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New Slaves

Ernest Bywater


New Slaves

All rights reserved © 2007 by Ernest Bywater & Cazna Rochester

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. All rights are reserved by the author, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form.

Product names, brands, and other trademarks referred to within this book are the property of their respective trademark holders. Unless otherwise specified there is no association between the author and any trademark holder is expressed or implied. Nor does it express any endorsement by them, or of them. Use of a term in this book should not be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark, service mark, or registered trademark.

Story originally written by Cazna Rochester in 2007 from an idea by Ernest Bywater with some later revisions. In 2012 Cazna asked Ernest to revise and edit the story, and transferred the copyright to him.

Cover Art

The background image is Die drei Grazien, by Edouard Bisson 1899 and is in the public domain. The trimming, manipulation, and adding of text is by Ernest Bywater. All rights to the cover image are reserved by the copyright owners.

31 October 2018 version

Published by Ernest Bywater

ISBN: 978-1-304-03969-9

The titles in use are a Chapter, a Sub-chapter, and a section.


Note: This story was originally written in an A5 book format then it was reformatted for a 6 x 9 inch book. This caused a few odd widows and orphans in the print edition which I worked on to minimise. At the same time the story was reviewed to have some word choice and sentence structure changes made to provide a smoother read and a clearer understanding of the story in some places due to more space.

Ernest Bywater, October 2018


I'm a divorced man, fifty years of age, unemployed, with some savings, and living near a city of sixty thousand people in rural New South Wales, Australia. Not a movie star or horror film material, just average, and very bored with life at the moment. I've just finished a doctor's appointment and having a delayed lunch, due to a two hour wait for the doctor because she was running late, as is often the case now.

It's 3:30 p.m. and I'm sitting in the back of the side section of the local McDonald's store eating a large Big Mac meal deal. Two nice looking schoolgirls walk in and stop at the next table, talking animatedly while they put their sports bags down. They're mid-teens, fifteen to seventeen I'd guess, in the uniform of a local church owned and run girls' school with their skirts ending about a hand's width above the knee. A bit short, because the school insists the skirts are to be knee length. One girl has honey blond hair, and the other's hair is a light burnished bronze colour.

Admiring them while they talk I notice the blond is glancing at me. The other is nearest me, and she turns to her bag sitting on the floor. When she squats before it while spreading her legs very wide to get down and remove her purse from the bag I get a perfect view of her lovely thighs and white panties as her skirt rides up her thighs. Raising my eyes I see both girls are watching me watch them. They both have nice smiles. Widening my smile I wink at them. She stands up while speaking to her friend. The blond drops to her bag in a similar manner to treat me to a view of her thighs and the blue panties she has on.

Smiling at me she stands and walks toward me, she's probably going to the rest rooms behind me. When she reaches my table I put my arm across the passage way, and she stops. While looking into her eyes I ask, “Did you enjoy showing me your blue panties, and are your panties damp now?”

She blushes, “Yes I did, and they are.”

I say, “Lift your skirt to show me how damp they are.” She shakes her head no. I firmly repeat the order. Blushing, she grasps the front hem of her skirt in both hands, and lifts it to her waist. While smiling I say, “Good girl.” I lower my eyes to have a close look at her panties. The crotch is so wet it's now see through, and getting wetter while I watch. Glancing at the other girl I see she's watching us, but she can't see her friend's actions because her view is blocked by this girl's body.

Looking the blond straight in the eyes I say, in a quiet and firm voice, “What excites you more, showing me your panties, or my ordering you to show them to me?”

Biting her lip she looks at the floor, and blushes when she says, “Being ordered to do it.”

I order her, “Keep still.” Reaching forward with my right hand I slide my fingers between her thighs to push her panties into her crotch, and she gasps. The panties get wetter. Smiling, I look up at her face, and she smiles back.

In response to a few questions I find out her name is Belinda while the other girl is her twin sister (not identical twins), Carla, and they turned seventeen two months earlier. During this discussion I keep my hand pressing against her pussy, and she rubs herself against it.

