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Hypnotic Script Fiasco

Lorn Skye


Hypnotic Script Fiasco

© Lorn Skye 2023

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Chapter One

It started out as a joke.

There was a girl I was chatting with online and she was into hypnosis. She said it made her hot just thinking about it. Not being in control, forced to do anything that she was told to do, it was her fantasy.

She was hot, and I was horny, and work was rather slow that day, so I googled a few sites on hypnosis, and wrote a short script that took bits and pieces from a lot of different sites.

It was pretty straight-forward, at least in my mind. It was a bit like meditation, something I had studied when I was in college, but once the subject was nice and relaxed, the idea was that you could implant suggestions in the subject’s mind.

The next day, in between meetings, I made a recording of me reading the script. It took a few tries until it didn’t sound weird or background noises weren’t interrupting the recording. I used a metronome to ensure my cadence was steady and even. I even found a site that suggested the best cadence for hypnosis, of course, I used that one. Eventually, I was happy with the end-product.

I saved it as an mp3 and sent it to her, with a short email, which told her to put on some sound canceling headphones and listen to the recording when she was in bed before going to sleep. I might have suggested that she might enjoy a few orgasms while she listened to it.

Oh yeah, and the subliminal commands? Well, I copied them from a story I read online. I am NOT going to list them here, as that would cause a great deal of havoc, as you will come to understand, but suffice it to say, they essentially gave me absolute control over the sexual side of a person, making them my own personal sex slave. And just as important, they would love it, it would make them horny to even think about it.

I finished it off with a command that they present themselves to me the next day. They would have no body hair, either waxed or lasered, and be naked, save for a trench coat (so that they didn't get arrested) and thigh-high boots. They would bring a collar, and if I placed it around their neck, they would be forever bound to me.

I didn’t think much about it after that. I figured, if she liked it, she would let me know. I went to bed that evening without a worry in the world.

It was the last time that happened for a while.

I woke the next morning to pounding on my front door.

I scrambled out of bed, throwing on some pants, and went to the door. Peering through the peephole, I saw my neighbor, Dave, standing in the hall looking very irritated.

I opened the door but kept the security chain attached.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Dave yelled once the door was open, “my daughter saw her this morning. You can’t just leave naked women kneeling in the hallway!”

I was clearly still sleepy and confused, and I had no idea what he was talking about.

And then I glanced down and saw Chloe kneeling on the floor. Chloe was the girl I had been chatting with online, who had the hypnosis fetish.

Just as I had instructed her, she was wearing a trench coat and thigh high boots. And, that was all she was wearing. And, while she was mostly covered, it was clear to me, and likely to anyone who walked by, that she was nude beneath her coat.

What was interesting, was that she was just kneeling there, staring straight ahead, and holding what appeared to be a collar in her hand. Just as I had instructed her to do in the recording I sent her.

I popped the chain off the door and stepped out.

“I’m really sorry, Dave, I didn’t know she was here, but I will make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

And with that, I reached out to pull Chloe to her feet and into my condo. Dave still appeared furious but he nodded and stepped away. I closed the door and stepped into my new reality.

“What are you doing here?” I asked Chloe once the door was closed. I turned and looked at her, but she was just standing there, staring straight ahead, and holding up the collar that she held in her hand.

I waved my hand in front of her face, and while she blinked, she otherwise ignored my movements. I touched her and pushed her back, and she passively let me move her around, always returning to a stance where she was holding up the collar in her hand.

I took a step back and took a good look at her. When we had video chatted, I knew she was good looking, but wearing nothing but the trench coat and boots, she was totally hot. She was around five foot four inches (one-hundred-sixty cm) with long brown, almost black, hair. She had firm C cup breasts, with pink nipples that were hard as rocks currently, and quite prominent.

She had apparently taken my command to remove all hair from her body seriously, as I could not find a trace of hair anywhere on her body. Her mons and labia were smooth, as were her legs. And when I looked closely, I couldn’t find any hair, other than her eyebrows, and the hair on her head.

In the course of running my hands over her body looking for evidence of hair, I noticed that she had begun to become aroused. Her labia were now engorged and slightly parted. In addition, there was a dampness and delicious aroma that arose from her sex.

I stood back up, after kneeling in front of her, looked in her eyes that stared blankly ahead, and thought back to the exact wording I had used in the hypnotic script. I went and found the script I had written and looked at it again, and again, re-reading it until I could recite it back to you.

