurried inside.

Peter smiled as he let her inside, though he was curious about the raincoat; it hadn’t rained since before lunch. He promptly turned his back on Lauren and ran down the hall, going into the bathroom. As he closed the door, he yelled out, “Sorry, got to go.”

Lauren smiled and looked around. Peter Tallman’s apartment wasn’t vastly smaller than her own small home but was very different. A large, two-bedroom model on the second floor, it was a very masculine place. The living room decor was chrome, glass, and leather, and in a corner was a very elaborate Nautilus-like exercise machine. She quickly unbuttoned her coat and hung it in the closet, then checked herself in the mirror.

Down the hall, the bathroom door opened, and Peter said, “I thought we might go out for some Italian…Whoa!”

“Actually, I thought you might like to eat out, and then we could order in.”

Peter’s eyes opened wide. “That sounds even tastier!” and pulled Lauren over to the couch. He circled around behind her, stroking her sides, then undid the clasp on her bra and tugged it off. Kneeling in front of the brunette, he pulled her thong down to reveal her closely shaved pussy. Lauren gasped as he leaned in to kiss her pussy lips, then sank back onto the couch and spread her legs wide.

Heather may have considered that Lauren, with a history of five lovers, was an incredibly experienced woman, but Lauren knew that she was, at best, average. Still, she had to admit, that the ten years she had spent with Gary, both before and after their marriage, were intensely sexual. There was little she hadn’t done with him, and Gary had been an enthusiastic pussy-eater, the best she had ever known. Then she had experienced Peter Tallman, and she had been transported to an entirely different plane, a level of cunt licking beyond what mere mortals could experience.

The simple matter was that Peter considered cunnilingus not a means to an end, getting his cock into a woman’s cunt, but a pleasurable act in and of itself. Though he would never cum simply by sucking clit, he enjoyed licking pussy immensely and practiced it frequently. This had never hurt his reputation with the ladies, and Lauren considered herself blessed. If she were to die and go to heaven, the only way it could possibly be better was for angels to have two tongues to lick pussy with.

Peter licked Lauren through two orgasms before relenting slightly and looking up at her flushed face. He planted a quick kiss on her throbbing clit, an action which caused her to start briefly, then said, “Mind you, I’m not complaining, but what brought this on?”

Lauren smiled and helped him to his feet. Once he was standing, she undid his belt and pulled his trousers and shorts down to knee level. He was as hard as a rock, standing stiff and upright, and she licked his cockhead several times before answering. “I don’t know. I was just thinking about us, about that first weekend together, and I just got so damn horny!” She sucked his cockhead fiercely, eliciting a pleasant moan from Peter, then pulled away. “I just didn’t want to have to wait until I could get my clothes off.” She returned to sucking his cock.

Peter’s hips were thrusting rapidly at Lauren’s face, and it was all she could do to keep up with him. “Suck me, suck me!” he cried weakly, then he felt as if his cock was exploding. Jism pulsed from the tip buried practically in Lauren’s throat, and he moaned as he came. Peter’s knees felt like buckling and he sagged down onto the couch. Lauren smiled and continued to stroke his limp dick, leaning back with her cum-smeared lips to revive him for a second bout. He commented, “God, but you’re insatiable tonight.”

Lauren continued licking and stroking as life returned to Peter’s manhood. “I don’t know why, but I’m just so fucking horny!”

Peter snorted and pulled Lauren to her feet. He gently pushed her over to a black leather ottoman and forced her to kneel in front of it. He pushed her forward so that she was bending over it, and Lauren eagerly spread her legs. Peter didn’t disappoint her. Kneeling, he crawled between her legs and slipped his cock into her pussy from behind. He gave her a fast couple of long and deep strokes, then pulled out. “Now, what has got you going tonight?”

“Put it back in!” she demanded.

“Not until you tell me.”

“Oh, please!” Lauren bucked her hips back at Peter but failed to get him inside her. Peter teased her by running his fingers down the crack of her ass and touching her asshole lightly. “Fuck me!” she begged.

“Not until you tell me,” he repeated.

“Bastard!” cried Lauren piteously. Finally, she agreed. “Alright, I’ll tell you, now put it back in!”

Peter, grabbed his cockhead and stuffed it back inside, and Lauren’s pussy practically sucked it in. Lauren moaned loudly, then cried out again when Peter pulled out a second time. “Well?” he demanded.

“Okay!” she said. “Just put it back in.” Peter snickered and began to fuck her slowly. “Sonofabitch,” she muttered.

Peter pulled his cock out until just the tip was still inside her twitching pussy lips. “What was that?” he asked.

