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How to read .mobi Files with Kindle app on a Fire Tablet

Using Bookapy .mobi Files with Kindle app on a Fire Tablet:

Amazon makes it exceedingly difficult to use non-amazon .mobi files with its kindle app on its fire tablets. If you download one of the books, the kindle app will put up an error message telling you that it’s locked using DRM and can’t be used and to get a proper copy from the Amazon Store.

The message is fake and Bookapy’s files are perfectly useable with the Kindle app.

The easy solution is download the EPUB version of the files, install a free EPUB reader on your Fire Tablet and use it to read the files.

However, if you need to use the Kindle app, maybe because you have multiple devices and like to sync location in books, then here is what you need to do:

1 - Download and install a file explorer app such ‘File Manager’ (free) from the Amazon app store.

2 - Go to Bookapy Bookshelf and download the ‘Kindle’ version of the ebook.

3 - Using the file explorer, find the book file in the Downloads folder and copy it.

4 - Go to the Books folder.

5 - Paste the file.

6 - The e-book should display in the Kindle app.

7 - If the book doesn’t show up automatically in the Kindle app, try turning your Kindle Fire off and back on.

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