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Estate Living

Ernest Bywater


Estate Living

All rights reserved © 2008 by Ernest Bywater


This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. All rights are reserved by the author, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form.

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Cover Art

The images are MCG, Melbourne.jpg by an anonymous source from the Wikimedia Commons is listed as being in the public domain, and Row of Californian bungalow in Tarcutta St, Wagga Wagga (1).jpg by Bidgee is used with his permission under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 licence. The adding of text, manipulation, and merging is done by Ernest Bywater.

10 October 2018 version

Published by Ernest Bywater

ISBN: 978-0-359-12478-7


Author's Note: Over eighty percent of this story was written back in 2008, and it was originally planned to cover several years of the life of Timber Wolf life. However, due to outside influences I made a recent decision to cut the story short to what is already done and outlined to a suitable break point. While a basic story line concept is in place for part of the rest of the story there is no actual work done on it yet, and I don't know when I'll be able to do it, if at all. Thus my decision to complete what was already done as a story to publish it out now, and to worry about any sequels later. Apart from some word and style changes the new work is added into the chapter Tuesday, and in the filling out of the text of the story outline following it. Although there are some scenes in those chapters that were part of the older writing.

This story was written during a time in my life when I saw things in a lot darker way than I do now. This was due to a number of external pressures and other events in my life in the decade prior to the time I wrote the bulk of this story. The result is the story is darker than I prefer to write now. This difference in my attitudes also makes it harder for me to finish the story in the same way as it was when I first wrote it, although I have tried to do so. Even reviewing, revising, and finishing what has been added since the original text was written has been hard, and it has taken me well over a year to complete this to where it is by doing a little bit of it at a time. Even so, I've cut back on a lot of the darker aspects of the story in the later parts of it which are the new work.


I lie on the pool lounge chair smiling while my eyes wander over all of the lovely ladies and girls in and around my pool nude or in very skimpy bikinis. They're not all beautiful like models, although some are, but they are all very lovely in their own way. They represent the full gamut of human femininity in skin tones from very white to dark chocolate and Asian (it's not really the yellow that many people portray them as in many stories) as well as body builds from slight to voluptuous, and breasts from beginning buds on the young girls to melon sized ones on a few of the taller women. There's a number of boys present too, but I don't look at them. Many of the women and girls are enjoying themselves.

The birthday pool party for one of my eighteen year old neighbours, Betty, is about to start and all those under eighteen are getting dried and dressed to spend the rest of the day in the playground next door, as the party is expected to get a bit more active than they're allowed to see. I expect it to be more like a pool orgy. The mothers will take turns from the party to supervise the younger kids in the park, and the house on the other side of the park when the younger kids have had enough of playing in the park. The departing kids all smile and wave as they leave the enclosure around my swimming pool. I smile and wave back to them.

The birthday girl arrives with her mother and her nineteen year old sister, they smile when they walk over to stand beside me. Her mother looks around the pool, and smiles while saying, “All of the youngsters have left, so any time you want to start. The cake and stuff is for later.”

Betty smiles and moves to slide my swimmers down to access my erection caused by the sight of all of the lovely bodies on display before she moves to stand beside me while she slides the shift she's wearing off her shoulders to let it fall to the tiles of the patio. With no bra or panties on she's now nude. She says, “You just stay right there,” before she straddles my thighs and sits down. Her bare body is soon pressed to mine when she lays on my chest to kiss me. Breaking the kiss she says, “I've waited a long time for that, and for this.” Resting her hands on my shoulders Betty lifts her lower body and moves around until my dick is at the entrance to her vagina before she very slowly lowers herself onto my erection. She takes her time impaling herself on me. I know she's a virgin, but she must have been doing a lot of practice with dildos to take me so easily. She's so wet and ready I wonder what she's been doing before she walked over here from her house.

When our groins meet Betty gives a sigh then she leans in for another kiss. We sit like that for a moment before she starts to move herself up and down while she says, “You just lay there. You wouldn't fuck me when I first wanted you to, so now I get to fuck you.” For fifteen minutes or more she slow fucks me to the cheers and applause of the audience of all of our friends from the local area who are eighteen years old, or older. It's an exquisite torture because she's so tight, but she's not going fast enough to get me off while she has several orgasms.