While grinning I say, “You're nice and I like you. If you ask nicely I may accept you as a sex slave.”

Belinda stares at me in shock, for a moment. She blushes, “Please, Sir, may I be your slave to serve you however, whenever, and wherever you wish?”

I smile, “Yes, I'd like to have you as my slave in all things. Now hold still while I remove your panties.” After reaching to her waist with both hands I slide her panties down until I have a clear view of her pussy. I stop to admire it for a moment before sliding them down her legs to her feet. When I look at Carla while I push the panties below the skirt's hem line I see her eyes nearly pop out when she sees I'm taking her sister's panties off. With the panties on the floor I lift Belinda's right leg to slip them off, and then the left leg, placing the legs a bit further apart as I do this. I look right at her pussy, “Hmm, nice.”

Belinda smiles and says in a soft voice, “Thank you, Master.”

Looking at her wet pussy I say, “Go into the toilet and play with yourself until you come. Return here when finished.”

A smiling Belinda heads to the toilet while saying, “Yes, Master.”

When Belinda leaves the table Carla walks up, and demands to know why I've removed her sister's panties. Looking into her eyes I smile while saying, “I wanted a closer look at her pussy. After agreeing to her request to make her my slave I took her panties off to do that. Now I'll take yours off as well.”

Carla stares at me while her mouth opens and closes without saying anything. Blushing, she says, “Yes, Master, please remove my panties.”

I can't believe my luck, since they're both surrendering to me right away, or playing a nice game. I'm in heaven while these two pretty school girls try to please me.

Looking into Carla's eyes I tell her to raise her skirt to her waist. Smiling when she does. Reaching forward I slide her wet panties down and spread her legs apart, just like I did with Belinda. Slipping a finger between her labia I rub it up and down her wet pussy. She purrs when I do this. Hearing the toilet door behind me I tell Carla to go into the toilet and play with herself until she comes. Thanking me, she leaves to do what I told her to do.

Turning to watch her walk to the toilet I see a smiling Belinda holding the door open. Taking my digital camera out of my bag I tell Belinda to spread her legs wide while she places her panties in her bag. Walking past me she picks up her panties, and does so. I watch her pussy getting wetter when she sees me taking pictures of her. I repeat this with Carla when she returns a little later.

Telling them to go and get their food I give Belinda money to get me a large plain sundae. Returning with their food they sit at my table to eat, with Belinda sitting beside me. We chat about life and things. I note their address and phone numbers. Both are virgins. They've a younger sister who turns sixteen on Tuesday, and all three girls have been on the pill for some time. They're wealthy and do well at school. Their father died two years ago in an accident, and they're worried their mother is drinking herself to death. I gather all of this information at the same time I play with Belinda's pussy while she eats.

Lesson in Manners

We're finishing and about to leave when an aggressive seventeen year old male swaggers up and berates Carla for not meeting him at the Subway store down the street, like he instructed her to do. She replies, “I never agreed to do that. Go away and leave me alone.”

He responds, “Your wishes have nothing to do with it, since you're mine because I'd selected you. Now you'll do as I say.”

I tell him, “Lay off Carla and leave right now!”

Sneering at me he snarls, “Fuck off, old man.” Pulling out a knife he pivots toward me to bring the knife in line with and toward my chest. Leaning to my right I grab his right wrist with my left hand to pull him down to the table. I give him a light hit in the balls with my right hand while I slam his right hand on the table top to pop the knife free with the jolt of the hit.

