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The Wrong Way & Other Short Stories

Ernest Bywater


The Wrong Way & Other Short Stories

All rights reserved © 2012 by Cazna Rochester & Ernest Bywater

Some were originally written by Cazna Rochester in 2007 and 2008 from ideas by Ernest Bywater. In 2012 Cazna asked Ernest to revise and edit the stories, and transferred the copyright to him.

With special thanks to Connard Wellingham for allowing me to ‘borrow’ some characters from the excellent story ‘The Girls' School’ for use in 'Revenge for the School.'

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. All rights are reserved by the author, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form.

Product names, brands, and other trademarks referred to within this book are the property of their respective trademark holders. Unless otherwise specified there is no association between the author and any trademark holder is expressed or implied. Nor does it express any endorsement by them, or of them. Use of a term in this book should not be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark, service mark, or registered trademark.

Cover Art

Front cover image is copyrighted to Yotna El'toub 2008. The adding of text is by Ernest Bywater. All rights to the cover image are reserved by the copyright owners.

Published by Ernest Bywater

ISBN: 978-1-387-52307-8

The titles I use are a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.


The Wrong Way - or Is It?

by Ernest Bywater
All rights reserved © 2008

The Pool

Eighteen year old Yumi wanders away from her class on the nature tour in the old natural woodland of an ancient estate. This is an annual visit to the woods, and she's familiar with them. However this part of the ancient woods is a bit spooky. Yumi wonders what secrets it may hide.

In the bushes near the edge of the shallow marshy pool stands a large hairy shape watching the exotic looking schoolgirl in the short check skirt and tight fitting white top. Her clothes are more form fitting than he's used to seeing girls and women wear. They show her shape well. The Japanese girls of her age usually have smaller breasts, and he's not used to seeing a girl her age look so much like a mature woman. The sight is delicious, and his reaction to the sight of her very evident femininity is obvious, because he has no clothes on. Like a ghost he makes no sound while he moves closer to her. In just a moment he's standing beside the tree two paces behind her. With a wide grin he steps forward then he reaches a hairy arm around her to cover her mouth while his other arm goes around her slim waist to pull her back against his body, and up a little to lift her off of the ground.

Yumi feels two large arms go around her: one across her mouth and one across her body, just under her breasts. When she's pulled back against the body behind her she feels his manhood pushing against her because the pressure of being pulled against her captor forces them into very close contact. She starts to struggle. The shock of realising her legs are no longer touching the ground causes her to cease her struggling, and to wait to see what he captor intends to do now.

A soft baritone voice whispers in her ear, “I know there's enough forest between us and the others to absorb your screams, so they won't hear them, but I don't like loud noises. Loud noises make me angry, and I do bad things when I'm angry. Be quiet and do as you're told, and you'll live to leave my realm alive. Do you understand? Nod your head if you do.” She nods yes. “You're a very lovely woman, and I'm sure you can already feel how lovely I think you are. Do you have something you can use as a blindfold?” Thinking of her school tie, she nods again. “I'm going to release you. You'll not scream or turn around. You'll get that object and put it on as a blindfold.”

The arms release her, and Yumi slides down his body while she drops a hand's width to the woodland floor. With tears in the back of her eyes Yumi is quiet when she takes her tie from around her neck and places it around her eyes. While she ties it behind her head she realises she's about to lose her virgin innocence here in the woodland to a man she doesn't know and will never see. This thought both appals her and excites her at the same time. The man is still right behind her, and she can feel his body against hers; this excites her more, and she doesn't understand why it does. With the blindfold in place she drops her hands to her sides, and stands there while waiting for what's going to happen next.

He's silent while he watches her tie the blindfold then drop her hands to her sides. Her quiet compliance excites him further. He smells a familiar smell, one he hasn't smelt in a long time. He makes a loud noise when he sniffs deeply of the faint aroma of the girl as her arousal becomes evident. He grins, since he now knows she's in full agreement with some of his plans for her. He leans close to her face, and she flinches when his hairy cheek brushes her neck. He takes a strong sniff of her skin, and licks her neck.

The feel of her unknown assailant touching her neck to sniff and lick her also both frightens and excites young Yumi. In her surprise at being gently licked on the neck she sucks in a large breath, causing her to both smell and taste the musky maleness of her assailant's aroma in her nose and on her tongue. She knows he's going to rape her, and now there's nothing she wants more than to have him inside her. She doesn't know why this is so, and the thought of wanting to be raped scares her, but it doesn't stop her from becoming more aroused with each passing second.

The Hut

Smiling, the hairy man steps back. He reaches forward and takes her hand, “Come with me.” Like two ghosts they're silent when they move through the woodland to a small forest hut not far away. While they walk through the woodland she keeps track of the steps and directions in just the way her sensei trained her to. She feels a sudden cold, and she shivers, because it feels like she's walking through a very dense cold fog. Fogs are common in this area, so she soon forgets the mild discomfort.

Yumi walks just behind and beside her assailant while he leads her away. She hears a hut door open, then she feels a firmer surface under her feet for two paces before he stops her. The air feels much warmer, and she can hear a fire off to the side just as the man lets go of her hand.

Stopping the girl in the middle of his little shack he lets go of her hand when he turns to close the door. Turning back to the girl he walks around her to face her while saying, “Now you're in a time and place of my choosing. When I'm finished with you I'll return you safely to yours. Just do what I tell you, and you'll come to no harm. Now take off your clothes.”

She undoes the buttons of her vest and slips it off. When she prepares to drop it on the floor she feels it get lighter, and it starts to lift up, so she lets it go. The man must be taking her clothes when she takes them off. She removes her blouse, for the same treatment, followed by her bra. Undoing her skirt she slides it off and lifts it up when she stands up.

Seeing her remove the outer garment the man takes it off her, and places it on a shelf. He does the same with the rest of her clothes. She's soon naked, except for her shoes, socks, and blindfold. She slips her feet out of her shoes, and when she bends to remove her knee high black socks he says, “Leave them.”

He leads her to the side, and helps her lay down on his simple cot. Once she's settled on the cot he pulls her legs apart and places her heels against her bum so her thighs are as wide spread as they can get while she stays on the narrow cot. He now has a perfect view of her and all her femininity.

He smiles while his hand reaches between her thighs, and he says, “You're a most perfect looking woman, Miss Ashagi.”

Yumi is shocked to be addressed by her family name. She knows her family has an ancestral home close by, but she lives and goes to school in the city nearly an hour's drive away, and her uniform is from a city school. She wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the compulsory annual school excursion for the woodland nature tour.

“It's been a long, long time since I've had an Ashagi woman, and even longer since I've had a virgin. This will be doubly sweet when I take you and give you my child.”

This last comment shocks her, while she wonders how he knows she's not on the pill at the moment. Everyone takes the contraceptives, male and female, unless married and approved to have a child by the government; she's neither. The only other time you may be off the pill is when the doctor takes you off due to a clash with other medication: which is the case for her. She's near the very end of a six week course of antibiotics for an infection from a cut. Medical records are high security, and there's no way he can have access to that information, no way. In fright she asks, in a soft contralto, “How do you know you can get me pregnant?”

