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All rights reserved 2009 by Ernest Bywater

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. All rights are reserved by the author, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form.

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The image used is 122739 main dust devil june 10.jpg by NASA, and it's in the public domain as per the NASA MP Photo Guidelines. The original file is at www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/solarsystem/2005_dust_devil.html. The trimming, manipulation, and adding of text is by Ernest Bywater. All rights to the cover image are reserved by the copyright owners.

10 October 2018 version

Published by Ernest Bywater

ISBN: 9780359121656

The titles in use are a Chapter, a Sub-chapter, and a section.


Author's Note: Over ninety percent of this story was written back in 2009, and it was originally planned to cover all of Jim's life with the group in the story as part of his household. However, due to outside influences I recently made a decision to end the story after several days as it was a suitable break point. While I had intended to write a very long story covering many years there isn't yet a story line for what's beyond the content in this story. So I decided to revise and complete what I have, and to worry about writing any sequels at a later date. Apart from some word and style changes in the old work, all of the new work is added into filling out the last two chapters of the story as shown in this work.

This story was written during a time in my life when I saw things in a lot darker way than I do now. This was due to a number of external pressures and other events in my life in the decade prior to the time I wrote the bulk of this story. The result is the story is darker than I prefer to write now. This difference in my attitudes also makes it harder for me to finish the story in the same way as it was when I first wrote it, although I have tried to do so. Even finishing what has been added since the original text has been hard and it has taken me well over a year to complete this to where it is by doing a little bit at a time.

I'm sorry if the ending seems a bit rushed to you, that's probably because it seems that way to me too. I'd reached the point where I couldn't flesh out the story line any more at all. Thus I cleaned up what I had as best as I could and said that was enough. Should I ever feel up to extending the story in the future I'll probably start the new story by expanding the last chapter of this story. However, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that, if I were you.


My favourite cousin got into big trouble and came to me for help. For the first time in her life she went to the best person to help her. I'm what they call a geek or a nerd, but not your typical geek or nerd. I'm a twenty-five year old of just above average height with average looks and an average build. I'm very fit from studying three forms of martial arts, playing and refereeing basketball a lot, and gymnastics; which is why I'm not your average nerd. I love studying, and I'm usually in the top five percent of my classes. I'd just finished six years at university doing three computing degrees at the same time, and the teachers thought I was mad because I did extra classes for the fun of it. I did a psychology minor as well as half of the business management and accounting degrees. When my cousin approached me I was looking for work, but not fanatical about it because I already have a couple of very good contracts I'm working on as a 'get paid if you can do it' basis. Also, my Dad is rich, and he's happy to spoil me, so why bust a gut straight away. Oh, I almost forgot, I'm James, and most people call me Jim, some who really know me call me Slippery Jim, or SJ, or Slippery, amongst many other things.

Anyway, my cousin Ellie, full name of Elouise, had asked me to help her out, and to not tell her family about what happened. As I said, she's my favourite cousin - fifth or sixth, something like that, most people don't even count the relationship as one today. When she was younger I used to babysit her a lot. It was just after her parents split up. I cost her mum nothing since my mum would send me over to babysit when asked because they're very close friends for most of their lives, almost like sisters. Ellie and I always got on well, unlike my other cousins. She's now seventeen years old, a bit shorter than me with an athletic build, blond hair, blue eyes, nice firm breasts the size of oranges, a bad case of being ultra cute, and as naïve as they come. When her troubles started she was incredibly naïve in many ways. She came to me at the first chance she had, and that's what saved her. She came to me the Tuesday night before the Easter long weekend. Here, let me tell you about things as she told them to me.

The Troubles

Two weeks ago Teri and Jeri, two sisters in year twelve at Ellie's school, approach Ellie just after her seventeenth birthday. Although born nearly a year apart Teri and Jeri look like twins. Both are tall with very athletic builds, red hair, lots of freckles, lovely faces, trim figures with firm full breasts, and proportionally longer legs than normal. They come from a very rich family, and they lead the 'In' crowd at the private high school they all go to. Teri walks up to Ellie, and says, “Hey Ellie, we're having a sleepover this weekend. You have to go straight from school on Friday and we drop you at home late on Sunday night. We'll also be having another one for the whole of the Easter long weekend from Thursday night through to the Tuesday night, a whole five days straight, it'll be the same type of deal. How about joining us for both?”

Ellie replies, “I'd love to, but I'll have to check it out with Mum first.” Teri nods agreement, and moves on. Ellie is walking on air because she's in year ten and the school's leading seniors want her at their sleepover. That night she asks about going, and her mother gives her reluctant approval. She'd heard some not nice things about these two sisters, but she has nothing solid enough to object to Ellie going to the sleepovers.

After school on Friday Ellie meets Teri and Jeri outside the school. They've a mini-bus being driven by a man in a chauffeur's uniform. He holds the door open while three other girls, one year twelve and two year eleven students, get on before Ellie, Teri, and Jeri get on. When he starts to drive the bus Ellie looks around at the other girls who are all blue eyed blonds with builds similar to Ellie's, and she wonders about this.