Lauren slammed her hips backward, seating his cock firmly. “You heard me you son of a bitch! Now fuck me and fuck me good, and I promise I’ll tell you later.”

Peter relented and began to slowly stroke his cock deep into her grasping cunt. He continuously marveled at the tightness of her pussy; he had always heard that older women and mothers had big and sloppy cunts. Lauren’s was as tight as any cherry teeny boppers. He developed a smooth and rapid rhythm that had Lauren moaning in ecstasy. His hands wrapped around her torso to cup her breasts, pressed down against the leather of the ottoman, and pulled Lauren back against him. He hammered his cock into her, then groaned as he came, filling her spasming pussy with his jism.

Chest heaving, he collapsed atop Lauren’s back. “Sweet Jesus,” he exclaimed quietly.

“Ummm,” she murmured contentedly. She twisted her head around to look at her lover. “I think we’d better order dinner now. I’m starved, and I just can’t imagine why.”

“Sweet Jesus!”

Peter ordered a pepperoni pizza while Lauren stripped and took a quick shower. She knew she would simply be getting sweaty and sticky later, after dinner, but she didn’t care; she needed to wash the cum off. She hid in the bedroom when the pizza arrived. Peter had pulled his shirt and pants back on, but Lauren stayed naked. She came out when she heard his door close.

Peter had set the pizza box on the coffee table and gone to grab some napkins and paper plates. He returned to find his lover eating a slice of pizza, seated in the middle of the couch, naked, her legs splayed wide, leering at him as she lewdly licked her lips. He looked at her quizzically, then returned with a couple of cans of beer. “What in the world has gotten into you tonight?” he demanded.

“Complaining?” she asked with a smile.

“No, just curious. I’m not sure what I did, if anything, but I sure would like to know, so it can happen again. You are absolutely wild tonight!”

“No, I can’t…”

“You promised!” he insisted.

“It’s just so weird. You’re going to think I’m nuts or something. It’s kind of kinky.”

Peter shrugged his shoulders. He was becoming stiffer and could see Lauren’s nipples perking up pleasantly. “Define weird and kinky. Does it involve barnyard animals or midgets?”

Lauren laughed. “No, should it? It’s just, well, you know Heather, the girl who baby-sits for me?”

“Little girl, lives next door, no danger of drowning…that Heather?” he asked, holding his hands out in front of his chest as if he was holding a pair of beach balls.

“Peter!” protested Lauren, throwing a napkin at him. “You’re not supposed to notice that! Jeez!” Peter gave a bland look of indifference to this, and Lauren snorted. “Well, she’s really a very sweet and innocent girl, and she’s about to turn sixteen, and she’s been asking me about, well, you know, sex.”

Peter’s eyes opened wide at this. “She found an excellent tutor. Need any help?”

“You are useless! Haven’t you heard, sixteen’ll get you twenty?” replied Lauren. She described the young girl’s confusion and how she had shown her some porno movies. “She really didn’t have a clue, and it’s kind of a turn-on to teach her, you know.” Lauren finished the last slice of pizza and took the trash to the kitchen.

She came back and sat on Peter’s lap. She rubbed her soft ass against the erection she could feel in his pants. “And what has you turned on?”

“Just thinking about what I’m going to do to you this weekend.” He reached around and cupped her tits, running his fingertips across her engorged nipples.

“Mmmmm, what’s that?” she asked. Her eyes closed as she squirmed on his lap.

“Well, Friday we’re going to go out for dinner and a few drinks, then come back here and fuck our brains out. Then, Saturday, I think you need to have your legs shaved, not the quick job, but the longer, more thorough job.” Lauren’s pussy started leaking at this. The short shave took an hour and was exquisite; the long shave took three to four times as long. Peter would shave each body part, ankles, shins, calves, knees, one by one, licking and massaging and applying creams and lotions. Lauren would typically orgasm long before he ever got anywhere near shaving her pussy. “Then, I think that such a dirty girl needs to be cleaned up, inside as well as out.”

Lauren shivered at this. Peter was planning on giving her an enema and then fucking her asshole!

“Then, later, Saturday, I know this club called Sans Culottes. Do you know what that means?”

Lauren searched her memory for her rusty high school French. “Without pants?” she asked.

“Close enough. Women aren’t allowed to wear pants. Any type of pants.” Lauren looked at him in confusion. “You are going to wear nothing but high heels, a halter top, and a miniskirt, and nothing else.”

“Nothing?” she asked weakly.

“Nope. Once you get in the door, you have to lift your skirt up and show you aren’t wearing any panties.”