“I can smell your body's readiness for impregnation. This is your most fertile time, and I'm going to make use of that.” She gulps at his reply, because she had no idea men could smell that about a woman.

She hears the cot creak while he lowers himself onto the cot, and then feels him when he places his manhood at the entrance to her womanhood. He's very slow while he enters her, and she winces with pain when he broaches her maidenhead. It feels like it takes forever for him to slide all the way into her as his huge member spreads her wide with its girth. A little later his groin is against hers, and he starts to withdraw. When he's almost out he starts forward again, but a bit faster. He moves in and out of her, faster and faster with each movement. Very soon he's moving like a fast engine piston when he goes in and out. Before too long she reaches an orgasm, her first of many orgasms with him in her. Several minutes later he lifts her hips while he gains a deeper entry to place his seed deep inside her. He rolls her over to her side so they lie together, side by side, while still coupled. They go to sleep, because they're both very tired from the physical activity.


Although his initial entry hurt a little Yumi is soon enjoying the encounter when he brings her to completion time and time again. She's very tired and exhausted from the pleasant activity, and she's almost asleep when she feels him filling her with his seed. She knows she should get up and escape now, but she's too tired, so she just goes to sleep in her exhaustion. Later she wakes up when she's well on her way to another orgasm while he's taking her again. During the day he takes her several times, each time placing his seed deep inside her. And she really enjoys herself with many orgasms during their coupling each time he takes her. This is mainly due to the gentle way he touches her when he does.

The Search

It's the start of the class lunchtime, and the teaching assistant is handing out the lunches when she notices she has one extra; that's impossible, because she checked the numbers when they got off the bus. She tells the teacher, and he does a quick survey of the class, one student is missing: Miss Yumi Ashagi. He gulps. The Ashagi family may no longer be the rich warlords their ancestors were, but the family is still greatly respected and powerful. If any harm has come to her he can kiss his career goodbye, no more promotions - ever. The one saving grace is this woodland, one of the few left in the region, is open for public use. However, it's Ashagi land, because it's part of their original ancestral home, and she lived nearby as a small child, so she should know it much better than can usually be expected of the students. He hopes and prays she's all right when he starts the proper procedures by calling the ranger station to report a student missing in the woodland.

On receiving the notification the rangers close all entrances and exits while they commence a scanner sweep of the woodland by unmanned aircraft: these are large remote control model planes with infra-red and visual sensors on-board. At the same time they do a quick check of the gateway identity scanners that check everyone's ID implant when they pass by. They find many people in the woodland. They're soon checked out by the rangers, and are marked off when they're identified. It takes about twenty minutes to locate and identify everyone in the woodland. This worries them, because the gateway scanners show her entering the woodland, but not leaving it, and the flying scanners would detect all living persons In fact, they detect all creatures larger than a cat. The only way a person wouldn't be detected is if they're dead and cooled off, or not in the woodland at all. But they can't locate her in the woodland, and there's no record she left it. So she must still be in here, somewhere, and they now need to conduct a visual ground search.

Extra help is called in for them to start a complete visual search of the park by forming a line at one boundary with people a pace apart and walking across the entire woodland. They need twelve hundred soldiers to form the line, and organise for them to arrive before dawn the next day.

Yumi's family are informed as soon as the initial search starts, and are soon on hand in the ancestral home. Her mother and two younger sisters are staying in the hotel their ancestral home has been made into as a source of income to maintain the lands. Doing this caused some loss of prestige, but much less loss of prestige than selling the land itself would have, and it means the lands stay in the family, despite their loss of power over the centuries. This home of a once proud Shogun is now a tourist hotel and museum showing how the rich and powerful used to live in the previous centuries.


During the night Yumi wakes a number of times while her assailant is again taking her and inseminating her. She should be angry, but the great amount of pleasure he gives her only makes her smile when he takes her again and again, to her great pleasure.

The Next Day

The soldiers arrive before dawn, and they spread out along the eastern boundary to await the sun. When it's light enough to see clearly they start out in a slow walk across the whole woodland. It's nearly dusk when the searchers reach the western boundary, with no sight of the girl or her personal effects. This total lack of anything worries those in charge of the search, because she should not have been able to leave the area without being detected, and any accident should have left some sort of trace to be seen by the searchers.


In the morning he takes her again while the dawn breaks. Then, for the first time since he entered her mid-morning on the day before, he gets off the cot. A moment later he helps her up, and takes her outside to relieve herself while he watches. She can hear him doing the same. Back inside to eat some fruit he gives her, and back to the cot.

Once back on the cot she automatically goes to the wide open position he placed her in yesterday. She smiles when he chuckles and mounts her again. She wonders how hairy he is, because she found out, during their couplings, his whole body is covered with thick body hair; very unusual in Japanese men. While he moves within her, taking her closer to another orgasmic peak, she runs her hands over his back. She did this many times yesterday and last night, but this is the first time she's done it while not half out of her mind with pleasure. She notices many deep scars where his back has been cut and pierced by things in the past, and she wonders what caused them. Her mind stops thinking when he brings her to orgasm again and again.

All day they take short naps between rutting sessions: it's not love making, just a straight forward breeding rutting. Each time they couple he fills her with his seed and she falls asleep. This process continues through the day and the second night, with only a few stops to relieve themselves and eat some fruit.

Another Day

Just before dawn of the second day since he first took her he withdraws, and he takes her outside to relieve herself for the fourth or fifth time. When they go back in he hands her some fruit to eat again. When they finish eating he stands her up and places her clothes in her hands. With a sudden sadness about the end of their encounter she starts to get dressed.

Once she's dressed he says, “Take care to protect our child growing in you, and see it's born healthy.” She nods yes while she wonders how he can know she's pregnant. Although, with the amount of his seed in her she should be. “In the old well of the main house compound, the one near the eastern corner of the main house, there's a stone about five person length's down. It's marked with the sign of the first great Ashagi Shogun. You'll find it on the western wall of the well. Break that stone by hitting it hard with a hammer and a chisel. This will give you room to remove several more stones that cover a passageway leading under the house to a long sealed storeroom full of your family's ancient treasures. Find it, and use it well. Use it to raise our child as a Shogun should be raised.”

She's numb as she listens to him while she wonders if this is true, and how does he knows this if it is! He's gentle while he leads her from the hut and back through the woodland to the place where they first met. Again she shivers when they pass through a very dense cold fog.

The Pool, Again

He lets her go then he withdraws into the bushes while he says, “The Ashagi Lords have always been power hungry brutal men while their women have been gentle loving creatures. Our child will be a man and become a great Ashagi Lord, but, unlike the others, he'll be like you: gentle and loving instead of a power hungry brute. His lack of desire for power is what will bring him more power than any previous Ashagi Lord has known. Remember this and the treasure, and love him well for us both, because I won't be there to do so. And remember, foresters are people, too.” With that he's gone, vanished back into the woodlands and the fog.