Teri hands Ellie a bottle of coke to have a drink of. She doesn't really like coke, but she makes like she's having a good slug to be friendly while just sipping a little to wet her lips. When Ellie hands it back Teri puts the lid back on the bottle and places it back in the cooler on the bus floor, no one else has a drink. Ellie gives her an odd look about that. Teri nods at Ellie, and Ellie is grabbed from behind. One girl has her around the waist and the other two have an arm each to hold her into the seat. Teri leans over and runs her hand along Ellie's face, down to her chest, and fondles her breast while saying, “Don't worry, by the time we reach our weekend home the drug in the coke will have sapped your strength and your will power. You'll do everything we want you to do. Jeri and I just love cute blonds, we find them irresistible. You'll make a good addition to our pool of blond sex slaves. Oh, we're both lesbians, but we don't show it around school. And the three cuties behind you are already our sex slaves.” Leaning close she opens Ellie's mouth by pulling her jaw down, and kisses her. She slides her tongue as far into Ellie's mouth as she can. Ellie starts to cry. The windows of the bus have heavy tinting, so it's almost impossible for anyone to look in. Added to that is the fact the bus went onto the Motorway by an entrance only a few minutes from the school, so it's unlikely they'll be any help for Ellie from strangers in any of the other motor vehicles.

The girls tie Ellie's arms to the seat then they start running their hands all over her body. A few minutes late Jeri moves beside Ellie to pull her left leg out wide while Teri pulls her right leg out wide on the other side. Her legs are tied to the legs of the seat. Jeri lifts Ellie's skirt, and tucks it into her waistband. Teri reaches over with a knife to cut Ellie's panties at the waist, just above each leg. Jeri tugs on the remains, and pulls them right off. They slide Ellie's top and bra up to expose her breasts. Sitting beside her the two girls spread their legs wide, and they pull their skirts up to show their natural red pussies since they've no panties on.

Teri says, “Licking time, girls.” The other three girls move around in front of Ellie, Teri, and Jeri; they've no expressions on their faces. In unison they kneel, and lower their faces into the three pussies before them. The girls are experienced pussy eaters who start licking and sucking the pussy in front of them with vigour and skill.

Teri and Jeri soon come. Due to the circumstances Ellie isn't enjoying herself; but the girl eating her pussy is very good, so she's getting Ellie excited despite the situation. When Teri and Jeri have their third come Ellie orgasms for the first time, and she hates herself for doing so. Teri and Jeri play with Ellie's breasts during all this. After Ellie comes for the second time Teri says, “Don't worry, by the time we finish your training you'll be just as good a pussy eater as these three. With any luck you'll hate eating pussy as much as they do. They eat pussy despite it now making them sick, because they don't relish the punishment we'll give them if they disobey us. They used to enjoy eating pussy a lot, but not any more. We'll have as much fun with you in our dungeon as we'll have with your tongue in our pussies or on Daddy's dick. Won't we Daddy?”

The driver says, “Yes, you will, and I'll enjoy watching you beat her more than I'll enjoy her mouth on my dick.” Ellie blanches on realising the driver is the girls' father, and he's going to be in on her humiliation and torture. “Don't worry, Dear, this weekend is to break your spirit and to get your training started. We won't beat you for fun, yet, unless you disobey us. Do as you're told immediately, and you won't taste the lash until after you're fully trained.” Ellie gulps.

On Teri's orders the other three girls undress. One lies on the seat opposite Ellie then spreads her legs wide, exposing her pussy. Another starts telling Ellie how to eat pussy while the third demonstrates on the girl with spread legs. After twenty minutes the instructor demonstrates on Ellie before kneeling on the seat with her pussy at Ellie's mouth. It's clear what's wanted, so Ellie starts putting her recent lesson into practice. This isn't the first time she's eaten pussy or been eaten, but she does like to have a say in the matter; but that's not possible here.

By the time the bus reaches the house in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney Ellie has eaten each of the other five girls twice, and she's been eaten four times each by the other three blonds. Teri and Jeri spend a lot of time sucking on her tits while the other girls eat them. Ellie realises her only hope of survival is to be absolutely obedient to Teri, Jeri, and their father. So she works hard at doing just that.

The Playroom

After getting out of the bus in the garage attached to the house the girls go inside, and down the stairs into a large room. The room has a huge double glazed glass wall that looks out over the valley while the other three walls are solid stone, except for the entrance door. The room is full of frames and devices for BDSM activities as well as video cameras with a computer station in one corner. The man goes around the room turning on the recording devices while Teri and Jeri take the girls to the devices then tie them in place to different ones. Ellie isn't happy with the idea of recordings, but she sees she has no way out of this so she acts submissively. Luckily she has a reputation around the school for being submissive, so they're not surprised by her behaviour. However, she makes a vow to herself to deal with them, somehow, when she has a chance. Teri says, “Ellie, what do you think of our playroom?”

Ellie truthfully replies, “I've never seen anything like this before, so I don't know what to think of it.” She's then taken to a flat table, and tied to it with her legs held out to the sides. The man places a camera right in front of her then he focusses it on her. He undresses, and places his dick on her lips, so she opens her mouth and waits for instructions. Teri tells her how to suck cock, so Ellie does as told. He soon comes in her mouth so she swallows it. Smiling, the man moves some more cameras around.

Teri gets a whip off the wall then approaches one of the girls tied over a vaulting horse. She says, “You were late joining us at lunch two days in a row, you know what that means?” The girl nods yes, then Teri slashes the whip across the girl's arse twice. The girl starts whimpering while the second hit is still in the air. Teri is smiling. The girl screams with the second hit. Ellie watches as Teri and Jeri orgasm to the sound of the screams. Ellie realises she's in real big trouble with this group.

