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Lubrican's Spooky Stories cover Thumb

Lubrican's Spooky Stories

by Lubrican

Published: 2021-11-19. 82,145 Words.

rating 5.0 stars (1)

Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Erotic Anthologies

An anthology of four books with sexy eerie or Halloween themes. From ghosts that encourage people to fall in love, to a wild ride through the afterlife, the characters in these stories end up feeling sexy under the most obtuse and bizarre circumstances. Odd and a little scary, this isn't your usual erotica.


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Dynamite Boudoir Tales One cover Thumb

Dynamite Boudoir Tales One

by Millie Dynamite

Published: 2023-02-02. 6,574 Words.

Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Erotic Anthologies

Sultry stories for late-night stimulation. Welcome to four sexy tales by Millie Dynamite. Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in these little chronicles of sexual adventure.


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