“Oh my God! Are you serious?” Peter smiled and nodded affirmatively. “What happens if you have underwear on?”

“You take them off and they tack them to the wall. The place is lined with them. Several pairs of pants and shorts as well, in case a girl didn’t wear a skirt.”

Lauren began undoing his pants. “This I’ve got to see!”


Chapter 5: A Night Alone

Heather closed Lauren’s bedroom door and locked it, following the cryptic instructions in her hand closely. Lauren had slipped the note in the kitchen junk drawer before going to work that morning, and then told Heather about it when the teen had called after picking the children up from their morning program. The instructions had been simple:

‘Tonight, after you put the kids to sleep, go up to my bedroom and lock the door. Under my pillow is a package for you.’

Heather had been tempted all afternoon to sneak upstairs and look under Lauren’s pillow, but Jimmy and Holly had always been around, and normally Lauren’s bedroom was off-limits. Finally, the two youngsters were in their beds, if not totally asleep, by half-past eight, and Heather felt confident enough to creep up the stairs and down the hall. She silently closed and locked the door, then flipped on the bedroom light. Everything seemed normal; while she had never really been in the room, she had seen in the door on occasion while chasing the children around. She crept on tiptoes to the bed and felt around under the pillows, pulling out a small flat cardboard box. Opening it, she found a videotape, and a note. Heather had a pretty fair idea what sort of videotape it was, so she unfolded the note and read it.

By now you have a pretty good idea of the basic ins and outs, but there’s another aspect to things. Did you know you don’t need a man at all? I rented this tape for you. There aren’t supposed to be any guys in it, just some girls and some toys. Do you ever touch yourself, you know, that way? Watch this tape. I also got you a little something extra. Twist the knob at the base to turn it on. Have fun!

Heather looked at the videotape box, which did indeed promise all-girl action and toys. This was definitely different from the first tape she had watched Sunday with Lauren, and the tape she had watched Monday night with her also. That movie had featured a busty young brunette in an office setting, who managed to fuck her way to the top, having sex with, in order: her boss, her boss’s boss, her boss’s wife, both managing partners at the same time, and the entire secretarial pool.

Heather put aside the tape and looked back into the cardboard box. Inside was a small plastic vibrator. She had seen one of these in the last movie and had asked about it to Lauren. “Fun, fun, fun!” assured her older friend. Picking it up she looked at it curiously, then twisted the base. The ensuing hum seemed terribly loud in the silent room, and Heather nervously dropped it on the floor, then had to scramble around to grab it and turn it off. She giggled nervously as she looked around the room, realizing that it was only her, and that the children down the hall could in no way hear anything going on. She slipped out the door and checked, to find them both sound asleep, then crept back to Lauren’s bedroom and closed the door and relocked it.

First things first, she thought. Heather turned on both the small television set and the inexpensive little VCR attached to it, then turned the volume completely off. She pulled the videotape from the box and slipped it into the VCR, watching intently as the minimal credits slipped past, then began inching the volume up as the tape started. This video purported to show the action inside a college sorority, with the girls playing with themselves and with each other.

The first scene quickly set the mood for Heather; a busty young blonde was in her bedroom and quickly got undressed, then got on her bed. First, she masturbated with her fingers, then she took a large vibrator and used it briefly on her tits, then stuffed it up her pussy. As Heather watched, she found her eyes riveted to the low-quality tape and felt her nipples hardening and her pussy moistening.

Reading the section of the note where Lauren had asked if she touched herself, Heather had briefly gotten angry. She might have been naïve and a virgin, but she wasn’t completely innocent. In truth, she had been touching herself that way for over a year, ever since her puritanical and religion obsessed mother had warned her of the dangers of such behavior. She had actually never done it before, but in defiance she had tested the waters that very night and enjoyed the results immensely. Since then, she had frequently slipped her fingers under her nightshirt to touch her tits and clit.

Now, as she watched the first scene, Heather slid her hands under her t-shirt and up to her bra-encased breasts. One hand snaked behind her, to undo the clasp on the bra, and then joined the other under the now-loose fabric, to stroke across her large nipples. Realizing that nobody could see, she stopped and stripped off her shirt and bra, to continue watching the film topless. Her hands cupped her tits and played with her nipples in the fashion she had discovered was most pleasurable.

When the second scene began, with another sorority girl stripping to play with herself, Heather pushed her shorts and panties to the floor and lay back on the bed. Her eyes were focused on the little screen as her breath became ragged, and her fingers rubbed her little clitty fiercely. As the scene ended, she was whimpering as she orgasmed.

