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Ed's New Life

Ernest Bywater


Ed's New Life




Ernest Bywater

All rights reserved © 2007 





Ed's New Life


Copyright © 2007 by Ernest Bywater


This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. All rights are reserved by the author, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form.


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Cover Art

The image is US Navy 091112-N-6233H-016 A Sailor observes helicopter operations aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) at dawn by the US Navy and is in the public domain. The trimming, manipulation, and adding of text is by Ernest Bywater. All rights to the cover image are reserved by the copyright owners. 


July 2014 Edition


Published by Ernest Bywater 




The titles I use are: a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.





This was a personal autobiography until Marie, the greatest love of my life, suggested I publish it as a book of my life. I'm writing about when I started to really live, instead of just existing. This is the early weeks of how our 'family' came to be, and we set up house together. I spent much of my life living under another name, for security reasons. Names are changed to protect the guilty (me). And the innocent, they got lucky; as I certainly did.


In a few weeks my life was totally changed, for the better. Yes, big changes, but I love the people they've brought into my life. Life is very much better now.



Eight years ago I retired from my main line of work. After nearly twenty years I wanted out of a life living in the shadows and under a false name. A life of never daring to really know the people you worked with, for fear they'd betray you, or worse - die. After retiring I got work in a government clerical job, and retrenched five years later when the section was closed down. At my age, and with such little visible work experience you can acknowledge and they can check, it's hard getting a job. It's even harder when your best skills are ones you dare not list on an employment application form. It's not as if I need the money, since I've a good income from invested earnings: long term with six years to go. I've the interest payments of $7,500 deposited to my bank account each month, quite good and more than enough to live on. I just don't like sitting around doing nothing. So I did some computer and code writing studies to fill the time.


I've known Marie since her family moved into the area three years earlier, and she started bowling in my league team. During this time I became good friends with Marie and her parents. She was new to bowling, so I coached her. She's a quick learner, and was soon doing very well with a 165 average after twelve months of bowling.


For some reason unknown to me, Marie and her mother use her mother's maiden name and all their assets are under her father's name.


Marie's parents have a lucrative home business franchise run by her mother, and her father acts as its salesman. Marie's parents are going to attend a three day weekend conference in Hawaii, and are extending their stay for an overdue holiday. Marie can't go, because it's during the school term. Her parents arrange for me to house sit, be a taxi service, cook for Marie, and teach her to cook - hopefully. Proximity to Marie is the main reason for my agreeing. Soon after we first met I fell in love with her. But haven't told her how I feel, because of the age difference.


Marie's parents are very security conscious, and have a very good security system installed in their house. They've concealed cameras and microphones in the house and grounds. These all go to a control panel and monitor in the first floor study where the computer and Internet access are, as well. Some nearby houses have been broken into recently, and concern for Marie's safety is one reason for my presence. Marie doesn't mind, since she likes me and knows I like her. She also knows she can get me to agree to almost anything. Marie's parents left, just after lunch today, to fly to Honolulu via Sydney, with a thirty minute stop in Sydney to change planes.


Thursday 9th May


Afternoon Drinks

It's a nice autumn day: sunny, but not hot. No classes at Marie's church owned school tomorrow. Due to urgent building maintenance with no students present, for safety reasons. It's 4:00 p.m. and I'm in the study downloading new Linux distributions to try. I watch, via the security system, as Marie enters the house with Sandra, Janey, Harry, and Perc. I know Marie hates Perc and she's scared of him. Sandra says he's into kinky sex games, but gives no details. I know Marie wouldn't have let him in if I wasn't in the house. They walk in the front door, down the hall, and sit down in the lounge room.


Marie goes to the kitchen for some soft drink and glasses. In the kitchen she uses the house phone to ask me to keep an eye on things. She's worried about Perc. He knows her parents are away, but doesn't know I'm here. Taking the glasses and a two litre bottle of coke into the lounge room she pours everyone a drink. Via the cameras I watch her serve the drinks. Janey drops three tablets from a bottle into Marie's glass while Perc distracts her. Rushing down the back stairs I arrive as Marie finishes her drink (she must've been real thirsty). As she refills her glass the doorbell rings. I back into the recreation room shadows to await developments. I'd arrived unseen and unheard, as the door is behind the lounge they're on and the radio's on at a loud setting. She calls Perc to collect a box addressed to him. They all go to the door. Marie must be worried about the box, as it indicates Perc has planned something to happen here today without asking her permission.


Entering the room I take the bottle of tablets out of Janey's bag beside her chair. The bottle's unlabelled and I can't tell what's in it. I don't relish the idea of having to deal with, and possibly have to beat up, four angry youths when I interfere in their plans. I decide to even things out and drop three tablets into each of their drinks. Hoping to reduce the danger to everyone by drugging all of them too. After going back upstairs I watch events unfold on the cameras.


They return to the lounge room and Perc opens the box. Revealing four digital video cameras, a portable recording unit, ropes, and two fur lined handcuffs. He smirks at Marie as he places them on the low table near him. Marie asks what they're for. Perc says, “You'll see, later.” Marie is worried, but knows I'm watching and trusts I'll keep her safe.


Five minutes later Marie is sleepy and slouches in her chair. Perc gets up to check her. He opens her eye lid, saying, “She's under, we can start our games soon. Like Lucie, she'll do everything we tell her to. She'll know what's happening, but will do exactly as we say.”


I decide it's time to slow them down by going downstairs, calling out, “Marie, what do you want for dinner tonight?” Entering the lounge room I find Marie asleep, Perc glaring at me, and the other three looking very distraught. I ask what's happening.


Perc replies, “Marie just nodded off. We don't know what's wrong.”


He offers me a drink, and I decline; as I ain't that green. For a minute Perc and I stand there staring at each other. He sits down as he shakes his head and blinks his eyes. Noticing the other three are already asleep, I sit down to watch. He's soon asleep.


I examine Perc's cameras and gear before taking the recording unit upstairs and copying its contents onto the study computer. Once I view the material I decide to call on Lucie when I know her address. Taking the unit downstairs I set it up with a camera to record their statements. Another ten minutes and Marie sits up. She asks what happened. I tell her what I saw and did. Saying, “I'm waiting for them to wake up to ask them a few questions.” They soon wake up. It's just after 5:00 p.m.


Question Time

With everyone awake I ask Janey what the tablets are. She says they're Perc's and they make people totally responsive to commands. In response to my questions Perc says the tablets were developed by his father (a renowned chemist) to assist in treating certain mental health conditions by making the patient very responsive to suggestions and the recommended dosage is one tablet. They're restricted and require government approvals to use.


Perc found the research notes at his home. Two tablets have no increased effect. Three make the recipient totally submissive. Four causes very aggressive behaviour. The patients always remembers what happened while drugged. Patients usually go to sleep within fifteen minutes of being drugged, sleep for about twenty minutes, and are affected by the drug for two hours per tablet. Three tablets equals six hours of submissiveness. Doses of more than one tablet will sometimes create long term obedience. The effect varies between patients.


Perc saw they'll make people do anything he desires, and wanted some. The notes included the formula and production method. He got Harry to help make 2,000  tablets, and the rest are in his car outside.


They'd used them on Lucie six weeks earlier. Janey slipped the tablets into Lucie's drink when she stayed with her for a weekend. They then used her as a sex slave, and captured it on the recorder. They'd not used any condoms while having sex with Lucie. She's not on the pill and Perc wants to get her pregnant, to try sex with a pregnant girl.


Perc has always fancied Marie and hates the way she ignores him. So he intends to spend the time her parents are away turning her into his permanent sex slave. He's not told Sandra of his plans, but is prepared to do the same to her if she doesn't help. He intends to record it all on the drive. They're also blackmailing Lucie, with the recordings, to have more sexual encounters. He intends to do the same with Marie and other of Janey's classmates. I ask for Lucie's full name and address. Janey tells me. Ordering Perc, Harry, and Janey to stay seated and not talk, I take Sandra and Marie upstairs. Once in the guest bedroom I'm using I tell the girls to sit down and I begin to question them.


Sandra and Marie

Sandra is shocked by Perc's plans for Marie and her. She'd been told by both him and Janey Marie had asked them over for an afternoon and evening of group sex, but needed something to help her relax and enjoy it. She's shocked by what they'd done to Lucie. She's so angry with Perc she's dropping him. She explains Perc is into domination and bondage, and often involved Janey in their sex games. Sandra is frequently tied to the bed and forced to perform oral sex on both Perc and Janey. She'd been thinking about dropping him for some time. She likes being under control and dominated, doesn't mind bondage, but some of the other games are bit too much. A few weeks earlier she was tied over the end of the bed and he had anal sex with her against her wishes. She was also forced to have oral sex with Janey while he had anal sex with her.