While I hadn’t wanted it to have this effect, I could see that the wording could be interpreted to mean, that until I took the collar from her, she was still in the hypnotic trance.

I closed down the computer, mostly because I didn’t want her to see the script when she was self-aware. I walked over to her and stood in front of her, she was still staring straight ahead and holding out the collar towards me.

I reached out and took it, and then Chloe awoke.

“Oh God!” Chloe exclaimed and then she collapsed to the floor, in the midst, of what appeared to be a massive orgasm. “You did it!” She exclaimed once she regained the ability to speak, “you hypnotized and controlled me!”

Then she crawled over to me, “Please, take me, Master!” she begged while kissing my feet.

So, there I was, with a gorgeous brunette kneeling at my feet begging me to take her. What do you think I did?

So of course, like you would do, I went back to the script and reviewed it again.

She had followed the subliminal commands I had given her, and I had stated that if I collared her, she would be mine forever, as a part of those commands. Did that mean that she was my slave forever? Would she revert back to the blank stare bimbo that had been kneeling in front of my door?

Chloe crawled into my room and knelt quietly at my feet. I still held her collar, afraid of losing control of it, and what that might mean.

“Are you alright?” Chloe asked quietly, “I’m sorry if I upset you.”

I looked down at her and she had shed the trench coat, so that now, she was only wearing the boots, kneeling at my feet. She was beautiful.

“Is this really what you want?” I asked.

I already knew I was going to put the collar around her neck. I wasn't strong enough to avoid that temptation, but maybe I could assuage my guilt a bit if I could convince myself that this was what she actually wanted.

“It is, Master,” she replied, “I have wanted this, longed for it, since I was a teenager. It is what I have fantasized about for years. And while I don’t know you very well yet, it is clear that you are incredibly intelligent to have figured out how to do this to me. And you are very good looking. I am apparently chattering away to hide my fear that you won’t put that collar around my neck.”

And so, to shut her up, if nothing else, I reached out and placed the collar around her neck. It was made of stiff leather and about one-inch wide, with a hasp in the back, and a small lock that secured it.

She must have had this collar for a while, since this wasn't the kind of collar you got at a pet store, or even an adult novelty store. This was excellent craftsmanship and fit her neck perfectly.

When the lock snapped in place, she sighed and hugged my leg.

“Oh, thank you, Master,” she exclaimed, “you won’t be disappointed, I promise!”

“On the bed,” I exclaimed as I stood and shed the joggers I had pulled on when I went to answer the door.

Chloe was on the bed in a flash, laying on her back, with her legs spread widely, her ass was just on the edge of the bed.

I stepped forward, aiming my cock at her cunt, and slid it in with one, long, slow thrust.

She was wet, hot, and so very tight. As I began to fuck her, I could feel her vagina fluttering around my cock as she began to orgasm. I continued to fuck her and she continued to cum, and probably would have continued until she lost consciousness. But I was too amped up, and in just a few strokes, I began to pump load after load of cum into her. Her pussy milked my cock until I became too sensitive to take it. I collapsed onto the bed beside her and stared at the ceiling.

“What the hell have I done?” I thought to myself, only to get distracted when Chloe turned around on the bed and began to gently lick, and suck, my cock clean of our combined cum.

This had an unsurprising effect, and soon Chloe was mounted on top of me, riding my cock like a rodeo cowboy. She even had one hand in the air, swinging around for balance, and the other on my chest, as she posted up and down on my cock. This girl had definitely practiced by riding horses!

I suspect that we would have continued in this way for a while longer, but we were rudely interrupted by angry banging on the door after our third round of sex, that last time, in a traditional missionary position.

I grabbed my joggers and again, pulled them on, as I rushed to the front door to see what was going on now. I expected Dave to want to discuss the incident with Chloe further, but I also half expected an angry boyfriend, or family member. On that thought, I grabbed a golf club before I opened the door.

I had been dead on when I thought that it was Dave again. It was. And he was angry.

Dave was often angry. He was that guy who was always angry about something. No wonder his wife left him after their daughter was born.

But then I looked down, and my eyes nearly leapt out of my head, as there were two women, dressed similarly to Chloe, kneeling on the mat in front of my door.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to let this happen anymore!” Dave yelled at me. “But then I get back from running a few errands after dropping off my daughter, and here are two more, naked sluts, in the hallway outside your door!”