The third scene was a two-girl show, with the actresses using their vibrators on each other. It started with a lengthy section involving the titfucking of a large vibrator, and it was then that Heather picked up the considerably smaller vibrator that Lauren had given her. She twisted the base and set the playtoy to humming, and then gingerly brought it to her left nipple. She began to grin immediately as she savored the sensation. She moved the humming tip to her right nipple and gasped quietly as she delighted in the feeling. It was unlike any time that she had ever touched herself, far more intense and focused. It was almost like her entire existence was aimed at those two little nubbins of pink flesh. She alternated breasts as she turned her head back to the screen.

The scene had changed. Now one of the women had the other laying on her back, her legs splayed wide apart, and she was kneeling between them. Heather stared in fascination as the camera zoomed in close enough to do a gynecological exam, and the kneeling woman lowered her face to lick the pussy in front of her. Then she touched her vibrator to the other’s clitoris and the woman being pleasured went nuts. She was moaning and screaming in orgasm loud enough that Heather scampered to the television set and lowered the volume even further.

Imitating the scene, Heather lay back on the bed naked, her eyes glued to the screen, and reached down between her own widespread legs. With the fingers of one hand she spread her pussy lips slightly; with the other she gingerly applied the vibrating tip of the dildo to her little clitty. The effect was electrifying. Heather gasped, her eyes closing and her back arching, and she began sweating as she panted through her orgasm. This was so much more severe than anything she had done before that she rode through the first cum into a second.

Heather lay back on the bed gasping in release as she stopped, and watched a scene involving two women and a double-headed dildo. The scene was too strange and outlandish to do more than watch, and she was too exhausted to do more. During the last scene, a pair of women thrusting smaller dildos into each other’s pussies while sixty-nining, she felt up to playing some more. She slipped the tip of the vibrator into the entrance to her cunt and began to slowly push it in. After moving in about an inch, the teen felt a twinge and an obstruction. When she tried to push further, the twinge changed to pain. Scared that she was doing something wrong, she yanked the vibrator out and turned it off.

Embarrassed and scared, Heather turned off the television and rewound the tape, then got dressed. She looked down between her legs at where the hurt had been, and nothing seemed broken or injured. She tucked the tape and vibrator back under the pillow and crept back downstairs. Sitting on the couch watching the late news, she closed her eyes to rest.

“Honey, wake up! Heather!”

The teen woke with a start, looking around wildly before realizing that she was still seated on the couch in the Graham house, with Lauren smiling down at her and shaking her shoulder. “What time is it?” she asked groggily.

Lauren grinned. “Half past eleven. How are the kids doing?”

Heather jumped up. “I’m sorry! Oh my God, I fell asleep. Shit!”

Lauren laughed. “Relax. I looked in on them upstairs already. I also looked under my pillow. Have fun?”

Heather blushed brightly, causing Lauren to laugh some more. “Go home and go to bed. We’ll talk tomorrow.”


Chapter 6: Girl Talk

“Mommy!” Holly Graham screamed in delight and tore through the open gate into the back yard. She tackled her mother around the knees, hugging her fiercely. “Mommy!”

Heather Mackenzie looked at Lauren curiously as she wheeled her bicycle into the yard, Jimmy in tow. “What are you doing here?” she asked. “Why aren’t you working?”

Lauren smiled and reached down to wrap her daughter in a tight hug before sending her off. She dropped the reel of hose she had been wrestling with and answered, “Somebody dug up an electrical line going into the office. No lights, no phones, no air conditioning - no work! We all got sent home early.”

“And now?” asked Heather. She turned to Jimmy and asked, “Aren’t you going to give your mother a hug, too?”

Jimmy looked mortified. “Yuck!” The youngster attempted to run inside past his mother, but Lauren made a long arm and pulled him to her, giving him a sloppy kiss on the cheek in the process. “Gross!” he yelled, and then escaped, as Heather and Lauren laughed.

“Lose the bike and put on something light,” said Lauren. “It’s too hot to go inside. I’m going to turn the sprinkler on and sit outside.”

“Deal!” answered her young protégé. Heather wheeled her bike back through the gate and into her own yard. She normally would ride to the school to pick up the children and then walk home with them. She put on a conservative one-piece swimsuit and walked back next door.

Lauren had already changed into a bikini top and shorts and was positioning the sprinkler and hose in the back yard. She took one look at Heather and said, “What, no bikini?” then instantly regretted her words.

“Mom won’t allow me to own one. This is the only swimsuit I’ve got,” the teen admitted sheepishly.

“Sorry, hun. How is it going?”