Looking around I see no one has seen this. Standing up I drag him into the disabled toilet while I tell Carla to grab the camera and join us. I shut and lock the door before pulling his pants and shorts off. He doesn't resist, because he's still trying to hold his balls while moaning and catching his breath. Telling Carla to get some nice pictures I pull my dick out and put it in his mouth while saying, “Now suck my dick while you play with yourself.” Glaring at me he sucks my dick while he plays with his own. Withdrawing my dick I bend him over the sink then I pull a condom out of my pocket and put it on. Rubbing some liquid soap into his arse I say, “Don't make a sound,” and I fuck his arse. Carla has a huge smile while taking the photos, and making sure to show the action with his face and not mine. Following my orders he plays with himself when Carla stands back to get some good photos of him playing with himself while being fucked in the arse. Pulling my dick out I sit him on the toilet seat with his now stiff dick sticking up. Taking the condom off I slide my erect dick into his mouth for him to suck again. A few minutes later I tell him, “Hold still with your mouth wide open.” Carla gets some lovely shots of him with his stiff dick in hand while I come in his mouth. When I finish coming I tell him to swallow and suck my dick clean. When he finishes I tell him, “That's a small taste of what you'll get if you ever bother Belinda, Carla, or me again. Stay well away.” Groaning and crying he says he will. I fix my clothing then Carla and I exit, to leave him sitting there with the door unlocked and anyone able to walk in on him.


Carla is smiling fit to be tied, and Belinda is asking what happened. I tell them to follow me while we get our gear and leave. Once seated in my car I tell Belinda what happened in the toilet while I drive to their home as Carla gives directions. They're playing with their pussies all of the way there. After parking my car we go inside.

Entering the lounge room we find their sister trying to lift their mother up. She's passed out cold on the floor, dead drunk. Walking over I check her pulse etc., all OK. Laying her face down I stand astride her body to slip my hands under her arms and over her breasts. Lifting her upper body to my chest I ask, “Where's the nearest bedroom?” Carla leads me to the guest bedroom, and I place their mother on the bed. When I undress her the young sister starts to complain. I'm a little sharp while saying, “Be quiet.” With their mother down to her panties I lay her in the 'recovery' position then I pull the blankets up over her to keep her warm.

We return to the lounge room. Belinda introduces me to her sister, Loren, and tells me their mother's name is Gayle. Loren is shocked when I'm introduced as 'Our Master.' I tell her, “Carla and Belinda have asked to be my slaves. As their master I'm now responsible for their welfare, safety, and pleasure,” Loren's eyes go wide, “for as long as I keep them as slaves - which I'll do while they please and pleasure me.”

I organise a hunt through the house to check every nook and cranny for every ounce of alcohol; we find eighteen open bottles of whiskey in forty minutes. These I place in a box which I lock in the back of my car. Carla rings the family doctor to arrange for an appointment for the doctor to see Gayle. I'm very surprised when she gets one for the next morning, because doctors are usually so busy you need to book days or weeks in advance. This is especially true of Saturday mornings when they're very busy with people in full-time employment and can't attend on business work days. The doctors do keep a few appointment times open each day for urgent cases, but they're usually filled two or three days beforehand.

Virgins' Delight

Smiling at Carla and Belinda I tell them to show me the master bedroom because I've two virgins to instruct and deflower. They smile, shiver, and blush as Belinda leads the way to the master bedroom. Loren follows. I tell her the law does not permit her to watch what we were going to do until she's sixteen, and she's not to spy on us. Walking down the hall I reach forward to lift Carla's skirt, and squeeze her bare arse. I hear Loren gasp when she sees Carla's bare arse.

Entering the room I push the door shut behind us, and I tell the girls to stop. Walking up to Carla I place my hands on her back and slide them around to cup her breasts. I pull her back onto my chest. Tipping her head back and to the side I kiss her. She opens her mouth to my kiss while a smiling Belinda watches. I give Belinda an order of, “Get me a clean washer, towel, and large bowl of hot water.”

Turning Carla around I undo her blouse. She's embarrassed and excited with erect nipples and a full body blush while I finish undoing her blouse. Sliding my hands inside and along her ribs I move them around the sides and up her back when I pull her to me to kiss her while I undo her bra. Moving my hands up to her shoulders I end the kiss, and I slip the blouse and bra straps off her shoulders. Sliding my hands inside the straps I move them around to fondle her breasts before stepping back to allow both the bra and blouse to fall to the floor. She stands there with her eyes shut and breathing deep while I undo the button and zip of her skirt to let it fall to the floor. She's a natural beauty - tall with a nice body of medium build, firm muscles, light tan, firm large nice sized breasts, bronze hair to her shoulder blades, light blond pubic hair, and a pretty face. Not a cat-walk model, but a true natural beauty who puts the cat-walk model's posh looks to shame.