She stands there for a few minutes before she realises he's left her. She reaches up and undoes the blindfold. Searching the woodland around her with her eyes she sees no sign of him. She looks for his footprints, but sees only her own. Sighing, she turns, and heads toward where she knows the main path to be.

The Searchers, Again

After an afternoon, a day, and two nights with no sighting of Yumi Ashagi the fifteen woodland rangers are getting very concerned for her safety. While they sit around their breakfast table discussing what else they can do they're very surprised to hear someone knock on the door of their quarters. This is a surprise, because the woodlands aren't yet open to the public for the day. The senior ranger waves at the most junior ranger, and he goes to the door to open it.

All the rangers turn to look out the door when it slides back, because they're curious to know who would come calling on them this early. They're all shocked to see a schoolgirl in clean clothes standing there. The clothes are a bit rumpled, but no more than what you'd expect if she'd walked for a few hours.

Their shock is compounded when the girl speaks, “Excuse me, my name is Yumi Ashagi. May I please use your phone to call my parents, as I've been out of touch for two days.” The senior ranger is stunned by this, and he nods his head while he waves to the phone in the corner. She bows her thanks, and goes to the phone. She calls her parent's home in the city, and it redirects her to the ancestral house that's now a hotel.

She spends quite a lot of time going through her story for the police, the rangers, her parents, and the army. She's upset by their inability to understand her story. She's told them everything, except the bit about the hidden wealth. The main reason for their not understanding is they weren't able to find her in the woodland for two days, and they have no record of her departure or return. This is impossible, and they have a major problem accepting or understanding the impossible.

Yumi has a good memory, so she leads them back into the woodland to the place beside the marshy pond. She then leads them to the hut, but the hut isn't there. The place is a small clearing in the woodland, and there's evidence of where a hut had once stood. But not for many generation, since all that's left is the overgrown stonework of what was the chimney. All are shaking their heads while they return to the main entrance to the woodlands.

Family History

Once she's back at the main house Yumi's mother starts going through the old records, and she finds an interesting entry. An old map that's over eight hundred years of age, and it shows a forester's hut in that clearing. Checking the archives she finds a record over nine hundred years old of a forester who fell in love with one of the Ashagi daughters, and she with him. The record speaks of her father's anger when he finds out about their love. He orders the man to be hunted down and killed in a very brutal manner. On finding out she's with child the father has her aborted against her will, and he arranges her marriage to an influential shogun. She delivers a great insult to this man by committing Seppuku, a form of ritual suicide, at the wedding ceremony. War erupts between the two great shoguns, and both lose a great deal of prestige and power in the many decades of a long series of conflicts. This is the start of the slow decline of the Ashagi power.

In a side reference Yumi's mother finds a note the dying forester had cursed the shogun. It was such an unusual curse one of the scribes recorded it:

“The greedy Ashagi Shoguns seek only power and wealth. Because of this I curse you. Your ancestor's wealth you seek will stay hidden, and your power will decline until a child of mine is carried by the Ashagi heir. He will be a shogun of gentleness and love, he'll be the most powerful Ashagi Shogun of all. Mark this curse and note it down, because your descendants will need to know of its power.”

Yumi's mother takes the ancient record, and shows it to Yumi. She gulps, and her eyes go very wide while she wonders if she carries the child of a man dead nearly a millennium. She turns to her mother, and tells her, for the first time, of the well and the hidden wealth it contains.

The family is no longer rich and no longer powerful, although they do still have some influence, due to respect for what the family had once been. Using the last of her own family money Yumi's mother hires some equipment to lower her and Yumi down into the well. While they go down the well they shine torches on the western face of the well. About ten metres down they see a stone with the mark of the Great Ashagi Shogun, the man who built the Ashagi empire some twelve generations before the shogun who killed the forester. Yumi holds a cold chisel steady while her mother hits it hard with a hammer. The rock shatters, and reveals itself to be nothing but a thin coating of rock; eight more rocks around it are soon dealt with in the same manner. Putting on breather masks the two women enter the passage exposed by their work. At the end of the passage they find a large metal studded wooden door. Opening the door they find a large storeroom.

The room is lined with chests of jewels and gold coins while the greatest treasures aren't in the chest, but are beside them. The many ancient weapons, body armour, tools, and other artefacts; all about fifteen hundred years old, and all in perfect condition. All of it belongs to Yumi as the senior mainline Ashagi heir since her father died two years ago in a car accident with her two brothers. Her mother picks up some gems from one of the chests, and they return to the well, measuring their steps while they walk.

When they're back on the ground beside the well Yumi tells her mother to stand by the well. Going to the main house entrance Yumi strikes the great gong there. This is used only by the Ashagi Shogun to call the household and troops together for major announcements. Many people come running, because it should never be rung now. They're amazed to see a much changed Yumi standing beside the gong when she strikes it again. Standing tall, because she's drawn herself up, a much more confident Yumi issues orders for armed guards to be gathered to protect the Ashagi heritage and lands, and sends others to contact the great scholars of antiquities so they may examine Ashagi artefacts from the period of the Great Ashagi Shogun. People scurry to do as instructed by the new Ashagi Shogun; the first female Ashagi Shogun, and probably the first female Shogun of any house.

The Outcomes

The scholars come, and verify the wonders found. Because these are full specimens in good order they tell much that had previously been guessed at, and were often guessed wrong. The gems are worth billions in today's prices, but the artefacts are worth ten times that. The best examples are kept for display at the Ashagi Museum in the Main House, and the rest are sold to museums around the country: costing the government and other benefactors a major fortune. Many of the items are sold at well below their real worth in order to keep them in the country, and most are sold on terms of payment over time; but that is preferable to selling them to private overseas collectors.

The Ashagi name and fortune is greatly increased through this find, it also increases the power of the newest Ashagi Shogun - Yumi.

A Year Later

Nineteen year old Yumi wanders away from her class on the nature tour in the old natural woodland of an ancient estate. This part of these ancient woods is a bit spooky. Yumi wonders what secrets it may hide. ....

.... and she wonders if it still hides the secret powers it had when she was first here exactly twelve months ago, while she misses her forester lover. She stands there with her three month old son in her arms, looking around she sees no one. But she senses her old lover's eyes on her, and she imagines him smiling at their son. With a smile of her own she turns to return to the path she'd strayed from. When she does a wind blows through the woodland, and she seems to hear a faint voice on the wind: “Love him well for us both, because I won't be there to do so. And remember, foresters are people, too.”


Naughty Jo

by Ernest Bywater

All rights reserved © 2010

Agreeing to Meet

Jo has a huge grin while typing a reply to the message on the forum. The grin grows wider while the words appear on the screen.

OK, Miss Millie, let's meet on Friday afternoon. I know we live in the same city, so drive out along Jamieson Road. Stop near the entrance to the Henry farm, and get out of the car. Walk around the car, and wait two minutes. Then go down to the entrance to the Mills farm. Under a rock beside their mailbox will be the instructions to the next place. If I don't like what I see at the first stop there'll be no instructions at the third stop. Come prepared to stay the weekend, and I'm in total charge. Agreed?