“Not good,” replied Heather. “Mom is really getting wacky, and she and Dad are fighting constantly now. I just want to last long enough to graduate and leave!”

“You know, if you ever want to leave, you can always stay with us, in the family room in the basement, okay?”

Heather didn’t know what to say to this, so she simply helped her mentor set up the sprinkler and then turned on the water. Jimmy and Holly immediately appeared, as if from nowhere, and wanted to know if they could play in the spray. Lauren agreed, and the children scampered off to change into their own swimsuits. Almost immediately Goldie made an appearance and began jumping through the spray herself. Lauren and Heather sat down on a pair of lawn loungers and Lauren pulled forth a bottle of suntan lotion.

“So, how’d your weekend go?” asked Heather. “Have fun?”

Lauren blushed. “We had sex, which was even better! God, the man is insatiable! It was wonderful!” Lauren described Friday evening and Saturday morning. “Then he wanted me to go with him to a club in a halter top, miniskirt, and my high heels, and nothing else.”


“No, you don’t get it. A top, a skirt, my heels and nothing else. Nothing, get it?”

It took Heather a second to understand, then her eyes opened wide and her mouth gaped open. “Oh my God! You didn’t!”

“No, I didn’t,” said Lauren. “I chickened out. I did get dressed up and we did go out for a few drinks, but I simply refused to go there. We did, however, go up to the reservoir late that night to see the submarine races. My God, I haven’t done that since I was your age!”

Heather laughed at this. Innocent that she was, even she knew this was slang for going parking up at the lake. “See any periscopes?” she asked.

“Just one, but I saw it several times,” replied her laughing friend. “Now, what about you? How was your date Saturday?”

“Uh, okay. We went to the mall and saw a movie, then went over to McDonald’s afterwards.”

“Have fun?”

Heather shyly admitted that she had, nodding more than speaking.

“So, what happened?” pressed Lauren.

Heather blushed, then looked up and smiled. “Well, nothing like what you did, that’s for sure! We just sort of held hands.”

“Did he kiss you good night?” asked her older friend.

Heather smiled dreamily. “Yeah…he asked me out again on Friday night.”


“Yeah,” replied the dreamy teen.

“Is he a good kisser?” teased Lauren.

Heather looked up at this and laughed. “How should I know! He’s the first guy I’ve ever kissed!”

“And are you the first girl he’s ever kissed?”

Heather shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t think he’s really been out on a lot of dates either. He only got his license at the end of school, so, well, I don’t know…”

Lauren laughed. “He slip you any tongue?”

“Gross!” protested Heather.

“You’ll learn, you’ll learn,” teased Lauren. A moment later she asked, more seriously, “So, I guess you were a little too worried about having to have sex at the end of the date?”

Heather laughed at this. “I guess so. Still, I liked that kiss. I think I might like to get kissed again.”

“And what about that little present I gave you the other night. Did you like that?” asked Lauren.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Heather. It had been several days since the two had had a chance to talk about the video and vibrator that Lauren had left Heather.

“Well? You haven’t answered me!” Lauren said to the red-faced girl.

Heather looked around guiltily and lowered her voice even further. “Yes, I enjoyed it. That was something else!”

Lauren pressed the teen further and Heather explained just what she had done with the vibrator, and that she wasn’t as naïve as Lauren had thought. She also mentioned the hurt that she had felt at the end.

“Well, that simply means you’re still cherry,” quipped Lauren. “It a congenital defect, but easily cured.” Heather looked over at her in confusion, and Lauren explained. “It’s your hymen, honey. Pop that and no more pain?”

Heather immediately understood. “What’s it for?” she asked.

“Christ only knows. It’s way more trouble than it’s worth. We can take care of it for you some time. Believe me, it will be a lot better than the way I lost mine.” Heather looked at her in confusion. “It was in the back seat of a car. Cramped, chilly, scared, and painful - not a good way to lose it.”

“If it’s like that, I don’t want to!”

Lauren reached over and patted her hand. “Now don’t say that. Afterwards things get better. A lot better! So, what was it about Robby, that’s his name, right, that attracted you to him?”

Heather had to give this a little thought. “I don’t know. He’s kind of tall and skinny and goofy looking, but he really makes me laugh. I like to be with him.”

“Sounds wonderful,” said Lauren with a laughing groan. “Tall, skinny, and goofy!”

“You know what I mean! What about you? What attracts you to a guy?”

Lauren looked surprised at the question. “Who? Me? Gary or Peter?”

“Either! Both!”