On seeing Marie's shocked expression I ask her what's wrong. Marie replies, “I'd no idea how sexually active my classmates are. I just realised, if Perc does that to his girlfriend, what does he have planned for a hated sex slave?” She's frightened by what she'd narrowly missed out on. Especially because she's a virgin. I ask her about her knowledge of sex and her sexual experiences.


She says, “I know the school biology classes and you're supposed to wait for marriage. I've not been properly kissed. I learnt to masturbate by listening to other girls talking about it.”


Cheekily, I ask, “What do you think about while masturbating?”


Marie replies, “I think of you as I love you and want you. I imagine they're your hands touching my body and making love to me. Telling you this is very embarrassing.”


She's responding fully because of the drugs. I like hearing how she feels about me, and say, “I'm sorry I made you tell me your deepest secrets, ones you didn't want to reveal. I forgot the drug's effects. But I'm happy to learn you want me as much as I want you.” This makes her happy and embarrassed. “How do you feel about having sex?”


Marie replies, “I'm both excited and frightened. Some girls say how great sex is, but others talk about how painful the first time is. This makes me very nervous about sex and stops me from telling you my feelings, for fear of the pain.” I explain about her hymen. How it may hurt a bit when broached. How some people feel more pain because they expect it to hurt. I tell her not to worry about it any more. She smiles at me as her only response to my instructions to not worry.


I turn to Sandra, “I think you deluded yourself about thinking Marie agreed to being drugged and part of an orgy.”


Sandra replies, “You're probably right. I believed Perc and Janey as I wanted to believe them. Since first having girl / girl sex I've wanted to have sex with Marie, and this was the opportunity.”


“What would you've done when you learned the truth for today?”


“Comply, as I know better than to cross Perc or Janey, let alone both at the same time.”


Sighing, I ask, “Do you feel you're partially guilty of the crimes intended against Marie? And how do you think you and the others should be punished?”


She nods, saying, “Yes, I'm guilty, I'm sorry. We all should be severely punished. It'd serve us right to be made into sex slaves, as intended for Marie. May I be assigned to a kind master?”


Surprised, I ask, “Do you want to be a sex slave?”


Nodding, she says, “Yes, I've often fantasized about being a sex slave, ever since watching a video tape two years ago. It's why I put up with Perc, as it sort of fulfils my fantasy.”


I turn to Marie, she's staring at Sandra, and ask for her thoughts on their punishment. She agrees with Sandra. Adding, “Lucie is to be freed from their grip, and compensated for her suffering.” I agree, and seek her thoughts on being or having a sex slave. She says, “I'm against being one. Not sure about having one. Yesterday, I'd have said no, but after hearing Sandra talk, I'm not sure now; if it's what they want.”


Grinning, I ask, “Marie, how do you feel about a lover who has sex slaves?”


Marie turns and looks at me with a stunned expression. She gives me a slow and wide smile, saying, “I think I can accept that. Provided you share them with me and let me have a say in their activities.”


Sandra picks up on the undercurrent of our talk, smiles and asks, “Master, mistress, how may I serve you, please?”


I look at them, saying, “Don't make any mistake. The pecking order is me, Marie, slaves. You'll both have the right to disagree and tell me your reasons. But I have final say in all things. Got it?”


Both girls smile, saying, “Yes, please, sir.”


Dinner Time


I look at my watch, it's 5:30 p.m. Everyone is affected by the drugs until 11:00 p.m. (six hours from 5:00 p.m.). I can't risk leaving them alone or taking them out. Taking Marie and Sandra back downstairs I ask everyone what pizzas they want, and order delivery of five pizzas with drinks. I tell Janey, Perc, and Harry to donate all their cash towards the weekend's costs. They hand over $150 from Harry, $3,540 from Perc, and $1,580 from Janey. Don't you love rich people who pay for your dinner.


Marie says she needs to go to the toilet. I've everyone follow me to the toilet. Marie goes first and shuts the door. When she's finished I tell Sandra to go into the toilet and leave the door open. I order the rest to shut their eyes, while Marie can open hers if she wants. Sandra is both embarrassed and excited by our watching her. I've everyone open their eyes to watch Janey, Perc, and Harry take their turns with the door open. Really embarrassing them, as I intended it to. I tell everyone to follow me to the recreation room (rec room).


Ordering Perc and Harry to move furniture until the centre of the room is clear of all objects, I place the extra double bed mattress down in the middle of the room, a spare is kept here for guest overflow. They place couches at each end, with their backs to the mattress, to make low walls at the mattress ends. I check the house to ensure all exterior doors and windows are shut, locked, and blinds down. Activating the exterior sensors for everything except the driveway, I return to the rec room. Smiling as I carry in the cameras, recorder, cuffs, and ropes.


Setting up the cameras to film the mattress, I rearrange the lights for best effect. Starting the cameras, I tell Perc to stand on the mattress and do a strip tease. Harry is next, followed by Janey, and Sandra last. I film the shows. As Sandra finishes the pizza girl arrives.


I pay for the pizzas with the donated money - naturally. Taking dinner into the rec room I tell everyone to eat their fill, and share out drinks. They're soon eaten and everything's cleaned up.


Evening Fun


I've Sandra and Janey sit at one end of the mattress with Harry and Perc at the other. They all sit on a corner with their legs wide open at ninety degree angles and facing the person on the diagonally opposite corner. They can lean against the lounges if they wish. It's 6:45 p.m.


The cameras have a perfect view of them as I order Sandra, Janey, Perc, and Harry to watch the person on the diagonally opposite corner and get sexually aroused by the sight. They're to masturbate, but no orgasms, and to stay in place. No talking or touching anyone. It's soon obvious they're enjoying the show from the opposite corner, but not enjoying being on show - except Sandra, she likes it as she's following her master's orders. I check it's all recording OK. Marie watches all this with a smile. She's both embarrassed and excited by it. I watch Marie watching them, for some minutes. Walking up behind her I slip my arms around her and fondle her breasts. She leans back into me with a low moan while watching them. I say, “Come with me upstairs. My room has a double bed.” Smiling at me, she follows me upstairs.


Getting a condom from my luggage, I place it on the bedside table, saying to Marie, “Relax and enjoy. My touch will give you pleasure. Don't worry about anything, do what you want. Do you understand?”


Marie smiles, saying, “Yes, please, pretty please.”


Stepping closer to Marie I take her in my arms and kiss her as I caress her back and arse. She's eager and happy in her response to my touch. After a few minutes I break the kiss while continuing to caress her body. Removing her skirt I let it fall to the floor and undo her blouse, to slide my hands inside, onto her shoulders and slip the blouse off. It falls on the skirt. Kissing her again, I undo the bra's clasp. Breaking the kiss, I draw back and slowly run my hands along her sides inside the bra straps. Bring my hands around to gently cover her breasts with them. The bra falls to the floor as I fondle her breasts, asking, “Are you happy?”


Marie moans, saying, “Hmmm, this is nice. For over a year I've loved you and wanted to be with you like this. Now I don't have to be scared about being hurt, and find the it very pleasant and exciting.” Lowering myself, I caress her body as I plant soft kisses on her neck, breasts, and belly, on my way down. Turning her a little to one side, I slip my hands in the front and back of her panties and slide them down as I continue to caress her. While kneeling I lift her feet, one after the other, to remove her panties. I run my hands over her legs, arse, and lower back, eliciting moans of pleasure from her. Standing up, I've her lie down in the middle of the bed with her legs spread. Marie lies there watching me undress. She can't take her eyes off me as I finish and climb onto the bed. Smiling, she says, “I know it won't hurt, but I still don't see how you're going to get all that in me.”


I smile, “It'll take some preparation, but when it's time it'll fit nicely. You may even say, perfectly. Trust me. I intend this to be good for you as I want it to be the first of many, not a once only. I need you happy and wanting many more performances.”


A grinning Marie says, “Yes, please.”


Half sitting and half lying on the bed I lean over and kiss her. Placing my right hand on her right thigh I use gentle pressure to draw the leg towards me. Continuing the kiss, I move my hand to her left leg and push it further away. Having spread her legs wider I commence a gentle and slow run of my hand over her legs, belly, and breasts while kissing her. Her lips open wider and wider. When my tongue enters her mouth she's ready and very willing to participate as our tongues dance, first in her mouth then mine. I draw back and break the kiss, saying, “Are you sure you haven't kissed like this before?”


Marie sighs, “Never like this, but we must practice lots more.”


I laugh and reply, “You're either a very quick learner or have some real good native talent, let's continue. You may touch me if you wish.”


