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Summer School

Millie Dynamite


Summer School






Kitten Delight & Millie Dynamite

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© Copyright 2011/2019 by Kitten Delight & Millie Dynamite

Published by Red Kitty’s Publishing

All Rights Reserved

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Please remember this story is a work of fiction, and the author does not endorse deviant, reckless, or dangerous sexual behavior.

Summer School


Loneliness; it’s a strange creature. Attraction; this being is hard to define, difficult to predict. Case in point, two people - one young, the other middle-aged. One has their whole life in front of them, the other is stuck in neutral. Both share loneliness … both need something. Both think of the other, and yet neither knows of the other’s interest.

Is it possible for a 48-year-old woman and an 18-year-old young man to connect meaningfully? Is it wrong for either one to want the other? Let’s say this story takes place right around the corner from you. Let’s say you know them or know people just like them. Will they give in to their desires, or refrain from pleasure? Why don’t we find out?




Andrea Jansen stared in the mirror at her pale complexion, shoulder-length black, silken hair, and green eyes. At 48, she still maintained an attractive figure, though perhaps getting a little too thick around the middle for her own liking. Any man would be lucky to have me, she thought, with a touch of sarcastic pride which then quickly deflated.

If that were so, why didn’t she make any effort to meet anyone? Why did she wear lacy nightgowns to bed? There was no one to see them, no one to appreciate her in them. Robert had been gone for two years, yet she couldn’t move on. She didn’t even like to go out anymore and stayed home as much as possible. Her groceries were delivered while Andrea bought almost everything else that she needed, online. About the only place she went was to church each week. Even that was still difficult. They’d been married in that church ... and Robert’s funeral had been held there.

Andrea was a borderline shut-in, not wanting to move on, not wishing to stand still. She was at a standstill in her life, afraid she’d never experience happiness again. She felt too old to start over yet too young to stay put.

She dreaded the future. The lines would soon creep into her face. Already the hint of them stared back at her from the mirror. How she had avoided them for so long was a mystery. Her skin would turn to crepe, and her hair to silver in her old age. Beneath her fear, a part of her still wanted to laugh, dance, have a wanton fling, and find someone new to grow old with.

But Robert wouldn’t approve of all of that, she was sure. Why would it still matter what Robert would approve of, she argued with herself. What kept her from moving on wasn’t clear … it just was. And so, she survived one day to the next, not entirely living her life. Andrea languished in limbo, stuck.

Andrea made her way downstairs a little before 7:00am. The habit of getting up at such an early hour each morning to prepare Robert’s breakfast was hard to break. She got the coffee going with her preferred mix of coffee grinds and caramel syrup, exactly the way Robert liked it. She leaned on the countertop, her fingers drumming her face as she watched the first small stream of the dark liquid flow into the pot. Somedays, this was the highlight of her day, that first cup of morning coffee.

Well, this is stupid, now I’m watching coffee brew, she thought to herself. It’s almost as fascinating as watching grass grow.

That reminded her that Eric would be over soon to mow her lawn, which made her smile. He was a lovely young man and had been so helpful with mowing the garden for several years. She’d loved having him live next door to them, watching him grow up. She had missed him while he was at school this year and looked forward to having him back for the summer. Finding a reason to do something constructive, she decided to make him fresh chocolate chip cookies. He’d always loved her chocolate chip cookies and milk after he did work for her.

She hoped he hadn’t changed a lot while he’d been off at school. So many kids went away one person and come home another. I should get dressed, she thought as she walked back to the stairs. She made her way up the stairs back to her room, unable to get Eric out of her mind.

In the house next door to Andrea’s, a father sat reading the paper at the kitchen table. “Eric,” the man called out, “get down here! It’s after 7:00, and you have work to do today. So, stop doing whatever it is you’re doing! Get yourself down here and eat the breakfast your mother fixed.”

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