Following her directions I simply lie there. However, her best friend walks up and sits on my thighs to press against Betty's back while she reaches around to fondle Betty's breasts as she says, “Time to finish so we can eat.” One hand drops to Betty's groin to play with her clit. Betty reacts by going a lot faster. She has several more orgasms when she speeds up. After another few minutes I come in her before she collapses on me while gasping for breath. A moment later I realise she's fallen asleep.

I lie back and enjoy the feel of her bare breasts pressing against my chest while she naps. Closing my eyes I think back over the last five and a half years to when I started living here, and how I came to be in this lovely situation with Betty.

Retirement Set Up

I'm a single male, unmarried, no kids (though I do like kids), fifty years of age and in very good physical condition. I'm retired and of independent means. I'd spent most of my life living in work provided accommodation, mostly temporary stuff like tents and hotels, and now I'm looking around for a place of my own to live in permanently. I can't find a place I like so I start looking for land to build on. Most of the land is on the edge of the city and I want something closer in - much closer in. An agent tells me about some Housing Commission houses for sale, a few are so decrepit they're only good for demolishing. The downside is they're in the middle of a Housing Commission estate the department wants to sell all of as a single sale. Their problem is the local council refuses to rezone the land to allow for blocks of flats or apartments, only single or double story single residences. Nor will they rezone to smaller house blocks. Several developers want the land to bulldoze the whole lot and put up flats or a lot of town houses at triple the density of the existing houses because they're all very large older style blocks from the 1950s and 1960s.

I'd been well paid for my work and I put most of it in the bank. Over the years it developed into a tidy sum, and with my pension paid out as a lump sum it's much more. I go down and speak to the Housing Commission people. They let me closely examine the records on the houses, especially the costs. I arrange for people to inspect each house. Although old, all but six of the houses are in good condition with several decades of life left in them if they're looked after properly. The other six, together in the very middle of the estate, are only good for being demolished; they'd been badly vandalised by prior tenants and they now sit empty. The prior tenants were close friends and they damaged all of the houses when one was evicted for using it to prepare illicit drugs for sale and got arrested.

Sitting down with a builder to discuss what I want in a home I work out my sums and speak to my accountant. I can do it if I can get them to drop the price a good bit. The developers are all hanging off, refusing to make bids unless the state government pressures the council to approve rezoning. The Department of Housing counted on the properties being sold by now because they need the money to pay other bills. Without a sale soon they'll be in big financial troubles. However, unlike a normal business they can't borrow money so they have to put in a special request to the parliament for more funds, which is something they don't like doing as it gets them lots of adverse publicity and attention when asked to explain why they need the extra money. Then the project the money is wanted for comes under a very close review, and so does their entire operation and budget.

After having some words with a few politicians I have an in with - save someone's life and they'll remember that for many years to come, I go to the Department of Housing and make a bid of asking price less twenty percent for cash in hand. We negotiate for an hour or so and settle on cash for the whole estate at fifteen percent below their asking price. My solicitor has a contract to their solicitor within the hour. In two hours I've the deeds to eighty weatherboard houses and they've the electronic transfer of nine and half million dollars - I did say I was well paid. Everyone is happy, except a few developers who were expecting the council to eventually cave in to their demand to the rezone the area.

My solicitor draws up new tenancy agreements for the tenants and I employ a real estate agency to go around to explain everything to them. Pay rent on time and look after the property properly or expect to go to court. Most are happy with it as the contracts are for the current rent values and are locked in for twelve months. The few who aren't happy are the ones I expect trouble with. They leave within a few months; I never have liked drug users or slobs. I'll have no troubles finding replacement tenants once I clean the houses up after them.

The six trashed houses are demolished and the site cleaned up. The six were together, three on one street that are backed onto three on the next street, the old tenants were all friends who were heavily into drugs. I've four back to back (two by two blocks) made into one large block and the other two made into one block. I build a lovely large two storey brick house with ten bedrooms upstairs, a basement, and an enclosed fifty metre swimming pool in the large back yard of what's left of the four blocks. The other two blocks run from one street to the next, so I have a kids' playground park built there, the majority of the tenants have kids and the nearest council park is about a kilometre away; not any more. Both of the new blocks are well fenced and the park has gates that very little kids can't open, but the bigger kids can open. I involve the council in the planning and equipping of the park, and I also make arrangements for the council to maintain the park because I leave it open for public use.