As we start kissing again she runs her right hand up and down my back while reaching her left arm across to do the same to my front. I continue to caress her body and touch everything in reach. I slide my right hand to her pussy and slip two fingers into her to stretch her vaginal entrance. She moans into my mouth. After a few minutes she breaks the kiss and just lies there taking short breaths and moaning. We look at each other and smile before I lead her further down this pleasurable path of discovery by leaning down to kiss and suck her breasts. She gasps in pleasure as her eyes go very wide. I pull back, saying, “There are many more pleasurable things in store for you yet.” With gentle caresses, I soon bring her to her first orgasm of the evening. She screams her pleasure to the world with great gusto and a high volume. If she keeps this up I'll need ear muffs to keep my hearing.


Some minutes later she has her breath back, saying, “That's the best orgasm I've ever had.”


I smile, saying, “There's more and better to come.“


In an awed voice, Marie says, “How can that possibly get better?”


Smiling, I kiss and caress her body. After ten minutes she screams her orgasm to the world again. This is instantly followed by the ringing of the doorbell and banging on the front door.


Coitus Interruptus

Getting up I throw the quilt over Marie to keep her warm. Putting on my dressing gown I go down to the front door. Through the peep hole I see two police officers, one large male and a statuesque red-headed female. Opening the door but not the security screen, I say, “How may I help you?”


The policeman snarls, “We've a report of a girl screaming. We just heard a girl screaming. What's going on?”


Cheekily, I reply, “Teenage orgy night. The virgin upstairs seducing me while her parents are in Hawaii is a real screamer. We're still in the early preliminaries and she's had two screaming orgasms already.”


The policeman is shocked speechless, while the policewoman looks like she doesn't know whether to laugh, cry, or shoot me. I ask to see their police IDs, and they show them. I say, “I'll show the policewoman through the house to prove the only weapons in use are natural. But because, of the thunderous look on the policeman, I'm not allowing him into the house.” He objects and insists they're both going to conduct a search, no matter what I want. “You'd best get a search warrant as I'm not unlocking the door except under my conditions or a warrant. And you don't have enough probable cause to justify a forced entry without a warrant.”


He sarcastically says, “And who made you an expert on the law?”


“The NSW Police Academy, I'm an ex cop, and they trained me well about the laws on such things.”


The policewoman tells her partner to get back in the police car as she's taking me up on my offer of a single officer search. Grumbling, he does so, she must be the senior officer of the pair.


Unlocking the security screen I invite the policewoman in and lock both doors behind her. I suggest she keep her partner happy with frequent radio checks, and she looks at me strange. I explain I don't want him going all protective and gorilla like. Laughing, she radios control to explaining what's happening. She introduces herself as Senior Constable Lisa xxxxx. I lead her upstairs to introduce her to Marie and ask her to explain the screaming.


Marie says, “I'm sorry, but I've never experienced orgasms like that before and screamed loudly when they hit me. It had happened twice. Now, can you please hurry up and piss off. He hasn't yet got around to making me an ex-virgin and I'm fed up of waiting.” Lisa laughs as we go to check all the rooms in the house.


In the rec room I say, “Everybody say 'We're happy and fine Constable Lisa, please leave.”


Janey, Sandra, Perc, and Harry say, in unison, “We're happy and fine Constable Lisa, please leave.”


Looking around at the naked teens sitting there, she shakes her head and laughs, saying, “Well, you did say it was teenage orgy night and that you're being seduced by a virgin. I thought you were putting us on about that.”


I reply, “Now why should I lie to a good looking policewoman, especially one I hope to seduce one night.”


She stops and looks at me, saying, “Not tonight, but here's my card if you need any police service.”


I say, “Thanks, I'll definitely keep you in mind if I need any police servicing. Please cool your partner off, as he takes things too seriously.”


Lisa says, “I'll explain the situation to the neighbours. But please try and keep the noise down.”


I respond, “I'll try, but I make no promises. I think I'll be too preoccupied to worry about the noise.”


Constable Lisa leaves, laughing hard. After ordering the foursome to continue as they were and not to talk or leave their places, I go back upstairs to Marie, it's 7:30 p.m.


Walking into the bedroom I find Marie looking concerned. I tell her the neighbours think she's a bit noisy and will likely complain to her parents when they return. It's nothing to worry about as they're more concerned about her welfare than the noise.


As I'm removing my dressing gown the beside phone rings. It's the lady next door. She's concerned about the screaming and is seeking reassurance as the police say it's all OK, but she's still concerned. I put Marie on the phone and tell her to explain she's OK. She takes the phone, saying, “Yes, I'm OK, but I'm too embarrassed to explain, here's Ed.” She hands the phone back to me.


The neighbour thinks it all seems odd. I say, “Marie has convinced me to give her some practical sex education as she's a total novice. Turns out she's a real screamer when having a really good orgasm. I'm sorry about the disturbance, but I've no intention of denying her pleasure, or mine. You'll just have to accept our apologies and put up with it until something can be done about sound proofing.”


She laughs, saying, “Oh, maybe I should come over and quality check your training.”


Laughing, I reply, “Only if Marie decides she doesn't want to keep me or allows she'll share with you.”


The neighbour replies, “I'll put some cotton wool in my ears and turn a radio on. Have an enjoyable evening.” She's a thoughtful and nice woman, so I thank her and hang up.


Virgin Delight


Turning from the phone I look at Marie, and say, “Time for dessert.”


In a questioning voice, she says, “What dessert?”


I laughing, “You, naturally, now spread your legs wide and relax.” She does as I crawl onto the bed between her legs and leer, saying, “Now what can I find to eat or suck on here?”


Marie's response is a wide eyed, “Oh.” Very soon followed, by “Oh, oooh, aaaah,” as I teach her about oral sex. After two more orgasms I stop to let her catch her breath. Reaching for the condom, I put it on. Marie is busy trying to calm her breathing. Leaning down I kiss her belly and kiss my way up her body. I spend a few minutes on her breasts, until she's very short of breath again. Lifting my head from her breasts I look into her eyes full of wonder and pleasure.


Marie smiles at me, saying, “Kiss me, please.”


I lean forward to kiss her, and commence her final introduction into sex. She's ready. I enter her with ease as our lips meet, and I breach her hymen. Her eyes go very wide, wider than I'd seen before, as she realises this is it. As we kiss I continue my slow entry until our thighs meet. I wait to allow her time to get used to the feel. Marie breaks the kiss and gasps for breath. I arch my upper body up as I start a slow thrust in and out.


Smiling at the expression of wonder and rapture on her face, I say, “Like the agenda so far?”


Moaning, she replies, “Hmmm, yes.” As I move forward she thrusts her hips up at me. Causing me to delve much deeper into her velvet depths. I continue until I'm fully encased in her lovely sheath. Marie shudders, and yells, “Oh, yes,” as she starts another orgasm.


I start a faster rhythm as I travel the full length of her velvet tunnel. Marie has constant little orgasms on each entry. Several minutes later she heaves her body up and screams with a major orgasm. I lean down to kiss her and suck her tongue into my mouth, as I did promise to try and cut the noise down. She goes wild, bucking her whole body up and down so hard she's throwing us both about. I'm in pure heaven as I hold her heaving orgasm racked body tight to me. We have a mutual orgasm. It seems to last for ages. After what seems like a long time we both relax and collapse on the bed as we gasp for breath.


Sometime later Marie sighs, saying, “I've been a bloody fool to wait so long for that.” Laughing hard, we just lie there cuddling and getting our breath back.


I remove the condom and dispose of it, saying, “This is the last condom I'm ever going to use with you.”


Marie looks frightened, saying, “But I'm not on the pill or anything, and you'll get me pregnant.”


Smiling, I say “I bloody well intend to, and I better do it soon. That way your parents can't stop us getting married.”


Marie gasps as she goes wide eyed. She reaches up and pulls my head down to her breasts, saying, “Oh, yes please.”


We lie like that for some time. When I get up to go to the toilet, Marie does too. Returning to the room I notice the time is 8:20 p.m., and time to check on our toys. Putting on my dressing gown I send Marie to get hers from her bedroom and put it on. We walk down the hall with my arm around her waist as we head downstairs.


Rec Room Show


Entering the rec room we notice all our toys are tired while very sexually aroused and in need of relief. Well, they've had nearly two hours to get that way. The boys have pained expressions and the girls look very, very frustrated. I apologise to Sandra as I hadn't expected to take this long. I tell her she can now speak if she wishes. Sandra says, “That sure sounded like Marie was enjoying whatever it was you've been doing.”


Marie says, “Hmmm, yes. Please, sir, can I have some more?” This gets hearty laughs from Sandra and I.


In a loving voice I say “Later, my love.” I decide it's time to use some of the skills of the pills and program them.


To Janey I say, “Janey, you must have an orgasm every time you hear the phrases 'come two' or 'come cake.