Lauren thought for a moment. “Well, Peter is easy. He is the sexiest guy I have ever met in my life, Gary included. The first time I saw him I just wanted to rip my panties off and screw him on the spot! He still gets to me like that. It’s so weird! Now Gary, he was something different. I mean, he was cute and sexy and all, but something about him said he could be trusted. He just exuded honesty and trustworthiness, like a Boy Scout, only better. I always knew I would be safe with him, no matter what. He would never hurt me or let me be hurt.”

The two women sunned themselves, then Heather asked, “That other stuff in the movie, you know the girls. Have you really done that sort of thing?”

Lauren opened her eyes and gazed over at her young friend. Grinning, she nodded. “Yep. I was a little younger than you and it was with my best friend in school. We were goofing off up in her room, talking about boys and stuff, sort of like you and me now. Well anyway, we decided to practice kissing, so we’d be ready. So, we started kissing, and we were in our swimsuits, since we had just gotten out of her pool, and we got kind of carried away. We started touching, and that felt kind of good, and we started kissing more, and that felt pretty good, too. Then we stripped down and really went at it for a bit and got off pretty good.”

“Really? No kidding?” Heather wasn’t sure what to make of this admission.

“Really and no kidding. We used to fool around all the time for the next several months, then we stopped.”

“Why?” asked the teen.

“Oh, that’s easy. Boys! We both turned sixteen and started dating, and as much as we liked fooling around with each other, we really liked fooling around with guys! Especially after we started screwing!”

“So, did you stay close?”

“Who, with Carol? Sure! She lives over on the other side of town, I see her about once a month. She ended up marrying Tommy, he was the guy who popped her cherry, and now they’ve got five kids!”


“Mommy, are we staying with Gran or Nana this weekend?” asked Holly, running over to her mother, flinging water on her.

“Huh? What makes you think you’re staying with Gran or Nana?” asked Lauren. She hadn’t made any plans with Peter yet.

“Well, we always go away on weekends now,” replied the little girl.

“Yeah, Mom, you always do other stuff on your own now,” interjected her son, wandering over with Goldie.

Lauren’s eyes teared up, and she reached out to hug her children. “Has it been that bad? I’m so sorry! I promise, I’ll stay with you this weekend. I never meant…I mean…I’m so sorry…”

“What’s wrong Mommy?” asked a confused Holly.

“Nothing, sweetie, nothing. What would you like to do this weekend?”

“Can we go back to the zoo?” the little girl asked excitedly. She loved going to the petting zoo and would live there if she could figure a way to manage it.

Lauren looked at her son, who rolled his eyes dramatically but shrugged his shoulders in acquiescence. “Okay.”


Chapter 7: Meeting The Family

The doorbell rang promptly at eight-thirty on Saturday morning, and Holly scampered through the living room to open the door, followed closely by a very rambunctious golden retriever. She opened the door to see a very large man smiling down at her. “Hello. Who are you?” she asked.

“My name is Peter. You must be Holly, right?” Holly looked up and smiled, nodding, and Peter continued. “Is your Mommy home?”

Holly turned around and ran back into the house, yelling for her mother, while Goldie stayed at the front door. This new person didn’t seem unfriendly, but her little doggy brain couldn’t quite be sure - better to stay and watch. She was relieved when Lauren came around, a smile on her face, and she ran off after Holly.

“Good morning. Would you like some breakfast?” She motioned for Peter to enter the house, then closed the door behind him as he stepped inside. Peter leaned forward to kiss her, but Lauren quickly turned her head aside, so that his lips swept across her cheek. “Careful, Peter, please.”

She had been very nervous when she had called Peter earlier in the week to explain that she wouldn’t be able to see him that weekend, that she had to start being Mommy again. He had surprised her by saying that he understood and was there anything he could do to help. “Do you like going to the zoo?” she had asked, worried that he would say no, and worried that he would say yes.

“Sure,” was the surprise answer, and Lauren found herself inviting him over that morning, though with the understanding that he was simply going to be ‘a friend.’

“Yeah, just a friend, I understand,” he said quietly and smiling. He gave her a lewd wink and licked his lips lasciviously while out of sight of the children, and Lauren shivered with a secret excitement, then she swatted him to make him behave.

In the kitchen Holly was inexpertly attempting to ladle some pancakes onto a griddle, and her mother barely arrived in time to avert a messy disaster. Holly was already dressed, but her brother was still wrapped in a robe, sleepy-eyed and sullen. “Holly’s an early bird, but Jimmy’s a night owl,” explained Lauren.

“Who are you?” asked Jimmy in a surly tone.