Jeri walks to where one girl is strapped to a sloping bench with her face in the middle of a seat, her legs are spread wide while two clips hold her labia apart. Sitting in the seat Jeri has her pussy in the girl's mouth. As the girl eats her pussy Jeri reaches down to slap the girl's clit with a little flat stick hard. Ellie can hear the girl's scream from across the room, despite the pussy in her face. Four slaps, four screams, and Jeri is coming hard while the girl is hard pressed to swallow all of Jeri's fluids.

Ellie is quick to work out it's the sound of the screaming that's getting Jeri and Teri off, so she decides to scream her lungs out when touched. After watching the sisters play with the other girls Ellie trembles when they approach her. Teri reaches out to twist Ellie's nipple, so Ellie screams very loud. Teri reaches out to squeezes Ellie's clit, so Ellie adds a high pitched warble to her scream. Both girls come, and their father says, “Yes, I'm coming.” They let go, so Ellie stops screaming.

During the weekend Ellie swallows lots of their father's semen as he often comes back to have her suck his dick. She screams a lot when they pinch various parts of her body. It's not a fun weekend for Ellie, but she survives it. It's less fun for the other three who're constantly whipped and beaten. They spend a lot of time whimpering.

Before they drive back into town they show Ellie some of the video from the weekend before they promise to put it on the Internet if she doesn't come back for the next weekend. So Ellie simply says, “Yes, Mistress.” Both girls and their father smile at her submissive response. They should have remembered she's part of an amateur theatre group, and she's often asked to do semi-professional acting work in the local productions. However, they don't remember about her acting, despite it being mentioned in the school paper a few times when she was paid for acting work because she's now classed as a semi-professional. Ellie is only a semi-pro due to her still being at school as a full-time student.

Getting Help

On the Monday after the weekend Ellie sends me an email asking me to visit a.s.a.p. This is unusual because our discussions are electronic, as face to face for a personal talk is usually not allowed now. Now she's in her teens and a good looking girl her mother isn't happy about how well we get on. I make arrangements to call around on the Tuesday night in a manner that makes it look natural, because I often visit Ellie's family mid-week to deliver messages or things for Mum and Dad. This week I offer to take something round to save Mum the trip over there.

Once there I spend time talking to Ellie in the family room with the TV turned up loud. She tells me the story I related above. It's clear to me Ellie hasn't told me everything that went on, and she doesn't want to. She tells me just enough to get me to help her. She also tells me the address of the weekend house. Despite everything that went on she made note of it on the way in. She may be naive in many ways, but she's not dumb or an idiot. She just lacks experience, and a bit of healthy paranoia.

I explain she's got two choices of: one, not going with them Thursday, or two, to hope it's to the same house, I can get there, and get inside the house before them. She decides to go with the second option.

The next day I go to look up Max, an old school friend. Together we look up his father, Rob, and an uncle called Jacks. I explain to them some of the basics of what happened before I ask them to help me by committing a couple of crimes for me. Years ago Rob and Jacks were two of the best house breakers in the business, and I'm one of the few people who knows it. Six years ago they gave it up to go straight when the police looked like getting close to them. They felt they'd made enough to set up their own legal businesses, so they stopped committing burglaries.

We drive to the Blue Mountains in Max's car. He drops the rest of us about two kilometres from the house then keeps going down the major road he dropped us on. We leave our mobile phones with him, and I carry a new prepaid mobile phone that's turned off. It's to be turned on for use in an emergency. Most people don't know it, but any turned on mobile phones can be tracked. We walk through the scrub to the house, being careful as we avoid the regular approach paths and other houses.

Reaching the edge of the house clearing we give it a close study with binoculars. Jacks says, “It looks like there's no phone or alarm system on it at all.”

Shaking my head I say, “You're a fool if you believe that. I think there's an underground fibre optic phone line that comes up inside the house. Look at that mild indentation line in the lawn, it's just right for that. Also, on the side of the house is the dish for a satellite TV while there's another dish near the top of the roof. That looks like a microwave phone dish, and it's aimed in the direction of the nearest phone relay tower. If they've gone to that expense you can bet there's an alarm system installed that phones a security service with twenty-four hour by seven days a week monitoring.”

On a longer more careful and closer examination we locate several well concealed sensors for the alarm system plus five video cameras. We start mapping out the coverages. Between us we soon have it all worked out. The recently built rubbish bin containment area interferes with the sensors aimed toward the approaches from that side of the house. We can see a newer video camera aimed into the construction, but nothing covering the approach path it now obstructs. By myself I wouldn't have found half of the sensors or worked out an approach path. We withdraw to make our way back to the main road. On the way we divert to check the suspected land line feed. We find a phone service junction box where the next two neighbours join the line about a kilometre from the house; it's a fibre optic cable. We also find the underground power line, due to having spotted its junction service pit.

As we walk to where Max is waiting we discuss ideas. When we get about three kilometres from the house Jacks uses the new mobile phone to call someone else to discuss some ideas. The friend says he'll look into something and call back. When he calls back he tells us the microwave tower and the cable phones all feed into the same local exchange, one that really needs many equipment upgrades. He can take it off line and make it like a normal equipment failure when he does. It'll take Telstra, the telecommunications provider who owns the equipment, about twenty minutes to notice it and fix it, maybe longer.