To Perc I say, “Perc, you must have an orgasm every time you hear the phrases 'come three' or 'come cake.


To Harry I say, “Harry, you must have an orgasm every time you hear the phrases 'come five' or 'come cake.


To Sandra, I say, “Sandra, you must have an orgasm every time you hear the phrases 'come six' or 'come cake. You may also have an orgasm whenever you wish.” This causes her to smile, and the others to frown.


I say, “It's now time for the cock sucking exams. Who's the best cock sucker on the mattress.”


Perc says, “Harry, he's a much better cock sucker than either of the girls.” This elicits stares from all the girls.


I say, “Perc involves Janey in his sex games. It's only fair she involves him in hers, and we know he likes to take charge.”


Both Sandra and Marie laugh. I drop my dressing gown and step in front of Harry, saying, “Suck my dick.”


He does. He's good, very good. He soon has me ready to perform again. I tell him to stop, and I turn around to show the girls the results of his work, “Now you know why cock sucking is an important skill, as the better you are the quicker your man's ready again.” The girls smile.


Moving over to Janey I test her skills. After a few minutes I stop her and rate her as a six against Harry's ten. I test Sandra's skills. After a few minutes I stop her and rate her as a nine. She and Harry have things to teach each other. Sandra smiles. I test a frightened Perc's skills, and he's totally useless. I stop him and rate him as a minus one. He needs plenty of special instruction and practice with Harry.


After having a quiet talk with Marie, she sits in a chair to watch the show. I ask Sandra if she wants to have sex with me. She's eager as she replies, “Yes, please, Master.”


This elicits some stares from the other toys. I tell Janey to stay where she is, not to talk, and otherwise do as she wishes. I order Perc to start sucking Harry's dick, and he has to swallow all the fluids he gets. Perc is scared. When all's ready and he's sucking well, I say, “Come five.”


We watch as Perc grimaces at the taste of the sperm he's swallowing. I order Harry to instruct Perc in proper cock sucking, and when Perc makes a mistake he's to hit him on the side of the head. This scares Perc, but delights Harry. In response to my question on his happiness, Harry says, “I've not been happy with all the shit Perc puts me through or his sex games with Janey. It's Perc's fault we're now deep in it here. So I'm happy to give him a bit of what for to balance the books.”


I tell Perc to suck Harry's cock and to follow his instructions. I suggest the girls listen in on the instructions and learn what they can.


Turning to Sandra I order her down on all fours, doggy style. Marie is watching Perc and Harry, and now she turns to watch us. Leading Sandra to Marie I have Marie spread her legs wide and tell Sandra to eat her pussy. She does, with a real will. With a gentle touch I run my hands over Sandra's back, her body, and fondle her breasts. Kneeling behind her I enter her, doggy style, in one long hard thrust. She gasps into Marie and gives her an orgasm. I fuck Sandra hard and fast. Reaching my own orgasm I say, “Come six, come six,” and grin as I feel Sandra have two orgasms while moaning with pleasure.


I ask if she's happy, and all I get in response is a low moan and a long “Hmmm.” Marie laughs.


I laugh, “I'll take that as a yes.” Turning to Janey I see she's been enjoying the show. I grin, “Come two.” She moans with pleasure as her orgasm washes over her. Followed by a look of consternation as I say, “Come two, come two, come two,” and keep repeating it for a few minutes. She has orgasm after orgasm after orgasm as she moans and groans. She looks at me with tears in her eyes, as she wishes I'd stop speaking because it's too much for her. I stop when she faints from her orgasms. Sandra and Marie are wide eyed as I say, “Sometimes too much of a good thing can be way too much.” Both stare at me.


Marie says, “You did that deliberately? You expected that reaction?”


I reply, “Yes, I kept at it until I got that reaction, to prove a point to her and to demonstrate the effect to you.”


I ask Harry how Perc is doing. He says, “He's improving, but still has a lot to learn.” Telling them to stop I have Perc get on his hands and knees to give Harry some satisfaction. This frightens Perc (I think he hates not being in charge). I tell Harry to fuck Perc's arse, giving him his first anal sex experience as the recipient. Harry is a bit enthusiastic and enters in one long hard thrust, causing Perc to scream in pain. I hadn't meant for Harry to be so painful. Sandra smiles at Perc's situation, because he's getting some of what he gave her.


Several minutes later Janey wakes up, and I tell Harry to stop. I order Perc to stand up, and the poor bugger's crying. As I order Janey to kneel in front of Perc he smiles, expecting to get some relief. I say, “Come three.” Causing him to have an orgasm without any contact. He sprays sperm across her face. Both Perc and Janey turn to stare at me.


I stare back until they lower their eyes. They get the message, I'm definitely in charge now. Walking over I say, “You can both speak freely, do you have anything you wish to say to me?”


Janey stares for a moment, then lowers her eyes and says, “No, Master.”


Perc stares at Janey for a moment, before he turns to me as he gulps and cries, saying, “No, Master.”


I think hard about these responses as they're voluntary. Seems the training's going well. Marie, Sandra, and Harry are staring at Janey and Perc - as they can't believe they said that voluntarily.


I inform Perc he'll do better now he's more motivated. Gulping again, Perc says, “Yes, Master.”


I instruct everyone to sit down and ask Janey what contraceptive precautions she takes. She has an IUD, and I tell her to have it removed. Shocked and frightened, she says, “I'll get pregnant.”


Smiling I say “Don't you want to have your master's baby?”


She apologises, “Sorry, Master, I hadn't realised.”


I inform Janey and Sandra they're not to have sex with anyone without my prior approval, but they can enjoy each other's bodies whenever they're not serving Marie or me. They smile, saying, “Yes, Master.”


They both turn and look at Marie with desire. Perc and Harry look at me with fright, as I tell them they can pleasure each other until I decide otherwise. They gulp and say, “Yes, Master.”


I ask Sandra what contraceptive precautions she uses. She informs me she takes the pill and asks if she's to stop taking it. I say, “No, stay on the pill for now, I don't want you all pregnant at once. Once the other two are about four months along, you can stop.” Sandra smiles, as she's happy she's not being left out of motherhood.


Wash and Sleep

It's 9:40 p.m. Getting up, I turn off the cameras and have everyone follow me. Picking up the handcuffs and ropes, I lead them to the master bedroom en suite as it has a large shower. After everyone uses the toilet I've Harry and Perc wash each other while we watch. A thorough washing all over which includes the other's dicks and a good sucking of dicks.


Sandra and Janey give each other a thorough wash all over. They seem to enjoy their wash much more than Harry and Perc did. Harry and Perc dry off and I take them to the spare room (different to the guest room). I have them lie on the bed, Perc's head to the top and Harry's head to the foot, with their hands above their heads and through the metal grill bed frames. I handcuff them, and tell them not to talk as I throw a quilt over them. Wishing them a good night, I tell them to go to sleep.


Returning to the en suite I find Janey and Sandra are dried and ready for bed. I lead them to the guest room and have Janey lie spread eagled on the bed. I tie each limb to a bed post and I place a towel under her nether regions. I tell Sandra to enjoy herself, but not to get the bed too wet. She looks at Janey as she licks her lips and smiles. Janey looks at Sandra for a moment, and says, “Thank you, Master.” Well, that's two happy slaves.


Returning to the en suite I find Marie in the shower and washing herself. I say, “Hey, that's my fun, err job.”


She smiles, saying, “Well get on with it.” And hands me the soap.


I take my time soaping her back and front while I savour the touch of her skin as I make sure to soap all of it. I gently rub the soap in and use a washer to clean it off. I suspect I do a good job as Marie moans all through it. Once she's clean Marie returns the favour and gives me a very good all over wash.


She asks if we can fuck again tonight. I reply, “I may fuck others, but I'll always make love to you. I think you may need a rest for a little while as this is a new activity and you may be tender.” I'm gentle as I touch her vagina. She winces, and agrees. Smiling, she says she has to do something about my reawakened dick. Dropping to her knees she takes me in her mouth. Grinning, I pour shampoo on her hair and wash it as she sucks my dick. Oh, what a heavenly way to wash someone's hair. Several minutes later she brings me to orgasm, then stands as she rinses her hair of shampoo while licking the last of my sperm from her lips. What a sexy show off.


I take her in my arms and kiss her. We stand there in the water, kissing. Marie is definitely a 'keeper' - one you keep a hold of. Turning off the water we dry each other and leave the en suite. It's 10:15 p.m.


I escort Marie to her room and put her to bed before going to check on the rest. Harry and Perc are sound asleep. Sandra and Janey are in a sixty-nine. I say, “Come cake,” causing both to have an orgasm. They settle down and Sandra cleans them up. I tell them not to talk, but to go to sleep and have a good night's rest.