We've a big problem with a lot of traffic cutting through the area to reach the nearest shopping centre. After getting a traffic expert to have a look and study the area I approach the council about having many of the streets closed off and some other traffic calming methods put in. When it's all done people can still cut through the area, but it takes longer than going along the main roads around it. Through traffic drops a lot and the streets become much safer for the residents.

Getting to this point uses up all but ten thousand dollars of my savings and most of my other assets. I'd sold many other assets to buy the estate. I still have a few long term investments I couldn't sell off. But I now have a new house, a new car, new furniture, and seventy-four houses; seventy of them with paying tenants and an agent looking for tenants for the other four houses. The majority of the tenants are single mothers on pensions or working at part-time jobs; most are in their mid-twenties to mid-forties. I can live very well on the rental income, so I'm not upset about spending nearly all of my money on getting this set up so nicely. Plus I've still got my other long term investments of a few million dollars. However, it'll be a few years before they mature and the cash will be available to me, while the interest is deposited to my bank account every month.

Moving In

When I move in I tell everyone I bought the four blocks, I don't mention anything about being the owner of the company that's now their landlord. With no regular work to go to I take to writing part-time, contracting, and also doing handyman work. I charge very low rates, so many of my tenants hire me to do the basic house fix-it work they can't do themselves. I don't charge to do an evaluation of work, so I'm the first called by them too. All this keeps me fairly busy, but not flat out. All up it comes to about two or three days of work each week.

Within a few weeks of moving in I'm well settled in and accepted by the local sub-community. The only problem being my swimming pool. The public pool is three kilometres away on the other side of a major road. Admission at the pool is $2.50 for kids and $5.00 for adults. So I get a lot of kids asking to swim in my pool. I permit it with the conditions of:

1. All pool users are to make a $1.00 per day donation to its upkeep, as many visits as they like per day for the dollar. A lock box is bolted to the wall for the donations.

2. No swimming unless someone of eighteen years of age or older is in the pool area.

3. Those of ten years of age or older have to learn first aid and life saving. They must also be prepared to use these skills should an emergency situation arise.

NB: The usage fee is an honour system the kids police. I never have a case of someone not paying because the other kids make sure they pay so they can continue to use the pool that's so close to their homes. I love peer pressure.

The second rule is easy as two neighbours have eighteen year old daughters who're heavy swimming competitors, they seem to live in my pool more than at home. I never object as they wear the skimpiest of bathing suits, and they often don't bother with them if they think they're alone. And when they do bother they've got what it takes to look very good in them.


The third rule brought me into closer contact with my neighbour on the other side of the park. Erica is a lovely brunette in her mid-thirties, and a very nice person. She has two sets of twins, each set is a boy and a girl, as they were born about ten months apart all four are eighteen years old, and they all look identical. All of them very pretty, blonde hair, blue eyes, average height, and athletic build. Seeing them together you'd think they're identical quadruplets and not two sets of mixed gender fraternal twins. All of them are lively happy people. Erica's kids are usually the first to use the pool of an afternoon after school.

I need a qualified instructor to teach the older kids first aid and life saving. Erica tells me about her sister Fiona who is fully qualified and out of work. She got sacked from a private aquatic facility two suburbs over because she wouldn't have sex with the boss, according to Erica.

Pest Removal

I call Fiona in for an interview, I also call a person who does the Life Saving Australia accreditations to check up on her. All is good, she presents as a professional and I like what I see of her work when I have her test teach two kids basic first aid. I check her references, those she gave are good. I ask about her last job, and she explains he isn't giving her proper references.

Turning on the tape recorder I have attached to my phone I call her last boss and ask about her. He bad mouths her and claims she was abusive to the clients. I thank him and hang up. Popping the tape I tell her she has the job training the local kids in my pool. I also tell her she can bring clients of her own along two or three afternoons a week as long as I get my $1 donation per person and the local kids are trained a.s.a.p. After some negotiations we reach an agreement, I'll pay fifty percent of the standard rate per person for her to teach the local kids and she can bring other clients along to teach in my pool; she'll charge them her full rate and pay me the dollar each for use of the pool.

Within a week Fiona is conducting four sets of classes a day, six days a week, and she's doing very well. She ends up renting one of the vacant houses I recently finished fixing up. It's a lot closer to her work than her previous flat, while also being more spacious and for the same in rent money each week.