“Now, Dave, calm down!” I replied when I could find my voice after the shock of seeing two women, that I had never seen before, naked in the hallway. “This isn't my doing. Well, not this, anyway,” I stammered, “I don’t even know these two women. I’ve never seen them before in my life!”

“If I find anymore naked women in the hallway outside your condo, I am calling the police. I do not want my daughter exposed to this kind of indecency and perversion!” he yelled.

I had quit paying attention to Dave, because I knew he was going to rant and rave for a while before he wound down. I wasn’t worried about a physical confrontation either. I was pretty sure I could take Dave, that, and I was still holding the golf club in case it had been an angry boyfriend, or family member.

Instead, I was watching the two women. Despite the shouting and calling them names, the two women were staring straight ahead, holding out collars, and not moving. I waved my hands in front of their faces but got absolutely no response.

“Chloe!” I yelled back into the condo, “get up here, now!” I demanded.

I heard a scrambling and a moment later, a very naked, and clearly freshly fucked, Chloe was kneeling at my side.

“Do you know who these women are?” I demanded.

Then I noticed that Dave had quit yelling. I looked at him and he was standing there staring at Chloe, and he had a tent in his pants. Of course, so did I, but three beautiful women kneeling around you will tend to do that to a guy.

I think Dave was just turned on by the thought that Chloe was freshly fucked. I had never seen him like this.

“Yes, Master. This is Angela and this is Kiera,” Chloe answered, pointing at a lithe platinum blonde kneeling to my right, and then to a curvy brunette kneeling to my left.

“They are members of the hypnotic, sub-Reddit, where we met,” she added quietly.

“And do you have any idea what they are doing here?” I asked, the irritation in my voice clearly evident. “Never mind!”

I turned and spoke to Dave, “I once again apologize. It seems that this little prank, that Chloe started, has gotten a little out of control. I will try to keep a better eye on the door and not let women who show up linger in the hallway.”

Then I grabbed the arms of the two women holding the collars and pulled them into my condo, closing the door on a flustered, and confused, Dave.

“You did what?” I exclaimed when Chloe told me what she had done.

“I thought it was cool and you had clearly done a lot of work on it. I posted it to the site, along with a caption, that I was going to listen to it and masturbate until I fell asleep,” Chloe replied quietly.

She was prostrate on the floor and crying, and I had to make out what she was saying between sobs.

“Show me where you posted it,” I demanded and pulled her by the hair over to my laptop. I watched as Chloe logged in and quickly navigated over to her profile. She pulled up the post and then she began to hyperventilate, “Oh no! Oh, Master, please forgive me, I had no idea!” Chloe sobbed and then dropped to the floor, prostrating herself at my feet again.

I looked at the stats on the post. Apparently, it had been seen almost ten thousand times and re-shared almost that many times just from this post alone. It had gone viral. I sat back in the chair, stunned, staring at the screen.

There were potentially thousands, even tens of thousands, of women, from all over the globe, who could start showing up here at any time, just like Chloe, Angela, and Kiera had done.

I was so fucked.

Not knowing what else to do, I decided to put Chloe to work on deleting the original post and to start contacting all the people who had re-shared it, asking them to delete it as well.

And then, I turned my attention to Angela and Kiera. I stepped in front of Angela and took the collar from her hand. I watched her blink a couple of times and then she dropped to the floor, kneeling prostrate at my feet.

“Master,” she cried out and began to kiss my bare feet, gripping my ankle as if it were a lifeline.

“Angela, before listening to my recording, would you have wanted to be here?” I asked her. I tried to word this question carefully, to allow her free will to answer, however she would.

“I didn’t know who you were, Master, but now that I know you, I would very much want to be here,” she replied and gripped my ankle even tighter.

“She is more of a hypnosis slut than I am,” Chloe chimed in from the office.

“Would you have wanted me to collar you before you listened to my recording?” I asked again.

“Yes, please, please, accept me and make me yours!” she cried as she swept her blonde hair to the side, baring the nape of her neck.

“Do you have anyone, to whom you have an obligation, to let know you aren’t coming back home? Anyone, like family, a husband or boyfriend, or children you need to take care of?” I asked.

“No, Master. Thank you for caring for me enough to ask, I am single and live alone. So, no one will worry about me, unless you want me to quit work.”

“Do you want me to collar you?” I asked her once again.

“Please, Master. Please, take me.” She begged, breaking down and crying, as she resumed kissing my feet.