Going around the house I double check all is locked, and switch the security system over to full coverage of the exterior and ground floor. Returning to Marie's room I find her lying there with an expectant look on her face. Telling her to turn onto her side, I turn off the light and slide under the covers to lie on my side facing her. Taking her in my arms, I kiss her, and we talk. After awhile I say, “We best get a good night's sleep, love. I fear tomorrow is going to be a looong day.” Soon after that we drift off to sleep in each other's arms, heavenly.


Friday 10th May


Morning Call

Being a holiday weekend for us we'd not set any alarm clocks. I'm mightily upset when I'm woken up at 8:15 a.m. by the telephone ringing. I get up and answer it in the study. It's Marie's mother giving me the hotel phone number and their room number. Also wanting to know how things are going, I tell her all's well. She asks if Marie is on hand, and I say she's still asleep in her room.


She replies, “Oh, not in your bed huh, I suppose she's not yet convinced you to make her a woman?”


Gulping for air, I say, “Can you send that pitch again. I think it was a bit too hot and fast for me to catch?”


She says, “I know Marie wants you to be her lover, and she's hoping to seduce you while we're away. I just wondered if she'd made her move and you're too resistant. How should I nudge you along? OK.”


Awe struck, I reply, “I see. Can I suppose you're agreeable to such an arrangement?”


She says, “You're a nice guy and I approve. Her father wouldn't approve of anyone for another twenty years. But I think, with a little combined effort, we can talk him into accepting you - he likes you too.”


“Gee thanks, I think.” I reply.


Laughing, she says, “Well, can I start working on him yet?”


“We'd some minor issues last night. Nothing to worry about, but we did have the police around for a visit. A noise complaint from the neighbours. I've everything in hand.” While I'm saying this Marie walks in with Sandra and takes the phone out of my hand to hold it against my ear with one hand as she cuddles up to me while placing my right hand around her and on her breast. Sandra does the same on the other side. Marie laughs saying loud enough to be heard over the phone, “Yes, you now have everything nicely in hand.”


“I gather Marie is now awake and in the room with you?”


Laughing I say, “Yes, and you won't believe what she's just done?”


“What, opened her robe to give you a good look at what's on offer.”


“No, your beautiful daughter is cuddled up to me, nude, and holding the phone to my ear while she holds my hand to her breast and squeezes it.” There's a moment's silence on the phone while Marie and Sandra stare at me in awe.


Marie's mother says, “I think I just got beaned with a super fast ball or slipped into a time warp. Can I have a detailed situation report?”


“No, the full story will have to wait until you get back. Feel free to extend your holiday further. High notes: we need to sound proof the house as Marie is a real screamer when she orgasms. I'm assisting Marie in making a baby. We plan to get married before the birth, but after conception.”


Silence for a moment, “I'm stunned re the marriage and family bit. I see she's faster than I thought. My intent today was to encourage you and lower your resistance. How did she win such a victory?”


“Marie hit me with three very extreme and dangerous weapons of mass distraction at once. She told me she loves me and desires me as her lover while standing in front of me nude. I'd no defences left. However, I think it was a mutual surrender and joint win, Mom.”


“I see I've under estimated her. I suppose she'll be well on her way to motherhood very soon?”


“That's the plan. We figure there'll be no marriage objections then.”


Laughing she says, “I better start working on her father.”


Marie leans to the phone, “Thanks, Mom, but it's worse than that.”


“How can that be?”


“We'll have some sex slaves as part of our household.”


Another stunned silence, followed by, “That sounds like a long story that'll have to wait until we get home.”


Laughing Marie says, “Yes, but we can use it to our advantage with Dad, two are schoolgirl classmates.”


Her mother say, “Hmmm, that can help. I'll wait and see.” We say our goodbyes and hang up the phone.


Status Report

I look at Marie. She smiles, saying, “Many months back Mom and I noticed Dad is attracted to Sandra. It can be an ace if he really objects.”


I laugh, saying, “Leave that for now.”


I ask her how she feels without the drugs. She says, “I'm not having any second thoughts, are you?”


“Do I look crazy? A very sexy young woman I love wants to marry me, let me keep some pretty girls as sex slaves, and you think I may be having second thoughts.” That earns me a long kiss and a smile.


Turning to Sandra I ask her if she's still happy to be our sex slave. She smiles, saying, “Yes, please, Master.”


We go to the guest bedroom and untie Janey. She sits up, saying, with concern, “Do I have to be tied up each night, Master?”


I reply, “Only when I want to do so, but I'll probably reserve it for when you're being bad.”


Relieved, she says, “Thank you, Master.”


I tell her to roll over and suck my cock. She smiles and slides across the bed to suck me. I pull her and turn her around on to her hands and knees, with her legs spread wide. When Janey is ready I look at Marie.


She smiles, saying, “Yes, fuck her well.”


She's ready and very willing. I fuck her hard and fast from behind. As I near my orgasm I say, “Come two.” She starts an orgasm. It pushes me over the edge. “Come two, come two, come two.” Janey's rapid orgasms feel like heaven. Moaning, Janey collapses onto the bed.


She says with joy, “Thank you, Master. In the short time you've owned me I've had more orgasms and enjoyed sex much more than ever before.” Surprised, I ask why. She says, “I've never had an orgasm when fucking with Perc or Harry, as they're only interested in their own pleasures. Sandra is the only person to give me an orgasm before.”


“I'm pleased the trigger works. Are you happy to be our sex slave?”


Smiling she says, “Yes, please, Master.”


With the girls happily settled, we go check on the boys. I duck into the bathroom on the way. Both boys lie there giving us dirty looks. Handing the keys to Janey I instruct her to undo the cuffs on Perc. When free, Perc leaps off the bed and looks ready to start a fight.


I look him straight in the eye, saying in an authoritative tone, “Suck my cock, Perc toy.”


He stares at me, and cries as he whispers, “Yes, Master.” He drops down to take my dick in his mouth and suck it. He does a better job than last night's first effort. I tell him to stop.


I tell Janey to release Harry. He stands beside the bed with a very uncertain look on his face as he studies everybody. His eyes return to me. I tell him to lean on the bed end and to spread his arse cheeks wide.


Harry gulps, and softly says, “Yes, Master.” As he does as told.


Holding out the liquid soap I'd brought from the bathroom. I tell Perc to fuck Harry's arse. With a weak smile, he takes it. Pouring some on Harry's arse before fucking him, hard and fast. Perc is soon enjoying himself. I think the girls are also enjoying the show. After a few minutes, I say, “Come three,” and Perc orgasms well before he wants to.


As Perc withdraws from Harry I tell them to exchange places and for Harry to return the favour. Neither is happy, but they do it. Harry is soon well mounted, and I wait a few minutes before saying, “Come five.” Harry has an orgasm. I'm gratified to see they accept me as their Master without the drugs and the triggers still work.


The house has a bathroom and an en suite with shower. I send the boys to the main bathroom to shower together there. Telling them to thoroughly wash each other (including their arse holes), when washed and dried they're to wait there. I take the girls to the en suite and start the shower. I ask Marie to help me shower, and apologise we don't have time to make love this morning.


Smiling, she kisses me, saying, “We better have time later.” She soaps my front as I promise we will. Sandra enters the shower and soaps my back. Washed and dried, I tell the girls to take their time and have fun. They all smile. As I'm leaving the room Janey is kissing Marie while Sandra is washing Marie's breasts and Marie has one of their breasts in each hand.


After dressing I turn off the alarms for inside and the driveway. I get the boys and take them downstairs to get dressed. I take Sandra's and Janey's clothes upstairs, leaving them on Marie's bed. Once the boys are dressed I start on a hot breakfast for us all while I tell Harry and Perc to note how it's done, as they'll be expected to get breakfast in the future. They pay attention to how I cook the eggs, bacon, and toast.


I stop and grin when we hear Marie scream in pleasure. Harry and Perc set the table. The food is just hitting the table when the girls arrive. They all appreciate a good hot breakfast being ready for them. Marie notices I'd done the cooking, and raises an eyebrow at me. I say, “They don't know how, yet.”


She replies, “Oh, thank you for a hot breakfast.” The huge kitchen table is a problem to walk around and provide food. It's three metres long as Marie's parents also use it as a work bench for their business.


Morning Visit

We've nearly finished breakfast at 9:45 a.m. when the front doorbell rings. I answer it. Opening the door I see Senior Constable Lisa and another officer who Lisa introduces as Superintendent Dave xxxxx. I ask to see his ID, and he shows it. I ask the reason for the visit. Lisa explains her partner complained about my attitude and her actions last night. The superintendent is following up the complaint. I open the security screen and I invite them into the lounge room. While they're getting seated I stick my head in the kitchen and tell the gang to get their identification documents and come into the lounge room.