A few weeks after she starts I contact an old army buddy who now works as a private detective, and we set up a little scene for the aquatic centre manager. I make an appointment to speak to him and I tell my mate when it is. He turns up before me to set himself up and to place his video camera to record what happens when I arrive.

I arrive at the centre and start asking the manager about Fiona. I tell him I'm looking to employ her and I want to speak to some of the people who complained about her being abusive as none of his clients I've spoken to found her to be abusive; quiet the opposite, in fact. Most of her current clients used to be his and he's had to cancel half his classes due to a lack of students, and this affects his revenue and profit.

After ten minutes of beating around the bush I say, “Why not admit you had no valid reason to sack her. I've spoken to most of your clients and none know of any complaints against her. She now has her own swim school and nearly all of her clients used to come here. They now pay more to see her there.” He gets very upset to find out she's the reason his swim classes are down. “I strongly suggest you stop bad mouthing her around town or I'll take legal action against you on her behalf.”

His response to this is to tell one of the life guards standing close by, “Throw this bum out, and hurt him in the process.” The fellow, a bully by nature, smiles as he comes toward me.

Turning, I walk away while saying, “I'll leave, all you had to do was ask.” As I near the door the life guard reaches me, grabs hold of my left shoulder and pulls me back. Pivoting on my left foot I spin and kicked him in the shins with my right foot. He jumps back, swearing while I quickly leave the building. He follows me outside and grabs my left shoulder again. This time I drop the shoulder to turn while I spin around as I bring my right hand up and across my body as fast as possible. I hit him in the centre of his chest with my open palm as hard as I can with every muscle I can bring to bear and all off my power. My hand is still rising as I hit him, so the blow lifts him about a hand's width as it flings him against the automatic glass doors that closed behind him. The doors start to open, but are still only partially open when he strikes them. They're knocked off their tracks and fall inside the building, shattering the plate glass when they hit the floor. The life guard ends up sitting on his arse in the middle of the doorway gasping for breath. Leaving him there I go shopping. Soon after I arrive home at 4:30 p.m. two police officers arrive at my residence.

Legal Wrangles

Letting them in the house I lead them through to the kitchen and I finish putting my groceries away while they ask me some questions about my activities during the day. I tell them about my visit to the centre, being attacked there, and my going shopping. They ask me to go down to the station for some more questions. Smiling at them I say, “No worries. Just a moment while I make some phone calls. Then I'm all yours.” I phone Erica to ask her to keep an eye on the house and organise the cleaning of the pool tomorrow as I may be away. I also call a client and put off our meeting for tomorrow, the same with my estate agent, as she looks after the rental properties for me and we had a meeting planned. I call my investigator friend to tell him where I'll be, and I call my solicitor to tell him as well. The police officers watch me make the calls as they wait. As I lock up the house I say, “I know 'come to the station to help us with our enquiries' is synonymous to 'we want to lock you up,' so I've made arrangements to look after things if you do.” They glance at each other before they walk me to their car.

We reach the station at the same time as my solicitor. He sits through the questions and answers. They show us statements by the manager, the life guard, and another life guard, all claiming I'd made an unprovoked attack on the life guard and smashed the doors on my way out. I'm arrested and charged with assault, causing malicious damage, and a public disturbance. After being processed I'm offered bail at a thousand dollars. I only have ten dollars on me and no cheque book. They let me talk to my solicitor before processing me and putting me in a cell. Due to the amount of damage done they refuse to release me without bail.

At 10:00 a.m. the next morning I'm taken to the courthouse by two police officers. The charges are read, my solicitor stands and pleads 'Not Guilty' on my behalf. The magistrate sets the matter aside for later in the morning. I'm returned to the holding cells while my solicitor takes a seat. He visits me and briefs me on his actions so far.

The Hearing

About 11:30 a.m. everyone has given their pleas and I'm called back before the court. The magistrate asks the police to read their report and the witness statements. They do. My solicitor stands up and suggests we take lunch as the three police witnesses aren't in the courthouse. That'll give the police time to get their witnesses as he intends to move for dismissal of all charges if he can't cross examine the witnesses. He also pushes for my release into his custody for lunch and a change of clothes. The magistrate stares at the police prosecutor who thought this case would be uncontested and they wouldn't be needed as it's my word against the three of them. They agree with the requests. The magistrate so approves. My solicitor takes me home for a quick change and lunch.