Not knowing what else to do, I bent down and slipped her collar around her neck. Interestingly, it was constructed of all metal and it appeared, that when I clipped it together, there was no way to release it other than cutting it off. When the two ends clicked together, Angela began to cry in earnest, though it appeared that these were sobs of joy and release.

It took a minute, but she eventually regained control of herself.

“Angela, look up at me.” I commanded. She immediately sat up into a kneeling position on her feet.

“You will now have a massive orgasm that will make you pass out,” I commanded. I had given her a subliminal suggestion that she would cum on command, but I had no idea if this was even feasible.

I figured that this would, either keep her busy, or she would pass out, and I would be free to repeat the process with Kiera.

I stepped in front of Kiera, and reached out to take the collar from her, when I saw Angela collapse on the floor and moan loudly, as she started to shake and quiver. I watched her eyes roll up in her head and then she went limp. It was either an incredible orgasm or a seizure, but either way, she was still breathing, so I turned my attention back to Kiera.

I reached out and took the collar from her hand. I watched as she blinked a few times and then focused on me.

“Oh my God, it really worked!” she exclaimed, “that is so cool,” she said.

Then she looked down and saw that she was naked, save for a rather short waistcoat and boots. “Well, I guess that answers my next question. I just hope you used a condom,” she said rather sarcastically.

“I haven’t actually touched you other than to grab your wrist and pull you out of the hallway, where you were about to have the cops called on you,” I replied, rather hotly.

This wasn’t at all how Chloe and Angela had reacted. But with that comment, Kiera slumped to her knees and puked on my floor. I jumped back and moved Angela out of range of the vomit.

“Chloe, get in here, now!” I yelled.

She scampered into the room, took one look at the scene, and then looked at me.

“Under the sink in the kitchen. Paper towels are on the cabinet,” I replied to her unspoken comment.

Then I stepped over and held back the hair of Kiera, while she finished emptying the contents of her stomach on my floor.

Once she seemed to get herself under a modicum of control, she looked back at me, “Thank you for holding my hair, Master,” she said quietly. Then she got this panicked look in her eyes and looked at me again. “What time is it?” she asked in a panic, “I need to tell you something before you do anything else!”

“It is Saturday morning, around nine a.m. I believe,” I replied. I didn’t have my watch or phone, and there were no other clocks in the condo, but that was a reasonable guess.

“It is 9:07 a.m.,” Chloe replied as she returned and started to clean up the mess Kiera had made on the floor.

You could watch Kiera visibly deflate at that news.

“I guess I’ve lost another job,” she muttered dejectedly. Then she looked up at me, “If you reject me, then I’ll be on the street soon. So please, don’t reject me,” she implored.

Chloe joined her on the floor, having finished cleaning up the mess on the floor, “Please accept her into our new harem, Master.” Chloe begged, “she has been going through a rough time and she needs our help.”

I could feel the trap closing in around me and I knew that I didn’t have enough will power to resist. I looked at Kiera’s collar that was still in my hand. It was a cheap, nylon, dog collar, that still had the tag attached to it from the pet store.

“It was all I could afford last night,” Kiera said apologetically when she saw me finger the tag.

“Come here, Kiera,” I commanded. When she was kneeling at my side, I reached down and swept her hair out of the way. Chloe immediately grabbed her long hair, held it up, and out of the way.

“Do you want me to collar you and make you my hypnotic sex slave?” I asked, “you can stay here as long as you need, even if you say no, but I need to know this is what you really want.”

Kiera started crying and she hugged my leg intensely, “Like Chloe, Master, I’ve long had fantasies about being controlled and serving a deserving Master, who would also take care of me. I don’t know much about you, but just in the way you have treated me this morning, leads me to believe you are just the kind of Master I want in my life.”

I stood there and stared at Kiera and Chloe. I heard Angela shifting, and soon she was kneeling with her sister slaves. And with that thought, I already knew I was going to collar her. It was simply a matter of how much guilt would I experience for doing it. I reached down and snapped the collar in place around her neck.

“Chloe, your job is to ensure that, within the week, she has a collar like yours,” I started, “Kiera, what kind of job did you do?” I asked.

“Oh, Master, I was a receptionist for a law firm,” she replied, “I answer the hotline on the weekends.”

“Go call them now, tell them that you are ill, and won’t be able to come into work today. If they terminate you, tell them thank you, and report back to me. Then you and Angela are going to go to your home, pack up your things, and you will be moving in with me.”