I walk over and sit near the police officers to tell, for the tape recorder, my version of last night; but only the bits relevant to the police visit. I also say I'd been seriously thinking of complaining about the other officer's attitude and behaviour. I'd not done so as I thought it would cause trouble for Lisa. Since the trouble's here, I'm lodging a formal complaint about him now. Dave notes it all down.


The gang enters the lounge room and show Dave their IDs. Formally identify themselves and confirm they're the people Lisa saw last night. Lisa gives me an odd look. I say, “This'll eliminate the need to check ages later, as they're all of legal age. I figure someone's out to cause me trouble. I'm just trying to think one step ahead and cut them off early.”


Turning to Dave I say, “I don't know who that gorilla was last night, and don't care. But if I see a lot of him or other police about, I'll be talking to the divisional commander about harassment, capiche.”


He capiched. I say over my shoulder, without looking, “Anyone who's here and doesn't want to be, please put up your hand, ditto, anyone who's here because I made them come here or told them to come here?”


I ask, “Any hands up Dave?”


Concerned, he says, “Yes there is.”


In a peevish voice Marie says, “Correct, I don't want to be here, I want to be out visiting people and shopping, so hurry up and finish this chat.”


Dave chuckles, saying, “OK, we'll be going. You needn't be worried about being bothered.”


I say, “Thank you,” as I show them out.


Morning Tasks

Marie and Harry get the rest of the tablets from Perc's car and I lock them in the study safe. I tell Perc he won't need them, and if he ever makes more he'll end up wishing he can kill himself, his face goes very white. Getting out Mom's Tarago, I hustle everyone into it and lock up.


We go first to Sandra's house where she and Harry change while getting clothes for the weekend as I tell their parents where they'll be. We do the same at Janey and Perc's house. And over to Lucie's house.


Telling everyone to stay in the car I go up and knock on the door. Her mother opens the door and I ask to speak to Lucie. She explains Lucie isn't feeling well and is in bed sick. I ask if I can go up and see her. She says no. I ask if I can come in and speak to her for a few minutes, to convince her to let me talk to Lucie. She's very hesitant, but agrees. She shows me into their lounge room as she calls her husband into the room.


It's clear this is a hostile situation. I introduce myself and say, “I don't know Lucie, but I know some of her classmates. They've noticed she's become withdrawn and depressed of late. They're concerned for her. Last night I found out the reason for this behaviour.” Lucie's parents look shocked, concerned, and worried. I say, “I can do something about the people blackmailing Lucie.” But by their worried looks I'm not sure that's the priority issue now.


They looked stunned, saying, “Blackmailing Lucie.”




Her father says, “Yesterday she found out she's pregnant. We're afraid of what the parishioners will think.”


I'm very angry as I snap, “You should be more concerned about how Lucie feels and how Heavenly Father will feel about how you treat your daughter, than what any snotty nosed parishioners think.”


Her mother smiles, saying, “I think you better talk to Lucie. You may be able to help her after all.”


“I agree, but you best sit in on it and be prepared to be very shocked.” Her face loses all expression. We go upstairs to Lucie's bedroom. Entering, I say “Hello.” She sits there looking like she's dead.


I say “Lucie, honey, I know you know you don't know me, sheesh, what a statement. But you bloody well better start talking to me. You're in deep shit and I've the only handy dandy shit shoveller in town.” She turns and stares at me. I look at her mother, saying with some concern, “Shock therapy's needed. I'll be back.” Going downstairs I go to the van to bring Marie and Janey to the room. Lucie looks scared and starts to snarl at Janey. Her mother becomes frightened.


I say “Lucie, honey, things have changed a lot in the last twenty-four hours. There's a way out for you, but I can't help you until you talk to me.”


Lucie just looks at me. Turning to Janey I say, “Toy, strip naked.”


In a flat voice Janey says, “Yes, Master.” She removes her clothes. Lucie's mother is shocked, while Lucie smiles. This gets her mother's attention, as it's the first smile they've seen in many weeks.


Turning to Lucie I say, “Janey made a very big mistake last night. She tried to do to Marie what she did to you. I stopped her and I'm now in a position to help you.”


Lucie looks at me and says, devoid of all emotion, “Yes, you can help with some things, but not the most important. I'm pregnant, and the church gets really down on people in my situation.”


“That's one attitude I can't understand. The most well known unmarried pregnant woman in history is Mary, mother of Jesus. The RC church venerate her and vilify everyone else in the same situation.”


This causes shocked looks on all their faces. Lucie's mother laughs, saying, “You're right, it's absurd when looked at like that.”


I ask Lucie if there's anyone she loves enough to consider marrying. Sighing, she says, “Yes, but he's not available to me. Even though I'm fairly sure it's his child I carry.”


Shocked, her mother says, “Fairly sure.”


Turning to her I say, “I told you to be prepared to be shocked, Lucie has been badly used and against her will.”


Her mother says, “Oh, sorry to interrupt.”


I tell Lucie to name her love. She looks at us, saying in a flat and almost dead voice, “Harry.”


In a happy voice I reply, “Well, that's better than that total arse hole Perc. After what he did to you, will you still have Harry as your man and husband, if you can?”


Lucie's eyes light up as she says, with hope in her voice, “Yes, oh yes, please. But he's Janey's and under Perc's control.”


I reply, “Not any more. He's in reconditioning by me.”


Lucie sits up and smiles as a new hope lights up her face,“You mean ..., are you sure ... oh what if ...” I tell Janey to dress.


Smiling I say, “Marie, my love, will you please get toy Harry for me.”


Lucie and her mother look surprised as Marie says, “Yes, dear.”


Lucie's mother looks at me, saying, “You and Marie?”


With great joy I say, “Yes, she seduced me last night, and with any luck we'll soon have to get married. And no, I didn't put up much of a fight, I'm not that crazy.” Lucie, her mother, and Janey laugh.


I say, “Janey, speak truth and your own feelings in answer to these questions. Do you love Harry, will you stand between him and Lucie?”


Janey says, “No and no. Until this morning I didn't know what love is or was, but I do now. I love being your sex toy and slave. Lucie is free to have Harry, if she wants him.”


Both Lucie and her mother look at Janey with stunned expressions. I tell Janey to return to the car. I inform Lucie I've the recordings Perc and Janey made. She needn't fear them any more. Lucie says she's glad not to have to fear the videos being distributed. A minute later Marie returns with Harry.


I say, “Toy Harry, have you ever loved anyone in your life, outside of your family, and is there anyone that you love or like a lot now?”


He replies, “I used to think I loved Janey, but I now know that was only lust. I like Lucie a lot, but I don't know if you'd call it love as I don't know what love is.”


“Harry, this morning you had an opportunity to cease being my slave, why didn't you take it?”


“Last night after you caught us, I'd time to think about what we'd been doing. I realised I wasn't only screwing up my life, but Sandra's, Lucie's, and almost anyone else I came in contact with. If I can't manage myself properly, then maybe I should let someone else do it, and you were there ready to do it.”


Turning to Lucie I say, “At the moment Harry is more screwed up than you are. He did it to himself and doesn't know what he did or how. You have an advantage in that you know who screwed up your life, and how. Thus, you can sort it out. Harry needs to be dominated and controlled, do you think you can do it?”


A happy Lucie replies, “Yes, I think; no, I know I can.”


I tell Marie to close and lock the door. I tell Lucie and her mother not to yell or scream about what's about to happen. They both look at me with worried expressions. I say, “Harry, suck my cock.” Dropping to his knees, he undoes my pants to take out my dick, and sucks on it. He stops when I say, “Stop, stand up.” Putting my dick away I say, “Lucie, do you now understand the level of control and domination I mean?”


Stunned, she says, “Yes, yes I can and will do it.”


I've Harry pulls his dick out and Lucie hand him some tissues. “Lucie, there are two very special commands you need to be aware of as they have an immediate effect on Harry, they're,” Harry looks at me in horror as Lucie and her mother look concerned, “Come five.” He moans as he orgasms. I wait a moment and say, “And come cake.” Harry moans with another orgasm. Both Lucie and her mother are shocked. “Harry has no control over these reactions. I've programmed them into him. Harry, put your dick away.”


Lucie smiles and says in a very cold voice, “Well, I can live with them, and he better learn to live with them, and me.”


Harry looks at me with surprise. I say, “Harry, with what you and Perc have done to Lucie, she's pregnant. She's loved you for some time and wants you as her slave husband. I'm giving you to her. You're now Lucie's slave and you must obey her in all things from this moment on, do you understand?”


He smiles, saying, “Yes, I do, Lucie'll be much better than you.”


Turning to Lucie he says, “Mistress Lucie, how may I serve you?”