Standing back I admire her. Belinda returns with the things I asked for, and she puts them on the bedside table. Standing beside me she admires Carla. In the dressing table mirror I see Loren with a hand down her panties while peeking in the door. Smiling I say, “A perfect example of true natural beauty.” Carla blushes, and gives a huge smile. I say, “Stand there while I undress Belinda so that I can admire both my new acquisitions together.” They both smile and blush.

Stepping to Belinda I undo her blouse buttons before I unzip the skirt to let it fall to the floor. I hear a small gasp from Loren when she realises Belinda has no panties on either. Slipping my hands inside Belinda's blouse I draw her to me and kiss her. She opens her mouth on contact. It's clear both girls are enjoying themselves. Breaking the kiss I lean back to undo the front bra clasp and I slide my hands over her breasts to fondle them. She gives a soft moan. Sliding my hands up I push her blouse and bra straps off her shoulders so they fall to the floor. Stepping back I admire her tall slightly heavier body of medium build, firm muscles, light tan, firm slightly smaller breasts, blond hair just short of her shoulders, light blond pubic hair, and a very pretty face. Another true natural beauty.

Admiring them while they stand side by side I say, “Two truly scrumptious morsels, and all for me,” while I lick my lips. They smile and blush. Taking out my camera I take many photos of them, alone and together, from many angles. Taking off my jumper I remove my shirt, take off my shoes and socks, undo my trousers, and let them fall. Standing there in my shorts I admire my two lovelies while they stare at the tent in my shorts. In the mirror I can see Loren has lost her skirt and panties. I take some pictures of Loren using the telephoto option to get clear close shots. Carla has seen my dick before at McDonald's, but she's still intrigued, so all three have their eyes riveted to it.

Slipping my shorts over my dick I let them fall to the floor, and step up to Carla. Taking her in my arms I kiss her while my dick pushes against her pussy. It slides between her legs without entering her, since that's for later. She responds, and our tongues dance in our mouths while we kiss. I can feel my dick getting wet with her pussy juices. Breaking the kiss I step back to move to Belinda for a similar kiss. She's just as eager.

Breaking that kiss I step back and turn to draw the bed covers back. I lead Carla and Belinda to the bed. Sitting them down I lift their legs, one at a time, to remove their shoes and socks. After checking the water is warm and not too hot I dip the washer in the water before I clean and dry their feet. Looking at my stiff dick Belinda says, “I'm not sure I want something that big in my small pussy.”

I'm not small nor a giant, 210 mm long and 55 mm wide is nothing to brag about, or to be ashamed of. I reply, “Your pussy will be ready and able to take it soon. But what you want doesn't matter. You'll take what I give you, in your pussy, mouth, and arse, when I give it. Right?”

Belinda blanches, blushes, and lowers her head, “Yes, Master, sorry, Master.”

Hearing Loren gasp at our talk she hears through the now closed door I say, “Ask me nicely and you can be my slave too. Then you'll learn and know the pleasures I can give you, including those supplied by my dick.” I turn to Belinda, and say, “I know what worries you, but don't worry, as there's nothing you can do about it. It's happening because it's what I want to happen. However, I'll pleasure Carla first, and you can see it fits. There may be some pain when your hymen breaks, but that'll be short, and the pleasure afterwards will be greater. Be obedient and you'll enjoy being my slaves, cause me trouble and you'll learn what pain is all about - the hard way.” The girls gulp at the last sentence.