Naughty Jo

Within seconds there's a reply from Miss Millie agreeing to all of the conditions. At the same time a request for a private chat comes in from Lizzy, and is soon followed by ones from Mistress Mary, Katie M, Mandy, and Lost Lady. Jo clicks on the accept button, and sends a message to them all acknowledging they're all on-line, and asking if a group chat is OK. All agree. Then the flood gates open wide, very wide, while her friends respond.

Lizzy: Are you nuts. Millie's a guy, it's obvious. Just because someone's on a lesbian forum doesn't mean they're a girl, let alone a lesbian. Millie's responses are all a guy wanting a girl. You can't trust someone who lies like Millie does.

Katie M: I'm sure Millie's the new name for Fancy Fran, that arse hole of a man who was trying to get us girls alone last year.

Lost Lady: You do know some of the other girls from your city have left the boards after meeting someone and being raped. I think this is one of those types of meetings.

Naughty Jo: LL, how do you know what city I'm in?

Mistress Mary: She knows, Jo, like I do. Having lived there I recognise many of the places you describe in your stories. Sure, you changed the names, but the descriptions and things match. Anyone who lived there for a few years will recognise it. The same as you recognised Millie was a local.

Mandy: NJ, please don't do this. It's too dangerous.

Naughty Jo: I'll get back to you all later. Trust me. Please.

The chat goes on along similar lines for about twenty minutes.

Lost Lady: OK, Jo, I realise we can't talk you out of this. I know who you are in real life, and I know you would've given in by now if you didn't have your mind set on this. I ask one thing: Think how your grandfather would deal with this, and act accordingly. Use your brains and protect yourself.

Naughty Jo: LL, yes, I'm set on this happening. And I'll think more about making it safer. I'm not too surprised some of you recognised my city, but am surprised you can recognise who I am. But, if you really do know me, then you know I can look after myself. Bye, catch you all later.

With a sigh, Jo logs off, and turns to the other desk to write up the meeting instructions. Regardless of what was said, this meeting is going to happen because Jo wants it real bad, for many reasons. He's surprised Lost Lady knows his grandfather and wonders about it, especially since LL is a lesbian and his grandfather was extremely anti-homosexual. His extremist attitudes was one of the reason Jo avoided his grandfather.

Jo stands, and goes to cook some dinner. While the microwave heats the meal he ponders which of his friends to ask for help in dealing with this predatory bastard who's hurting Jo's local lesbian friends. He can't understand why this person hurts people who don't do anyone any harm, but he's out to stop them.

Later that evening Jo is sitting at the computer giving a new story a final read and check before uploading his latest Naughty Jo's Lesbian High School Adventures story to storiesonline.net, when finished he uploads it.

Misogynist Musings

Across the city Peter Green is smiling when he prepares his dinner while he thinks, Tomorrow I get to teach another lesbian bitch what her cunt's good for. I just love trolling these lesbian forums. And now I've got one of the hottest lesbian story tellers in my sights. I'll stop her turning girls from guys. I'll enjoy fucking her brains out, too.

After a quick dinner Peter is going through his special clothes while he decides what to wear for tomorrow's meeting. Being of slight build, 160 centimetres in height, and a fine bone structure he easily passes for a schoolgirl when he wears the right clothes and has a little make-up on.

Pulling out a nice short skirt and tight top he lays them aside, then he selects the tights and shoes to go with them. On top of them he lays a specially made white lace bra; fully padded with fake breasts, it's a 32 C.

His anticipation of tomorrow and the weekend is so great he starts to play with himself. He comes twice in the bath while he relives his past rapes of lesbians, and he has a fantasy about what's to come on the weekend. He smiles at the pun when he makes it.

The Meeting

Jo watches, through high powered binoculars when an older four door sedan stops at the entrance to the Henry farm. The driver gets out, and takes a slow walk around the car before stopping to lean against the driver's door. After a little while the driver spends time leaning on each of the bonnet, the passenger door, and the boot, before getting back in the car and driving off.

The driver looked like a typical high-school senior, short skirt, tight top, nicely filled - but not huge, flesh coloured tights, and practical low heel shoes. Only a little make-up, just enough to accent the right parts of the face. Not very pretty, but OK and not ugly.

Jo smiles while observing the driver. After the other car leaves Jo walks down the hill, throws a leg over a motor bike, and rides off to the final meeting place.

Half an hour, and four stops, later Peter pulls up outside a remote farmhouse a third of the way around the edge of the city from where he started. With a small smile he gets out and walks up to the front door while he thanks all those acting lessons he had when part of the high-school Performing Arts Club.

The door is ajar, and the note said to just walk in. So he pushes the door open and walks in. He stops just inside the room, and smiles while he looks around the room.

Jo is standing in the middle of the front room of his grandfather's old farmhouse as he waits for Miss Millie. Jo's only clothes are knickers and a flared knee length skirt, a nice blouse is lying on a lounge chair nearby with Jo's 38CC bra on top of it. At only 165 centimetres, and of medium build Jo's firm CC breasts look bigger than they are.

The door opens, and the high-school senior from the car walks in. They both grin when Jo says, “Hello Sweetie, come here and suck on my tits.” Peter is quick to cross the room and do as he's told.

Several minutes later Jo pulls Peter's head back, takes his hand, and leads him to the bedroom. Pointing at the bed Jo says, “Lie down.”

They lie on the bed, and start kissing. Peter plays with Jo's breasts. A slight movement, and Jo's breasts are crushing into Peter's chest while they kiss. Jo's hand makes contact with Peter's right arm and slides down it to his wrist. Suddenly Peter's hand is pulled up toward the corner of the bed when Jo moves. Before Peter can react his right wrist is handcuffed to the bed head. Peter starts to struggle, but Jo's weight keeps him pinned to the bed. In a moment his left wrist is handcuffed.

Jo smiles, “Don't worry, Sweetie, I'm into bondage, not S and M.” Jo bends down, and starts kissing Peter again. Hands start to roam over Peter's body, finally ending up at his groin. He stiffens when he feels his dick grabbed. Jo leans back, “Well, well, what an interesting surprise we have here?”

Peter's clothes are soon removed, his make-up wiped off, and he's lying naked on the bed. With a big grin Jo rubs up and down his body before sucking on his dick. When he comes erect Jo lifts off, and slips a dick clamp on while saying, “Now don't complain. We do want this to stay up and in me as long as possible, don't we?” He smiles, and nods yes. Jo rises from the bed, and reaches under the skirt. Peter's grin goes wider when Jo's panties hit the floor.

A visit to the chest of drawers beside the bed sees a tube of KY and a box of condoms appear. Peter looks surprised. Jo says, “First, we see how well you fit in my arse. Then we'll get into the real fun.” He grins wider.

The Fun Starts

Peter smiles at the nice feel of Jo's arse sliding down on his condom covered dick. In moments he's ready to come while Jo rides him like an expert. He can't believe how good she is at this, despite being a lesbian, he can't understand it.