With a cool smile she says, “How ever I tell you to. First, you're never to having anything to do with Perc or Janey again without my prior permission. From now on you'll remember I'm your mistress in all things and address me as darling. Do you understand?”


Harry says, “Yes, Darling, I understand perfectly.“


Lucie snaps, “Suck his cock.” Harry drops to his knees, draws out my dick, and sucks it. Happily, she says, “Stop, put it away.” He does as he's told and stays on his knees until he's told to stand.


Lucie turns to her mother, and says with in a happier tone, “Mom, I'm feeling a whole lot better. I think we all should go and speak to the priest about our wedding. What do you think about that, Harry?”


He replies, “I think that's the most perfect thing to do, my Darling.”


Turning to Lucie I hand her $500, saying, “This was Harry's. I don't let slaves handle money until I feel I can trust them to do so wisely.” She smiles as she takes it. Harry sees it's more than he gave me, and he keeps quiet about the increase, the good boy.


Smiling, Lucie gets up to get dressed. Marie and I turn to leave the room. Lucie's mother joins us, shaking her head. There's a nice family photo on the wall opposite the door with a familiar face - Lisa's.


As we go downstairs Lucie's mother says in a very thoughtful tone, “Even seeing that, I find it hard to believe.” She yells, “George, Lucie is now much better and we need to talk to the priest about a wedding.”


Lucie's father shoots into the hall from the kitchen and looks at me. Hearing a noise, he looks up the stairs at a bright and cheerful Lucie fairly bouncing down the stairs with Harry in tow.


Turning back to me in awe, he says, “Hell, that's a sudden change, can you fix stopped drains just as quick?”


Laughing I say, “I'm no good on the mundane things. I only handle miraculous medical recoveries and similar small matters.” They laugh as we leave.


Busy Afternoon


It's noon and we go to the local McDonald's for lunch. On the way I inform everybody of Harry's change of owner and the wedding. Sandra and Janey are happy for Lucie. Perc isn't sure where that leaves him, and I say he can take himself in hand. The girls have a good laugh. At Maccas we run into Lisa and her new work partner having lunch. Her shift is changed due to the complaint.


With a grin I tell her, “If you want to keep tabs on us you can always go plain clothes and travel with us. A monokini is acceptable.”


She laughs and asks what happened to Harry. I reply, “Some weeks back he had forcible sex with a girl. She didn't report it as she loves him. She's turned up pregnant and still loves him. I gave him to her as a slave husband. Now I'm down to three sex toys and a beautiful fiancé. I wouldn't mind giving Perc away if I get a reasonable offer, interested?” She laughs and tells me she'll let me know.


After lunch we go to a shopping mall and I've a ball spending some of Perc's donated money on new sexy clothes for the girls. They model everything for me. Love the ladies underwear. I'd no idea you can get so many styles of bras, or so small, or so see through. I bought Marie an engagement ring with my own money. This last item causes her to make certain promises for the night. If she keeps them all I may not be alive in the morning - but what a way to go. We're leaving the mall at 5:10 p.m. when we run into Lisa wearing a lovely lightweight mini dress, she has great legs. She grabs my arm and hustled me off to the side.


She snarls, “All right, smart arse, what's the deal?”


I respond, “What's up your nose?”


In anger she replies, “I get off shift and go to see my mom. I find her sister sitting there with her family and telling us how my favourite cousin, Lucie, is marrying your missing toy. What's the real deal?”


“Answer my questions, then consider if you want to ask that question. Did you talk to Lucie, is she happy with the arrangements?”


She's slow to reply, saying, “Yes, I did. She's over the moon about getting married and having his baby.”


I say, “If she's happy, what's your beef?”


“I want to know what sort of arse hole she's marrying.”


Sighing, I reply, “Lisa, if I told you about a crime would you feel obliged to report it, even if a police investigation will cause more harm than the crime itself?” She looks at me, dumbfounded, for a moment.


In a soft voice I ask, “Do you put the law ahead of justice?”


She responds in a questioning tone, “What do you mean?”


“Let's talk about a hypothetical situation, OK.”


With much sarcasm she says, “Yeah, a hypothetical situation so you can deny it.”


“Just so. Mister Arsewipe dominates and controls his sister and her boyfriend. He knows of a girl who loves his sister's boyfriend and knows the boyfriend thinks the girl's hot. He organises for her to visit his sister and has his sister slip a drug into the girl's drink, it makes her a zombie. Mister Arsewipe gets his jollies by filming the girl losing her virginity to his sister's boyfriend as he forces him to fuck her every way possible. The girl and his sister do the girl / girl routine. Back to being fucked by the boyfriend. Over the weekend the boyfriend deposits about fifty litres of sperm in her. A few weeks later he tries the same stunt on another girl and it backfires. He, his sister, and her boyfriend end up as sex slaves to someone else. The abused girl doesn't report it because she loves the guy who fucked her. When she gets pregnant she finds out instead of being a pariah and possibly kill herself, she can have the boy she loves as her very obedient slave husband. If the matter is reported to the police the boy goes to prison, she gets no husband and probably kills herself. Make your choice officer, the law says send him to prison. Justice says make him care for her and make her happy. I know which I'd do, and I did it. You can undo that, if you want.”


Lisa stares at me, saying, “Shit, shit, shit, shit, what a bastard.”


Voice dripping with venom I say, “Yes it is, hip deep and smelly. But the victim's happy and has everything she ever wanted. Who gives a damn about the rest. Except, maybe, someone close to the family who knows the full story and can encourage the boy to 'not wander'? Maybe someone who's strong and in a family portrait in the hall of the girl's home?”


Lisa stops and stares at me, saying, “You knew of the connection, that's why you spoke at lunch?”


“I knew there was a connection, but not what. And yes, I want you to monitor the situation. But for heaven's sake, say nothing to anyone else and leave them be. Lucie deserves to be happy, and she is now.”


Lisa walks around in circles for awhile, and snarls, “OK, but I want Mister Arsewipe, real bad - you got me?”


“You can have him, but not in court, as that matter may come up.”


She's very angry as she replies, “OK, but I want him.”


I smirk, saying, “OK, I did offer, but you refused.”


She stops and stares at me. She turns and looks at Perc. An evil grin crosses her face as she says in an Arctic cold voice, “Can I reconsider?”


Laughing I say, “Let's talk price.”


Wit a worried tone Lisa says, “How much, and of what?”


I reply, “Depends on what you intend to do with him, and how much of yourself you're offering.”


She stops and gives me a stunned look, saying, “What?”


Smirking I say, “You heard me. Whatever we arrange includes time for you with me and the girls. I also need to know your intentions as I can't countenance any permanent physical harm.”


Smiling, Lisa licks her lips, saying, “As long as it includes the girls. Let's get dinner and discuss this.”


With a laugh I say, “I thought you might appreciate the girls.” We agree to meet at a nearby Pizza Hut for dinner, Perc's shout.


Friday Munchies


Once there we get a large table in a back corner, sit down, and order our food. I explain to my group, “Lucie is Lisa's favourite cousin and she knows everything.” Perc goes very white and looks at Lisa, to find her watching him. “Lisa and I are negotiating her purchase of Perc as her sex slave toy. She wants to punish him for what he did to Lucie.” Perc suddenly looks very green, and groans. He stands up to walk away. I say in a cold voice, “Toy, sit down.”


He stops and turns back, with a very frightened look. He sits down. Trembling, he almost whispers, “Yes, Master.”


In an emotionless voice I say, “Toy, because of what you did to Lucie and tried to do to Marie you gave up all rights as a civilised member of this society. You exist, so you still have a place in society. As you can't be trusted out by yourself, the only thing you're suited for is to be a slave and toy for a master or mistress. That you'll be, make no mistake about it, do you understand?”


He responds in a dead flat voice, “Yes, Master.”


I say, “Good, I've no intention of allowing you to be permanently damaged or extremely harmed in a physical manner. Psychologically is another matter, as you need to be re-educated and retrained. The price and limitations on your treatment are what we're negotiating. These discussions will affect you, but you have no part in them as you're my property at this time. Understand?”


In a soft voice he replies, “Yes, Master, sorry, Master.”


Marie looks worried. I reach out to take her hand in mine and give it a gentle squeeze. In a gentle voice I say, “He intended and tried to badly hurt the person I love more than life itself. Don't expect me to treat him gently.” She gives me a weak smile and nods. I look at Lisa, and snap, “OK, what're your favourite sexual practices and what have you in mind for Toy?”


Lisa is stunned at the sudden switch, and takes a deep breath, saying, “OK, I really like girls and accept some boys.” This brings smiles from the girls, she sees them and grins herself. “Regarding Mister Arsewipe, I'd intended to flog him to death.” Perc goes very white and green at the same time - a very interesting trick. “But I'm prepared to accept any reasonable limitations, provided I do get to use my whips on him. I'm into BDSM as a dominatrix. I want to see him hurt for hurting Lucie.”