I have Carla lay back on the bed, and I spread her legs wide so I can take more photos. Lying on the bed beside her I kiss her while fondling her breasts, and she moans. I take my time when I move my hand down to her pussy. I slide my index finger between her labia and into her wet vagina. A moment later I slide my finger out and upward to rub her clit, causing her to writhe on the bed, and to push at my hand with her groin. Breaking the kiss I kiss my way to her breasts, stopping to give each breast a good licking and sucking. She's now humping her pussy at my hand, and breathing hard. Kissing my way down her body I soon reach her pussy, and I lick her clit. She moans, “Oh, yes, please.” Placing my mouth over her clit I lick and suck on it as I slide my hand back to her vagina and push two fingers in. She bucks at my face, and moans louder. Using three fingers, then four, I soon have my whole hand working just inside her vagina, stimulating her as she bucks like crazy.

Looking up at Belinda I say, “Look at her pussy, see how big and wide it is, ready and eager for my dick.” Belinda nods yes while she stares at my hand inside Carla's pussy. At this point I tune Belinda out to concentrate on Carla.

Carla's Time

Leaning down I suck real hard on Carla's clit. She comes, and shouts, “Fuck yes.” She's quick to follow it with two more orgasms. Stopping all action I let her settle down. Lifting her left leg I lick along the entire foot. She smiles and moans. I get a repeat response when I lick the right foot. Placing my mouth firmly on her instep I suck hard. Carla's eyes go wide as she comes again while yelling, “Fuck.” I get the same response from her with the other foot.

Laying Carla's legs down, but wide apart, I climb onto the bed and kiss her legs while I climb up the bed. Reaching her pussy I spread her thighs as wide as they'll go and lick her clit. Drawing my tongue away from her clit I drag it up her body to her left breast to suck on it, across to her right breast for a suck, and up to her mouth, where I kiss her as I rub my dick along her pussy. Keeping the kiss going I lift my hips and slide the head of my dick back along her pussy. With my dick head at the entrance to her vagina her eyes open and she tries to move her head. Pushing down harder with my head I keep my mouth on hers and my tongue in her mouth as I slide my dick into her vagina. When the head of my dick is sliding inside her vagina and through the slight resistance of her hymen she realises I'm in total control, so she relaxes and starts her tongue dancing with mine again. When her hymen goes her eyes go wide and she jerks a little, but she's soon actively kissing me again. I'm slow and gentle while I push my dick into her silken love tunnel. When our groins meet her eyes again open wide. I break the kiss and lean back, saying, “You're now officially an ex-virgin.” She smiles while I wait with my dick inside her a moment so she can adjust to the feel. I withdraw my dick until only the head is inside her vagina, I push all the way back in. After a dozen slow gentle strokes like this she's rolling her head and moaning. I increase the pace. Hearing moans beside me I turn my head to see Belinda sitting on the bed with her legs wide and playing with her pussy while she comes. The camera has moved, so the cheeky girl must have taken some photos.

Carla thrashes about when I increase the tempo of my thrusts in and out of her satin sheath. Suddenly she yells and starts coming. Her vagina clamps down on my dick, and starts to milk it. Sitting up I grab her hips, and lift them to change the angle of entry a little. When she starts another orgasm I pull her hips to me, and I thrust as hard as I can to force my dick deeper into her pussy. My dick head touches her cervix, and tries to enter a little, but it's too tight. She opens her eyes wide, and screams with pain while an orgasm greater than before washes over to send her into a multiple orgasm. She shoves her hips at me while she wraps her legs around me and tries to push me deeper, but can't. Our groins are mashed together and I'm as deep as I can possibly go, with my dick head at the gateway to her womb. Her vagina is rippling along my dick, a heavenly feeling, and I try to hold out, but I'm soon coming and filling her with my sperm. Running my hands up her back I lift her off the bed until I'm sitting upright on my knees with her in my arms and kissing me. She settles down and we end the kiss.

Leaning back Carla says, “Oh, fuck, that was great, Master. The pain and pleasure at the end was awesome.”