We return to the courthouse at 12:45 p.m. and are waiting for the court to restart at 1:00 p.m. when the manager and his two life guards turn up. They're obviously not happy about being suddenly called to court, it probably cost the manager a lot in extra wages for staff to cover at short notice. I smile as I see three men approach them. The men ask them their names, confirm their addresses, and hand them some papers, asking them to sign for receipt of them. They refuse to sign. The men smile, make notes on their papers, witness each other's paperwork, and walk away. The three police witnesses read the papers and glare at me. Both my solicitor and I are smiling as we enter the court to be seated when the magistrates comes in. We stand as the court starts again.

The police prosecutor runs his witnesses through their stories. When he's finished my solicitor asks them to reaffirm what they said and to again swear their statements are the truth. They do. He then accuses them of lying and of conspiring to pervert the course of justice. The prosecutor objects. This process is gone through with each of the witnesses. The magistrate is getting upset with the regular accusations of lying and conspiracy. With the manager, the last police witness, my solicitor raises the reason for my being at the facility. The manager claims to have no knowledge on that. On being asked to confirm our meeting appointment he claims we had no such meeting.

I'm called and I give my testimony. The police prosecutor cross examines me, attacking my story. I breeze through it all with no troubles. As I step down everyone else is surprised when my solicitor calls another witness, my investigator friend. He gives his testimony about what he saw. The police prosecutor cross examines him, then he lowers the boom in reply to one question.

As per our plan he says, “You don't have to take my word for it. I've a security qualified recording of the events of that morning.” As the eyes of the prosecutor and the other witnesses go wide he adds, “I was hired that day to go to the centre to record a meeting between the accused and the manager. I did that, getting the meeting and other events following it on my recorder, sight and sound.” Holding up his briefcase he says, “If you've got a TV and video player handy I've got it here and I can play it back for you all to see it, right now.”

The magistrate quickly has a TV and video player brought in and set up. They watch the events unfold as I said they did, the manager's orders to the bulling guard are loud and clear. The manager quickly says something to the police prosecutor. The prosecutor moves to have the tape dismissed as evidence as it was unlawfully obtained because it was a recording made in a private place where it's unlawful to make video recordings without the prior permission of the management; and also cites new laws on using cameras in pools and bathing areas.

My solicitor stands, and says, “Your Honour, this recording is legal. First of all, the whole of the centre is a public place as defined by the law. Second, the legislation about cameras in pools etc. are a local government law that quite specifically limits it's actions to the facilities managed by and located on lands owned or rented by the council. Thus that law doesn't apply. Third, the centre does have a publicly posted policy on the use of cameras, but that has no authority under the law. And fourth, the centre policy specifically states they don't allow the use of cameras or video recording devices in the pool area as designated by the yellow lines. The recording was made in the entrance foyer, well outside of the centre management designated yellow lines. Thus the recording wasn't in violation of their own policy, which is invalid, anyway.” The magistrate sends a police officer off for a copy of the centre policy on cameras while he studies the law on the use of cameras in pools. The policy is brought in and offered up in evidence. After studying all of the documents the magistrate rules the recording is valid as the local government law has no bearing and the recording was made within the terms of the centre's own policy on such things. Being a public place it doesn't have the privacy aspects of a private premises. With the recording as evidence the case is over with a ruling of innocent.

My solicitor stands to say, “Your Honour, I have here requests for Apprehended Violence Orders against the three police witnesses. Would you please issue them now. They're needed as we have concerns about the behaviours of these men. They've been served with papers for civil suits for restitution of one hundred thousand dollars each for libel, false witness, assault, false arrest, and damages arising from those charges.” In response to the magistrate's query about civil suits on these issues he says, “Your Honour, my client is a self employed contract specialist. To attend court today he had to notify a client of his inability to fulfil contracted duties today. That has cost him income and penalty payments. Also, the embarrassment and discomfort of being in cells overnight. Taking these matters before a criminal court will result in the offenders being imprisoned or heavily fined, but it will not reimburse my client for his losses or the cost of my services. Taking these matters to a civil court should result in recovery of the costs and some damages. Papers were also served on the owners of the centre as we hold them partly responsible for hiring these people and the events took place in their centre.” The magistrate grants the AVOs. The centre staff aren't happy. The police prosecutor is also talking about charging them with giving false information to the police and swearing false statements.