“This is Peter. He’s a friend of mine and is taking us over to the zoo in his Jeep,” answered Lauren nervously. She really wanted this to go well.

“You have a Jeep?” asked the boy, his eyes opening up.

“Yeah, the Wrangler that’s open all around and you have to put the top up if it starts to rain. You must be Jimmy,” said Peter.

Peter jumped down and ran to the window. “Whoa!” he exclaimed, looking out at the gleaming red Jeep. It was indeed open to the elements. “How do you know my name?” he asked, turning around.

“You mother talks about you guys all the time. She says you’re the man of the house, and really take care of everything.”


“Uh, huh. You must work out a lot, to be in your kind of shape. She says you play a lot of sports in school.”

Jimmy’s chest puffed out in pride, and he flexed his arms. It was all Lauren could do not to laugh, because her son had a skinny frame, and no muscles could be found on his stick-like arms. She shoveled some pancakes onto his plate and Peter’s and said, “Okay, enough testosterone for now. Eat.”

The two males teased her for the rest of the breakfast by flexing their muscles at her, then Jimmy ran upstairs to get dressed. “Good Lord. Who let the dogs out?” she said.

“Hey, we’re just trying to figure out who the alpha male is. Wait until we drop our pants and measure our…”, replied her lover.

“Shssshhh! Enough of that! There will be no ‘measuring’ in this house!” interceded Lauren forcefully, though with a smile.

The day went surprisingly well for Lauren. Peter interacted well with the children, despite his admitted lack of experience with youngsters. Lauren was especially happy with the way that he didn’t try to compete with them for her attention. After a long morning at the zoo, he took them all out for pizza, and then drove them around with the wind blowing in their hair before going back home. The children were completely accepting of his presence through dinner and afterwards.

The children had been sent to bed by nine, and Lauren was finally able to relax in the living room with Peter. She went to the refrigerator, returning with a bottle of chilled wine, which she handed to him along with a pair of wineglasses and a corkscrew. As Peter busied himself, Lauren sank down onto the couch and closed her eyes, letting out a loud sigh of tired contentment.

“I don’t know how you do it,” remarked Peter. “Those two could wear out Hercules.”

“It’s nothing. I’ve had myself cloned. You’ve been dating Lauren Three for weeks now,” she answered with a tired smile, accepting the glass of wine from him.

“Ooh, kinky. Think we can get all of them together?” he said as he reached out to rub her thigh. Lauren was still wearing her evening attire of a long-sleeved white blouse and a pair of tight blue jeans.

“Peter, please!” she whispered, pushing his hand away.

Peter Tallman lifted his hand and placed an arm over Lauren’s shoulders. She tensed momentarily, then relaxed against him, to sip her wine and rest peacefully. After a second glass of wine, when both of them had set their glasses aside, Peter turned her face towards his and kissed her. As expected, Lauren responded, opening her lips passionately and squirming around in his arms to face him more fully.

Peter had gotten as far as unbuttoning her blouse and was slipping his fingers inside, to gently touch her generous tits through the lacy white bra she wore when she stiffened. She pushed him away, grabbing her blouse and pulling it tightly around her and looking around wildly. “Peter, we can’t, the kids…”

“Okay, so let’s go upstairs,” he responded.

“No!” she answered angrily. “This is difficult enough without having to explain why Mommy has a man in her bedroom who isn’t Daddy.”

“Lauren, they know their Daddy is gone. Did you plan on never remarrying?” he asked gently.

Lauren looked angry and confused. “No…I mean…I don’t know. Of course not. I just can’t go bringing guys home and sleeping with them around my children, you know. I’m not that kind of woman, and I don’t want my children thinking that sort of thing is acceptable. Mommies marry daddies.” She began to button her blouse.

Peter reached out and stopped her. He stood and said, “Come on.” Taking her hand, he pulled her to her feet, then led her to the basement door. “Just like when you were a kid and snuck downstairs after a date. Let’s go.”

Lauren was very nervous as she crept down the stairs. She was terrified that her children would hear the faint creaking of the steps and insisted on listening closely before allowing Peter to pull her down onto the tired old couch in the finished basement. Peter had thrown an old blanket over the couch, covering up a few old stains, and was sitting on it holding his arms open, waiting for her, when she turned to him with a weak smile. “I feel like I’m about to get caught!” she whispered to him.

“You need to relax. Come on over here and sit down, and I’ll help you relax,” Peter answered.

“I don’t think relaxation is what you have in mind,” she replied. Regardless, Lauren sat down on the couch next to Peter and snuggled up next to him.