Smiling I say, “Plenty more where that came from, later, but it's not always quite that good. You'll enjoy yourself and life, but don't expect it to always be like that. The first time is always either extra good or extra bad - depending upon how hard your partner works with you to make it good, and how much they know.”


A female voice says, “I'm glad you made it good for her. Now get the hell out of my daughter and out of my house.” Both the girls gasp while I turn my head to see Gayle standing there trying to look impressive and mean while wearing only panties and drunkenly swaying from side to side. Turning back I kiss Carla, and lift her off my shrinking dick. Placing her on the bed I stand and approach Gayle. She watches my dick sway while I walk over.

In a firm voice I say, “I don't think so. First, I've to take Belinda's cherry while she's wet and eager for me. Second, I've to stay over night to pleasure them both again tomorrow. Third, I've got to take you to the doctor's in the morning. Fourth, and most importantly at this time, I need you to give your daughters a lesson in cock sucking.” Placing my hand on Gayle's head I give her a light push forward and down. She falls to her knees with my groin at her eye level and my dick touching her lips. She tilts her head back to glare at me while she shakes her head no. I look down at her, “Belinda and Carla have both asked to be my slaves, and I've accepted them. Loren has indicated she wants me to accept her as a slave, which I'll do on her sixteenth birthday. That leaves only you to worry about. I'm concerned about you because I won't have a drunken bum as a slave. If you say you wish to be my slave like your daughters want you to be, then I'll make an exception and accept you on the condition you stop drinking and dry out. To be my slave you have to kiss my dick, lick it, and suck it stiff ready to take Belinda's cherry.”

Gayle glares at me for a moment, then she looks at the bed where her two eldest daughters now sit nude with hands in their sopping pussies. She gulps, looks at me again, blanches, blushes, kisses my dick, licks its length, takes it in her mouth, and sucks on it while she runs her tongue all over it. Both the girls gasp at her actions, then they blush and smile.

Belinda gets off the bed to pick up the camera to take photos of her mother sucking my dick, and some more of her sister playing with her pussy. She kisses me, and hands me the camera. She returns to sit on the bed to smile and play with herself. After I take several photos of her like that Belinda lays back with her legs very wide, and plays with herself while I continue to take photos of the two of them.

Gayle isn't the best cock sucker I've known, but she doesn't take all that long to get me stiff and ready for Belinda. Withdrawing my stiff dick from Gayle's mouth I pat her head while saying, “Good girl. Come sit on the bed with the rest of my slaves and play with yourself as you watch me take your daughter's cherry.” She gives me a very weak smile, and blushes when she goes to the bed.

Belinda's Time

Smiling at Belinda I walk to the bed where I run my right hand up her leg and over her pussy to fondle her breasts and caress her face. Picking up the washer I wash and dry her feet again. Gayle watches me. Belinda smiles and gives a soft moan as I fondle both her breasts after cleaning her feet. Kneeling on the bed I slip my index finger into her vagina, she's sopping wet and starts to hump my hand. Leaning over I lick her clit and cause her to make a gargling sound as she comes. She's hot and ready. Placing my mouth over her clit I lick and suck on it for a few minutes. I slide two fingers, three fingers, four fingers, then my whole hand in and out of her vagina to give her a series of orgasms. As I suck on her clit she bucks at my face and screams in orgasm. I stand and look down at her; hair mussed, sweat covered body, groin sopping wet, and a huge grin on her face. Smiling at her I lift her right foot and lick it to cause her to hump on the bed and moan. Sucking hard on the instep results in another screaming orgasm. I get a repeat when I treat her left foot the same way. Gayle is staring at me with her eyes wide open in awe as I climb on the bed between Belinda's legs.

Crawling up the bed I kiss her legs until I reach her pussy to give it a full length lick, making her moan. Reaching her breasts I see her rolling her head about as she moans. Sitting up I lift her hips and slide my dick into her vagina and through her hymen for a small half moan half groan, she opens her eyes and looks at me with surprise. It's clear she expected an exact duplication of Carla's treatment. Smiling, I continue to give a slow push into her for a small moan. Keeping eye contact I keep pushing in. Her eyes go wide when our groins meet and her clit is stimulated by my pubic hair. She heaves her whole body at me as she screams in orgasm. I hold her still until she relaxes.