His grin goes real wide when Jo starts to undo the skirt. He watches real close, because he wants to get a good look at Jo's pussy. Slowly, oh, so exquisitely and teasingly slowly, Jo drags the skirt aside. And what a sight is revealed - Peter's mind heads for orbit when his scream echoes off the walls while Jo moves forward and off his dick.

Jo smiles while he holds his big dick and taps it against Peter's lips while saying, “Peter, my old mate, do you want to give me a blow job now, or after I fuck your arse and get it covered with shit?”

On hearing his real name Peter looks closely at the person sitting on his chest. Looking through the make-up he recognises an effeminate boy who was two years behind him at high school that Peter used to beat up all the time at school. His mind tries to drag up a name when he realises he has no choice, the handcuffs ensure his compliance. He says, “Now, please,” and opens his mouth wide. While the dick approaches his mouth he realises it's much longer and fatter than his. When the dick makes contact with his lips the younger boy's name comes to mind: Joe Wild.

Jo says, “Make sure to use your tongue to give me a good blow job, or you'll really regret it.” Crying, Peter runs his tongue all over the dick filling his mouth while he does what he's often told women to do to his dick. A few minutes later he almost gags when Jo's salty sperm hits the back of his throat and starts to trickle down it. The trickle soon becomes a flood while Jo says, “Keep sucking as you swallow. I want you to suck it stiff again.” Peter reluctantly does as he's told.

When Jo's dick is nice and stiff again it's withdrawn from Peter's mouth. He's just starting to think things may be over soon when he hears footsteps in the next room, many footsteps.

More Players

Three men walk in the door without knocking. One is carrying an odd frame with him, he says, “OK, Jo, dear, I brought my frame, like you asked.” He stops and stares at the bed. “Oh, nice. Peter the arse hole Green. I'm going to love fucking this one.” Peter looks at the man, and recognises another boy from school, one he used to beat up because he thought he was gay.

Jo smiles, “I thought you might. That's why I invited you. Now let's get him set up. Or do you guys want a ride first?” In moments all three are naked, and one is sliding up and down Peter's dick. Half an hour later they've all had a nice ride on his stiff dick and his balls are busting to blow a load, but the dick clamp won't let them.

The four of them take care to keep Peter secured and under control while they transfer him to the frame. It's two long steel bars held apart by steel cross bars. Sitting on the long bars are four 'L' shaped planks with very comfortable padding on the inside of the 'L' with the pads facing the ends. When Peter is fitted in the frame his legs and arms are against the pads and secured at both ends of each pad with industrial strength Velcro bands. He's forcibly held in a position of being on his hands and knees with his stiff dick pointing out and down, and his arse is readily available to anyone who's interested in it.

One of the men says, “Testing time,” and all three grin. The one to speak slips a condom on Peter's dick, and applies some lubricant. Getting down, he slides under Peter, and backs up onto Peter's dick while one of the other men ensures the aim is right. He takes a moment to get settled into position before he starts to rock back and forth, fucking his arse with Peter's dick. A second man slips his dick into Peter's mouth while Jo slips a condom on and slides into Peter's arse. The fourth counts a cadence, and all three fuck Peter in time to the cadence, in-out, in-out they go while he calls out the action. The only thing Peter can move is his tongue, and he soon learns he has to use it, and use it well. When he didn't start with the tongue action as soon as the dick entered his mouth the man slapped him across the back of the head hard, very hard. He kneels there being fucked by three men at once.

With nothing else to do he lets his mind wander while he tries to work out what the fourth man is doing. He can hear him walking around a lot, but he can't make any sense of that and some other sounds, mostly clicks and whirls.

Some minutes later Jo and the man in Peter's mouth both come and withdraw. Peter looks around, as best as he can, while the men change places. All the sounds now make sense. He sees several video cameras recording what's happening, and a number of still cameras are on tripods. The fourth man is using one to take photos, then he switches cameras. In a few minutes Jo is taking photos while the man who came in Peter's mouth is now rocking back and forth on Peter's dick, the previous rocker is in his arse, and the photographer is fucking his face.

Peter starts to cry, and gags when he hears Jo say, “The real beauty of this is I know he planned to have the whole weekend away, so no one is expecting him anywhere until Monday, sometime. We have the whole weekend to play with this cock-sucking fuck toy.” The others laugh, and the talk moves on to what else they can do with him over the weekend.

Peter now goes through, knows, and understands the hell he's put the women he raped through, and it's only just beginning for him.

Closing Out

At the time the usual crowd joins the forum late on Sunday night Naughty Jo logs on, and is immediately greeted by a lot of concerned friends. Some are asking what happened. Jo makes a post.

Please forgive me. I have an apology to make to you all. First, let me say I really love writing lesbian stories, despite having no experience of ever being with a girl or woman. These are fantasies and are an outlet for me. My greatest pleasure comes from sucking a stiff dick and from being fucked in the arse. I was born a male, but I never liked it. I've always wanted to be a girl. Being aware of all this I've no idea why I love writing lesbian stories or get off on them, but that's how it is. And also why I never try to hit on anyone here.

I'm in the middle of becoming a transsexual, which means I'm currently what they call a she-male. I've got some lovely breast implants and am saving up to have the final operation to replace my dick with a cunt.

I've kept this from you all before because I was afraid you'd shun me. But I hope we've built a good enough relationship we can still correspond on this forum. Now, as to the weekend.

The person we know as Miss Millie is really a misogynist called Peter Green. His favourite hobby is seducing or raping lesbians, because he gets a feeling of power and he feels he's training them in the correct way to have sex. I suspected who he was from some of the things he's said on the forum. We did meet, but I was all prepared. Some of my gay male friends and I had a great time playing with Peter over the weekend. One has taken him home to train him as a sex slave. A fitting result, I think. Anyway, most of you have my peer mail address already. Any who are interested can send me an email and I'll send you some videos or photos of us having fun with Peter over the weekend. We filmed it all. It will be edited and released on some gay websites soon.

Naughty Jo

For the next half hour Jo sits there with tears streaming down his face while he reads the hundreds of replies expressing their wish for Jo to stay with the group, and how they'll help support him. He almost loses it all when he gets another personal reply from Lonely Lady - she's more of a lurker than a member:

Naughty Jo,

I had no idea you were suffering so much. Expect a cheque from your grandfather's solicitor. Please do not try to find out who it's from. Take the money, have your operation, and enjoy life as best as you can. Please promise you'll continue to write those great stories for us, no matter what else happens.

Lost Lady

The amount of support and help offered stuns him. With tears streaming down his face Jo sends a thank you message to them all, and promises to let them know how things go, as well as continuing to send in his stories.

Across the other side of the country an old woman smiles while she types instructions to her solicitor about what she wants done for her grandnephew she hasn't seen since she was ostracised by her family when he was ten years old. She was kicked out of the family for being a lesbian, and now she's able to help the one family member who cried when he heard she was being sent away from the family.