The next day my solicitor rings to inform me the owners of the centre wish to settle out of court. After an hour of discussions we settle on them firing the men involved, paying my solicitor's bill, and paying me fifty thousand dollars compensation.

That afternoon the three men are in court facing police charges of 'Giving false statements to police during the investigation of a criminal matter' and 'Conspiring to pervert the course of justice.' They don't contest the charges and plead guilty. They receive two years prison, suspended to two year good behaviour bonds. The sentence will ensure they won't ever again be put in a place of trust.

In the afternoon I tell Erica and Fiona what's happened over the last few days. They're both happy to hear the manager and his two closest bully boys are fired and under a careful watch. A few days later the new manager offers Fiona her old job back. She refuses as she's doing much better on her own with better hours too.

For getting that weasel dealt with, and helping Fiona set up her own business, I'm the flavour of the month with Erica and her family. As the story spreads I'm everyone's favourite. I end up spending a lot of time eating home cooked meals at everyone else's house as I get invitations from all the families. I get on well with all of the kids. As I said, I really like kids. Just never got married as the only woman I was ever interested in marrying married someone else over twenty years ago.


I get on with all the kids so well I'm often asked to be an 'adopted father' for the kids' father / son and father / daughter activities at their schools. It's great fun. Often I'm the 'father' to a couple of kids in the same class. In one extreme case I'm the 'father' to over half of the class.

The kids really love their school fund raising activities. They usually sell chocolates and the like. I love chocolate and I usually buy a box from each kid. The chocolates always find their way to the tables beside the pool of an afternoon. Several boxes are usually sold to Fiona's clients too. So fund raising targets are quickly met.

I'm usually available to help with transport etc. for the kids when needed, too. It's great fun. Life is good, very good.

During the dinner visits I'm expertly debriefed on my life and they find out I know a lot about survival stuff. I spent way too many years surviving in jungles and other adverse environments. I'm very careful not to give the specifics of most of the work I've done as it's not safe to discuss some things, even decades later. They all know I'd money in the bank, but spent most of my savings on the house etc. They don't learn I'm also their landlord. I do tell them I'm a licensed armed security guard and often go about with weapons on me. Some are worried for a while, but most of them are relaxed about it. The worried ones eventually stop worrying about it, once they realise I'm very careful to keep them well secured and their kids are safe.

I especially get on well with Erica and her kids. The only problem I have with Erica is the kids names; she should have fought her husband who thought it was great fun to use the names he did. He probably thought he was funny when he shot through on them, too. The only good thing was while running away with another woman from his work they managed to kill themselves in a car accident, both drunk at the time. The little insurance Erica got resolved the financial problems he left behind. However, nothing is going to resolve the names - Nataly and Nate, Natasha and Nathan, so they all have Nat as their name's short form. What a terrible thing to do to the kids.

School Troubles

One day Erica has some casual work to do on the same day as Nataly (her eldest daughter) has a mid morning medical appointment. She asks me to pick Nataly up from school, take her to the doctor's, and return her to school. Having nothing else on I do just that. I don't mind, as they're all good kids and fun to be with.

Parking around the school is always difficult, many staff and older student cars plus the local residents. Returning from the doctor's I park near the back corner of the school grounds. A section of fence is missing near the corner and a lot of students use it as a short cut. This access is often used by kids who skip out over lunch or are skipping classes, as a line of bushes screens the last section of the grounds from the school and the teachers can't see what's happening there.

As we enter the grounds through the missing fence section we see seven older teen boys dragging two of Nataly's classmates toward the fence. The girls are gagged, their hands are tied, and they're dragging their feet; it's clear they don't want to go with them.

Handing my car keys to Nataly I say, “Go back to the car, get in and lock it. Call the police, school, and ambulance service on your mobile phone.” She'll be safe in the car as the glass is expensive high impact resistant glass. It's the best you can get in bulletproof glass that doesn't look like bullet proof glass. No way anyone can smash it in quickly, as they'll need a good thirty minutes with a sledge hammer. The body panels are even tougher, Kevlar and carbon fibre lined. Some of my old work enemies would still like to kill me, so why take any chances that can be easily avoided with a little forethought and work.

She races back to the car as I approach the boys saying, “Best let the girls go while you can still walk properly.”