I make a slow withdrawal and push back in, getting another orgasm for my troubles. Grabbing some pillows I put them under her hips and lean forward to keep her hips at that height as I move to elbows and knees over her body while looking into her face. Sliding my hands under her shoulders I hold her in place as I set up a slow pace of full length thrusts into her juicy pussy. Each time I hit bottom she heaves and screams. Leaning closer I lock my mouth over hers and quicken the pace. Her mouth opens and stays that way as I suck her tongue into mine. My dick is sliding all the way into her vagina on every thrust, causing a muffled screaming orgasm for each entry as her vagina squeezes my dick in a delicious velvety embrace. After a few minutes of this I thrust in and hold still as I flood her cunt with my sperm to trigger a multiple orgasm in her that seems to last ages. As she comes down from her orgasmic high I withdraw from her and lay her on the bed as I kiss her breasts while I move off her.

Clean Up Time

Sitting up I place a hand on the back of Gayle's head and push her toward my dick. She glances at me, then starts licking and sucking my dick. When she has me clean I tell her to clean up the sperm that's now trickling out of Carla's pussy. She turns to me, glares, opens her mouth, blushes, and says, “Yes, Master.”

As Gayle cleans up Carla I say, “Good girl, you're learning well. Clean up Belinda next.” A few minutes later she transfers to Belinda's thighs and licks up the excess sperm that's coming out of her pussy. While she's doing this I check out the en-suite bathroom and find it has an oversized shower.


Returning to the bedroom I take Loren into the shower and turn it on. Wetting her down I soap her all over then I wash her all over with a sponge washing mitten on my right hand while having a nice feel of her lovely body in the process. She comes twice as I wash and fondle her breasts, and a third time as I wash her pussy while making sure I clean inside it by sliding the washer inside. She likes this shower method.

Telling Loren to dry herself I get Carla and give her a shower in the same manner. She comes five times. While Carla dries off I collect Belinda and shower her, giving her four orgasms while being washed. During this Gayle masturbates herself to an orgasm while watching us. Bringing her into the shower I wash her and she comes three times. When finished I have her kneel to suck my dick while I shower and wash her hair. We exit and get dried.


Noticing it's 6:00 p.m. I tell everyone to get dressed so we can go out for a nice sit-down dinner. As Gayle and I dress in the master bedroom I ask her how well she handles the shakes (delirium tremens or DTs). She says, “Not well, but I haven't had them bad. Why won't you have sex with me?”

I'm gentle as I say, “I want a sober and active sex partner, not a drunken sot who'll just lie there. Waiting to be pleasured like Carla and Belinda were will give you some real incentive to dry out. Think of the reward for being sober and clean.”

Looking downcast Gayle says, “Yes, Master.”

When we're all dressed and back in the lounge room I tell them that in public they're to speak to me with respect and to call me either 'Sir' or 'Gerry', whichever they prefer. In private they're to call me 'Master'. All nod and say, “Yes, Master.”

We leave the house, lock up, and get into my car with Gayle in the front and the girls in the back. Driving to a local Chinese restaurant I like we park, get out, and sit at a big table. The waiter brings the drinks menu and I order soft drinks for the girls with juice for Gayle and me. She orders a whiskey, which I cancel and tell the waiter to bring her juice only. She starts to object, and stops in the middle of the first word when I catch her eye. I tell her she'll have no more alcohol, except under doctor's orders. Gulping hard, she blushes and nods yes.

We order a range of foods to share while having a mix-n-match meal from everyone's dishes. A lovely meal, and I say so as I pay. Gayle is calm all through the meal, but it's clear she's not happy with the no alcohol rule. It's also clear she's reluctantly accepting my control of her.