Photographic Problems

by Ernest Bywater

All rights reserved © 2007


My friend Patrick, a photographer, asked me to write about a set of incidents in his life for him. He's a great photographer and a good story teller, but a lousy writer; thus this commission. Yeah, commission, because he's paying me to write this story for him. Well, sort of paying me, because he's paying in kind, a portfolio for my favourite niece. I'll write it from his point of view. Patrick isn't his real name, but those real familiar with the local photographic industry will know him. He doesn't mind that, he just can't use his real name, due to legal reasons and some related issues that would come from having his real name linked to some of the incidents in this story.


I'm twenty-eight years of age, solid build, and very fit, because I play sport three times a week. Short light hair: who knows what it is, because it varies from white to a light brown or a light red with the sunlight and washing. Deep blue eyes, average height, and average build. My mixed European heritage includes English, Scottish, Irish, French, Italian, and Swedish ancestors. All of those in the last four generations, with a paternal main line going way back in Wales and a maternal paternal main line going way back in Scotland. I'm Caucasian, smart, with a knack of finding innovative solutions to hard problems, and a wicked sense of humour. My greatest skill is being able to set models and lighting up to get the perfect shot of them. This is what makes me so in demand for portfolios and custom photographic work. I'm well off because I'm very well paid for my work, and I have been for fifteen years. Many in the industry call me Perfectly Pat because of the quality of my work; they say the name describes both me, my work, and my approach to all I do.

Randolph 'Randy' Carpenter is another photographer who sort of works for me. He's a good looking (according to some females) twenty-nine year old of athletic build, tall, short dark brown hair, and the darkest brown (almost black) eyes I've ever seen. He's a very good photographer too, but he's not that smart where the ladies are concerned. In fact, he can be outright stupid about women.


Legally, I've two photographic businesses: Pat's Photo Services, and Seaside Studios. Pat's is the one I established seven years ago, and it does very well. Seaside is one I established five years ago to help Randy out. Hell, we've been friends since primary school, so I helped him out. I better digress and tell you all about that, first.

Six years ago Randy got married. Neither of us knows exactly how that came about. He was dating a woman, and before he knew it he'd bought her a diamond ring. I, and a few others, said she's just a gold digger. At that time he had the second most lucrative bachelor owned business in the area, second only to mine. He had a lot of revenue, but he also had very high in expenses. Still, he made a good living. After some months of discussion he finally asked me to set things up to protect him if I'm right about her.

He needed to replace most of his equipment, he'd originally bought used gear which was now very worn out, and often in need of expensive repairs. I was doing very well with slightly less revenue, but a much higher profit margin, because I used newer types of equipment, and operated differently, with mostly well paid outside assignments. Many basic service charges were similar, but my expenses were only a quarter of his. I set him up by starting a new business and registering the name. He was already using the name, but he hadn't registered it. I allowed him to use my registered business name to run his operation. I bought new digital equipment and lights, which I rented to him at high rates while keeping separate records for both businesses. I found and bought a studio in a better location then I helped him move into it, and rented it to him. It had a lovely six bedroom house with a large back yard and front garden as part of the same block of land. Bought cash in the business name with money from a mortgage on my studio, because it was easier to organise and less paperwork to be done that way.

I now had a business using his old business name that provided the equipment, studio, and a nice house to live in, all at premium rental rates. This new business made very good profits, which went into paying off the mortgage on my studio raised to set it up. He charged good rates to pay his operating costs of consumables, utilities, and rents to leave him with a very good income after expenses. He started putting some money in the bank toward when they'd have kids while he and his wife lived in a very good lifestyle.

Seaside doesn't actually turn much of a cash profit for me. I'd loaned it money from Pat's to buy the equipment, and I took out a mortgage for the studio. Randy rents everything on a ten year rental agreement based on a starting rate, and increased by CPI every six months. The premium rental rates paid the mortgage payments and the loan on the equipment very fast. The bank loan is over twenty years, but the rents from Randy are paying it off fast, because I'm putting the bulk of the rent to the mortgage while keeping a small amount for maintenance and rates. At the current rate of repayment the mortgage should be paid out within seven years of being started.

It's quite funny, in a way. I use an older studio because I like the light better, it looks its age because it's very run down, and I usually work about twenty-five hours a week. Randy uses a much larger and flashier premises while working about fifty hours a week. Yet I'm the one with all the assets and money, because I'm paid more per special assignment and have a higher profit margin. I keep the Seaside books separate to Pat's, because it's my intention to turn over the operation to Randy when I'm convinced it's time to do so. His work, so he should get the profits, in the long term, less the income return I'd have made on my investment if I'd made it elsewhere. I keep track of that as well, so I know how much of the profit is morally mine.

Bad News

Five years into the marriage, and she's found someone new. She wants a divorce. They've no kids so, it's a simple matter right - wrong. She wants half of his assets. The first he knows of this is when he goes to an outside assignment that takes most of the day, and he returns to find his keys don't work. He can't get into the studio or house, and there's no answer to the doorbell, because she's gone somewhere he doesn't know about. For once in his life he does the smartest thing he can do, he immediately calls me. I call a good locksmith, and we meet at the studio. I take all of my Seaside paperwork with me to show I own it.

The first thing I do is to have Randy write me a request to break into the house, because I'm the landlord and I need this from the tenant for legal reasons. The lease is in his name only, because the studio and house are one property and rented to him before the wedding took place. Next I've the locksmith bust into the studio. He uses his drill to bore out the centre of the lock. No messing about, sheer brute force against a cheap lock. We check all of the equipment is there and OK while the locksmith replaces the lock with a high quality lock that won't readily succumb to the attack he just used. I take photos of everything we do while we do it. I want good evidence of our actions if it goes to court. Then it's the house. Inside the front door of the house are two bags with most of his clothes. On the dining room table are copies of all the paperwork she lodged at the court last month. I take photographs of every page of the documents she has out, and everything in every room. The locksmith is busy giving the front door a high quality lock, and I tell him do the same to the two back doors. Both buildings have security grills on the windows, so the place is going to be very hard to break into after this. Randy calls the bank, to find the joint account with most of their money has been emptied today. On my advice he immediately cancels the bank account with its linked cheque account and credit cards. The bank is happy to do all this, so he races down the street on foot to sign the paperwork before the bank closes for the day at 4.00 p.m.

While he's gone I move his car into the garage and remove the rotor button before locking it up. By the time he returns the locksmith has finished the front door and is working on the back doors. I send Randy out for a 'Quik-lock' for his car. He's back at 4.30 p.m., and he puts it on the car steering wheel. I hand him the rotor button to put in his pocket, he smiles when he does, because the keys won't start it now.

Just before 5.00 p.m. the locksmith is finished with all four of the exterior doors on both buildings, because the studio has a back door that opens into the house's back yard. All four are keyed alike, to simplify access for Randy; he gets two keys and I get one. Randy pays the locksmith from his takings for the day, and keeps the bill for later. The locksmith will come back tomorrow to change the locks on the car and the garage door, he doesn't have those types of locks in his van.