Kiera nodded and smiled for the first time of the day, “Thank you, Master. It won’t take long and then you can use me as you wish.” She kissed the top of my foot and then she scampered to the office, where we could hear her calling her office.

“Chloe, until Angela and Kiera get back, you are to check the front door every ten minutes and notify me, if any other of your victims show up. If they do, bring them into the condo as quickly as possible. And don’t forget to keep tracking down people, who may have downloaded the mp3!”

And with that, I turned and headed off to get a shower. Maybe a hot shower would help get rid of this throbbing headache I was developing!

Chapter Two

When I got out of the shower, I felt much better. I still had no idea what I was going to do, not with three women who claimed they were my hypnotic, sex slaves. I grabbed a pair of jeans from the closet and a black T-shirt, and headed out to the living room to see if Angela and Kiera were back yet, so we could see about getting things settled down.

I should have stayed in the shower. First, of all, Angela and Kiera were not back yet. However, there were three women all kneeling on my floor holding collars. All three were dressed in the same theme, tall boots, trench coats, and nothing else.

Chloe was typing furiously on the computer, and from the force with which she was hitting the keys, she was incredibly frustrated. As I got nearer, I could hear that she was muttering to herself, and not very nice things were coming out of her mouth. It was kind of sexy if I am being honest.

So, I turned my attention to the three women kneeling in my floor. One was clearly older, but still extremely attractive. She was wearing a very expensive looking coat and stiletto boots. She had large, diamond stud, earrings, that I suspected were worth as much as my car, and I drove a very nice car. The collar she held in her hand appeared to be a choker of diamonds.

Beside her, was a young girl with long blonde hair, pulled back into a braid, that hung all the way down her back. She wore a green pea coat, sort of a short trench coat, and suede leather boots, that clearly had some wear, but looked extremely sexy, as they were thigh high and clung to her like a second skin.

I was distracted by visions of fucking her on my bed, tugging on her braid, and feeling those boots against my legs. Suddenly, my jeans were uncomfortable and I had to shift, and rearrange, my erection as I surveyed them. I suddenly understood why Hugh Hefner wore pajamas all day with a robe. It made those inevitable erections more comfortable and easier to hide.

The final woman was a red head, and as sexy as the young girl was, this one pushed a lot of my buttons. She had that deep, auburn colored, hair, that was rich and full, and hung down to her mid back. She wore a pair of black riding boots and a black trench coat, that hung open and framed her perky tits, topped with lovely pink nipples.

I stepped in front of the brunette holding the diamond choker. I wracked my brain for a way to release her from my commands. I tried talking, yelling, and I am ashamed to say, I even slapped her to see if I could break the trance.

No matter what I did, she just stared straight ahead holding up her collar. I deduced that I could do just about anything to her in this state, even fuck her up the ass, but I knew that I wouldn't do that. The guilt would kill me, as if the guilt from all of this wasn't going to kill me anyway!

After my screaming and ranting, which had Chloe sobbing, prostrate on the floor, I surrendered to the inevitable. I reached out and took the collar from her hand. At this point her eyes seemed to refocus, but honestly, there was almost no other reaction from her. I could see that she was taking in her surroundings. Her posture remained perfect, with her back straight, chest thrust forward, and head held high. Her breasts stood proudly on her chest and her dark nipples appeared to harden even further, as she took in her surroundings.

I was watching her reaction as it was so different that the others. And then, she turned her whole body to face me and slowly lowered her torso to the floor towards me, Thank you, Master. This slave is pleased to serve someone as powerful as you.

I regarded her warily. "Chloe, do you know this woman?" I asked.

"No, Master," Chloe answered, "I don t recognize her."

The woman perked up at Chloe s name. Chloe was pretty vocal on the Reddit, one of the moderators in fact. Her face was well known and I knew that she had a trust fund so that she would never be poor, but without working she couldn't live the lifestyle she wanted.

"May I speak, Master?" the woman asked.

"I am not your Master, at least not yet. But you may speak," I replied carefully.

"Sir," she continued, "Chloe probably knows me as hypnoslut from Reddit."

"OMG!" Chloe shouted and made to move towards her, but something seemed to restrain her in her position.

"Master, may I please hug, hypnoslut? I've wanted to meet her for so long!"

I nodded and watched as Chloe launched herself at the woman and tackled her to the floor as she hugged her. Then she kissed her and soon the two of them were kissing each other, oblivious to the rest of us in the room.

Well, at least the two of them are compatible, I thought to myself.


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