We sit down in the trees to discuss getting into the house while the phones are out. That means we'd have time to locate and override the alarm system. We turn the phone off then sneak back to the house. Getting up close by using the identified approach path we work our way up to the side of the garage. We've trouble looking in the windows as they have very heavy tinting, but we can see what's inside. Jacks pulls out an instrument to place it against the glass. He smiles, “The motion detector inside is a fancy one, but I can fool it if need be. From what I can see I think the main control panel is just inside the door from the garage into the house. It seems to have a very good deadlock on it. This isn't going to be an easy place to enter.” We take care when we leave.

An hour and a half later we meet up with Max four kilometres from the house. On the way we speak about the system at length, and agree we just don't have the resources to deal with the systems in place. While we walk and talk I realise we don't have to deal with all the systems in place. So I say, “OK, we can't get in while the owners are away. Can we get in when they get home?” Jacks gives me odd looks. “I know they'll be coming back Thursday afternoon about dusk, maybe just before or just after. Can we duck into the garage just behind their vehicle while the bulk of the sensors are disabled for their entrance?”

Jacks smiles, and says, “If we're hiding beside the garage at the time of their entry we can race in behind their car. I've a portable device that'll bamboozle the motion sensor inside. But we'd have to stay undetected while they turn off the main alarm.”

We smile, and discuss it some more. We soon have a workable plan. We'll go to there early Thursday afternoon then make our way to the garage to hide near it. The phone expert Jacks knows will arrange for the sub-exchange to go down at the same time the targets arrive home, timing based on when they pass a certain point on the road. When they open the garage we'll follow the minibus in, and bamboozle the motion sensor. We'll slide under the bus while they exit the garage to enter the house, they'll turn off the main alarm when they do that. With the motion sensor still fooled we'll slide out to open the door into the house. The only weak point is if they reactivate a sensor on the door between the house and the garage, thus the need for us to take the phone down at that moment.

That night I send Ellie an email saying I'm sorry she has a prior arrangement for the weekend so she won't be able to go to the Royal Easter Show with me and my friends on Saturday. I wish her a fun weekend, and add I'll catch up with her later. An innocuous enough message, but very telling for her. We hadn't discussed going to the Royal Easter Show at all, and she knows I hate going there because the crowds and pushing annoys me. I know she'll understand I'm telling her to go with Teri and Jeri this weekend because I'll be doing something during the weekend. She replies with a message saying she'll be enjoying a fun weekend with some girls from school, so she'll catch up with me whenever. I know she got my message and understood it.

During the week I visit some other friends to get some special toys from a BDSM speciality shop, and another friend sells me a box of prepared one shot syringes. I also prepare some recorded messages to be used over the weekend. I wrap all of the items up in cloth so they won't make any noise or get damaged during our entry gymnastics. I also make sure I set them up in a way to allow me to get at the items I'll need quick access to during our entry.

Counter Strike

Jacks' friend needs a hand at the exchange and the mini-bus isn't that big, so only Jacks and I are going into the house behind the bus while Max watches the road at the check point.

Arriving about an hour before we expect the girls to arrive we make our way to the garage, and wait right against it while snuggled up to the wall. It's a bit cool and uncomfortable while we wait, but I promise Jacks he'll really enjoy the spoils of this campaign. We sit there with our own thoughts for company while we say nothing.

Entry and a Start

It's just going dark when we see headlights swing across the yard as we hear a vehicle enter the driveway. The garage door starts to open as the tyres crunch on the gravel. The lights vanish into the garage. We're up and moving around the corner very fast. Inside the garage is bright with the vehicle lights and the room light, behind us is dark and we're wearing dark clothes. Crouching low to keep below the window line we race after the mini-bus. We slide under it when it stops. The only risk we took was if someone looked out the rear window while we chased after the bus. The garage door closes, and the bus lights go off.

The mini-bus doors open, and we see the feet of people climbing out. Only the driver has shoes on. Using a small extending mirror for looking into hard places I watch what's happening on the house side of the bus. The man unlocks the door into the house. He reaches in to punch a panel inside. He holds the door open for the girls when they walk into the house and turn left. While they do this I put the mirror away then I slide down to the front of the bus. From the placement of his feet I think the man is watching the girls walk around the back of the bus. Standing up in the shadow created by the front of the bus I sneak a look to see the man looking inside the house. I dash to him, and I strike his neck with a blow to stun him. He grunts, and he starts to drop. Sticking my foot out to hold the door open I grab him to hold him up. Jacks slides out from under the bus, and he helps me carry the man into the house. He examines the control panel. Turning to me he whispers, “Perfect, he's turned off all of the interior security. It seems to be a pre-set option for when he's here.” I smile, and nod to acknowledge his statement.

Opening my bag I take out a pair of handcuffs, and put them on the man, closing them tight. I also slip a special gag into his mouth. As I do the gag up he starts to stir. With the gag in place he can't make a sound. Using some Velcro straps I tie his arms to his body, and his legs tight together. Jacks picks him up to carry him downstairs. All of this has taken only a minute or so. We make our way downstairs. I open my bag to remove more handcuffs and Velcro restraints.

At the bottom of the stairs I use my mirror to check the room out. All of the girls are naked; Ellie and the three blonds are tied to tables, Jeri is sitting astride the face of one with her eyes closed. Teri is standing beside Ellie while running her hands over Ellie's body as she speaks to her. Teri's back is to me. Nodding at Jacks I place my bag on the floor.