Randy unpacks his clothes and packs up hers. That takes several extra boxes. We also pack all of the papers she has on the dining table. We take it all out and put it in the back of my van. I drive a Toyota Tarago van with three rows of seating, including the front seat, plus plenty of storage room behind the last seat row. This gives me a lot of room to carry equipment and a couple of models as well. It's very handy for outside assignments. We sit in the van and wait for her to return.

Just after 6.30 p.m. a very new Mercedes Benz pulls to the kerb and parks. She gets out, so does a man neither of us knows. He's strongly built, he must do weights at the gym or something, he's very tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, what some call ruggedly handsome, and he's wearing about six thousand dollars' worth of designer clothes. While they walk to the front door I ring the police on my mobile phone, and ask them for assistance with a domestic situation that's about to get out of hand. The say they'll be down when they can. I thank them. She's trying her key in the lock, and it won't fit, it won't even go in, because it's a different type of key.

I tell Randy to stay in the car, he doesn't want to, but agrees, with great reluctance. I get out of the car and cross the road. When I enter the gate I say, “Evening, Princess, got a problem?”

They both turn and look at me. The man says, “What's it to you?”

I reply, “Just asking my friend's wife if she has a problem I may be able to help with, that's all.”

He says, “Soon to be ex-wife, you mean. And it's nothing we can't handle.”

I say, “That so, I wonder when she'll get around to telling him that. When I spoke to him, earlier today, he thought all was still well. I had to speak to him, because I'm his landlord and I upgraded the security on the house and studio today, at his request. I had high security locks put in late this afternoon. When the locksmith told me no one was at home I told him to drill the locks out and put the new ones in. He gave me the new keys when he finished.”

When I mention being the landlord she spins round, saying, “What the hell do you mean landlord. This is my house.”

While shaking my head no I say, “No, it isn't. The house and studio are mine, I rent them to Randy.”

She screams, and attacks me while yelling, “Give me the key to my house you lying bastard.”

I back up, and close the gate between us. The man is standing there, stunned. I'm holding the gate shut while she's screaming abuse at me and trying to pull the gate open. The police arrive. On their orders I let go of the gate and back away a few metres. She heaves the gate open and starts after me. The female police officer does a very nice intercept. Princess is screaming and yelling because the police officer won't let her go. She attacks the police officer, and scratches the cop's arm so bad it's bleeding freely.

The police officer says, “Right, that's it.” She forces Princess to the ground, and handcuffs her. They lift her up, and put her in the back of their van.

The other officer says, “I think we best finish this at the station, if you don't mind.” I nod yes, and the other man nods yes as well.

We all drive down to the station, and give our stories to the police sergeant there while he writes it all down. The sergeant is handling this because the two officers are now involved in a case of assault on a police officer. After taking all our statements he has her charged with an assault on a police officer. She puts up the bail, and has to appear before the local magistrate at 10.00 a.m. the next day. So do I and her boyfriend, as witnesses. Randy didn't have a good view, so he isn't a witness to the assault. Her new boyfriend has agreed to put her up overnight, so Randy and I help him move her things from my van to his car while they process the paperwork on her, then we leave.

We get dinner on the way home, then we spend the night preparing for tomorrow. I wonder which court she'll miss, because at 10.00 a.m. she's supposed to be in the Family Court about the divorce, and at the local Magistrate's Court about the assault. We know about the Family Court from the papers we found. She'd never served any on Randy, and those copies are amongst the papers I put in her bags, despite her signing a declaration about them being served. Randy and I spend a few hours copying and preparing paperwork. We visit a friend who's a Justice of the Peace to witness both of us signing several documents.

The next morning I find out her priorities. I'm at the local court at 9.30 a.m., and she isn't. She doesn't even send a solicitor to represent her. I talk to the Police Prosecutor to tell her what I know and where I think Princess is. She calls the family court, and finds out she signed in there ten minutes ago at 9.25 a.m. She passes the information to the Clerk of the Court. Ours is the first case heard. The judge issues a warrant for her arrest, and the police offer me a ride to the Family Court. I talk them into letting the Family Court finish with her before bringing her back, if she requests it. They smile while they agree. If the Family Court takes too long she'll be in the cells overnight for a local court hearing tomorrow.

We arrive at the Family Court at 11.15 a.m., and Randy tells me the Registrar has nearly finished reading the list, and they'll be the first contested case heard. When the court sits they first go through the list to ensure everyone is on hand. If it can be quickly settled by agreement it's heard and dealt with, contested matters are sent out and brought back a little later; this is called 'reading the list.'

While Randy is telling me this the police are talking to her. She begs them to let her finish with this court first. They agree to let her.

At 11.30 a.m. we all file into the courtroom when their case is called. The Registrar is surprised to see two police officers walk in with her. The gist of the matter is she knows the house and studio were bought a few years earlier for cash, and they've a current value of $500,000, also the photographic equipment is insured for another $100,000, so she wants $300,000 dollars as her share of the common property. I greatly enjoy the look on her face when Randy stands up and says he doesn't own any assets other than his car, which he owned before they got married. The only other assets they have are the $9,000 in the bank, which she cleared out yesterday, his clothes, and the furniture in the house that's insured for $7,000, which is all old and worn. The Registrar asks about the property and equipment. I stand, and speak about owning the business since it was legally created some years ago. I also tell how Randy is a freelance photographer who works for me in a very simple arrangement something like a share cropper works a farm. He rents the property and equipment from me, because he can't afford to buy it, and he lives off what he makes beyond the rental costs. I explain about mortgaging my other property to raise the money to buy this one cash, as I'm helping my long term friend out. I show her all of the paperwork. The Registrar finds there are no significant assets in the common property, and rules each can keep what they currently have in their possession.

With the ruling given we exit the court at 12.30 p.m. The police formally arrest Princess and lead her off. I get a lift back to the local Magistrate's Court with Randy. By the time the magistrate is finished with her she's on a twelve month Good Behaviour Bond and she's fined $2,000. She's not happy at all.

Randy and I go back to 'business as usual' that afternoon, and forget about her. We leave the arrangements the way they are in case she tries any further tricks.

Worse News

Several months after the separation Randy is hired to do some Studio shots of a sixteen year old girl, and her mother is there to supervise the shoot. They pay him to do a portfolio of the girl in various clothes, swimsuits, and nude. He's enjoying the work, since he doesn't get much nude work. Because of the laws he sights the birth certificate before he starts the work, and it states Alice XXX was born on a certain date, making her nearly seventeen years old. The nude shots become a bit more graphic than he expected. The girl asks him to fuck her. He looks at the mother, and she shrugs her shoulders while saying, “Her choice, she's on the pill.” He can't believe his luck - if only he'd followed that thought. He gets undressed while taking more shots when the girl watches him undress. He sets the cameras to auto-shoot mode and moves in on the girl, she eagerly welcomes him. They have sex every which way he can for almost an hour. A very good time is had by both.