I respond, “I'm sure we can work something out. We need some compensation as I was just starting to get Toy very nicely trained. I'm teaching him how to get the girls a nice hot breakfast, and next was oral sex lessons. Oh, he's been learning cock sucking, but isn't an expert yet. As you saw, he's already responsive to commands.”


The waitress walks up with our drinks at the point I mention the compensation. She's looking at us with an odd expression as she hands out the drinks. She takes orders for more drinks, and goes for them.


“We'll also be giving up watching him suffer for his actions. What he did to Lucie is almost as bad as what he did to Sandra, his girlfriend until last night, and his sister, Janey.” Perc is now looking at me with a shocked expression, but makes no effort to leave.


In a cold voice Lisa says, “So it's worse than I thought.”


“Correct. Limitations on his treatment. Nothing to cause permanent physical harm or damage or death. No deliberate broken bones, but I accept accidents do happen. No severe lash marks or burns that'll not heal within two days. No bruises larger than the size of your spread hand, except on his arse, maximum bruised area at any one time is the equivalent of his arse. No piercing, no bruising of the genitals. No tattoos, stickers are OK. No public transvestite activities, unless he asks for them.” Lisa gives me a strange look as the waitress returns with the extra drinks. “I thought you might get a kick out of having Toy do your housework whilst wearing one of those sexy French maid outfits with crotchless knickers and his dick hanging out.” Perc goes a nice shade of emerald, and the waitress is looking a bit red faced as she licks her lips.


Lisa says, “Oh, you're so kinky, I'd never of thought of that, and I absolutely love the idea.”


“I thought you might. I aim to make his punishment more mental and emotional than physical. I think it'll have a more lasting effect. If you have, or have access to, a good dungeon, we'd like to watch some of his whippings etc. and offer some suggestions. Prior to yesterday he was used to being in command and having everything his own way. But, as you can see, is now obedient. Toy loves anal sex with girls, but doesn't like being the recipient. Nor does he like sucking cocks, but now readily performs such duties. He still cries when doing things he doesn't like. Also, he loves watching girls with each other, but is upset when stopped from joining in. He's to have sex with someone or something each week. And you may wish to invite Lucie to some of his training sessions. That should help her recovery a lot.”


I look up at the waitress as she'd been standing beside the table for sometime, longer than needed. In a no nonsense tone I say, “Write down your name, address, phone number, date of birth, the time you finish work today, and give it to me, NOW.” She has a nice blush as she does it, handing me the paper. She goes to check on our pizzas. Her name's Sarai. Everyone but Perc is smiling and watching Sarai walk away. Not a fashion model stunner, but a real woman - very pretty with an olive complexion and a Junoesque build; nicely padded without being fat.


I write out the trigger phrases on a piece of paper and give it to Lisa, “These phrases will make him orgasm, regardless of his wishes.”


Lisa smiles, saying, “That's nice to know. I know a few gay and bisexual guys who'll be happy to help me play with Toy, as well as a few girls. I'm not happy with some of those restrictions, but can, and will, live with them. Now, the price.”


I turn to Sandra and Janey, saying, “Well, you two have suffered the most and are giving up the most. What do you suggest as a price.”


Sandra smiles, saying, “It has to include getting to watch some of his dungeon sessions and occasionally borrowing him and his maid outfit to do some housework.” Everyone but Perc smiles.


Janey says in a cold voice, “I have to watch him sucking the cock of, and being fucked by, Houdini, our family's Great Dane.” We all raise our eyebrows as Perc jumps up and races for the toilet. We hear him throwing up in there. With a grim expression Janey says, “That's what he made me do when he used me to test the tablets. I just have to see that before I can put closure on that part of my life.”


We all look at Janey as I say in a freezing cold voice, “Well, it's a must and will be done. You've no objections do you, Lisa?” She shakes her head no. Marie has nothing to add. We sit and wait in silence for a few minutes.


Perc emerges from the toilet and heads for the door. I call out in a soft but frigid voice, “Toy.” He races back to the toilet to throw up again. Entering the toilet I say, “Toy, you're very, very lucky I didn't know about Janey and Houdini before I agreed to the sale.” He looks at me from the corner of he eyes with his head still over the toilet bowl. In a voice as cold as liquid nitrogen I add, “I've agreed to the sale and now I'm committed to giving Lisa a healthy toy. Something I can't do if I do what I'd now like to do to you.” He goes much whiter, something I wouldn't have thought possible. “Now stand up, flush the toilet, and rinse your mouth out with water. Get used to the idea of an evening with Houdini as his bitch. Be grateful it's not going to be a lifetime as his bitch.” Ashen faced, Perc does as he's told. We walk out of the toilet and back to the table to sit down. We sit in silence for about five minutes.


Sarai arrives with the first pizza as I tell Lisa to sit on Janey's lap with a leg either side of her chair and kiss her as if Janey is a mistress she's trying hard to please. Sarai's eyes go wide, and everybody else just looks at me. Stunned, Lisa says, “Whaaat? What! Oh, what the hell.”


She sits astride Janey's lap, and her skirt to rides up enough to show her crotch as she kisses her while they lock lips for about two minutes. Sarai just stands there staring at them kissing, as the rest of us share out the pizza. When they break, both gasp for air. I look at Lisa and say, “Sandra's turn.” With a wide smile, Lisa readily jumps up from Janey's lap and hikes her skirt around her waist out of the way, to sit astride Sandra. Going into instant lip lock. Sarai looks at them, looks at me, turns, and goes to the kitchen for another of our pizzas. Marie and Janey have huge grins. Sarai delivers our second pizza, and is returning with the third when Lisa breaks from her kiss with Sandra. She immediately stands up and sits on Marie's lap. Laughing I say, “I see you understand the game.” While Marie and Lisa lock lips Sarai delivers two more pizzas. For some odd reason she's bringing them out one at a time instead of two or three at once. I think she's enjoying the show. Sarai delivers the last pizza as Lisa and Marie break. I say, “Lisa, now thank Sarai for delivering our pizzas.” Sarai looks surprised, but quickly enters into the spirit of the game. Stepping forward, she takes Lisa into her arms and kisses her. A few minutes later they break the kiss and Sarai is smiling, she has a very nice smile.


Lisa looks at me and sits astride my lap as she opens her mouth. As our lips touch her tongue is in my mouth, to start the dance for domination of the kiss. I slide my tongue to the side and deep into her mouth, so our tongues pass each other. Her eyes open wide at my avoidance of the tongue fight. I slip my left hand up to her neck and rub along the top of her spine. My right hand is rubbing up and down her spine in the middle back while pushing her into my body. Our bodies rub against each other. Lisa's eyes go wider as she relaxes her assault on my mouth and our tongues settle into a dance of pleasure. They intertwine as they move back and forth between out mouths, as if one large cavern to play in. Breathing through my nose I keep the kiss going until Lisa breaks it to gasp for air.


She leans back and smiles, saying, “Whoo, now I KNOW I've been kissed.” Causing the girls to laugh and applaud, drawing us looks from the rest of the dinners.


I drop my hands down to Lisa's buttocks, to give them a squeeze. In a kind voice I say, “You better get back to your seat to eat the pizza while it's hot, and you better fix your skirt.” Lisa looks at her skirt, and pulls it down. But not before I notice a large damp section on the front of her panties.


Giggling, Marie hands me a slice of pizza, saying, “You better eat this slice, as that kiss just burnt the pizza on your plate to a crisp.”


Dutifully, I take the pizza slice, saying, “Yes, my Darling.” Marie laughs at the private joke from Lucie's.


Everyone but Perc is smiling. He's picking at the pizza slice in front of him. I say, “Toy, Lisa is now your mistress and you must obey her in all things. Fail in this, cause her trouble, or try to run away, and you'll revert to me. I strongly doubt you want that to happen?”


Perc stares at me, gulps hard, and nods his head. He turns to Lisa, saying in a meek tone, “Mistress, how may I serve you?”


Lisa gives him a cold smile, “By giving me instant and immediate obedience in all things.”


Perc nods his head, saying, “Yes, Mistress.”


I signal Sarai over to order more drinks as Lisa looks at me. She says, “Aren't we missing part of the price, I thought we've to arrange for sexual services by me to you.”


I reply, “No, I don't indulge in sex for pay or pay for things with sex, that's too personal for crass transactions. The kissing was the personal part of Toy's price.”


Sarai arrives as Lisa says, “I thought that was getting to know you fun. I don't want things to end there. Can we please make time for some more interesting and intimate arrangements?”

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