I dash into the room over to Teri. Grabbing Teri from behind I slap a handcuff on her right hand while I drag it behind her back to meet her left, and click that one on as well. I've both her hands secured behind her before she knows what's happening. She opens her mouth in time for me to push a ball gag into it then pull the elastic strap over her head. Knocking her feet out from under her I drop us both to the floor then sit on her while I tie her legs together with Velcro ties.

Standing up I look over at Jeri. She's looking around the room. Her head tracks back this way, and she sees me. Getting up she says, “Who the fuck are you?”

While grinning I start toward her, and say, “Your new Master, Bitch.”

She jumps off the girl to take up a combat stance. From the stance I'd guess her to be level one or two black belt in some form of martial arts. I stroll over as if I don't realise what she's up to. I'm a level five in two very different martial arts forms as well as being a master in a third. I may be over confident, but I don't think so. I'm sure I can take her. Also, I'm used to no rules fighting, I doubt she's ever had a non-tournament fight in her life, and the moves are very different in that ring.

As I near her she strikes out with a high kick, I counter the blow and grab her leg to strike the nerves near her knee. Then I release the leg when she tries to use my hold for leverage to kick with the other foot. For a moment she's off balance as one leg is numb and won't hold her weight or respond to commands. I use the opening to move in to punch her breast hard. She screams, and backs off. I follow to punch the other tit. She's going to have some lovely bruises later. She screams again while she starts to cry. Moving in I swing a fast low punch into her groin. When I hit her clit her scream hits a new high when her hands move to her groin while she collapses onto the floor, crying hard. There are no ladies or gentlemen in a real fight, not if you intend to win. In a real fight you take every advantage to win that you can find or create, and I just did.

Rolling her over to be face down on the floor I grab her right arm to pull it behind her to slip the handcuffs on. Grabbing her left arm I bring it around to cuff it too. A couple of Velcro ties around her legs, and she can't move. I drag her to a chair, put her in it then I tie her down. As I drag Teri over to another chair Jacks drags Daddy to a third.

With them all tied to chairs I go to get my bag and remove two gags. These are special ones like Daddy's gag. They've a bit that goes around the tongue. They include a device for spreading the jaws open, and they have a removable insert like a wide rubber dildo. I can force their mouths open then they can spend a lot of time with the feel of a big dick in their mouth. I put these on Jeri and Teri while Jacks is cutting Daddy's clothes off him. I'm soon finished, despite Teri trying to stop me placing the gag on her, a few nipple pinches changes her mind.

Reminiscing and Explaining

Walking over to Ellie I run my hand up her leg, over her abdomen, and fondle her breasts. Her eyes go wide. Smiling at her I say, “Now, Ellie love, let's have a nice discussion about your behaviour over the last several months.” She starts to worry. We'd always been very close, but for the last several months she's been giving me what amounts to a very cold shoulder. I say, “Are you still a virgin?”

She nods yes, and says, “Yes, I am. Despite having been on the pill for nearly two years. I'm sorry, but I've been giving you the cold shoulder because I got tired of asking you for sex and I wanted to get back at you. I thought you no longer loved me, and I was getting even.”

Smiling at her I say, “Ellie love, if I proved to you your mother lied to you in a major way, what would you do?”

“You know what I'd do, I'd confront her about it, of course.”

“That's what I thought you'd do. And if the trouble was because I told you about something in your room, a place I'm not supposed to go to or ever have been in, that'd come out as you'd mention it as to why you're angry; wouldn't it?” She nods yes. “Why couldn't you accept my word that I know what I'm doing and trust me?”

She says in a soft voice “Because mother said you're not interested in me now I've decent sized tits. She says you're a child molester.”

I nod, “Did I ever molest you?”

“No, but you didn't stop me when I started doing things to you, nor did you try to make me do things. I want a man, a forceful man.”

With a big smile I reply, “That's because I let you do what you wanted to do. I never tried to force you. But if force is what you want, then that's what you'll get.” She gulps while her eyes go wide.

Going over to my bag I take out a big book, a drug reference book. Walking back to Ellie I say, “OK, Blondies, can one of you name a brand of oral female contraceptive?” Two of them call out a name each. Holding the book open so Ellie can see it I find the entries then show them to her. After she reads them I say, “Give me the name of the tablets you take for regularity, Ellie.” She does, then I show her the entry for it. Her eyes go wide as she reads it. I continue, “I recognised what your mother was up to straight away. I didn't tell you because you'd go shout at your mother and cause a lot of trouble. All you had to do was trust me and wait until your sixteenth birthday. But no, you couldn't trust me. And then you don't invite me to the birthday party.”

She jumps in, “I did invite you, I wrote out a special one.”

While shaking my head no I reply, “I'll accept you wrote one out because you're telling me you did and you've never lied to me before. But I bet you gave it to your mother to post with the rest. Very silly, knowing how she feels about me.” Ellie frowns when she realises her mother has been manipulating her and she's been too stupid to realise it. “Did you know your mother doesn't like me because I put a stop to her seducing all the local school boys. I got film of her with a couple of fourteen year old boys and threatened to send it to the police if she didn't leave them alone. That was two years ago. Take a guess how long she's been down on me.” I can see it all coming together in her mind. I smile, “Now, since you're seventeen, and your mother has been feeding you fertility drugs for fifteen months, I think it's about time we gave her a grandchild.”

Ellie's eyes go wider, startled, she yells, “What?”