That night he calls me over and tells me about his afternoon. I don't believe him, so he gets out the memory cards and shows me. The cameras didn't get the whole session, but they got enough of it to prove his point. Many shots of him in her in varying ways. Even a few with the mother in the background. I'm not happy with what happened, and I tell him so.

I take copies of all the images and place them in secure storage. I write and send him a letter on my business letterhead paper saying I'm not happy with the events of that afternoon and I ask him to refrain from similar activities in the future. When he asks me why I sent the letter I explain he used what's legally my work premises and work equipment, thus making me an accomplice. If anything goes wrong I could be deep in it too. He writes a nice letter back apologising and saying he'll get my permission before doing any nude or sex related work in future, instead of doing them without my prior knowledge.

He prepares the portfolio as instructed, and delivers it to the girl several days later. No photos of them having sex. When he hands it over the mother asks for $5,000 to keep quiet about his having sex with her fifteen year old daughter. His eyes bulge. She has five daughters, a seventeen year old, fifteen year old twins, and fourteen years old twins. She'd shown him the birth certificate of the eldest while he was with one of the fifteen year old twins. She wants free portfolios of all the girls and an extra $5,000 cash, or they'll tell the police he knew she was under age.

Now I should explain about our silly laws. It's legal for a person to have sex at sixteen years of age, but must be eighteen years of age before they can engage in sex for any commercial reason, prostitution, or paid to be photographed having sex. They can be photographed nude at any age as long as they're not engaged in sex if under sixteen years of age. If paid as a model they must sign a release form with their personal details and it must state the work to be done, after having provided identification documents. If the model is under eighteen years of age the form must be counter-signed by a parent after they provide their identification. When you're hired as a photographer to do a portfolio no forms are needed. Generally, when you take photos the photographer owns the copyright and can use the images how they wish. However, in some cases this isn't so clear, and the subject can have a say in allowing the use of the images. The release form is to ensure everyone knows who owns the images. When doing portfolios the forms and copyright usually don't matter, because the photographer is paid to do the work, so he gives the images to the model and he'll often sign a release form in favour of the model so it's clear she owns them.

This pair mouse trapped Randy. Since he was being commissioned he saw no need to give the ID papers a thorough check and make them sign the usual declarations in the release form. He has no evidence they claimed the girl was of legal age.

The upshot is they have a yelling match. He storms off and calls me. I head around to his place, to find the police there and about to enter the gate. Arriving at the front door just behind them I shake my head no, when one says, “May we come in and talk to you about a matter?”

He replies, “I'm sorry, but my landlord is behind you and he's here about an important issue. Do you mind waiting here a moment, and then I can talk to you?” They look at him, then turn to look at me. They nod their heads yes, and stand aside. I have him leave the door open while we go down the hallway to talk in the dining room. I make sure he sits where they can see him. That's when he hits me with the really bad part, because he says, “Since the shoot I've been dating the girl and had sex on every date. I'm really interested in her and she's really interested in me.” He gives me the girl's first name, Alice, and her phone number. We discuss the matter in detail, and I give him the best advice I can.

After several minutes I get up, and we both go to the front door. I say, “OK, I'll have someone look into doing the garage up, and I'll get a builder to look at the roof. I'll let you know how things go.”

Walking out of the house with me he replies, “Thanks, I'd like to see them fixed very soon. Mind waiting a moment, as a witness. I think I know what these officers want.” He shuts the front door behind him, and we stand on the porch while he says, “Sorry about the delay, how may I help you officers?”

One officer says, “We have a complaint from a woman claiming you've been dating and having sex with her under age daughter.” She names the girl as Jennifer.

He says, “Some weeks ago I meet a girl when her mother hired me to do a portfolio for the girl. The mother told me the girl was seventeen and showed me a birth certificate. The portfolio included semi-clothed, clothed, and nude shots. The girl and I got on well. Since then we've been out a few times and had sex. I'd been told by both the girl and her mother she was seventeen years of age. Today, while I was over there the mother told me her daughter is really only fifteen and said she'd have me charged if I didn't pay her some money. We had an argument about that, so I'm not surprised you're here about it.”

They talk some more, and they wish to take him to the station. I advise him not to say anything more until he has a solicitor, and I'll organise one to meet him at the police station. When they drive off I ring 'Alice' on her mobile phone. We talk at length. She explains her name is Jennifer, she knew it was a scam when she went to the studio, but since then she's come to love Randy. She spoke to her mother about dropping the scam, but her mother is angry. She doesn't want Jennifer to see Randy any more. She's not prepared to call her mother a liar, but she's not prepared to lie in court, either.

The police take about a week investigating the charge. The Police Prosecutor isn't all that sure they can get a conviction with a jury, and Randy's solicitor is saying she'll go for a jury trial if they lose at the magistrate's hearing. In the end Randy suggests a compromise, since he doesn't wish to see Jennifer being put through a very harsh cross examination in the court, because the sucker really does love her. They negotiate, and he pleads 'No contest' to a lesser charge. The magistrate sentences him to a minimum security facility for nine months. The Police Prosecutor tells Jennifer he doesn't know what really went on, but Randy agreed to the deal to avoid her having to face a hostile cross examination in court. She leaves the office crying while she swears at her mother. The week after Randy's hearing my solicitor gets a letter from a solicitor seeking compensation for the sexual abuse of their client by my employee, they cite the girl and Randy. My solicitor sends a polite letter back explaining he isn't, and never was, an employee, but a freelance consultant who rented facilities and equipment. She includes copies of the letters Randy and I exchanged. It's clear this case doesn't have a leg to stand on. The other solicitor confirms receipt, and agrees they don't have a case, because the situation isn't what he'd thought it was from the client's original discussions.

The next month Jennifer writes Randy to tell him she's pregnant, and includes the medical certificate. She starts talking about getting Randy out of prison early. He declines, because if he stays the term that's it, and it's all over and done with. An early release will mean six or more months on parole and other restrictions. Plus it'll probably include not being allowed to see her at all.

New Management

I've no problem with closing Seaside up for nine months. But about then a developer offers me an extremely good price for my main studio, which includes my residence. It's about twenty percent over market value. It turns out mine is the last property holding up their major development project because they've been quietly buying properties for some months. Nearly all of my work is now outside assignments, often at the client’s premises, so I sell the place. I move into the house at Seaside, and I use it as my base of operations.

About eight weeks after Randy's court hearing I open up Seaside for the first time. About an hour later a woman walks in, and says, “I thought this business was closed for a year!”

I say, “The previous photographer is away for several months and I'm in need of a new studio, so I'm making use of this one until Randy comes back. I'll be filling in for him and offering the same services as he does at similar rates. But I'll be away on outside assignments more than he was.”

She smiles while she slowly nods. She asks how much to do a portfolio for two of her daughters, and my ears twitch at this. I reply, “Well, at my old studio I used to charge fifteen hundred dollars for a portfolio for a model, but Randy's charge sheet says five hundred dollars. So, since you've asked here and I'm filling in for him, it's seven hundred and fifty dollars per person.” She nods again, and thanks me before we set a date for the portfolio shoot.

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