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Lust, fantasies and happiness

by Tatiana Evans

Published: 2024-07-03. 44,662 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Erotica » General

Format: EPUB

Content Rating: Older than 17

Lust, fantasies and happiness is a book composed of seven stories. Each story represents a universe saturated with desire, power and vindication of human sexuality. Thus, my commitment as a writer was to elevate the value of desire: that impulse that keeps us alive and establishes serious purposes to accept reality. I believe I have discovered, as the reader will perceive through the episodes of this book, that sex is the greatest lung that oxygenates the will and determination of the human race.
Therefore, in each episode of the book, my readers will have the pleasure of having fun perceiving how the search for love and satisfaction subdues the characters so that their whims redefine their reality. By the time you reach the end of reading this book, it will be you yourself who will recognize (and probably surprise you) how true it is that your life purpose revolves around the reaches of sexual desire.
This is the list of stories that give shape and life to the universe of this book:
• Seven Men to Please a Woman
• Enjoying Sex With a Virgin Man
• My Girlfriend Ivonne's Fetish
• Secrets of an Actress
• The Tattoo between My Buttocks
• Kira, an Insatiable Woman
• Claudia's Story

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