I smile, “For six years you've been telling me you want to marry me and have my children. Your mother put you on fertility drugs while telling you they were contraceptive tablets in the hope we'd have sex and you'd get pregnant. Hopefully before you were of legal age so she could blackmail me. Well, now I'm taking you both up on your offers. I'm going to fuck your brains out to get you pregnant and marry you. Then we're going to scandalise your mother by setting up house with a bunch of female sex slaves running around treating me like a king. You may utilise them for your own pleasures as well, but I'm going to enjoy having these three blonds and two red heads as my sex slaves.” Ellie is shocked. “Ellie, I love you more than you can realise, and you've no idea how much your behaviour over the last several months has hurt me. Because I love you, and I think you love me, I'm prepared to not process you as a sex slave, but I'm going to be taking these five girls as my sex slaves whether you agree or not. You can choose to be part of my household as my wife, a sex slave, or not at all. Your choice. If you'd trusted me and kept your earlier promises things would've been very different, and we wouldn't be here now.”

She starts to cry, “I'm sorry, Darling. But I want you for myself, why do you have to have the others.”

“Because I can. Plus there are ways they can liven up our sex life, and some other more important reasons I'll explain later. Trust me to know what I'm doing. In the later stages of pregnancy you can't be too energetic in your sexual activity. Also, they'll help keep the house clean, and save you having to do much house work.” She gives a weak smile.

While I walk to stand between Ellie's legs Jacks says, “Hey SJ, do you know my preferences?”

I look over to where he's playing with Daddy's now stiff cock, and reply, “Unlike your brother and nephew, yes, I do. I know Highball very well, and I've seen you at his house, I fix his computer gear. Why do you think I sent them to deal with the other matters while I had you join me here. I need you to train Daddy while I train the girls. I get all the girls, and you get a rich Sugar Daddy.” The man's eyes go wide when he realises Jacks is gay and he's about to become his cock sucking sex slave. “I think all of the girls are going to get off on watching you play with Daddy, both with and without the special toys.”

He smiles while he slips a dick clamp down over Daddy's stiff dick and does it up. Kneeling, he leans over to kiss his dick. Standing up he pulls the dildo out of the gag before he slides his own dick in. Daddy doesn't start sucking, so Jacks reaches down to pinches his nipples hard. Jacks soon smiles when Daddy starts to suck cock.

Looking around I see the others are watching Ellie and me. Smiling, I undress while I play with her pussy. Once nude I give her some oral attention to make her come. Standing up I place my dick against her vaginal entrance. When she starts to lift her hips in another orgasm I push forward through her hymen and enter her vagina. Her eyes fly open while her mouth opens wide. I gently push into her as far as I can. Pulling back a bit I start to slowly thrust in and out, stopping short of contact with the end. She starts coming again. After she has several orgasms I speed up the action. Some minutes later I'm finding it hard to hold back. When she has another orgasm I thrust forward hard and fast. Reaching full entry I come. Her eyes open again when she feels my warm sperm in her. With a smile I say, “Welcome to motherhood, Darling.” She half smiles; I'm sure this isn't how she envisioned it happening. I hold still as my balls empty into her while she orgasms, which I keep causing by playing with her clit and nipples.

When my dick goes limp I withdraw from her before I lie on her to kiss her. She responds. Standing up I slip a cushion under her hips to help the sperm flow into her further. I walk over to the tied up blonds. Two look very fearful while one looks hopeful. To the hopeful blond I smile, and ask, “OK, my lovely, what's your name, and are you ready to eat Ellie's delicious cream pie for me?”

She gives a weak smile, and says, “I'm Denise Jones, they call me DJ, Master. Yes, I'm ready to do as you want.” Smiling, I release her from the table then I watch while she walks over to Ellie. Kneeling, she starts eating Ellie's pussy. Ellie has more orgasms when DJ eats her pussy, each orgasm helping to move the sperm in her further in and nearer their ultimate goal.

Following after DJ I take a collar and chain out of my bag to place the collar around her neck. She looks at me while I do this, but she continues to eat Ellie's pussy. With the collar in place I clip the light chain to it then I loop it around the leg of the table Ellie is on. DJ is more than capable of breaking this light chain; this is a symbolic chain, but it's an obvious reminder to her of her status in regards to me. It tells her I've just taken her as my personal sex slave and she's now my property. An important aspect to a submissive with a new master.


Going over to the other two blonds I caress their bodies when I ask, “What're your names?”

One looks at me, and says, “I'm Fiona Jane Mathews, they call me FJ, Master. This other girl is Mary Ellen Phillips. Because DJ was their first slave and I'm their third slave they call Mary EJ since she came between DJ and FJ, Master.”

I look at them, “I'd really like to keep you as my slaves, and I will do so, unless you can give me a very convincing argument not to. I know you're currently slaves through fear. I won't promise there'll be no BDSM activities, but I do promise to be able to make you want to stay my slaves without being afraid of me.” Both are surprised. “In my bag are some drugs and recordings which will program you to obey me. Do you wish me to use them on you, or do you prefer to live in fear?” Both smile as they agree to be drugged. I go to the bag. I return with the drugs and portable MP3 players with headphones. Swabbing their arms I find a vein to inject the drugs. I place the headphones over their ears then turn the players on. They have an hour long recording which is set for a constant repetition. The tone and voice are at that horrid boring level and tone known to students as 'Death by lecture,' because they put you to sleep. Going to a bench on the side of the room I get two vibrators and some straps. Returning to Fiona and Mary I turn on the vibrators then I insert them into their vaginas. I use the straps to hold them in place. I adjust the placement and speed until I have the girls at a high level of sexual arousal, but not at the level needed to orgasm. I know, from some research and talks with a medical friend, this will increase their receptiveness to the program because their hormones will accentuate the effect of the drugs used to lower their resistance and will power. I use a felt pen to write the time on their legs.

