A Kitten's Tail cover Thumb

A Kitten's Tail

by Wolfdragon76

Published: . 381,000 Words.

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Categories: Fiction » Erotica

A man with abandonment issues meets a woman with a fetish for kitten play. When her playful and loving nature opens up the relationships of everyone he knows, he gets far more commitment then he bargained for.


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To end the war cover Thumb

To end the war

by Wolfdragon76

Published: . 101,996 Words.

rating 5.0 stars (1)

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Categories: Fiction » Science Fiction

We could lock the Sa’arm down. Our boys at Tulak had proven that. Destroy every ship in the system, then bombard everything interesting from orbit to keep them stuck on the planet. The next problem was cleaning them off the planets, so we could use them. One man may have found a solution...


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