Almost immediately Peter began to unbutton Lauren’s blouse and the snap on her jeans. Lauren complied by shifting around and allowing her lover to undress her. Peter reached around her to undo the clasp on her bra, and continued, “I disagree. I think that an extended session of mutual cunnilingus and fellatio would be extremely relaxing, don’t you?”

“An extended session of sixty-nine?” she asked with a smile. “Just how extended?”

“Very. I think that you need several orgasms, and I think I’m just the guy to provide them. Of course, there will be a payment required. You’re going to have to swallow my cum, then suck me stiff and bend over doggy-style, but I think it will be very relaxing.” Peter stretched out on the sagging couch and allowed Lauren to position herself above him. She helped to unzip his khakis and push them and his boxers down his muscular thighs, then settled her pussy back onto his lips and bent forward to begin sucking the cock waving in her face.

Unfortunately for Lauren, she couldn’t escape thinking about her children upstairs. At every creak of the house, at every bark of a neighborhood dog, at every squeak of a spring in the couch, she would be raising her head up and pulling away from Peter’s stiff and wet cock. Exasperated, Peter pulled back his face from Lauren’s pussy and gently lifted her off his face. “You really aren’t enjoying this,” he commented.

Lauren sat up and looked miserable. Tears began to run down her cheeks. “I’m sorry, I just…” Peter simply shook his head and grabbed his slacks and began pulling them on. Lauren grabbed his arm, her tears flowing freely, and cried, “I’m so sorry. Please, I’ll make it up, I promise, I just can’t, not with the kids upstairs. They could come down here any time. I’m sorry!”

“Oh, you’ll make it up. I promise!” he replied with a smirk. “Wednesday night, there is going to be a lengthy punishment, I promise!”

“You forgive me?” Lauren asked, smiling through the tears.

“We’ll have to see about that. It all depends on Wednesday night, doesn’t it? In the meanwhile, put a latch on that door, will you? If I’m going to visit more often, and I’m not invited upstairs, you are going to have to make the downstairs more secure, aren’t you?” Slipping his shoes on, Peter stood and tucked in his shirttails. He headed for the stairs, Lauren still naked and following along, gathering her clothing as she went. “I’ll let myself out,” he said with a smile at the top of the stairs, then he slipped a hand between her legs and briefly mauled her wet snatch. “Wednesday!”


Chapter 8: Date Reviews; Preparations

“So how did your date go the other night?” asked Lauren. It was Thursday afternoon and Tuesday Heather had gone out again with Robby.

“Okay. What about yours?” the teen countered.

“Uh, uh. You first! Do some more kissing?” asked Lauren.

Heather blushed but nodded. “A lot more, and it was even better. Robby got real close and started rubbing up against me and I started feeling sort of fluttery, like when, you know…”

“Like when you play with your pussy!” answered Lauren softly. The children were upstairs in their rooms, but you never knew…

“Yeah, like that,” said the red-faced girl. “And this time he was rubbing his hands along my back and down my sides. I think he wanted to touch me even more but got scared when he took me home.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Well, Mom was up and waiting at the door, even though I was home by ten, and she was going nuts! She wanted to know where we had been and what we had been doing and whether he had stolen my jewel, whatever that meant, and then Dad got into it with her. She changed targets and Robby got out of there. Mom started calling Dad a spawn of the Christ killers, whatever that means, and I ran upstairs,” said Heather.

“Oh Lord!” muttered Lauren slowly. “Well, your jewel is your virginity, she wanted to know if you were still cherry. As to the spawn of the Christ killers - Is your father Jewish?” she asked in confusion.

“No, he’s Catholic like us. His mother was Jewish, but he was raised Catholic. Is that what she meant?” she asked, a horrified expression on her face.

“I think so. ‘Christ killers’ is a historical reference to Jews, made most often by the Catholics. It’s a very, very old term,” answered Lauren. This was really beginning to get out of hand. Heather might need a refuge soon. “Listen, what are you doing tomorrow afternoon? You busy?”

Heather shrugged. “No, why?”

“I need to go shopping for some new stuff for downstairs. That furniture is getting really ratty, and I’ve got enough in the bank to buy something better. Why don’t you come with me and help me pick it out?”

Heather shrugged again. “Fine by me. I really don’t want to be around Mom these days. I think she’s about to start locking me away and having exorcisms performed on me, so that I don’t want to be around boys. It’s wacky! Anyway, what about your date?”

“It was very nice,” replied Lauren. “We went down to the picture show, then afterwards, we held hands and walked over to the malt shop and shared a chocolate malt. Two straws, though; I didn’t want him to get fresh!” Lauren was not about to tell what really happened!

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