Going over to Jeri I untie her from the chair to carry her to a table. Laying her down on it I tie her waist to the table. Releasing her legs I tie them to the table. When I remove her handcuffs she tries to strike at me. I grab her breast, and pinch her nipple. She screams, and drops her arms to the table so I can tie her arms to the table.

I go to the chairs to untie Teri. Carrying her over to the table Jeri is on I stand her beside it, and tie her to the table's legs. After securing her right hand to her waist I undo the handcuffs then I release her left hand. When I start playing with her clit I place her left hand on Jeri's breast. Leaning close I say, “Pinch her tit.” Teri pinches Jeri's tit very hard, she screams loud, and my hand is covered with Teri's juices when she comes. I let her do this until she come three times.

Jeri is crying and whimpering when I secure Teri's hand again. I walk around the table. From the other side I pull Teri's head toward me and down. With her upper body across Jeri's beasts and face I adjust the position until her right breast is in Jeri's mouth. Holding Teri in place with one hand I play with Jeri's clit with the other while I say, “Time for pay back! How well do you suck tit?” I'm rewarded with a wet hand as Jeri sucks hard on Teri's tit to make her scream, resulting in her own orgasm from the scream. Our relative positions are just right for me to provide some noise abatement. I slide my dick into Teri's open mouth, and I start to give her a face fuck. After Jeri comes three times I tell her to stop, then I let Teri stand up. She has a large bruise forming on the side of her breast. Both girls are glaring daggers at each other for inflicting pain on them. Good, that should reduce their conniving while it reinforces each is alone and I control what happens to them.

I untie Teri's legs then move her to the next table. I lay her on it then tie her waist to it. Undoing her legs I tie them to the table, but unlike the other girls I have her legs tied down in a splits position. Undoing her handcuffs I tie her hands and arms to the table.

From my bag I get two injections and sound systems with another program, I pick up two vibrators and some straps on my way back. To Teri and Jeri I say, “I want you both as my slaves. I have drugs and programming tapes that'll make sure you stay my slaves, permanently. Do you wish me to spend the two weeks of the holidays constantly torturing you like you've done to the other girls?” With eyes open wide in fear they both shake their heads no. “Do you wish me to make you my slaves by drugging and programming you to obey me in all things?” Gulping, they both nod yes, especially Jeri. She seems very eager to be my slave. Turning a MP3 player on I place it on Jeri's head. I swab her arm, find a vein, and inject her with the drugs. I slip a vibrator into her pussy then I adjust it until I'm happy with the setting. I write the time on her leg before I leave her to learn how to be a good and very obedient slave bound to me.

Going to Teri I swab her arm, find a vein, and inject her. I place the headphones on her ears, turn on the MP3 player, starting the vibrator I put it in her cunt, and strap it into place then I write the time on her leg.

Boy, do I hate this pair of redheads. I'd kill them, except that wouldn't expend enough of the hate, I need to destroy them. I surprised myself with how much I hate them for what they did to Ellie. They've damaged my Ellie, my delicious, enticing Ellie, I had her mind nicely developing, and they've wrecked the balance. Oh, her mother tried hard, but I had that accounted for in Ellie's training. I know from my psych studies anyone subjected to forceful encounters like Ellie and the blonds have been through suffers long term changes to their psyche. Those who've been forced to submit totally through fear are always permanently damaged to some extent. That's why I can't just let those three go. They now need a lot of constant care to be able to reach some sort of new reasonable balance in their minds. The only way I can be sure of keeping them around and not freaking out while that's done is to make them like being my slaves. Thus the gentle treatment and requests. But I don't need that approach for Teri and Jeri. I intend to bust their psyches right open, the way they've done to Fiona, Mary, and Denise - but much more so. I intend to make this pair totally psychologically dependent upon me and Ellie. Also, their father is going to be totally dependent upon Jacks. Fitting retribution for them. I'll also get even with Ellie's mother by giving her to Max's father as a sex slave for him and Max. You could say I'm very pissed off about the current situation.

Turning to look around the room I can see Ellie and Denise watching me, and Jacks has a huge smile while he pumps his seed down Daddy's throat. I smile at them, and walk over to examine the recordings Daddy had previously made of their games. When I sit down I turn back to see Ellie and Denise talking. After a few minutes they both smile, and Denise goes back to eating Ellie's pussy. I scan some of the recordings, and find out these three are worse than I thought. I go to where Jacks is instructing Daddy in cock sucking, he does as Jacks tells him. Jacks says, “This is my slave, Sugar, he used to be Matthew, but he's Sugar to us.”

I smile, and say, “Sugar, how much are you and the girls worth?”

Jacks pulls his dick out of Sugar's mouth so he can say, “All up, somewhere around forty-seven million dollar, but most of that's in company shares and other assets. We only have about five and a half million in bank accounts and other liquid assets.”

A wide-eyed Jacks looks at him as I slowly nod, “You have suitable people to take over as managers for all of the businesses, don't you? You and the girls don't have to run them, do you?”