Two of them draw knives and charge at me. I throw them off by charging at the one nearest me. Side stepping to keep him between me and his knife wielding mate I knock his hand aside and kick his knee into the realm of dreams of past sporting glory as it suddenly has several more parts than it used to, all very small ones made from what used to be big ones. He falls in a screaming heap; he'll need knee replacement surgery before he can walk again, and he'll never run again. Quickly jumping over him I kick his mate in the balls very hard. As I feel them squash he screams in a high pitched rising scream, goes quiet, and faints from the shock. The rest drop the girls, draw knives, and spread out in a line. They're stupid enough to think that five guys with knives can do better than two guys with knives; how dumb can you get.

Jumping toward my left I reach the end of their line. The boy thrusts his knife at me, I grab his right hand in mine and pull his arm toward me. As his arm reaches full extension I slam my left hand, open palmed, against his forearm just in front of his elbow. His forearm snaps in half at the same time his elbow is shattered by the over extension. He screams and drops to the ground, cradling his arm. I raise my knee into his face as he goes down, because I want to make sure he stays down. The scream becomes a gurgle as my knee impacts his nose and he goes quiet as he passes out.

The next boy has turned to face me and he comes at me in a way that shows he has some experience as a knife fighter, but is still an amateur. Holding the knife low and close to him he sidles forward with the knife in his right hand and his left side turned slightly back. Accepting the attack on my arm I swing my left arm forward and to the side, to sweep the knife aside. The move allows him to slice the blade into the back of my forearm while it allows me to kick him in the guts with the point of my boot. Grabbing his forearm I twist his arm up and around as he bends over and starts to throw up. The pain in the arm causes him to try and scream while still throwing up. Not a pleasant sight or noise. He does manage a scream before collapsing into his own vomit when I slam my right hand down, balled into a fist, just on the arm side of his right shoulder. The blow dislocates his shoulder while shattering the joint. He'll need major surgery to use that arm again. Another out of the fight on the long term.

The fellow who started at the other end of the line is smart enough to get behind me and come at me from the side while I'm preoccupied with his mates. He's also dumb enough to attack me instead of taking the chance to run away. With the knife in his left hand he stabs at my kidneys, it seems he knows some anatomy. He gets a surprise when the knife penetrates a few millimetres of cloth and stops. Don't you love lightweight Kevlar body armour, very hard to detect; no good against high powered rounds, but it stops low powered rounds and knives no trouble. Like my Amex card, I never leave home without it.

Spinning to my right I kick my last opponent in the face with the heel of my boot, breaking his nose. Ensuring he'll stay down. Half way through the spin I swing my right hand down to knock this new attacker's arm aside while I power drive my left arm up and across my chest into his solar plexus. The blow expels all of the air out of his lungs as it fractures his entire rib cage and throws him about a long pace away. He gurgles as he takes flight, he hasn't got enough air for a scream, and he gurgles again as he lands heavily on his arse. The crack as he lands tells me he also broke his tail bone on landing. He's out of the fight and in a new world of pain from his chest and arse.

The boy that started in the middle of the line is next, he looks older and is probably the leader of the gang. As I turn toward him I see his knife on the ground and his right hand is inside the left side of his coat, obviously he's reaching for a gun. You only drop a weapon when you go for another, and his type always look to upgrade the weapons in use. As I jump forward onto my left foot I swing my right foot in a high fast arc toward his left side, aiming for near where his hand is under the coat. The hand starts coming back out of the coat as my foot makes contact. He screams and staggers back as a revolver falls to the ground from under his coat. Reversing the spin I land on my right foot as my left foot slams into his knee, making him another candidate for major knee surgery. His scream goes up in pitch and intensity. Reversing again, I kick him with less power in the face, breaking his nose and knocking him unconscious. He's out of it.

The last boy is standing there idly waving his knife while he studies the wreckage of his gang mates. I look at him and raise an eyebrow. Gulping hard, he drops the knife and puts his hands up. With a nod of the head I direct him off to the side. On my orders he drops to his knees, spreads them wide, and places his hands, interlocked, on the top of his head. Walking around him I grab his hands and hair then I pull his upper body back at a thirty degree angle. His position is very uncomfortable, but not painful and he can't do a thing but talk.

In an icy voice, I say, “What did you lot intend to do with these girls, and why?”

Gulping hard he looks at me, shivers, and says, “We were paid by Ruthie Franks to take these two away and gang-bang them. Also to rough 'em up good.”