A Good Night

On the way home we stop for a couple of hire movies, soft drinks, and some nibblers - chips etc. The girls select everything and Gayle pays. We detour via my place for some of my clothes, and I pack a suitcase full. We're soon back home with all of the windows and doors shut and locked with blinds drawn. I've a nice interlude undressing them, starting with Gayle and taking the opportunity for a short fondle and feel as I go. They undress me. The house has central heating set to twenty-three degrees centigrade, nice shirt sleeve weather, so we're very comfortable while nude. Setting out drinks and nibblers handy on side tables we're ready for an evening's entertainment.

We sit on the large lounge to watch the first movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, in a sort of mutual cuddle of Gayle, Loren, Belinda, me, and Carla. I've a lovely breast in each hand. About an hour in I call a short break to go to the toilet and set more drinks and nibblers out. Taking everyone through to the en-suite I make the toilet break a spectator event while we watch each other have a piss. A few blushes and giggles, but no problems.

Back to the lounge with food and drink to watch the rest of the movie, but this time I sit between Gayle and Loren while I fondle their breasts. Loren giggles when I place my hand over her right breast, but she puts her hand over mine to make it stay put. All of the girls are lovely, Carla and Belinda I described earlier. Loren is just short of average height, slight build, with firm young breasts - a nice handful, blond hair down to her shoulder blades, light blond pubic hair, and a pretty face. Gayle is average height, a touch Junoesque, solid build with nice large breasts, blond hair to her shoulders, thick blond pubic hair, and a pretty face. She's not the type sought for cat-walks, but she's the type highly sought by photographers to model as the 'real' woman type of shot. All are more sensual than sexy in their movements and to look at.

The second film, Whale Rider, ends just after midnight. I swapped seats and played with everyone's breasts through both films. Saying it's time for bed I give all of the girls a goodnight kiss and send them off to their beds, Belinda and Carla say they're a bit sore 'down there.' I tell them it'll settle down as their bodies adjust to their new 'activities.' They grin and go off to bed.

Holding Gayle I pick up my bag and head for the master bedroom. I'm concerned as she was a bit twitchy near the end of the last film. Getting into bed we cuddle up and go to sleep.


I wake at 6:30 a.m. to the sound of banging elsewhere in the house. Gayle isn't in bed. Following the noise I find half of the cupboards left open and a very distraught Gayle looking through the kitchen for something. I ask her what she's after.

Snarling she spins around to glare at me and replies, “Where's my fucking whiskey?” Seeing the girls in the doorway wearing worried looks I motion them to be quiet and move close to Gayle.

Taking her in my arms I pin her arms to her side and pull her close to my body with my face right in hers and say, “The only 'fucking thing' you're going to get from now on is this dick of mine, and then only when you've earned it.”

Gayle gives a vicious snarl of, “Give me my whiskey.”

Letting go of her I grab both of her wrists and I move them to be in one hand behind her back, then I use my other to sweep her feet out from under her. I lift her up and carry her to the master bedroom. All of the girls follow. Throwing her on the bed I straddle her chest and put my dick against her lips while saying, “The only thing you're going to suck on for now is this dick, now suck it. You want a drink, well drink my sperm.” She glares at me and heaves hard as she tries to throw me off. I say, “Suck, and don't even think of biting.” Settling down she starts crying as she opens her mouth and sucks my dick.

Loren is upset with my handling of her mother and starts to charge forward, but she's pulled back by Carla with a hand over Loren's mouth. Then Belinda helps Carla drag Loren from the room. Gayle sucks on my dick like a baby on a bottle, and nothing like a lover wanting sex.


At 8:00 a.m. the girls return to tell us it's time to get ready for the doctor's. They find Gayle sitting in my lap crying while I hug her. Co-opting Loren I take Gayle to the shower and we wash her. After drying her I wrap a towel around her and hold her tight while Loren, Carla, and Belinda each have their showers. Once they're dried I have them hold Gayle while I shower and dry. We get dressed and enter the kitchen at 8:45 a.m., where Carla prepares toast and juice for us. I keep an arm around Gayle all this time.

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