He replies, “Correct. I run the businesses as I like the power plays of the boardroom, and such. I can retire tomorrow, and not adversely affect any of the businesses.”

I smile, “Good, we'll get organised for you to do that next week. You need to spend all of your time with Jacks now, not in boardrooms. I don't think you fully realise it yet. You're going to be his Sugar Daddy sex slave for the rest of your life, not just this weekend.” He's shocked, then he starts to whimper. “You badly hurt someone I love, so I'm going to smash you. I also have the drugs on hand to make you totally obedient to Jacks, so don't worry about that part.” Sugar cries as well.

Jacks is surprised, and he says, “Damn, I didn't realise you really meant it as a permanent slave. Damn, that's so hot, and it makes me so horny.” He releases Sugar from the chair to lay him over the edge of a nearby pummel horse then rub some lubricant into his arse before slipping his dick in. It takes him a few moments to get it all in, as it's Sugar's first arse fuck as the receiver. Jacks is soon pounding away at a furious pace, and it's obvious he's enjoying every moment of it. As are Ellie and Denise who are watching them, and it's also clear Sugar hates it.

Walking over to the girls I stand beside them, and start to undo Ellie's ties. She smiles at me. Unhooking Denise's chain I lay it on her shoulder, and say, “OK, you two, let's have a look at the house.” They smile, and follow me up the stairs.

Evening Entertainment

This is their getaway weekender? I know many people who'd regard this as a palatial house for permanent living; including me, and I'm not poor. Five luxury bedrooms, each has its own huge digital TV with a top quality integrated sound system, and an even bigger set up in the lounge room. I pick a bedroom for Denise, Ellie, and me to share tonight: the master bedroom. During the inspection I grab four spare quilts to take downstairs to place over the sleeping girls. The room has heating, but no point in taking any chances with their health. They'll be sleeping while listening to my recordings until about 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

Leading Denise and Ellie I head for the kitchen to check what's there for dinner. We soon have things sorted out for a dinner for five. Denise says she's a good cook, so I let her organise it while Ellie helps, and I watch them. When it's almost ready Ellie and I set the table. While Ellie helps Denise bring the food to the table I go downstairs for Jacks and Sugar. I find them having fun, Sugar is secured into a chair while Jacks is riding up and down on his dick. I tell them about dinner. Jacks climbs off Sugar, unties him, and leads him upstairs. We sit down, and have a great meal. Sugar's hands are still cuffed, so Jacks hand feeds him. Jacks is smiling as Sugar is sitting in his lap with Jacks' dick right up his arse.

After dinner we go downstairs where I check on my sleeping beauties. We have Sugar lie down on a table, then Jacks ties him to the table while I get an MP3 player, headphones, and an injection. Placing the headphones on Sugar I start the player, swab his arm, find a vein, and inject him before I write the time on his leg. Jacks straps a vibrator to Sugar's dick then he places a quilt over Sugar to keep him warm through the night.

The MP3 players come in different colours; the three silver ones are for the blonds; the two red ones are for the red heads; the green one is for Daddy, now called Sugar; the black one is for Ellie's mother; and the blue one is for Ellie. They're coloured coded because the program in the player of each colour is different. While much of the program is the same they've variations in code words and intent. They all list me as their main master to be obeyed at all times, but the ones for Daddy and Ellie's Mum include my helpers as their secondary masters, Daddy's lists Jacks while Ellie's Mum's lists Max and his father.

Leaving Sugar to be programmed we go to the security panel, and Jacks runs me through how it works. After ensuring I know how to work it I let him out the front door, and he leaves to go home for the night. He'll walk for about an hour before meeting Max and Rob. He'll return mid-morning tomorrow. Locking the door behind him I turn to my two lovelies. I smile, and lead them into the lounge room.

We select a good movie to watch, and settle down to watch it on the DVD player. I sit there with an arm around each of them while I fondle a breast with each hand. Both snuggle in closer to cuddle up tighter.

After the movie finishes we go downstairs to check everyone is OK for the night. Turning off the lights we go upstairs to sleep. I go to sleep with Ellie in my arms and Denise cuddled up into my back. During the night I roll over several times, and change the lovely in my arms. I'm a much lighter sleeper than I pretend to be. So when Ellie starts to whisper to Denise about 4:00 a.m. I pretend to still be asleep while I listen and watch Denise shake her head no. Denise is a bit smarter than Ellie, who still wants to arrange to have me exclusively, the naughty girl.


After waking up at 7:00 a.m. we all go for a shower together. Once in the shower Ellie grabs Denise's chain, and throws a loop over my head with the intention of using it to choke me into submission. I lift my open left hand up between the chain and my throat, this allows me to keep the chain off my throat to stop it from hurting me. Reaching down and back with my right hand I grab a good hand full of Ellie's pubic hairs. I hear her gasp when she realises what my right hand is doing. Sternly I say, “Let it go, Ellie. You pull, and I pull. I guarantee you'll get hurt a lot more than I will.” I hear her gulp as she lets go of the chain. I keep a hold of her hair while I turn around in the shower. She looks into my eyes as I tease her pubic hair, “Do you feel that badly in need of a lesson in humility, love?” I tug gently on her hair. She gulps again while she shakes her head no. “I think you need a punishment, and I think you need to lose this. We'll deal with that when the rest are awake. But first.”

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