Smiling coolly at him as I say, “Nothing you've told me has any legal standing in court, so I won't be mentioning it to the police. You can tell them anything you like. The evidence on hand will send you lot away for a long time for kidnapping and assault causing grievous bodily harm, so I don't care what you do or don't tell the police.”

We stay there like that until some teachers and the police arrive at the same time. The ambulance follows the police in. I make the teachers stand back until the police are happy with their first check of the scene. They handcuff my prisoner and formally arrest him, reading him his rights etc. They take him off for questioning as the medical technicians start on the injured, patching them up to take them to hospital.

The two girls are gently untied and checked by the medical staff. Another two ambulances are called to take the injured from the field of battle, as I refuse to allow any of them to ride in the same ambulance as the girls. The girls are taken to hospital for a full check up, just in case. With the girls looked after I take my coat off and roll my shirt sleeve up so a medical technician can treat the cut on my left forearm. By this time most of the school staff and students are on hand and watching us.

Everyone is surprised when I take my coat off and they see I've a double shoulder holster with two automatic pistols. One officer calmly asks to see my licence. Taking out my wallet I show him my federal weapons licence; knives, pistols, and rifles - including automatics. He checks the details over his radio, and thanks me for my trouble.

Nataly followed the ambulance crews into the school, she (like the rest) is amazed to see I'd taken on seven armed youths and put six of them in hospital with only one cut to myself.

The medical technician tells me I need to go to the hospital to have it stitched, he's bandaged it for now. I reply, “Thanks, I've a few things to do here first, then I'll go to the hospital.” He nods, and leaves me.

To the police and the school principal I say, “I don't care what you tell the media about today, just don't mention my name, please. I strongly object to having my name or photo in the media and I will sue all concerned if it happens.” They both nod yes as I put my coat on.

Taking Nataly I move toward the school administration block to sign her back in. As we cross the field I ask, “Why would Ruthie Franks pay to have two girls gang raped?”

She says, “Ruthie's a rich bitch and a control freak lezzie. She's been trying to get into the pants of those two vestals for nearly a year. I'd say she got fed up and wants them hurt bad for rejecting her.” Many students and staff are now walking back to the school buildings. Nataly points out one girl, a tall senior more smartly dressed than the rest, “That's Ruthie.” As we walk on I think on what to do about such a vindictive rich bitch lesbian who likes virgins and wants to control all around her. Nothing immediately comes to mind, but I'm sure I'll think of a way to see she changes her behaviour.

At the office I sign Nataly in and she goes to class, after handing me my car keys. As I'm leaving the principal stops me to thank me for helping his students. We discuss the problem with the use of that exit. He's got no money available to do anything. Being concerned for the kids I say, “If I organise to have the work done at no expense to the school will you agree to have a proper gate installed near that corner and those bushes removed? We can get council approval by having replacement bushes planted along the fence line.” He agrees.

Leaving the school I go to the hospital. After a twenty minute wait the doctor sews me up with eight stitches. The wait was because the majority of the doctors are busy patching up my recent playmates. I check on the kidnapped girls. The doctors are happy to release them, so I take them home. They live near me. Their mothers are surprised to see them home so early. I explain the basics of the lunchtime events. I leave them to comfort each other and go to my own home.

At home I phone a local landscape gardener I know, he has three children at the school. I explain what happened and I ask for a quote to have some work done to ensure it doesn't happen again. He promises to get right on it. He does good work, he did my yards and the park.

Just on 5:00 p.m. the landscape gardener turns up at my door with a quote. He's been a very busy boy. I take him through to the pool area so we can watch the kids swimming while we discuss his plan. He'll put in a proper gateway, four panels in from the corner. The panels between the gate and the corner will be secured so they can't be removed without special power tools. The screen of bushes removed and new native bushes planted along both fences, double the number of bushes being removed. A concrete path constructed from the gate to the main school path near the buildings, and solar powered lights fitted along the pathway. I query the price, as it's very low. He explains it costs only as this is a public safety issue being done by a good Samaritan, so he's charging costs for materials and labour only, no profit. He's even been to the council and got their approval to the plans, all he needs now is the signature of the principal so he can start work tomorrow. I call over some of the kids and we discuss the plan. Naturally they're not happy about the gate not being right in the corner, but they accept the safety needs for it to be in from the corner. They like it. The next day he gets the approval from the principal and the school's district administrator. The work is started that afternoon and finished within a fortnight.

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